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>>confessions of a teenage fox::

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Confessions of a Teenage Fox

Story is © 2010 RingtailedFox

Star Fox characters are © 1993-2010 Nintendo

Writer: RingtailedFox

WARNING: This fanfic contains large amounts of sex… gay sex between two consenting males that happen to be father and son, aged 16 and 39. In other words… if you don't like gay yiffing, or incest… stop reading this right now and go find something else that you may like.

I'd like to thank RingShadow Cat for being the inspiration behind this little kinky slashfic. Her portrayal of Fox McCloud, James McCloud, and Wolf O’Donnell in her "Cards" series (viewable here: http://games.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296826511)

Fox has been uneasy ever since Peppy told him that his father was brutally murdered on Venom by Wolf O’Donnell and Andross. Fox stopped eating, took up drinking, and started accepting and taking drugs from Falco Lombardi and Bill Grey. Fox's decline was beginning to concern Peppy, as well as the rest of the crew. The hare may be 41, but he knows the signs of depression all too well. His greatest concern is if Fox turned suicidal… Star Fox Team would be without a captain, and Corneria would be defenseless.

Something has to be done. Since he's always been an uncle-figure, and now a father-figure to the young fox, it's up to him.

Peppy takes a deep breath, hopes for the best of luck, and knocks on Fox's bedroom door.

"Fox, this is Peppy. Can I come in?" The older hare asks.

"Huh? General Pepper? Shit… uh… just give me a second." Fox's muffled and confused voice replies, shortly followed by the ruffling of clothes.

Fox tries to pick up some of the clothes that are on his floor, but stops when Peppy opens the door and lets himself in.

"Not Pepper… Peppy. Son, we have to talk. I'm really worried for you. Everyone is." Peppy speaks as he sits down with Fox on the bed.

"I've never known you to be a drug user before… what made you wanna start now?" He asks.

Fox sighs, holding his head in his paws. "Stress. I lost someone I loved very much… and I can't avenge him…"

"You mean your father?" Peppy asks.

"Yeah. I just want the pain to stop, Pep. Falco thought it would pass, and a bit of marijuana would help me relax… it did, at first… but then it stopped working. Bill suggested some heavier shit, and I started taking it… I guess the root cause of the problem is my dad's murder." Fox explains, slumping back onto the bed, covering his face with his paws from shame.

"Fox, We all miss James. I don't deny it. We were all close on this ship, almost like a family." Peppy replies.

Fox sighs deeply. "Pep… I… I can't explain the worst of it… I'm an abomination…"

"Now why would you say that, Fox? You're a good person. You fought against Andross and those trecharous punks, Star Wolf…" Peppy replies.

"Yeah, I know…" Fox replies.

"Did you kill someone?" The hare inquires.

"No… worse. I'm disgusted and nauseated just thinking about it… I don't know if I could ever say what it is…" Fox tries not to cry.

Peppy hugs the younger Fox, cradling him in his arms.

"Shh, shh shh… it's alright, Fox. You can tell me anything. I won't ever betray your trust." He replies, brushing Fox's headfur away from his face.

"P-promise, Pep?" Fox wonders.

"I promise, Fox. Now, what's got you so upset that you can't even talk about it?" He asks.

Fox takes a deep breath, closing his eyes, concentrating for a second to muster up the strength. "It's about dad."

"What about him? Didja discover something bad about him? Because I can personally vouch for him, that he was a clean, good man. I've known him for close to 30 years, and he's never had a problem with the law."

"N-no, Pep… it's worse. Way worse… It's…" Fox starts to trail off.

"It's what?" Peppy asks, tilting his head aside.

"Y-ya gotta shut the doors… turn on a fan or a stereo… I don't want anyone else to hear… especially Falco…"

Peppy nods, shutting the bedroom door and turning on Fox's stereo system, using the music to drown out their voices from any potential listeners. He then sits back down next to Fox. "Better?"

Fox nods weakly. "Yeah…"

"So, Fox… what is it that you're so afraid of other people knowing?"

Fox leans up a bit, reclining on his elbows as he sits up on the bed. His heart's racing a mile a minute, and he sweats a bit.

"Dad and I were… we were close… real close…"

"Oh, I know that…"

Fox's eyes go wide. "Y-you did?"

