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>>artificial love ii: forbidden intentions::

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The beautiful pristine fox took her steps lightly as she parted the grass between the toes on her fluffy blue paws. The sun had already set hours before and the only sounds to be heard were the crickets playing their untimely songs and the water of the nearby stream trickling effervescently through the luscious terrain.

As she continued to walk aimlessly through the meadow, she could hear the whistle of a soft song, a simple tune in the least, but yet catching her ear quite distinctly as though it were an ethereal hand pulling her towards the drifting melody. She entered a small hole in the stone wall nearby, climbing down a ladder into a dark torch lit tunnel.

Curiously she continued to take her steps with restraint as the tune grew clearer, echoing through the damp cavernous passage almost heavenly. As she turned the corner she saw a silk curtain dancing in the soft wind of the tunnel's air. With anticipation she spread the draped fabric apart revealing a wide open room, a shop of some sort with random items strewn about the floor and on daintily made shelves.

"Ah, a customer at this hour?" came the slithering voice, sending a shiver or two up Krystal's spine. She turned her head until her eyes met an exotic floating dinosaur, hanging in the air as though being held by some awesome magic.

"Shabunga is my name, and this is my shop you see."

Without taking her eyes off the feminine sounding male creature, Krystal stepped closer to him, "That was a lovely tune you were whistling, it drew me towards you with such unnerving power."

"Well young lady, this is a shop not an album store, if you are not going to buy anything you may leave."

&qout;Oh but I can't Shabunga, your eyes are like daggers, penetrating deep into me, pulling me closer to you with each glare, with each look, with each gazing glance."


Krystal removed the top part of her two piece tribal outfit, tossing it onto a shelf with other random items.

"There, perhaps you could get a couple of scarabs for that hot stuff."

The smug floating dinosaur did not even glance at Krystal's breasts once as she took rapturous lustful steps towards him, he pressed his lips together in a typical annoyed expression, as though the blue vixen's advances were futile towards him.

"You are wasting your time young lady."

Krystal ignored the haughty lizard, instead, wrapping her arms around his body feeling his cold clammy scales under his garments.

"Oh come on, what's the matter… you don't like girls?"

The humored dinosaur cocked his head up in amusement at the fox's remarks. He looked around the ceiling as Krystal continued to playfully tease him with her paws.

"As a matter of fact…"

An entertained smile danced on Krystal's face as she looked up at him, "Oh how interesting, unfortunately I still get what I want."

At those words, Krystal leaped on top of the stunned reptile, knocking him to the floor. Shabunga tried to scream for help, but his cries were muffled as Krystal silenced them by quickly stuffing her loin cloth in his mouth.

"This will be fun, just pretend I'm a guy!"

Shabunga continued to writhe and jerk under Krystal trying to push her away, eventually giving up as the cerulean fox began to forcefully make love to him.

It was moments later when the unconsensual lovers finally relaxed, sprawling onto the hard dirt floor, panting in post-climactic fever, Krystal rolled over and placed her lips against the dazed dinosaur's ear.

"Can you really go back to the sausage after having my furry tuna salad?"

Shabunga clenched his face in disgust at Krystal, turning his head away from her trying to forget the rape that just took place.

"Oh well, it was fun, thanks for the quickie!"

And with that Krystal picked up her clothes and stepped out of the cave, leaving her victim sprawled on the floor. The naked fox let out a chuckle as her tail pointed straight up revealing her anus to him in a mocking fashion.

After climbing out of the tunnel and stepping onto the moonlit landscape, she dressed. It was after a few moments when she heard a series of loud beeps coming from her thong panties.

"Oh that must be the PDA Fox gave me!"

As she dug around her underwear she pulled out the small communicator device and opened it with a quick flip of the wrist.

"Krystal? It's me Fox if your there please respond."

The giddy blue vulpine lit up as she saw his face appear on the screen, her tail sweeping from side to side in excitement. "Fox? Is that you? I'm here, what…what is it?"

"Listen, I haven't told anyone else about what happened between you and ROB, and I just… I'm sorry I was so hard on you. I was just upset. It would make me real happy if you came back to the Great Fox."

Krystal jumped up and down ecstatically as she grinned with happiness.

"Oh Fox, thank you so much! I can't wait to see you again!"

"Hah, yea me too…I'll pick you up in Thorntail Hollow tomorrow morning, see you then."

The message window closed with a click as Krystal sat down under a tree to rest. As she pondered what would happen tomorrow, her thoughts returned to the metallic companion that she had shared her love with that one fateful night.

The next day marked her arrival.

"Hey Krystal welcome back! It's great to see you again!" exclaimed Peppy as he turned around in his seat.

"It's nice to see you too," was the reply from the coy blue fox.

"Why did you leave in the first place anyway?"

Krystal shot a hot glance towards Fox as he returned the gesture.

