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Addicted to Fucking McClouds

Story is © 2010 RingtailedFox

Star Fox characters are © 1993-2010 Nintendo

Writer: RingtailedFox

WARNING: This fanfic contains large amounts of sex… gay sex between two consenting males, as well as a threesome that happens to have a father and son. In other words… if you don't like gay yiffing, or incest… stop reading this right now and go find something else that you may like.

I'd like to thank RingShadow Cat for being the inspiration behind this little kinky slashfic. Her portrayal of Fox McCloud, James McCloud, and Wolf O’Donnell in her "Cards" series (viewable here: http://games.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296826511)

"I'm going to Hell, aren't I?" Fox chuckles.

Wolf raises an eyebrow. "You're religious?"

Fox shakes his head. "Nah, not particularly, but I know other people are." He chuckles, nervously.

"What makes ya think you're going to Hell, then?" Wolf inquires.

Fox shifts slightly in his chair, in their living room, deep within Wolf's base on Aquas. "Well, I've been thinking lately… You've slept with me…"

Wolf nods, relaxing on the couch. "Yeah…"

Fox leans a forward somewhat. "And you've slept with my father…"

Wolf blushes a bit through his facial fur, chuckling. "Y-yeah…"

"You horny bastard…" Fox winks at Wolf. "So… I thought… maybe I should ask my dad if we should have a threesome with you…"

Wolf blinks. "You're kidding, right?"

Fox shakes his head. "Not at all. Your birthday's coming up… may as well give you a very hot gift… especially since you seem to have a thing for us McClouds."

Wolf sits up, unsure of what to say or think at the suggestion. "I, uh…"

Fox's ears wiggle as he hears his father walking down the hall and into the living room.

"You know, I've even written it as a fanfic, just to see if you'd like it. Careful, though… it's pretty hot." Fox winks, passing Wolf his portable e-reader."

Wolf accepts the small device, skimming over the rather interesting document.

James sits down next to Wolf. "Hey, boys… what's shakin'?" He asks.

"Just relaxin', talkin' with Wolfie…" Fox replies.

"Oh, I'm just checking out this little thing Fox wrote…" Wolf replies.

James becomes a bit curious "Oh? What did he write?"

Wolf blushes visibly as he reads it, trying not to tip James off to the content of the story. "Ahh, well… it's a bit erotic…"

James smirks "Sounds like it's pretty good. Must be real hot to have *you* blushing…"

Wolf nods. "Well… I'm not sure you'd like it or not…"

James shrugs. "Why not?"

"Because…" Wolf's voice trails off as he reads over the steamiest parts of the fanfics, in front of his husband and father-in-law, at that!

"Becuase it's a fanfic I wrote about how Wolf hooked up with you, and how you two fucked each other's brains out, and how he then moved on to me, but then throws him a curveball by us tag-teaming him and indulging his fantasies of a threesome with us. Oral, anal, 69ing, threesomes, it has the works."

James blinks, then fuzzles Fox's headfur. "Kinky like yer old man." James laughs.

"W-what?" Wolf asks. "Y-you'd actually be down with it?"

James shrugs. "Why not? You've brought this on yourself, Wolfboi."

"Hey, now… it's not my fault you two are drop dead gorgeous." Wolf replies. "… and please don't call me that again…" he mutters under his breath.

Fox laughs. "So, yeah… I'm fine with double-teaming Wolf if you are, Dad."

James smirks at Fox. "Sure am. With how he's gone back and forth bewteen us, it's already basically semi-incest… may as well go all-in."

Wolf can't believe what he's hearing. Fox and James… are actually giving it serious consideration! Holy shit. His heart begins to race and he begins to sweat. He doesn't know what to say. Does he dare to accept their proposal? James is right… this *IS* entirely his own fault. He's brought himself into this situation, knowing full well James' sex drive, and Fox's easy-going attitude.

"Of course, you boys don't *have* to… I mean… I think of you like my second son anyway, Wolf…" James explains.

"That's not helping any, dad-- er, James…" Wolf covers his mouth.

Fox chuckles softly.

"I can tell. Yer tented pretty badly, Wolf." James winks, pointing out Wolf's erection within his jeans.

"Fuck you, pretty bois." Wolf grins. "You two are fuckin' addicting."

"That we are…" James speaks. "Now, if you're not up for it, Wolfie… mind if I borrow that for about… thirty seconds?" He snickers.

