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Miyu Lynx: Tomboyish lesbian lover of Fay Dog

Tough like a peanut, is there really a soft side to tomboy Miyu Lynx? She loves to trip the boundaries of sex, sometimes running around with a strapon just to fool any of the males that look her way. Does she consider herself a girl? A guy? Either or, she just wants to be on top.

Brimming with fervor, she even proves to be a match for even the hotheaded Falco, this feline loves to show her claws and show who's wearing the pants in any relationship. While she aims to hit the sack with any of the Star Fox boys, you'll usually find her with the other girl on the team, Fay Dog. Whether they're lovers, friends or just fuckbuddies, they'll never tell. You can always find them eating lunch in the mess hall, or if you peek into her room at night, Miyu, leashing, collaring… and eating Fay.