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>>artificial love iii: finality of obsession::

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Krystal and ROB's Arwing shot through the stars with incredible speed, gliding heavenly through the sparkling black abyss as the two held each other lovingly, an occasional paw intertwining with a metallic hand.

"Where do we go now?" whispered Krystal softly as she snuggled under her cold lover's chin.

ROB freed his hand from Krystal's paw to punch around at a few of the controls, "We will be approaching the planet of Zoness within the hour," he spoke calmly but with a slight hint of adventure in his monotonic voice.

"Mmm I"ve never been in the Lylat System before… Zoness… tell me about it."

"Zoness, 2nd planet of the Lylat System, once a toxic waste hole, Zoness has now been restored to the former tropical beauty it once held before," spoke ROB sounding very much like an encyclopedia entry.

Krystal's ears perked up in excitement at the words of tropical beauty, "Oh that sounds so romantic, let's go there!"

"However it is March 3rd."

"What's so special about March 3rd?"

"March third is when the people of Zoness will be having the festival of the palm tree gods. The citizens will dance in the streets in a nocturnal celebration that climaxes in a massive orgy at midnight."

'sounds like my kind of party!" scoffed Krystal with a reassured smile as their Arwing zoomed toward the murky blue green planet. "Mmm, tropical beauty and large amounts of furry sex, it can't get any better than this ROB."

ROB's visor glinted at Krystal showing his amusement as she looked down at her naked body, "Oh my and I'm already dressed for the occasion!"

"Here take this," spoke ROB as he opened up his chest compartment and handed Krystal her two piece tribal style outfit.

"Oh ROB you shouldn't have!" she said as he clasped the top piece around her chest.

Within minutes their small vessel was descending through the depths of Zoness' atmosphere with great speed as Krystal and ROB bumped around inside the cockpit from the jerking inertia of the turbulent flight. Krystal giggled a bit under the rumbling of the ship.

"Brings back memories doesn't it ROB?" she added with a smirk.

Soon they were coasting above the capital island which was completely covered in tropical palm trees that mingled with tall opulent marble structures. As they arrived, sunset was approaching and sure enough there were thousands of people dancing in the streets around floats and stages under a rain of confetti and celebration.

"Oh we"re just in time for the party!" shot Krystal with excitement in her eyes as they found a grassy knoll to land in.

ROB helped Krystal out by lifting her over the edge of the cockpit with ease as though she were a feather lighter than air. Eventually the two joined hands as the canopy to their stolen Arwing closed with a hiss. Krystal and ROB cautiously approached the street as a burly shirtless beaver with several necklaces around him approached the two.

"Hello travelers from afar! Join us in our celebration of Eeeke, Teekee and Tooka Ta, the Goddesses of the palm trees!" Accompanying his words, he placed a necklace around Krystal and ROB's neck, struggling a bit with the robot's height but eventually settling back down with a smile.

"Come now! The sun is setting!"

The beaver trotted away towards the crowded street of party-goers, his fat waffle tail flapping as his necklaces bobbed up and down.

"He was friendly," chimed ROB as he started to walk, taking Krystal's hand.

The awed fox looked out towards the sunset that was painted behind the skyline of buildings and trees, the fiery oranges and reds bursting outward from the horizon mixing its inks of color with the blues and purples that seeped towards the east, running away from the smearing golden yellows.

"Oh ROB, it's so beautiful here, c'mon let's party!"

And with that Krystal hopped in front of ROB pulling him into the crowds of people that were dancing to lively festive music, heaving up and down with the up-beat tune. As the two meshed within the mass of people in the street, ROB stuck out like a sore thumb, his tall silvery figure being a good foot taller than everyone else there.

The crowds were filled with a diverse collection of creatures. Mice, canines and felines rubbed against marine animals such as squid, tuna and other assorted fish, however they were all united tonight, dancing together in happiness and complacency.

As ROB and Krystal danced under the showers of confetti and colored string, other people turned their heads and watched the two with bright smiles and envy. They admired ROB's large sturdy figure, an occasional animal's mouth watering at the sight of the robot who was groping Krystal as they danced.