"Pfft. Hah. Like you can get off that fast." Wolf replies.

James raises an eyebrow and extends his hand. "Hiya. I'm legendary sex god James McCloud… you are?" He sticks his tongue out at Wolf.

Wolf shakes James' hand slowly. "Somewhat-infamous mercenary O’Donnell."

James smiles as he shakes hands with Wolf. "Ahh… but in all seriousness, I've done 'quickies' like that before… You know how horny I am… once almost got caught at a red light." He winks.

Wolf facepalms and shakes his head.

James grins, rubbing his hand through Wolf's headfur, eliciting a low murr from the lupine male.

Fox blushes a bit, petting Wolf's ears. "Well… I'm just glad you two seemed to like it."

Wolf's eyes begin to lull from the gentle caresses of his two male companions. "As said… It was terribly kinky…"

"Have to agree with Wolfie, son." James speaks, before walking out of the room.

Fox grins, lightly pressing noses with Wolf. "Oh, I can show you kinky, Wolfman." He snickers.

Wolf smirks. "Really, now?"

Fox nods. "Yeah… been thinkin' on tryin' some new stuff… you name it, I'll give it a go with ya, and see where it takes us."

"Can't say I'm that educated on such things, so I'm open to suggestions…" Wolf speaks, nuzzling Fox.

"Oh? No blindfolds, handcuffs, and cockrings in your past?" Fox smiles as he nuzzles back.

Wolf shrugs. "I guess I've just had a lot of fairly average sex? You know, beyond the fights, blood, and fighting for dominance…"

Fox giggles and hugs the larger male. "Wuff. Imma tough foxboi, and I be dominant!" he wags his tail playfully.

Wolf nips Fox's neck, causing Fox to nip and nibble Wolf's ears in return.

Wolf half-closes his eyes, leaning into the nibbling. He grabs his husband's rear. Fox murrls warmly as he's touched, continuing to nibble along Wolf's ears.

"That's it… melt, my wolfboi…"

"Hah. Jerk." Wolf smiles, relaxing obligingly. Fox grins, replying with a scritch along Wolf's chest.

Wolf gives low murmurs of pleasure, his eyes barely open as he looks up at Fox. Fox nibbles gently along Wolf's muzzle, caressing his ears and neck.

"So, Foxman…" Wolf murrs lowly, gently nibbling and lapping back.

"Yeah, Wolfman?" Fox murrrs, lightly lapping Wolf's tongue with his own.

"I think I'll take you two up on your offer… no point in denying you two are fuckin' addicting… should try it on the weekend…" Wolf grins, lightly pressing his nose to Fox's.

Fox smiles, keeping his nose pressed to Wolf's. "Had a feeling you'd say something like that…"

A few days later…

Wolf sneaks up and hugs Fox from behind, smiling as he licks the back of his neck. Fox blushes and murrrls loudly, loving the licks. Wolf nibbles gently along Fox's spine, down to the top of his shoulders. "Mmm. Hi."

Fox groans and murrrls lowly, wagging his tail from the nibbles. "Mmh… hello there, Wolfman."

Wolf snickers, grinding lightly against Fox's rear, his hands trailing lightly down the smaller male's front. Fox moans softly, melting into Wolf's paws. He loves the rubbings along his front, grinding back into him.

"Mmhf… oh no… a big strong wolf's going to have his way with me… whatever will I do?" he giggles.

"Mm. That's your choice, but I'm warning you… I am horny as hell…" He bites Fox's neckscruff lightly, growling.

Fox groans hotly, lifting his tail from the bite on his neck. He pants softly, grinding back agianst Wolf submissively. "Mmhf… startin' to sound like dad, big guy…" He grins, nuzzling gently.

"Or, I'm just in the mood…" He leans to smirk at Fox, sticking his tongue off, showing a tongue piercing.

Fox smirks, licking Wolf's tongue gently, feeling the piercing with his own tongue, loving it. "Mmhf… stud with a stud… hawt."

"Almost got my tool redone. Thought I'd consult you first…" Wolf replies, sliding a hand down Fox's front and into his pants, groping gently.

Fox graons hotly and shivers, grinding into Wolf's paw. "Mmh… well… what did you have planned?" He asks.

Wolf wraps a hand around Fox and squeezes him ever so lightly. "Well, I used to have a pierced sheath. Was thinking about getting that redone… but I'm open to ideas."

