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Fay Dog: Angel in the cockpit, demon in the sack

Fluffy, adorable and submissive describe the venerable Fay Dog. She doesn't do much around the group, except possibly fill in when Krystal isn't with her latest lover.

She loves to put up an innocent front in public, but loves to let out her libido with both barrels when she can. However, most of that is taken care of by her partner-in-crime Miyu. She may try to gain even footing with the guys, just to quench her lust, but it's all about the lusty lynx with her. Gag her, leash her, crack a whip or nine, she'll take it all from the lynx with a grin on her muzzle and a plea for more. When the morning comes, she'll never kiss and tell and resume to putting up the halo with horns supporting it.