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James McCloud: sex-addicted founder of Star Fox Team, father of the whole series… and Fox, as well

Ladies' man, stud, sex-addict, prisoner-of-war, missing-in-action, ghost, spirit, hallucination… all of these descriptions fit the ever-elusive James McCloud. Thought to have been killed, he's rumoured to be out on the fringe of the Lylat System. Well-respected as a pilot, trusted and adored by the masses, his strong sense of honour and responsibility were passed down to his son, Fox. He loves his son greatly, and will readily come to his rescue and aid him in battle.

Basically semi-retired, James spends much of his time in the bedroom. Males, females… he's not picky, and for a man of his age, his libido is quite strong, often out-pacing males Fox's age, like Wolf, though men his own age like Peppy are considered potential bunkmates… if they're interested. He always uses his gentlemanly charm to seduce and court his partners, and makes sure neither of them walk straight for days afterwards. While not *that* into incest, he's open to the idea of at least posing nude (or going a bit further...) with Fox in porn mags and videos… something that Fox might be willing to try!