Fox murrls lowly as he leans back into his lover's hug, nuzzling and licking him softly. "…sheath piercing? Sounds yummy… why not couple it with a scrotum piercing?"

"Back in the day, I almost had a ladder done to my sheath…" Wolf takes Fox's shirt off.

Fox groans hotly, lifting his arms as Wolf removes his shirt, exposing his bare, furred chest. "Mmh… that sounds very kinky…"

"Hey, I used to love piercings…" Wolf speaks, undoing Fox's pants, both hands fondling him as he does so.

Fox groans hotly, murrrrling lowly as his body is freed from the confines of his polyester prison. He curls his bushy orange-tinged tail around Wolf's waist. "Piercings are hot, sexywuff… lately, I've been thinkin' on gettin' a tattoo, myself…"

"Mm. You'll like this, then." Wolf takes his own shirt off and turns Fox around, flexing and twitching his pecs to show off the fact that his nipples are redone as well, smirking. "And you with a tattoo? Not easy with fur… but could be hot."

Fox grins, petting along Wolf's broad, strong chest… "I didn't think you could even *get* sexier… and you go prove me wrong…" he gives a long, slow lick along Wolf's furred chest… "and for the tattoo… might get it either on my forearm, back…. or scrotum…" he smirks at Wolf, wondering what his lover's opinion on that would be.

"Dude, tattoos hurt, even with nanotech healing. I'd suggest chest or hip…" He grabs Fox and turns, putting him against a wall, then undoing his own pants one-handed, licking Fox's jaw.

Fox moans hotly from the licking, watching his lover undress. "Chest could be nice… lots of room for 'WOLF + KATT' in big gothic letters… for my two loves…"

Wolf chuckles. Clearly, you need some lessons in tattoo work. Never get someone's name unless it's your kid, or a memorial…" he bites his way down Fox's body, lingering to nip one of the fox's nipples.

Fox blushes and groans hotly, petting Wolf's ears softly. "Mmhf… I suppose… haven't got it set in stone, or fur, yet…"

Wolf grumbles and falls to his knees, pierced tongue slowly rolling up Fox's sheath, staring up at him. Fox murrs lowly to Wolf, watching him as he massages his lupine lover's ears. Wolf gently nibbles along the base of Fox's sheath, right above his balls, smirking.

Fox groans hotly, his sheath swelling from the nibbling. "Mmhf… f-fuck… where'd ya learn that?"

Wolf snickers and sucks there slowly, paying attention to his sheath and balls. "Before I met you, sexy."

Fox murrrls lowly, his cock beginning to slip free from his sheath… "Mmhf…"

"How were you not hard before I got your pants off?" He shakes his head, tonguing what of Fox's cock he can see, his hands stroking down Fox's legs.

Fox blushes hotly. "I just finished cleanin' the livin' room, listening to 'It's Raining Men'… one of the few times I wasn't rock-hard, I guess…" he snickers, then groans as Wolf tongues his stiffening shaft, purrling deeply from the strokings.

Wolf sucks on him, one hand fondling and rolling Fox's balls, tail slowly flipping back and forth. His own cock is rock-hard and drooling, poking out of the open fly in his jeans.

Fox groans hotly from the attention, his shaft starting to drool precum from the suckling and rubbing. His own tail is relatively still as he caresses his lover's ears. "…You want to bury a bone, don't you… I think I have just the place for it…" he pants, winking at wolf.

Wolf replies with a nibble to that same spot again. "Mm. Good. Because I want to fuck you like a goddamn animal."

Fox shivers. "Ooh… I love it when you're all randy and feral like this…"

Wolf bites his hip with a growl, yanking Fox's pants down the rest of the way. "If you have any position suggestsions, say it now."

"All fours…" Fox pants and groans from the bite.

"Oh fuck." Wolf drags Fox down to the ground and pins him there, licking his cock again, digging a bottle of lube out from his pants and slickening some on his fingers before slipping that hand between Fox's legs, rubbing the vulpine's rear.

Fox groans hotly and pants from the lickings, spreading his legs a bit for Wolf as he's lubed up. "Gonna fuck me so hard I can't walk straight?"

Wolf dives his two fingers inside the other man, biting his way up his body and biting his neck. "Oh, you have no fucking idea…" He kisses Fox deeply.

Fox groans, kissing back, trying to resist the urge to wag his tail in anticipation.

Wolf plunders Fox's mouth, hand rocking in and out of Fox before adding a third finger, growling into the embrace, hackles mantled up.

