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>>queer as lylat:: - >>bugger!::

Krystal, security detail of QaL 'ello, mates.  As the new security mistress of the Great Fox, allow me to stamp your paw for reentry and go over the few simple rules to abide by while visiting with us.

— Do not touch Leon.

— Do not feed the giant monkey head.

— Some material aboard is not suitable for younger age groups.  Any minors caught in sectors in which they do not belong will be escorted off the premises via the air lock.

— Some activities herein will disturb some folks.  We ask that you please avoid these areas (or the whole damn ship) for your sake as well as those aboard.

— Assholes are not tolerated.  Pricks will be handed over to the psychotic chameleon.

Anyone caught violating these rules  will be immediately ejected from the ship and given the sixteen plasma canon salute.  I take my job quite seriously, boys.  Do not fuck with me.

Now, with all that having been said, please, feel free to come aboard.