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Lord Wolf O’Donnell: savage manbitch leader of Star Wolf

Wolf O’Donnell is the head of the Star Wolf mercenary team, and of course he is the complete antithesis to Corneria's pretty boy hero Fox McCloud. Rude, brute, and a downright manbitch, Wolf's main goal in life is to fuck over Fox… or maybe get fucked, but only in the good way and always depending on the mission of course.

Expect him to growl and smirk in every story at least three dozen times. Expect him to be gay for Fox, gay for Leon, gay for anyone he can bottom to. You'll never see him with a woman… and if he is, he's probably raping her for shits and giggles and then eating her babies. Very rarely is Wolf a redeeming character and when he is, it's probably because he's evolved through a 60,000 word story arc and has been continually saved, and resaved by other redeeming characters that he now models himself off of (e.g. Fox).