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>>torpor — chapter three: chain of bliss::

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Disclaimer: I lost the case, so all of the Star Fox characters belong to Capcom again. And to pay off my lawyer, I had to give away all rights to my own characters, so they don't belong to me any longer either. Just to get back at them, I'm going to use them here anyway! Feel free to also use them yourself without my permission, since they're not mine anymore.



"I think we can all agree on one thing. Marcus was a total dumbshit," Slippy said at the team meeting, on board the Great Fox.

Falco rolled his eyes. "Ya think? We're down one arwing now," he said.

"It'll take Rob a few days to get that spare ship up-to-date," Peppy said.

Slippy frowned. "Don't worry, we still have the landmaster. We can handle the attacks 'til then. Our main problem right now is getting a new fourth member. It's a good thing we saved all those application forms."

"GET - THIS - SPIDER - OFF - OF - ME," Fox's head waddled around, bonking into the walls.

Krystal was still skeptical. She raised an eyebrow as she spoke, "You are going to be more selective this time, I hope."

Slippy laughed. "Don't worry! I've learned my lesson. This time, I'm doing it right. Ready, Falco?" He slipped a ragged blindfold over his eyes.

Falco held out the bucket that was filled with the application forms of hero wannabes, while Slippy reached in and grabbed a card at random. "And our lucky winner is…"


Parry Darman, descended from the Samoyed dog breed, was an experienced individual of 22 years old. He was also the lucky winner by random drawing to join the Star Fox team! And with no time to spare, because General Pepper had just alerted them of another emergency mission against the evil Dr Andrea.

"Parry, if you can prove yourself in this mission, you'll have a bright future. Just make sure to work with the others and… speaking of which… Krystal, where's Falco?"

Krystal shrugged. Her tight body suit reacted appropriately by jiggling her breasts up and down in response to the force. The suit wasn't even armoured at all; it seemed like the entire point of the suit was to entertain the others with dancing tits. Krystal felt uncomfortable about this involuntary action, but she begrudgingly tolerated it. Slippy was the boss, after all. She just wished she didn't have to look like a character from Evangelion or whatever. "I'm not sure. He's been missing since we had dinner. His cell phone's off, too."

Slippy groaned and rubbed his head stressfully. "Well we don't need to fly in formations for this mission, so I think we can get away with it without Falco. Here's the job: we are landing inside the enemy station, and clearing out the defenses. The Cornerian marines follow, cleaning up after us. Our objective is to get to the central command center, and take the commander hostage. And we should try to take as many soldiers prisoner as we can."

Parry grinned confidently. "I'm not so good at flying arwings yet, but I sure can handle a gun. This'll be no problem at all. You won't regret hiring me."

Fox McCloud, the former leader, started barking out again. "DON'T - WORRY - I - ALREADY - REGRET - IT!" But his opinions didn't matter much in the new Star Fox team. He was treated as a pet for a few days, and now mostly ignored and left to wander by himself in the library, trying to turn book pages with his clumsy robotic appendages.


Wolf unlocked the door and invited his guest in. A long day had finally paid off, possibly in more ways than one. Star Wolf had four members once again, and nothing could stop them now.

Although, it was curious as to why the apartment was so empty. Wolf took a quick scan around, and he could immediately notice that Panther and Leon were missing. They weren't playing their games, and they weren't cooking cheap noodles in the kitchen.

Wolf thought it was curious, since those two slobs' habits were generally predictable. He then heard some sounds and voices from the hallway. He turned to his companion and said, "Have a seat, please feel comfortable. I'll just go get them, and we can make introductions. Hold on a sec."

Wolf turned around the corner and walked into the hallway. Stepping just past the bathroom, he reached Leon's room, where the noise seemed to be coming from. Wolf turned the knob and swung the door in. "Hey, pinheads, it's time toŚ WHAT IN THE HELL!?"

Leon was lying naked in front of Wolf in his bed, kissing Falco's chest all over. He turned his head around at the sound of the voice and stared back at Wolf, who could only blink in wide-eyed shock. Falco was half under the covers, and simply cleared his throat. He didn't look ashamed in the slightest.

Wolf finally regained his senses, and wordlessly closed the door to remove them from his vision. The noise and voices resumed from behind the simple wooden door. Wolf walked back to the living room to speak with the new recruit. "Ah, heh heh… I think Leon's out in the town tonight. I'll just go check on Panther."

