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Fox McCloud: Pretty-boi leader of Star Fox Team

Pretty boy, leader, and universally known bottom, Fox is a leader among men, but prefers to be under them…  If Captain Kirk is to Star Trek, then Fox is to Star Fox, the only exception is that he'd rather get fucked by anything big enough to fit under his tail. Girls? Sure, he had Fara and now Krystal is his main squeeze… but it's only just for the cameras, not that it's a secret.

He's not one to go out chasing tail, but when he gets a catch he'll do it with the skill and aplomb of a virgin and a geek combined. It doesn't stop him from doing the monster mash, after all, he is a fox. Though no matter how many times the guy gets screwed, he still pines for that one special man in his life. He dreams of it every night,  for a blue feathered, leather-clad bad boy to love him so. Dream on, McCloud. Dream on…