Krystal laughed and drank, allowing herself to be taken in with the festival. She held close to ROB, never letting go as the sky turned from oranges, purples and blues to the blackness of night.

Eventually the streets were illuminated by large torches that towered above the sidewalks and hung out from buildings only adding to the tribal nature of the celebration. As time went on however the crowd's demeanor began to change. Krystal noticed that soon, clothing became less apparent in the crowd as many of the animals preferred only the coverings of their necklaces and beads to that of cloth.

Soon the music became louder, the drums thumped repetitively as Krystal drank more and more, letting herself drift with ROB through the mass of furry animals. As time went on and the stars began to shine their light down on the celebration exciting everyone even more as they started chanting incantations over and over.

"Eeeke Teekee Tooka Ta! Eeeke Teekee Tooka Ta! Eeeke Teekee Tooka Ta!"

In less than a minute everyone was chanting the arcane words with the beating of the drums, the fire from the torches bathed their hot orange glow on the people. Without warning Krystal felt a paw on her back, then another one, then another again. Someone was touching her tail, stroking it. She felt a hand, this time on her back-end as it pulled and tugged at her fur in a playful massage.

She squealed a bit at first but looked up to find everyone was without clothing now. The massive amount of nudity stunned her for a brief second before a feeling of intense heat overcame her. The beat of the drums, the alcohol in her brain, the orange fire around them all combined to take her judgment away and pull it into the groping and sensual humping that was occurring around her.

"Oh ROB, something is happening!" moaned Krystal in a drunken stupor as two random paws pulled off her clothes swiftly.


*Meanwhile on the Great Fox*

"Any new missions from Pepper?" questioned Fox almost in desperation and boredom.

The feeble hare turned around in his seat to face his younger companion.

'trying to get your mind off of recent events I presume?"

"Don't even start…"

Peppy smiled, adjusting his glasses a bit before a beeping sound emanated from the console in front of him. He pressed a button causing the holo-projector to open up and a figure of Pepper appeared standing in the center of the bridge.

"Good day Star Fox! This is General Pepper, I have a new mission for you guys that I"m sure you"d be glad to take!"

"Oh God, I hope it's something interesting," grumbled Fox under his breath while smiling into the holo-projector. "I see, what's the mission Pepper?" he said raising his voice.

"I got some rocks I want you to scan in the Meteo sector!"



ROB looked down to find an otter, canine and two mice rubbing up against him, nuzzling his chest and back. The warm sensation of the fur took him by surprise, but he complied with their affection by stroking two of them with his hands in gentle sweeps.

"I believe I have a few admirers Krystal."

"Hey!" screamed Krystal as she shooed away the animals that were humping her prized lover in a quick flurry of movement, 'stay away, he's mine!" she cried. The animals shrugged almost in a trance and soon turned towards each other and began to engage in a copulative embrace.

"ROB what time is it?!" cried Krystal dodging the occasional pelvic thrusting group of people.

"It's almost midnight."

Krystal threw herself onto ROB to find that his wondrous phallic instrument was extending from its hatch.

"Oh ROB, but there's so many people around!" she uttered.

The emotionless robot looked down and stroked Krystal's ears nearly pulling them off, "It appears they all have the same thing on their mind, do you not agree?"

Before Krystal could respond she felt someone penetrating her from behind, her screams mixed with the tribal chanting as she turned her head around to see a large toucan with a look of drunken rapture in his eyes.

"ROB help!" cried Krystal with a hint of playful pleasure in her voice, but ROB only began to impale her from the front seeing that she was not in any serious danger. Soon everyone's bodies were pulsing together in the hot heat of gratuitous free flowing sex. The furry limbs mixing with the occasional marine animal's tentacle in the rush of heat that filled the streets. Thousands of people were draped across the infrastructure of the city in a wave of collective love like no other before. People on balconies over looking the streets were also embracing in the rush of sex that was overtaking the island.


Falco looked up from his cards with a suspicious glint as he stared at Fox from across the table.

"You got any twos?"

Fox cocked an eyebrow, tilting his head.

"Go Fish."


"Oh God screw me harder ROB!!!" screamed Krystal in a fit of pleasure she had never felt before.

"Mmm, what about me baby," groaned the colorful toucan that was taking her from behind.