Fox moans hotly, licking and suckling WOlf's tongue, clenching firmly around the other man's fingers. "Mmhf…"

Wolf breaks the kiss and bites Fox's collarbone before backing off, staring at him. "Assume the position." He smirks.

Fox swishes his hips before dropping onto all fours, flagging his tail after moving it out of the way, licking his lips in a "come hither, my strong lover" expression.

Wolf shudders and pounces on him, hands grabbing Fox's hips, hot shaft rubbing along Fox's ass, teasingly.

Fox moans hotly, lowering his front a bit, his chin, chest, and arms resting against the floor. "Mmmh…" he shudders in pleasure, grinding back into Wolf, curling his bushy tail around him.

Wolf slickens lube over himself and slowly enters the other man, not stopping until he's buried up to his sheath, groaning and tilting his head back, grinding there. Fox groans hotly, clenching firmly around his husband's cock, nuzzling him lovingly. He smirks and reaches back, caressing Wolf's furred orbs, panting softly. "Mmhf…"

Wolf grins, keeping his grip on Fox's hips, pulling back and thrusting hard, growling all the while. Fox pants and moans hotly, clenching around Wolf's cock as he thrusts back into him. "Mmmhf… f-fuck me…"

Wolf places his hands on Fox's shoulders and pins his front to the floor, thrusting hard and slow, biting the scruff of his neck. Fox groans and shivers, blushing hotly as Wolf pins him and bites his neck. "Mmhf… so dominant… so strong…" Fox splays his ears as he stays still under Wolf, tilting his head slightly as his neck is bitten.

Wolf snarls, putting his entire body weight into the thrusts, letting go of Fox's neck to bite at the back of his ears. "Mine."

Fox pants hotly as his ears are bitten. "Mmhf… yours, Wolf… all yours…"

"And don't…" Wolf shoves hard, his partially formed knot grinding into Fox "You fucking…" the knot goes in, hard "Forget it!" He pulls back, withdrawing to the head and plunging back in, howling!

Fox moans hotly as he grinds back into Wolf's knotted cock, enjoying this too much to respond.

Wolf moves fast and hard, shifting his angle slightly, searching for Fox's prostate and hitting it repeatedly, panting.

Fox groans and pants, his cock spasming and spurting ropes of clear precum each time his prostate's hit. At this rate, he'll be driven to orgasm in no time. HE murrrls Wolf's name, grinding back slightly into him. "Mmff… t-too hot…"

"You fuckin' love it." Wolf bites the back of Fox's neck again, hands dragging down Fox's back, driving past his knot every time he thrusts.

Fox moans hotly and leans into the bite, groaning from feeling Wolf's teeth dragging against his soft fur. He purrrls lowly to him.

Wolf rumbles lowly. "Cry out for me. Doe that noise I love" He licks between Fox's shoulderblades, propping himself on his hands and slowing down, thrusting very slow and very hard.

Fox moans hotly, panting from the licks. "Mmhf… tie me… get me sticky…"

Wolf snarls and trails into a howl, shoving hard and hilting into Fox, arching and grinding as he coms and ties the other man, head tilted back. Fox moans and pants, barking out as he clenches around his lupine lover's swelling knot. The pressure on his prostate is too much. He gives in, howling out with Wolf as he comes hard onto the floor.

Wolf rumbles softly, one hand tenderly rubbing Fox's back, kissing one of his shoulderblades. "Mmn." He pants softly. "That was hot, babe."

Fox moans and murrrls lowly from the rubbing, panting, blushing as he nuzzles Wolf gently. "Mmhf… y-yeah… it was.."

Wolf gently rolls both of them onto their sides and holds the other man close, still panting. Fox pants and murrrrs, leaning back to kiss Wolf's chin. "You're so good to me, Wolfie…"

Wolf smiles. "Mmm. I do try."

Fox smirks, keeping his tail curled around Wolf, giving his knot a gentle clench.

"Nnnh. Careful or the minute I'm free I'll fuck you some more." Wolf snickers.

Fox's ears perk, and he grins. "Promise?"

Wolf licks his cheek. "Mmmhm."

Fox murrrls and licks back, giving another clench.

"Maybe up against the wall, in the shower…" Wolf murrrs.

Fox shivers. "Ooh… sounds like a prison fantasy…"

"Role play could be added if you like the idea." He snickers, sliding a hand down Fox's body to rub over his cock.