Peppy nods. "Sure, Falco teased you of bein' a 'daddy's boy', but you were just eager to make your dad proud. He raised you right."

Fox shakes his head. "No… I mean… *real* close… dad has it lucky, 'cause he's GONE… I have to live with it…" Fox clutches his head.

"W-what did you and your father do…? Did he do something to you?" Peppy asks, starting to realize the severity of the situation.

"No, not something he did to me.. well, yes, but… I'll explain…"

Two years ago, Fox had recently celebrated his sixteenth birthday. He was about to graduate from the Cornerian Flight Academy, following in his father's footsteps. James, a middle-aged widower, was very proud of his son. Despite the loss of Fox's mother, Vixie Reynard, James and Fox were relatively happy with their lives.

It was late in the evening on Fox's birthday. Fox and James had celebrated at their home on Papetoon with more than a few alcoholic drinks, but Peppy was just glad they weren't driving anywhere.

Peppy decided that the two McCloud men didn't really need monitoring. James was easily capable of taking care of himself, and Fox wasn't the mischevious, trouble-making type. By 11:30 PM, they had the house to themselves, and decided to watch a bit of pornography.

It was bad enough that the summers in the desert of Papetoon were very hot, but the alcohol only made things worse. James was shirtless, reclining on the couch, while Fox was shirt and pantless, reclining onto the couch while sitting on the floor, with only his underwear on.

"Fuck… where'd you get these hot films, dad?" Fox smirks as he watches.

"Had these for years… don't think you'll like "The Frat House" though…" James replies.

"Why? Nothin' but gay dudes?" Fox chuckles.

"A couple… but it's the film yer mum and I first made love to… pretty sure we made you that night." He chuckles.

Fox blushes…"Eugh… man… TMI… too much info…" Fox chuckles.

"Hey, I think I look good after havin' a kid." James jokes.

"You look good period. I'm sure any woman, and maybe even some guys would loveto have their way with ya…" Fox speaks.

"Guys? I've had a few… Prefer women, though." James yawns, not realizing what he had said.

"Whoa… when was yer first gay experience?" Fox asks.

"Why so curious? It's alright if you are, son." James replies.

"What? Me? No way! I just… you know… am curious…" Fox blushes, lowering his ears.

"Was with Peppy when we were in the Flight Academy, back when I was 19…" James answers.

Fox nods his head. "Uncle Pep? What was it like?"

James shrugs "Was a lot like fuckin' a female… just gotta be a bit more careful…"

Fox smirks. "Didja like it?"

James shrugs. "It's alright, I guess…"

Fox nods.

He blushes a bit more.

"What's up, son? You're blushin' a lot." James asks.

"It's just that… we look a lot a like… almost like I'm a younger copy of ya…"

"You got your mother's eyes and ears, don't worry."

"You sure? Sometimes, I think it's like we're mirror reflections of each other…"

James shrugs.

Fox suddenly gets up.

"You alright?"

"Think I drank too much. Gonna go to the bathroom, just in case…" Fox answers, walking quickly towards the bathroom.

After a few minutes, James kicks off his pants and undies, pawwing off to the pornographic video. He forgets this as he leans his head a bit to see towards the washroom, and asks "You alright, Fox?"

He suddenly hears a very loud belch, and chuckles.

"Ohhh… I guess it was just a big gas bubble…" Fox replies, blushing slightly as he starts walking back into the living room.

Fox notices his father's nude, stroking himself idly. "Oh… uh… dad… you might wanna put your pants back on…" Fox asks.

"Huh? Oh… OH! Shit… " James replies, grabbing his pants off the floor.

This time, it's the older fox male's turn to blush.

"I… I guess it's nothin' to be ashamed of… I mean, nothin' I haven't seen before…" Fox replies.

James chuckles and nods. "Oh, really? Who was your first gay experience with, Fox?"

Fox smirks. "Bill, at the Flight Academy." Fox says as he sits down next to his father.

He blushes as he inhales his father's musky scent.

"God, he smells so nice…" He smiles, closing his eyes for a second.

"You don't smell bad, either." James chuckles, fuzzling his headfur.

Fox's eyes open wide. "I uh… I mean…"

"Thought you thought it?" James chuckles.

Fox nods.

"You know, we're home alone. If you wanted to do anything, you could. I'm gonna go to bed in a few minutes. Just stay outta trouble, son. And don't stay up too late."