"Oh yes harder! Both of you!"


The amphibian hopped up and down as Fox watched in utter disbelief of his boredom, "Weee! Third computer diagnostic complete Fox! Now I can show you how to increase engine efficiency by point two percent!"

'that's great Slippy…"


"Goddesses yes!" screamed Krystal. It was though everyone was connected, the enormous amount of naked bodies becoming one together in the streets, chanting and screaming in deranged lust, uniting in a cataclysmic explosion of furry pleasure.

Krystal lifted her head back as she moaned with the other screams and chanting, "ROB, this is amazing!"

In the midst of her shared embrace with her robot, Krystal could feel other paws touching her chest and body, the sensations were incredible. She couldn't help but chant with the moaning and groaning.

"Eeeke Teekee Tooka Ta," she gasped in pleasure.

Soon the grunts and screams of the crowd became more fervent as though everyone were rushing towards the climax of love simultaneously together, the vocalizing volumes of lust becoming louder and louder, gasps and moans rising periodically until they filled Krystal's ears completely.

"Oh ROB! I can't hold it back anymore!"

The massive crowd ascended their chanting with screams and howls of pleasure that combined together explosively. A couple of buildings collapsed.


*The next morning*

With a groan of fatigue Krystal opened her eyes slowly rubbing her forehead. She had a massive headache and couldn't help but feel her blood pulsing through her temples as she gripped the grass beneath her tentatively.

"Wait a minute!" she gasped as she realized what had happened the night before.

Rolling over, Krystal sat up to see hundreds of people lazily draped across the adjacent street and field among the palm trees. There were colorful pieces of confetti dancing around in the wind with the morning breeze as the sound of the waves hitting the nearby shore was the only sound to be heard.

"ROB? ROB, where are you?"

"Over here," came the hushed dull voice as Krystal jerked her head around to see ROB lying in the grass a few feet over.

She smirked, seeing that three dogs were laying on top of him, one who was a male had his arms wrapped around the robot laying on the soft grass, snuggling next to the cold metal figure.

"You have no idea how cute you look right now ROB," she giggled under her breath.

Pushing the canines aside, ROB got up and brushed the grass blades off his legs, he was surprised to find he also had at least twenty beaded necklaces around his neck.

"We should get back to our Arwing."

As the two approached their ship, occasionally dodging groups of dozing intertwined lovers, she saw something that made her gasp.

"Hey get out of there!" she cried as her eyes laid upon a couple inside the Arwing who had obviously engaged in a moment of love the night before with the festivities. It was the beaver that she and ROB had encountered when they first arrived at the island, he had a shortly stout feline on his lap who he was stroking affectionately.

"Oh hey fellas! Are you leaving already? I hope you enjoyed your stay here on Zoness!"

Krystal relaxed her defensive stance and smiled, "Yes, I was apprehensive at first, but I did enjoy my stay. It was wonderful."

"That's great! We hope you come back again whenever you can," the beaver replied, "I'll be getting out of your way now, c'mon honey."

Clamoring out of the Arwing the two walked off towards the beach, both nude except for a handful of necklaces.

"ROB next time, make sure we keep the canopy closed on that thing ok?" said Krystal following the robot as he climbed into the Arwing. She turned up her nose as they sat down. "It smells like chlorine and feet in here."


"Great job on the mission Fox, sorry I couldn't find something more exciting, I just had to know what those rocks were!" cried the fuzzy image of Pepper through the holo-projector.

"Um… ok General, is there anything else that needs to be done?"

Pepper paused for a moment rubbing his chin, "Hmmm, nope not that I know of! If there are any more rocks though…I can count on you can't I?"

"Oh absolutely," groaned Fox from under his teethy smile.

Pepper grinned before adjusting his military hat a bit, "Great! Pepper out!"

The image cut off with a click as the projector powered down. With a tired drag, Fox got up and walked drearily into his room, the door shutting automatically behind him quietly.

"Man I don't know what's gotten into him," grumbled Falco. "He's never been the same since Krystal ran away with ROB."

Peppy folded his arms under his coat, shaking his head from side to side, "Well you have to realize the disturbing nature of it all, a robot, a fox. It's just… well… not something I'd call a normal relationship. It's obvious that Krystal was not a very stable girl to begin with."