Fox murrrls and groans, grinding into Wolf's paw. "Mmhf… a pretty daddy's boi gettin' thrown into prison with some rough brutes as his cellmates…"

Wolf grinds into Fox, rolling his hips. He's only got maybe half an inch he can move, but he works with that half inch, still full knot rubbing back and forth over Fox's prostate, growling and wrapping a hand around Fox's knot. "Pretty thing liek you could need some protection in a situation like that…"

Fox murrls and groans, his cock throbbing hotly. "Mmhf… I'd be passed around like currency without a strong man to keep me safe…" he nuzzles Wolf softly.

Wolf ripples his fingers around Fox's knot, his own knot slowly going down, already more than eager to fuck Fox some more. "Mmm. This could actually be a fun thing to role play…" He licks Fox's cheek lightly "You'll be sore tomorrow, you know…" he snickers, voice low and husky, slowly pulling out of the other man.

Fox groans hotly, murrring to Wolf as he slides free. "Mmh… it'll still be worth it. That was so hot…"

"Mmh…" Wolf pulls Fox around and kisses him, warm and tender.

Fox purrrls warmly as he kisses back, caressing along Wolf's shoulders and forearms.

Wolf smiles gently, letting the kiss ease out. "So… round two in the shower?"

"Mmmhmm…" Fox replies.

"Prison role play, huh." Wolf stands up and stretches, popping his back, half- hard cock bobbing in midair.

Fox smirks. "Maybe I should be the new hot-shot punk instead of the prison bitch."

Wolf leans on the wall and grins down at him. "By all means, set up the scenario and I'll roll with it, baby."

Fox smirks as he walks towards the shower. "So… yre the big wolf on campus… and this is our shower? Kinda small for two alphas like us."

Wolf folds his arms and follows, looking at the shower, which is actually quite large, and has multiple heads. "I don't know where your rich punk ass comes from where that's considered small.. and if you don't like it, use one of the locker room." He sneers.

Fox smirks. "I accept your offer to be my bodyguard." He pats Wolf's chest lightly.

Wolf's eyebrow quirks up slightly. "Really, now. Young punk like you has no problem getting fucked by an old con like me, huh?"

Fox chuckles, approaching Wolf. "Bottoming for you? Asside from looking rugged and built… you don't seem that tough." He smirks, licking Wolf's chin slowly and defiantly.

Wolf grabs Fox and twists, putting him into an arm lock, breath feathering over the back of his neck and ears. "Don't be too sure of that, bitch."

Fox growls, trying to get out of the headlock. He pets under Wolf's tail to distract him.

Wolf snarls and knits his hand into the fur on the back of Fox's head, tugging his head back and letting his teeth glide over Fox's throat. "Do not fuck with me. The more you try my patience, the less gentle I will be."

Fox snickers. "Alright, big boy… sorry for pissin' ya off. Why don't I make it up to you by groomin' ya. You don't have to do a damned thing as I just wash your fur clean."

Wolf narrows his eyes, but lets Fox go and steps into the shower, kicking the water on and putting the settings on the overhead rainwater-style showerhead. Fox steps into the shower with the larger male. He grabs the bar of soap and begins to sud up his paws, lathering them together before rubbing them along his friend's fur.

Wolf lets his eyes lull and relaxes into it, smiling. Fox smirks as he rubs along Wolf's body, gently caressing his sides and chest. The larger male snickers a bit as a ticklish spot is hit, nipples perking up and the piercings glinting in the water. "Mm. 's nice."

Fox smirks as he continues to groom Wolf. "This isn't so bad, see?"

Wolf stretches out and wags his tail, cleaning up a bit from their last round of sex, leaning into Fox's hands. "Not at all…"

Fox licks his chests softly as he rubs down along Wolf's tummy and groin. He smiles as he gets a few licks to his ears from Wolf in return. He smiles, wiggling his ears, gently cleaning Wolf's large sheath and balls, getting a low pleased noise from Wolf, the tip of the larger male's cock peeking out again.

Fox grins as he kneels down, giving his friend's cocktip a kiss, before standing back up. "Alright, turn around… I have to clean your back and tail."

"Don't get any ideas…" Wolf snickers, turning and leaning on the wall, tail flicking.

Fox chuckles as he rubs his soapy paws into Wolf's shoulderblades and spine. Wolf murrmurrrs in pleasure, head hanging low and tail slowly waving. Fox slowly rubs a bit lower, down along his lower back, towards his tailbase and hips. Wolf smiles, leaning and arching into it, his tail flicking up. Fox chuckles, rubbing along Wolf's rear and under his tail with one paw, reaching around to stroke his stiffening shaft with hsi free paw, all the while he nibbles and licks along the lupine prisoner's neck.