Wolf went into the opposite end of the hall, trying to drown out those sounds with his thoughts. Panther's door was slightly ajar, and the lights were on. Wolf pushed it in, and saw Panther slumped over his desk, unconscious. "Sleeping already?" Wolf asked out loud. He inspected the spilled bottle of medication next to Panther's arm on the table. How curious, was he sick? And what's with this letter signed by Krystal? She was declining to go out with him, from the looks of it…

"What the hell is wrong with everybody today?!" Wolf screamed to himself as he ran to the phone to call the poison control center emergency line. His guest just remained sitting on the couch, looking about nervously.


Falco snorted after Wolf closed the door, leaving him to privacy once again. Leon shrugged, "That was a pretty close call."

Falco nodded. "Too close. A minute earlier and he would've seen her."

There was some muffled murmuring from under the sheets, between Falco's legs. Wolf hadn't noticed there was a third person in the room. "Don't worry, girl, you're doing just fine," Falco said. "Keep going."

Star O’Donnell hummed affirmatively, and continued working on the feast in her mouth.

Leon crawled up to the pillows and curled his body around Falco's head. "Hey, it's your turn. Be careful with your beak, alright?"

"Don't worry… I will," Falco smiled. He opened his beak wide as Leon guided his receiving end into position. Falco clamped down, keeping it gentle, but he put a little playful pressure on Leon for fun while his tongue curled up and down the shaft.

Leon giggled as an amusing thought suddenly came to mind. "If only my ex-girlfriend were here too. She fucked all of us individually anyway, didn't she?"


"Good work, team. I can't believe that went off flawlessly." Slippy gave Parry a pat on the back, and Krystal a pat on the chest. They jiggled again, and Krystal rolled her eyes in contempt.

The enemy Commander was tied up on the floor, surrounded by other restrained soldiers. Casualties had been minimal, and this station contained much valuable information that could help win the war against Dr. Andrea. Slippy was expecting a proper reward from this mighty success.

Parry, on the other hand, was not used to seeing the horrors of war first-hand. The death and bloody limbs and screams of agony were maddening, and they were starting to get to him. Relatively, it was not a very bloody battle, but it was far beyond anything Parry had experienced before. He was unprepared to deal with this. "I'm… I feel… nervous, guys…"

"Don't worry, the battle's all over! It's time to go home!" Slippy chuckled and nudged him in the ribs with an elbow.

This drove Parry over the edge.

The Commander was the first to die. Parry fired his rocket launcher into the group of prisoners, incinerating their bodies with a deafening explosion. Parry screamed as he wielded his machine guns, firing laser blasts everywhere in the command center. Slippy and Krystal ducked for cover, as the marines got mowed down by the unexpected attack. "Die! Die die die die die! I'll fucking shoot all of you to hell!" Parry threw some grenades, wrecking the computer systems and sending hazardous shrapnel through the air.

"He's gone bonkers, Slip!" Krystal tried to peer out from behind the console that she was using to take cover, but the laser blasts in her direction made it too risky.

"Parry! Get a grip!" Slippy managed to get a stun shot off, and it hit Parry's leg. He was paralyzed there, but this did not interrupt his incessant slaughter. More of the Cornerian marines were crushed by falling debris as his arms spun around in circles, firing everywhere.

Parry's eyes were blood-shot and he was frothing at the mouth. All that made sense to him now was to cause as much destruction as he could. All social restraints were gone, and he was armed to the teeth from Star Fox's own arsenal.

"It's no good! Stop him at all costs!" Krystal said as she fired lethal rounds at Parry. One of his random shots grazed her shoulder, but she managed to blast one of the dog's arms off. He fell flat on the ground, still clutching his other gun. He was still holding down the trigger of this one. And those laser blasters could fire a lot before needing reloading.

Neither of them could get near him now. Slippy had no choice but to lob a grenade. An explosion rocked the station, and the lunatic was finally at peace. Parry's carnage was satisfied at last, with that final moment of self-destruction.

Krystal dropped her gun and stared straight at Slippy with a look of horror. Both of them looked around, realizing that they were the only two people left alive in the station since that shooting spree began. Krystal didn't even notice the suit twitching at her breasts as she raised her arms in mad desperation and exclaimed, "What… the… fuck?!?"