Falco nodded his head in agreement, "What can I say, the girl likes robo-wang."


"Oh ROB, where should we go now!" giggled Krystal in excitement as their Arwing shot out from the atmosphere of Zoness into the stars.

"ROB…?" Krystal turned around while on the robot's lap to see his visor glowing much dimmer than usual, he was completely still except for one finger on his left hand that was twitching.

"Oh my God ROB! What's wrong?!&quto; Krystal frantically searched around her lover until her eyes came across a small display on ROB's wrist. The words "battery life low" could be read on the liquid crystal display as Krystal buried her face into his hand.

"Battery life low?! Oh no what am I going to do!" she cried as she tried to mimic movements with ROB's arm.

Pausing for a moment Krystal looked around the console controls as though searching for an answer to her dilemma.

"I know! Fox can help me!" she uttered confidently as her face brightened up continuing to look around the controls. "Wait a minute… I don't know how to fly one of these! Oh my God!"

Panicking as the Arwing blasted away from Zoness into the unknown, Krystal continued to frantically look around the small cockpit which had barely enough room for her and ROB.

"There has to be some sort of auto-pilot."

"Would you like to activate the auto-pilot?" chimed the computer in an interrogative tone.

"Thank the Gods! Yes I do!"

"Auto-pilot activated."

"Computer, if I could, I would make love to you right now!" Krystal cocked her eyebrow waiting for a reply from her new admirer.

"Information overload… slut fox detected, please desist from future errant comments."

With a look of shock, Krystal giggled a bit under her breath, surprised at how she had just gotten rejected by the computer.

"Oh well, take me to the Great Fox, I don't need your joystick lovin" anyway."

"Destination confirmed, plotting course."


*A while later*

"Fox you"re never gonna guess what I see on the radar display," said Falco as he intently looked at his console.

Fox raised himself up from the command chair, approaching the blue avian with a look of anticipation, hoping for something exciting to come about.

"Well, what is it?"

"It's an Arwing, it matches the same configuration as the one Krystal left in with ROB."

Stepping back some, Fox could feel his face turn red under his fur, he was surprised that he would actually come across them again.

"Fox we got a message coming in, it's Krystal," spoke Peppy as he punched some buttons on his console. "Audio only."

"Put it through."

"Fox? It's Krystal, look, I know you probably don't want to hear from me, let alone see me, but it's just… something is wrong with ROB and I need your help."

Slippy looked up from his station at Fox in a worried stance. Concern held his eyes as he gaped at Fox.

"I can't explain until I get there, but just let me dock ok? Will you at least let me do that?"

Fox slumped in his chair folding his arms under one another as he looked down at the floor. "What should I do" he thought. "I'm really pissed off at this girl, but… something inside me still wants to see her again, it pulls at me, tugs at me. I don't know what to think anymore, everything is so messed up now…"

"Give her clearance," said Fox looking up from the floor.

Falco shook his head pressing a button on his console, "Whatever you say man."

"I"m going to the docking bay, Slippy you"re with me."

With those words, Fox started heading towards the docking bay with Slippy close behind him. After a few moments he increased his pace to a slow jog as Slippy struggled to keep up.

"I hope nothing serious happened to ROB, who knows what Krystal did to him. There are just some positions that he shouldn't be in."

Fox shot a hot glare at the insipid amphibian, who recoiled under his vicious glance. Before long the two came to the docking bay as the large doors opened up to the large wide room which housed four Arwings, one of which had just landed in front of them. The canopy opened slowly as Krystal hopped out, her two piece outfit flapping as she settled on the floor.

"Alright, what's wrong with him," shouted Fox over the sound of the waning engine.

Krystal stepped back in shock, "What, no hello? No hey Krystal how've you been, No are you okay?"

"Of course not; not only did you steal one of our ships you also ran off with my operations robot and did God knows what. I'm not obliged to giving you any sort of introductory comfort," replied Fox with squinting eyes.

"Oh don't blame me, it was that frog that gave him the dick!"

Fox swerved around to look at Slippy who was brushing a sweat drop of his forehead.