Wolf quickly hardens under Fox's touch, grunting. "Mm. Want on top, do you?"

Fox chuckles, stroking Wolf's shaft as he nips his neckscruff, pushing him firmly against the wall, holding his friend's cock firmly with one paw, pressing his own body into Wolf's, feeling his stiffening cock against his hole. "Oh, it's not a matter of what I want… it's a matter of what's gonna happen."

Wolf growls and looks over his shoulder, teeth bared a bit, body twitching. "Really. And what's going to happen?"

Fox smirks, lighting dragging his clawtips along Wolf's cock and balls, baring his own teeth as he briefly nips his neckscruff… "I'm going to fuck you… you're going to like it… and if you resist… well…" He drags a clawtip along the underside of Wolf's cock and balls, as if symbolizing he'd remove them right there.

Wolf growls again, eyes narrowed. "I could overpower you if I wanted… and pretty easily."

Fox growls lowly, dragging his teeth along Wolf's neck, gently cupping his balls in his palm, before firmly grasping them, not squeezing, but enough to hold them… "Try to overpower me. You want to see how fast it can go south for you?" He growls, pressing his hips and body more firmly into Wolf's, keeping him pinned against the wall.

Wolf whimpers in pleasure, shuddering, his fingers skittering on the wall of the shower.

Fox growls lowly as he slowly moves his other hand down to resume stroking along his shaft, as he licks the inside of Wolf's ear, slowly pressing the head of his drooling cock into his hole. "That's a good boi. Just do as I say, and things will go smoothly for us both." he snickers.

Wolf shudders again, muscles trembling around Fox's shaft and ears folding down, accepting the role of submissive… for now. "Nnnhhh…"

Fox murrls lowly, nuzzling him as he strokes Wolf's throbbing cock, slowly hilting his own within him. He gives a gentle nibble along Wolf's eartips as he begins to withdraw, until only the head remains within him, before plowing back firmly into him.

Wolf grunts and grinds back against him, panting just a bit, eyes pressed closed. "Oh, fuck. Mmm."

Fox smirks, stroking Wolf's cock as he thrusts hard. He grinds firmly into Wolf, pressing his cock firmly against his fellow inmate's prostate, his knot starting to swell.

Wolf yips and jerks a bit at the hard thrusts, cock bobbing and drooling pre when his prostate is hit, muscles squeezing Fox's cock.

All the while, James silently watches them from the doorway, stroking his own throbbing, drooling shaft as his son and Wolf go at it, waiting for the right time to step in.

"Hnn… fuck, yes…" Wolf arches his back, tail flicking back and forth.

Fox smirks, growling lowly as he thrusts into Wolf, nibbling along his neck as his knot begins to swell… "Since I'm in a good mood, Wolfie… I'm gonna let you decide if you want me to knot you… or just make a mess inside you and up your back…"

Wolf squirms at the nibbles, panting hotly. "Mmm… much as I love being tied… dunno if it's wise in the shower."

"Just what I was thinkin'…" Fox smirks, continuing to stroke Wolf's shaft. He goes to nibble along his neck, but freezes, noticing James leaning against the wall, stroking his own stiff shaft.

Wolf blinks at the sudden lack of motion, rubbing water out of his eyes and looking over his shoulders, then freezing up himself when he sees James standing there. "Uh… ok, what the hell, man?"

"Sorry boys… you two left the door open, and you were putting on one *hell* of a hot show… don't mind me…" James blushes, holding his own shaft in his hand as he leans against the wall.

Wolf laughs nervously, becuase being watched IS somewhat hot to him, but it's his father-in-law, James. He growls hotly, becoming even more aroused at the kinky older male. "Right…"

"Unless… you'd like the 'big dog' of the prison to step in…" James chuckles.

Wolf shudders visibly from arousal, looking back at Fox. "What are you thinking?"

Fox blushes a deep red. "You wanna be sandwiched by yer two favourite lovers, Wolfman?"

Wolf flushes a bit. "Holy fuck. Hot. Yes."

Fox chuckles, petting Wolf's ears as James walks over. The younger McCloud pets wolf's Sides, letting off a bit of pressure from pinning him against the wall.

