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>>leon powalski::


Leon Powalski: lover, hater, and torturer

The bleeding heart torture lord of Star Fox! He's the infamous sadistic chameleon of the Star Wolf team. His nemesis has always been Falco and in the same vein, the object of his fuck desires has always been Falco. Call it a love hate relationship with morbid happenings on the side.

Because of one line in Star Fox 64 where he lets it slip "I think I'll torture you for a while" and another in Star Fox Assault where he says  "I think I'll torment you a bit before I cook you" he is now famed for appearing in 99% of the Star Fox fanfics as an expert torture artist (whether or not the lines were figurative). But who cares?! He likes to kill people, rip up bodies, maybe suck some cock and wear a skirt and people love that!