"It was YOU who gave him that?! You said the original manufacturer made it!"

Slippy folded his hands together behind his back and brushed his feet across the floor in stoic coyness. Fox could do nothing but fixate his glare on the amphibian and shake his head.

"There is no time to discuss this anyway, Slippy go check out and see what's wrong with ROB."

With a quick skip, Slippy hopped up to the cockpit of the Arwing taking out a scanner and holding it over ROB's limp body. He chuckled a bit under his tongue as he moved the scanner up and down.

"What's so funny?" scolded Fox who was clearly frustrated by Krystal's presence.

"His batteries are dead."

"THAT's IT?!" screamed Fox. "YOU came back here just because his batteries died?!"

Krystal clenched her eyes shut in anger, "How the hell should I know what I'm supposed to do?! You can't exactly just plug him in!"

"You can do that with a dildo," added Slippy.

"Yea you'd know all about that wouldn't you!" shouted Krystal, clenching her fists.

"Alright that is ENOUGH" cried Fox. After a moment of silence he relaxed a bit looking down in defeat, "There's no point in arguing anymore, Slippy take ROB to the lab and recharge him. As for me, I'm tired and I'm going to sleep. Krystal, you're free to stay here tonight on one condition, you don't go ANYWHERE near ROB Ok?"

Krystal began to protest, but Fox had already walked out of the docking bay.

"I'll take you to the bridge," croaked Slippy as he waddled away.


*Later that night*

Fox laid on his bed flat on his back looking up at the ceiling as usual. He had thought about going to find Krystal who was probably in the rec-room playing cards with Falco or something like that. Relaxing a bit more into the un-comforting cold sheets, Fox put his arm behind his head, scratching the short fur that was up there on his scalp.

As he sighed, lost in a thought, there was a soft knock at the door.

"Fox? Are you in there? It's me Krystal."

Without turning his head Fox continued to lie on his bed without stirring, "Yea come in."

Krystal entered meekly, the door closing behind her quietly in silence.

"Look… I just wanted to apologize… for everything."

Fox turned his head sitting up on the side of his bed, "Look Krystal, there might be things that I don't understand about you, but I"m sorry I yelled at you when you came back…"

Before Fox continued he could hear himself thinking in his thoughts. It all made sense, it wasn't he who had the problems. It was her. She was the one who was vagrantly obsessed with an inanimate object, she was the one who engaged in the sexual activity with a robot, she was the one who stole a ship to run away with it. Yes Krystal was sick, but… but there was something still pulling at his heart…he loved her. Yes, he continued in his thoughts, I do love her.

"Krystal… I want… I want something to work between us."

"I know Fox… I… I try but things get… so blurry sometimes."

Fox looked down at the floor trying to think of what to say next as an awkward silence filled the room. Finally he looked up to speak after the sound of the engines decks below became too loud to bear.

"Where did you two go?" he asked as though it were unimportant.


Fox nodded his head thoughtfully before his face snapped in a contorted expression.

"Wait a minute, yesterday was March 3rd… Oh my God."

Filled with distraught, he got up from the bed with a struggle. "Did you go to the palm tree festival?!" he shouted.

"I… uh… um…"

"Dammit, I can't believe you Krystal. I… wanted to try and work this out, but every time I try to make things right something happens to fuck it all up. You come back after running away, I see an opportunity to fix things, and I find out that you've engaged in a drunken orgy with my robot."

"Fox I…"

"Get out."

Without word Krystal ran out of the room as tears filled her eyes, she rushed down the hall holding back her sobs of pain but in her mind she knew Fox was right. Something was wrong with her, she was a bad person, corrupt, obsessed, and ill. She knew that there was only one person who really understood her and cared for her. Bursting through the door at the end of the hall she approached Slippy and ROB.

"Krystal, you shouldn't be here."

"I don't care. I need him," she said wiping the tears from her eyes.

Slippy put his tools aside and thought for a moment as Krystal stared at the robot who was shut off, lifeless, calmly sitting on the table without movement.

"Very well…" and with those words Slippy flipped a switch on the wall as ROB's visor began to glow, his body springing to life under the dim light of the room.