"So uh… how is this going to work…? Eiffel tower…?" Wolf asks, still flushed and a bit nervous, with it being a while since he did anything with James. He keeps one hand propped on the shower wall to keep his balance."

Fox grins, nuzzling Wolf gently as he lets go of his hips.

James caresses Wolf's arm softly. "Why don'tyou be a good boy and go down on me?"

Wolf shuders and wraps an arm around James, pulling him in close, lowering himself and running his tongue down the older man's cock, rolling the tongue stud against it as he does.

James groans hotly from feeling that familiar lupine tongue on his shaft. He murrrs lowly as he feels the tongue stud dragging against the smooth, throbbing flesh of his cock. He pants softly as his precum flows from his tip.

Fox smirks, reaching around to stroke Wolf's cock as he goes down on James. HE watches as Wolf takes James' shaft into his mouth, tongue running up and down, shuddering, tail flicking up and back and forth with a whine. He smirks, resuming his thrusts into Wolf, stroking his shaft in time with his thrusts, grinding his hips firmly into Wolf's.

James groans hotly, petting and massaging Wolf's ears. "Mmhf… that's a good stud…"

Wolf groans in relief when Fox starts fucking him again, taking his pleasure out on James, promptly swallowing him down, one hand shifting to fondle his balls and sheath.

James growlmurrrrls lowly, panting as his precum flows into Wolf's muzzle. He leans slightly into Wolf's paw on his sheath and balls.

Fox pants and groans softly as he thrusts hard and deep into Wolf, caressing his hips and rear as he thrusts. "That's it, Wolf… worship that cock…"

Wolf moans and whines constantly in pleasure, swallowing James precum down willingly, bobbing his head and letting his teeth just barely scuff down his shaft before moving in favour of licking and nibbling James' sheath, nibbling and suckling the same spot he did on Fox, his own cock drooling constantly onto the shower floor. James gasps and murrls lowly from feeling his former lover's teeth dragging along his cock. He groans hotly from the nibbling as his cock drools more precum into him. "Ohh… F-fuck, Wolf… you've gotten kinkier…"

Fox smirks as he thrusts, stroking Wolf's cock with one paw, caressing his furred orbs with the other. He pants as his release approaches… "Mmhf… inside ya, or up your back?" Fox asks between ragged pants.

Wolf groans, panting raggedly, totally lost in a fantasy, briefly pulling off of James' shaft. "Nnh. Inside." He swallows James back down, groaning, using his piercing to tease James' knot, one hand slipping around to rub James' rear.

James growls lowly, being driven mad with pleasure from feeling the Wolf stud's tongue stud against his sensitive knot. He blushes a bit as Wolf toucehs his rear, raising his tail a bit. "Nngh… not gonna last at this rate…"

Fox pants hotly, stroking Wolf's shaft as he thrusts firmly into him, pushing his hips into Wolf's, but not enough to tie, as he cums hard into him. "Ohh… f-fuck…"

Wolf lets go of James briefly to howl when Fox comes inside him, then returns to what he's doing, tongue flitting around the other man's cock. James growls and pants frmo Wolf's attentions on his knot as the lupine sends him over the edge. His shaft begins spurting thick ropes of his creamy spunk into Wolf's muzzle. Wolf groans and swallows, tongue lapping to clean James off, then straightening up unsteadily, leaning one shoulder into the wall and panting.

Fox pants hotly as he begins to pull himself out of Wolf. He pets his lover's ears gently. "Mmh… enjoy that, Wolfman?"

James murrrrrls lowly, leaning against the wall next to Wolf, giving him a brief kiss and lick on his lip. Wolf shudders and whines softly as he abruptly comes, shivering through it, then laughs weakly and tilts his head back. "That was amazingly hot… but now I have the incredibly twisted fantasy of one of you fucking me, then the other hitting me for sloppy seconds. My god, you two are so fucking gorgeous…"

James chuckles, petting Wolf's headfur.

"We might just do that, you hot animal." Fox speaks, before licking Wolf's cheek.

Wolf hugs them both closely, causing the two McCloud males to murr lowly and hug him back.

James smirks. "I think this is as close to double-penetration with me and Fox as you're gonna get, Wolf…"

Wolf laughs. "That would be a little too kinky, wouldn't it…"

"Maybe… but so's this…" he kisses Wolf's nose, then Fox's muzzle, before sticking his tongue out playfully at Wolf.

Fox blushes a visible red, his tail betraying him by wagging quickly.

