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Fara Phoenix, Fox's first female lover…

Tragic heroine Fara Pheonix, cast from Fox's side and out of the spotlight for a certain blue whore (whether it be Krystal or Falco). You'll find her in the middle of a shouting contest with Fox or… well, any male. When not on-duty, she's hitting the moonshine, waxing poetic of “Where they went wrong.”

Because of cirumstances, she likes to try her luck with her fellow women. Perhaps this is why she could never land a steady date?  Katt? Sure, but she's always boning Falco. She likes hanging around Fay and Miyu, but always gets cast aside as being a third wheel. She'll even grit her teeth and take Krystal's plunge if it means getting laid.

In the end, she just wants a lover to listen and one that isn't powered by batteries, is that so wrong?