Krystal, who was still weeping, smiled under her tears. They were no longer tears of sadness, but tears of joy as she approached ROB.

"Boot up check complete, no anomalies detected," spoke ROB flatly in the way that he was programmed to.

Slippy stepped in front of Krystal, holding her off for a moment, "I have to perform some memory checks first…ROB, it's me Slippy. Do you know who I am?"

"Slippy… friend… member of Star Fox team…"

Krystal took a step forward slowly, "Do you know who I am?"

ROB's visor eyed the blue fox up and down for a moment, "Krystal… sex … screw … slut … pleasure … orgasm … wet pussy…"

"OK I think we've had enough memory checking," snapped Slippy.

More tears dripped down Krystal's fur as she blushed, nothing made her happier in the world than to hear ROB speak those words.

"I"ll leave you two alone now," uttered Slippy with a betraying smile, as he knew what he was doing, allowing Krystal and ROB to spend a moment together, was against Fox's wishes. But he had no choice, he could not allow a love so true remain chained, obstructed and held down.

As the door closed, Krystal embraced ROB as he returned the affection, "I was so worried I'd never see you again ROB," she added under her sobs.

"I'll always be here for you Krystal… always."

Their embraced moved onto the table as ROB leaned back lifting Krystal on top of him.

"Do you want to…?" questioned ROB as he mechanically combed through Krystal's hair.

Krystal undid her top in silence. Soon enough she was in the nude, exploring ROB's figure with hers. However this time it was much softer, their bodies rocking gently on the table, pushing a few of Slippy's tools off to the side.

"Make me feel good ROB… please…"

Without reservation they continued, Krystal's paw found ROB's hand and raised it past his head, stretching outward across the table as her tongue explored ROB's face. He did not show it, but Krystal knew that ROB enjoyed it all. The love making they held, the feelings were always mutual even if he were emotionless.

Without warning the door blew inward revealing a figure standing in the shadows of the entrance. Krystal cocked her head around to see Fox holding a knife above his head, rushing towards the table. She could only scream, seeing the look in Fox's eyes, the murderous determination.

"This is something I should have done a long time ago!" he growled under his clenching teeth in a rabid rage.

With those words, Krystal froze, unable to move in petrified fear as she saw the blade rise higher into the air, arching like a serpent's head before he strikes. But before the knife came down, he shoved her off ROB, knocking her to the floor with crash.

The enraged fiery orange vulpine grabbed ROB's mechanical love shaft and with a quick swipe of his knife, he severed the extension in an explosion of sparks.

"NOO!!!" screamed Krystal in pain as she saw Fox hold the sparking metal penis in his hand.

ROB slumped over, collapsing onto his back as he laid limp on the table. He turned his head to look over at the sobbing blue fox and extended his hand towards her.

"Krystal… my love…"

"NO Shut up!" shouted Fox. "You"re a goddamned robot, how can you love her?! Am I the only who sees this as being completely ridiculous?!"

Ignoring Fox, Krystal tilted her head up and reached toward the robot's hand, "ROB I've always…"

"Oh my GOD is nobody listening to me!?" Fox threw ROB's severed metallic manhood against the floor with a crash of sparks, drawing attention to him. "Krystal don't you see!? I love you! I want to ram you like ROB! I want to feel your insides too damnit! I might not have a nine inch metal dick but I at least have emotions right?!"

Krystal pulled her hand away from ROB, and looked down in a moment of thought. She slowly got up, grabbing her top and covering it over herself out of modesty for once.

"Fox… I didn't know… I always thought you were just into hugging and… holding hands, I wanted someone who could make me feel good, someone who could ride me like a stallion, someone who could go way down south on me and not be afraid to take an order to go, I never knew you felt that way."

Fox took a deep breath to calm himself as he was now panting, finally after a moment of calming exhales he looked up at Krystal in a more tranquil manner.

"Krystal… I've always felt that way. I've always wanted to do all those things, especially take an order to go from your pit stop, but I just thought you'd be the kind of person who would want to make this special…" He looked down as his eyes began to water.

"Oh Fox!" Krystal ran up to the sniffing orange ball of fur and threw her arms around him, holding him tight. "I"m so sorry Fox, I'm so sorry."