Wolf licks Fox's ear, then James' ear, snickering at them.

Fox wiggles his ears, fuzzling Wolf's headfur gently. "Somehow… I think you've been wanting this for a while… and I mean before we talked about it earlier in the week…"

James smirks, slowly petting Wolf's chest with his left paw.

"It has been a bit of a fantasy." He snickers. "Maybe we should get out of the shower and dry off?"

"Sure. I doubt my fur'll get any wetter." Fox replies.

"Sounds like a good idea." James nods.

Wolf kicks off the water and shakes vigorously, stepping out of the shower and handing them towels before grabbing one for himself, turning on a fur dryer and and standing by it as he dries off.

Fox and James begin to dry themselves off with towels. James smirks, petting along Wolf's tail, drying it off with a couple gentle rubs of the towel.

"Heh. Thanks." Wolf speaks, stepping over so they can also get in on the fur dryer.

Jamees lets Fox step under it first as he finishes drying himself off with the towel. "No prob."

Fox finishes with the fur dryer, letting his father use it next. "My god, Wolf… you manage to look hot, even when you're not trying to…"

"I second that…" James snickers as he dries himself off.

Wolf smirks, wandering out of the shower to his bedroom, flopping on his bed.

James finishes drying himself off. He gathers his clothes and puts them back on. "I'm gonna try to sneak out without bein' noticed… this would be tough to explain."

Fox nods. "Sounds fair." He follows Wolf towards the bedroom, physically exhausted from their lovemaking and impromptu threesome in the shower. He sits down on the bed next to Wolf.

"See you later, James." Wolf smiles, pulling Fox down to snuggle him.

Fox murrls warmly as he snuggles close to the wolf. "Mmm… two to a bunk… a lavishly-decorated prison cell.. soft and warm Wolf comforter… I could get used to this." He snickers.

Wolf kisses Fox's noses. "I'm sure you will."

Fox blushes and kisses back. "Of course… It works both ways, too…" He snuggles into Wolf. "Lemme be your foxfur blanket. "He winks.

Wolf smiles and rolls so Fox is nestled on top of him.

"Murr." Fox hugs Wolf gently, smiling as his partner begins to rub his orange- furred back. He begins to close his eyes and murr deeply. "Mmh… feels good."

"So. Did you have fun?" Wolf hugs Fox close. "Because that was great, it really was."

"Oh, I did. I knew you were horny-as-fuck, and wanted to try some kinky stuff… but dad sneaking in there… well, that made it even kinkier than I planned."

Wolf nods. "yeah, that was totally out of nowhere."

Fox grins. "You seemed to enjoy it. A *lot* more than you should have."

Wolf wags his tail slowly. "Guilty as charged."

Fox smiles, petting his ears and headfur gently. "I think we all are, though."

Wolf shrugs. "Hey, it was hot."

"No arguments here, babe." Fox replies.

Wolf's cheerful mood gradually flows into one of concern. "You're not upset, are you?"

Fox tilts his head. "Why should I be?"

"I did just enjoy the hell out of blowing your father and all…" Wolf responds.

"So? He looked like he enjoyed it, too. I know you two have history, but I'm *fine* with that, Wolfie. You worry too much." He fuzzles his lover's headfur playfully.

Fox is greeted with a kiss to his forehead in response, blushing from it and closing his eyes as he runs his fingers through Wolf's soft headfur.

"Though… I'll admit, I did briefly consider kissing him back to see if that aroused ya…" Fox lightly noses Wolf.

"Good lord, I think that would have locked me up. I have no idea what I'd do." Wolf thinks out loud.

Fox blinks. "You would've snapped? Well…. it's a good thing I didn't, then."

Wolf laughs. "No, babe. I mean, I would've frozen up. Not know how to react or respond to it. Think… mental Blue Screen of Death."

Fox nods. "Ohh… creeped out… yeah… I can see that."

"Well, not that, either…" Wolf smiles, nuzzling lovingly with Fox. "I mean, at any other time, the two hottest people I've ever fucked kissing each other would have been amazing… but you two… Yeah. Kinky is the MILD word…" he winks.

Fox blushes hotly.

"Get what I mean now, Foxboi?" Wolf hugs Fox tightly to him.

Fox nods. "I sure do. I just hope the walls are soundproof, or we might have some explaining to do to our teammates…" Fox laughs.

"Ehh… let 'em think what they want…" Wolf smiles.