Fox smirks. "Well, why don't we try somethin' together? Seein' as how we're already hot and bothered… but if you're tired…" Fox moves in and kisses his father's lips. "Sleep well, dad."

James blushes a bit. My god, Fox has his mother's eyes and ears… and his father's build and fur coat.

"I guess we could try some stuff out… but only if you want to, boy. I know that no means no." James replies.

Fox blushes, kissing his father's muzzle again as he places his thumbs in his waistband, swishing his hips and tail seductively as he removes his underwear before sitting down next to James.

The young father pets his son's ears, scritching them gently, chuckling as they wiggle.

"You're gonna fill out nicely and be a stud, just like yer old man." James chuckles, patting his shoulder.

Fox blushes, placing a paw on his father's chest, scritching softly as he kisses him deeply. Both males close their eyes and lose themselves in the warm passion of their incestuous kiss. A few seconds later, they slowly part from the kiss.

"You're one hell of a good kisser, Fox…" James winks.

"Thanks. Had some pratice with Fara and Bill." He winks.

"I hope you're usin' protection. I may be drop-dead sexy, but I'm still way too young to be a grandpa." James chuckles.

Fox pets his dad's chest, lightly tracing lines in his fur. "Why else were you occasionally missing condoms, dad?" Fox winks.

"You little stud." James smirks, petting along his son's chest in return.

Fox smirks, shifting himself to position himself in his dad's lap, murring with a grin as their stiff cocks touch and rub.

"Shit, son… sixteen and already nearly as big as me?" James says out loud.

Fox simply blushes.

"That's the McCloud genes in action, boy." He chuckles, petting his son's hips softly.

Fox murrrls happily, letting a paw drift down to their shafts, stroking them together slowly a few times.

"Mmhfff… oooh…" James groans.

Fox smirks, nibbling along his father's neckscruff and ears gently.

"Ya like that, dad?" He whispers into James' ear.

James nods in reply.

Fox smirks, kissing him softly again.

"You wanna go a bit further?" Fox whispers.

James blushes visibly through his facefur.

"What didja mean, son?"

Fox smirks, nibbling his dad's lip softly, slowly licking and kissing down along his brownish-gold fur, along his tummy, towards his musky cock and balls. He smirks as he slowly goes down on his dad's cock, caressing his cum-filled orbs as he suckles and laps along James' throbbing shaft.

"W-wh…ooh.. F-Fox…" James blushes, panting softly as Fox makes quick work of bringing his father to the brink of orgasm.

"F-fuck… yer gonna make me cum, son…" He pants as Fox laps along the sensitive underside and tip of his cock, gently caressing and squeezing his father's knot at the base of his shaft.

James moans out his son's name as he climaxes, painting the inside of Fox's muzzle with his sticky cream. Fox grins, wiggling his ears as he laps up every last drop of his dad's musky, yet sweet, semen.

James pants hotly as he comes down from his orgasm. "D-damn…" He blushes.

Fox simply smirks at his dad, who motions for him to come closer again. Fox does as he's told. James then laps along his son's lips, cleaning him, before kissing him deeply, caressing his body.

Fox shivers a bit, murrring lowly from pleasure.

"You want me to return the favour, boi?" James asks.

"S-sure… how do you want me?" Fox asks.

"Just lay back on the couch, dear." James winks, watching as Fox does so.

Fox reclines on the couch, as James leans over him, going down on his cock in much the same way he had just done. Fox groans softly, shifting his hips slightly for James, moaning his name as his balls are caressed.

James grins, knowing his son won't take long. Within a minute, Fox is clawing the couch as he unloads his balls into his father's muzzle. James swishes his tail as he helps his son climax.

"D-dad… that was wonderful…" Fox blushes.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, my son." James replies as Fox sits up, yawning wide and loud.

"Come… let's go to bed. My bed." James winks, helping Fox stand up, walking to his bedroom, curling up with someone he loves, in his own bed, for the first time in a very long time. Both males fall asleep with a smile on their muzzles.

"I see. So, you were more than just close… you were… lovers." Peppy speaks, trying to understand the situation. "Or, was it just a one night stand?"

Fox shakes his head. "It was more than once. We were lovers, Pep. I felt so sad for my dad always being alone, and since I cared for him deeply… that we could be… secret lovers… if he wanted, and he did."