Pulling away from the embrace she reached around Fox's head and pulled him in for a kiss. Their muzzles connected with a surge of emotions and happiness, it felt different for Krystal… not to feel metal against her lips, but it was satisfying. The kiss was soft and comforting, gentle yet loving… it all felt good.

Easing her self back Krystal looked into Fox's eyes as he was now holding her around the waist, clenching her tightly.

"I love you too Fox," she whispered with a smile.



"Ok a little to the left… a little more, perfect… ok everyone smile!" The camera man, who was a burly panda in a tuxedo, pressed the shutter button, emitting a bright flash for an instant second. Fox and Krystal laughed as they sat down at their table relaxing into the festivities around them.

"Well Fox, looks like the reception is a success wouldn't you agree?" Krystal said as she cracked a wry smile.

Fox adjusted his bow tie a bit with a grin, ducking as a party balloon whizzed past his head, "Oh absolutely!"

As they leaned in to kiss each other Falco and Slippy approached the table, laughing giddily, trying to hold back their immaturity with gags and choking noises.

"Whoo, Mr. and Mrs. McCloud getting a head start are we?"

Laughing in their kiss the two foxes pulled away. Fox leaned over to look at the chuckling blue avian who was now stuffing a large piece of the wedding cake into his beak.

"Well, look at it this way, I got the girl and all you got was a mouth full of cake."

Everyone around them laughed as Falco squinted his eyes in a jokingly sarcastic manner, unable to speak with the mounds of cake packed into his beak. After gulping down every last crumb, Falco folded his arms under one another with a smile.

"Not true! I have a very special guest arriving any second now."

"Is the vixen gonna throw the bouquet or what?"

Falco, Fox and Krystal turned around to see Katt standing behind them holding a pilot's helmet under her arm pressing against her leather pink jacket.

"Oh I hope I"m not underdressed," she joked smugly.

Falco's eyes widened considerably as he wiped the remaining crumbs from his beak, "Katt! You made it!"

"Absolutely, I wouldn't miss this for the world," said Katt with a smirk as she eyed Falco up and down. "C'mon feather brain, what do you say we get lost?"

As Katt and Falco walked away, Krystal turned towards Fox with a mischievous grin, "What do you say we do the same cowboy?"

With a scoffing chuckle, Fox took her in his arms feeling the lace fabric of her dress with his fingers, "Anything you want Krystal, as long as you keep loving me."

"As long as there is a cock in your pants, I'll always love you Fox."

He cringed a bit, but smiled under the tension. She was brute, but he still held affection for her as she did the same.

"We"ll leave in just one second, I have to use the restroom, stay right here," said Fox as he jogged towards the men's room.

Krystal stood idly by the door, brushing her gown as she watched the other people dance in the wide open pavilion.

"Krystal McCloud." The sudden voice from behind her caused her to jump. With a quick turn, her eyes laid upon someone she thought she'd never see again.


"Yes my love…"

In that moment it was as though her emotions sped away from her. All judgment and control disappeared in a flash as she melted into the sexy smooth monotonic voice. Something sparked inside of her in a flurry of lust and shock as he opened up his hatch showing a newly fashioned phallic love pump.

"I made it myself."

"Oh God ROB…take me," she groaned, pulling at her cleavage.

Without word he grabbed her, picking her up and holding her in his arms. After looking down onto her with his emotionless face, he carried her out the wide double doors of the dance hall.

People scoffed as they saw the tall metal robot clutch the bride away from the reception, but within a quick moment they were gone, disappearing from behind the doors as they closed.

"Alright Krystal I"m ready… to… …go…?"

Confused, Fox looked around the dance floor and long tables. She was gone. A stoutly amphibian girl, probably a cousin of Slippy, approached him and whispered into his ear, detailing him of what everyone saw moments before. Before she could finish, Fox crumpled the flowers he held in his hands. They were daisies…her favorite. The petals fell to the floor mixing with the party confetti and unhappily deflated balloons.

As Krystal sped away with ROB into the stars she knew in her heart that there was only one person in the universe she could be happy with, only one manhood out there for her cavernous confines, and it was metal… it was all metal.

The End.