"So, you and your father had sex, more than just your sixteenth birthday?" Peppy asks, still finding it very hard to believe. His own one-time lover, James, was with his own son!

"It was more than that night… and worse…" Fox explains.

James returns from an escorting mission from Lylat to Orion, mentally and physically exhausted. He opens the door, and finds the lights turned down, with a few candles throughout the house. James perks his ears, wondering if the power went out.

"In the bedroom, dad…" Fox calls seductively.

James follows the sound of his son's voice, and smirks as he sees Fox laying on HIS bed, wearing black-lace lingere. Fox lays back, positioning himself in a sexual manner.

"Heya, pops." Fox winks, licking his right index finger, before dragging it along his own tummy.

"Heh. Your mother had the same hot underwear…" James chuckles, placing his bag of clothing at the foot of the bed, before taking off his pilot's flight jacket.

"Oh really? Do I look a bit like mother?" Fox smirks.

James tosses his jacket aside. "You look a lot like her, son." He smirks, nibbling Fox's ears lightly.

The younger fox smirks, helping to undo his father's shirt and pants, wiggling his ears as he nuzzles him. "Well… since half of my genes come from mom… why not have your way with me?" Fox winks as he undoes James' belt.

James grins, kissing his nose. "Oh, I intend to, boy." He fuzzles his son's ears, caressing along his neck and shoulders, stopping only for Fox to remove his shirt and pants.

Fox groans softly from the rubbings. He gently nibbles along his father's jawline and throat, enjoying the older male's moans and murrrs. James pants lightly as he caresses Fox's chest and tummy, tracing his clawed fingertips along his son's lingere. Fox groans softly, leaning forward for his father to undo the lace garment. He blushes hotly, nuzzling James as the older male lifts him up briefly to remove his lace undies, casting them aside before setting him back down on the bed.

Fox wiggles a bit, wagging his tail as he licks his dad's chin. "I want to try somethin'…"

"Oh yeah?" James asks.

Fox flips over, lowering his front onto the bed as he keeps his rear raised, his tail lifted for his father. "I want you to mount me, dad." He murrs lowly with a "come and get me" look.

James chuckles, removing the last bits of his own clothing, stroking his already-stiffening cock before pressing it under his tail. "You sure about this, Fox? It's only if you want to… we don't have to…" He reassures his son.

Fox nods, relaxing a bit. "Y-yeah. I want this. I want to feel you inside me and hugging me." Fox bites his lip, blushing a deep red from saying that.

James chuckles, petting his son's sides and hips. "Alright then, dear. Just take a deep breath and relax." James speaks softly as he presses his shaft slowly into Fox. The younger male groans hotly, relaxing as his father's shaft spreads him a bit wider than Bill's did. He blushes hotly as James hugs him firmly from behind, nibbling his neckscruff and ears as he hilts firmly within him, feeling their hips touching firmly as his cock throbs hotly, drooling precum into his son's rear.

"Nnngh… mhrrf… s-so big…" Fox groans, blushing hotly as he buries his face into his father's pillow, his own cock throbbing and drooling precum from the pressure within him.

James growls lowly into his son's ear, panting hotly to him. "G-god… you're so tight, Fox…" He nuzzles lovingly, remaining still to let his son adjust to his girth. "It's been a while since you and Bill had sex, wasn't it…"

Fox blushes, nodding. He groans as he feels his father's left paw reaching around to stroke and pump his own cock as he begins to thrust into him, slowly at first.

"Was it this nice?" James nibbles along Fox's neck, causing the younger fox to groan with pleasure.

Fox shakes his head.

James chuckles, continuing his stroking and thrusting. "I never thought you'd be this kinky, boy…"

Fox blushes, grinding back into his father, panting as he clenches hard around his cock. "Mmhf… l-like wise, dad…" he smirks.

James pants raggedly, leaning back, caressing his son's hips as his knot swells and bumps agianst Fox's hole.

"D-dad…" Fox asks.

"Yeah?" James asks.

"Tie me…" Fox grins, relaxing a bit.

James pants, massaging along his hips and rear as he thrusts, his knot gradually working its way into his son, locking firmly with him. Fox groans hotly as his father's knot presses firmly into his prostate. He barks softly as he cums hard onto the bedsheets, clenching firmly around his father's cock.

James growls and pants, cumming hard into his son. He moans his son's name as he empties his balls into Fox.

The two slightly-sweaty males pant on the bed, James hugging Fox closely. Fox looks back at his dad, keeping still. "T-that was hotter than I imagined it would be…"

James smirks, petting his headfur gently. "Flatterer."

Fox purrs softly. "I mean it, dad… w-would you like it if we became lovers, or fuck buddies?" He asks.

James murrrs deeply at the thought, petting his son's ears. "I'd love that, Fox… but we'd have to keep it a secret. Incest may not be as taboo as it used to be… but it's still frowned upon…"

Fox nods slowly. "Sounds fine with me… lover." He winks.

"You want to take a shower with me in a few minutes… loverboi?" James asks.

Fox blushes and nods. "Mmmh… that sounds wonderful."

James shivers from the occasional clenching on his knot and cock. "Mmmhf… gotta try to not do that, son… unless you plan on keeping me tied to you for a while…" He chuckles, petting Fox's ears.

"Sorry…" Fox blushes.

"That's alright, dear." He grins.

A few short minutes later, James' knot begins to go down, and he carefully slips free from Fox. He sits next to his son, kissing Fox's lips as he sits up as well.

"Shower time for me, Fox. Care to join me?" James asks, caressing Fox's cheek.

"You know it, pop." Fox nuzzles him as he gets up with him.

Soon, the sound of running water from the shower faucet is heard. The two males step in, keeping close under the spray of warm water. James grasps the bar of soap, getting his paws slick and soapy as he begins to rub them along his son's furred body, grooming and cleaning him. Fox murrls warmly, pressing himself closer to his father's body, feeling their dampened fur meshing and their bodies touching as his back and sides are cleaned next.

"Mmhh… you're so strong…" Fox blushes, tilting his muzzle down to kiss his father's chest.

James blushes a bit, petting his son's tailbase gently. "You're so gentle. I think you're gonna be a great leader of Star Fox Team one day." James speaks.

Fox looks up, smiling at his father, caressing James' body with his own soaped-up paws, first trailing them along his back and tailbase, moving next to his sides.

James murrrs softly as his son cleans his body in return. They slowly lower their paws, gently cleaning each other's sheath and furred balls, taking care to clean their most secret of regions. James and Fox caress each other gently, their cocks stiffening a bit from arousal. James brings his muzzle closer to Fox's face, and begins to gently lap along Fox's facefur, tonguing and cleaning his son's face as a feral fox would clean their mate or pup. Fox giggles from the lickings, tilting his head slightly before returning the loving gesture.

James murrrls lowly from his son's groomings. He steps back slightly as Fox grooms and cleans him, soon finding his back against the wall. Fox grins mischeviously, tracing a paw along his father's broad, furred chest.

"This is an interesting position you've gotten into…" He murrs softly.

"We, son." James smirks, touching Fox's nosepad with his index finger.

"How strong are you?" James asks, after a brief pause.

"Pretty strong… why?" Fox asks.

James presses his nose to Fox's. "You want to grab hold of me, pin me against the wall, and fuck my brains out, don't you…"

Fox murrs lowly, grasping his father's legs, pushing James firmly against the wall for balance and leverage as he moves firmly against him, pressing his stiffening cock against his father's hole.

James looks back at Fox, nodding once. "I'm ready, Fox."

The younger fox male slowly presses into James, groaning and panting from James' tight heat around his shaft, as he holds his legs, nibbling his father's chin.

James pants, clenching around his son's knotted shaft as his own drools precum onto his stomach.

"Mmmhf… dad… yer tight…" Fox groans softly, grinding into him.

"H-haven't had anyone in me for a long time… but I think you'll change that, and make this type of 'father-son bonding' a regular thing…" James replies.

Fox chuckles, kissing his father's lips as he thrusts a bit more firmly into him. "Of course, my sexy stud."

James blushes and returns the kiss. He groans softly from Fox's thrusts.

Soon, he feels Fox's knot bumping against him. Despite having sex with a few other males, including being mounted by them, he's never had a knot inside him.

"Oooh… f-fuck…" Fox growls lowly.

"Fox… fuck me…" James pants.

Fox nuzzles his father, feeling him relax a bit around his shaft as he thrusts harder and deeper into him. James hugs him closely to help him maintain his balance. He groans hotly as Fox's knot spreads him wide, locking firmly. The older male moans, clenching hard around that hot knot, soaking his toned and furred stomach with his sticky spunk. Fox pants and moans hotly from the clenching around his knotted cock, soon joining his father in the throes of climax.

The two fox males pant hotly, smiling at each other and looking into each other's eyes as the shower soaks their fur.

"I love you, dad." Fox speaks.

"I love you too, Fox." James replies, kissing him softly.

Fox's knot would go down a few moments later, and he slowly slips free from his father, panting.

"T-that was a first… sex in the shower…" Fox pets his father's chest and stomach, cleaning James' cum-slickened stomach.

"Mmmh. Was a first for me, too." James smirks, caressing Fox in return.

Fox tilts his head. "Whatcha mean? I thought you had sex dozens of times…"

James purrrs softly. "I've knotted a few lovers… but never had a knot inside me until now…"

Fox earperks slightly. "Didja like it?" He asks.

"Son, I loved it. Now I know why my lovers would howl with pleasure whenever I knotted 'em…" He snickers.

After rinsing off with fur shampoo and conditioner, the two males shut off the stream of water, step out of the shower, and begin to dry off.

"That's why I was so upset when dad died… I didn't just lose my father… I lost my lover… my soulmate…" Fox hugs Peppy closely.

The older hare hugs Fox closely. "It's alright. I know how much it hurts… I felt that way when Vivian passed away from pancreatic cancer…" Peppy replies to Fox.

"Yeah… but dad was my lover, too… was Miss Hare a relative of yours? I can't let anyone else know about this… I'd be booted off my own ship, and ridiculed…" Fox confesses his fears to Peppy.

"She wasn't related… but there is something you should know about relatives and sex, Fox." Peppy explains.

"When your father told you that yiff between relatives was simply frowned-upon and not outright condemned like in the past, and in other star systems, he was right. It's just undesirable for the risk of genetic issues and health concerns…"

"I see. So… incest is common?" Fox tilts his head.

"No, I wouldn't say common… just… not as rare as you might think. I'll even let you in on a little secret about the crew, Fox." Peppy offers.

"S-sure…" Fox replies.

Peppy gets up, and walks out of the room. He returns a few minutes later, but a chill runs down his spine as he hears Falco's voice alongside Peppy's.

Peppy opens the door, and Fox watches from his bed as Falco and Slippy walk in with him.

"What's going on, Pep?" Fox asks.

"I thought I'd let them tell their own stories." The hare replies.

Falco chuckles. "So, you and yer dad, eh, Foxie? Not surprisin'… you always seemed like a daddy's boi to me." The avian pilot snickers.

"That's nothin', Fox. My parents are cousins… or siblings… I can never forget… hell, probably both." Slippy chuckles.

"Why am I not surprised?" Falco laughs, patting Slippy's shoulder. "Foxie, I once made out with my sister durin' the Super Bowl game we were watchin' a few years back. It's not a big deal."

Fox sighs with relief. He thought he was alone in the world with this topic. "Guys, I feared I'd have to take this secret to my grave… I'm kinda shocked with all this… but relieved, too."

"Thought you'd be. Lotsa people from Papetoon are prudes, and they end up punishin' themselves for havin' a bit of fun in life. Glad you and yer dad weren't obsessed about sex…" Falco replies.

"We… kinda were…" Fox lowers his ears.

"I mean in the bad 'punish-yourself' way." Falco sighs.

"So, do you feel better, Fox? This type of thing's more common than you first thought, and even a couple of your teammates have done it." Peppy asks Fox, sitting on the foot of his bed.

Fox nods his head. "Yeah… I thought Falco would be disgusted and beat the shit outta me, and I'd be chased off the Great Fox…"

"Hah. Like that would ever happen. Worst thing I'd do is razz ya over it for a while." Falco interrupts.

"I know… but yeah. I feel better." Fox says as he gets up.

"Glad yer outta yer slump, Fox. We were startin' to worry about what we'd do if you were still depressed and we were called up to defend ourselves…" Slippy mentions.

"Me too, Slip. Me too…" Fox speaks as he gets up. "Yo, Falco.. you up for a few rounds on the Flight Simulator?"

Falco smirks at the mischevious fox. "You're on, man."