"Oh she had… uh… business to attend to…with…uh…"

"Shabunga!" shouted Krystal almost in reflex.


"Yes… we're… old friends… he needed me to…take charge of his…shop. Yes. You've met him before so you know how he is."

"Right…" muttered Fox in contemplation as he looked down at the floor.

Krystal looked around the bridge to find ROB missing, she could feel her body ache, burning in anticipation as the thought of him playfully danced through her head, but she dared not to ask of his location for it would only anger Fox.

Later that night, Krystal looked around Fox's quarters in false interest, she had tried to stay focused on him all evening but her thoughts kept betraying her as they strayed away into the realms of forbidden love with the robot…

"How do you like my room?"

"Huh? …Oh… it's nice."

Fox looked at Krystal in puzzlement before dimming the lights a bit, giving the room a soft aura of appeal to his cerulean companion. Without hesitation Krystal forced herself onto Fox's bed. She tried to get herself into the mood by running her fingers around Fox's ears playfully, but her hormones still lied with another man… er… machine.

Fox leaned into what Krystal thought would be a kiss, but instead he turned his head aside and only hugged her. Krystal looked at the wall in stunned shock as he buried his face in her furry blue shoulder.

"Let's savor this moment," muttered Fox while rubbing his face into her fur.

"Just fuck me damn it, if you don't put something in my hole it'll grow over!" screamed Krystal in her thoughts, but instead she returned the benign affection that Fox was giving her by running her hands down his back gently.

Finally, eons later, Fox pulled away from the hug and leaned into Krystal aiming for a kiss. As the blue vixen closed her eyes taking Fox's lips to hers, she tried to think about his soft furry muzzle, but she could not pull her mind from the thought of ROB's hard metallic face, the smooth feeling it gave to her tongue when she had licked it rapturously before. The feeling of his firm hands running through her buttocks the desperate gasps of lust that were forced from her by his metal man shaft, the feelings evoked by…

"Krystal are you alright?"

"I'm sorry Fox, I just… I can't do this."

"It's ok… I understand, you don't want to rush this either. I know exactly how you feel, I'm the same way."

"Right… whatever, goodnight Fox."

"Goodnight Krystal."

And with that the lights were turned off as the two vulpines dozed to sleep on opposite sides of the bed.

An indescribable amount of time later, Krystal jolted awake to find Fox still asleep at her side. She looked at him frustratingly as she thought of how restrained he was when it came to sex and love.

"I should be having wild dirty fox sex right now," thought Krystal to herself twiddling her fingers in boredom.

"Or better yet, I could be getting pounded by a titanium love rod."

She did not bother to look at the time on the clock as she figured it was probably already somewhere in the early morning hours. She walked towards the door aimlessly before realizing how warm she felt. She pulled off both her garments of clothing and tossed them onto the bed next to Fox before stepping out the door, feeling liberated by her utter nakedness. She liked being naked.

As she combed down the hallway she could hear what sounded like the noises of a mechanic working, drilling, hammering and screwing away at whatever it was they were building or working on. With curiosity in her eyes she peeked through a small door that was a few steps away from Fox's room.

As she slipped her head in, her eyes caught the figure of Slippy kneeling before ROB, hammering away at something between his legs.

"There you go ROB, now you're nine inches instead of eight!"

Oh, nine inches! Krystal's heart leaped into her throat as butterflies filled her stomach. She could no longer wait any longer, she had to have robotic sex immediately.

Without thinking any further, she grabbed a pipe off the floor, gripping it tightly in her hands as Slippy turned his head around.

"Krystal what are you doing up!? …And why are you naked?!"

Instead of answering the amphibian, the sex crazed vixen whacked the metal pipe over his head swiftly, knocking him out cold.

"Krystal …you have returned," uttered ROB in a dull tone.

"Oh God yes ROB, take me in your arms."

The robot complied, wrapping himself around her in a lover's embrace which brought the blue fox deja-vus of the times they shared before on the bridge.

"Thrust me with your love pump ROB, give me all nine inches baby and don't hold back!"

The two began to gyrate on the floor, this time ROB being on top as Krystal howled in pleasure under the quick thrusting robot. His pulsing movements were perfect as they brought even more bouts of perfunctory pleasure to the pinned fox, tactically bringing his face to Krystal's muzzle as she licked around his visage furiously in a fit of lustful intention.

No words could describe the waves of pleasure that washed over Krystal as she exploded in a fervent orgasm, ROB continued to pound her with his nine inch metal rod ignoring the fox's screams.

Immediately they both collapsed to the floor in moans of lust and pleasure, Krystal landing on top of ROB, slumping over him in an exhausted stupor while she panted hot breath heavily onto him, gasping for air in the warm dark room.

"ROB… do you ever feel emotions… like love… or empathy?"


"Do you ever dream about anything?"


"Do you love me?"

"I can screw you 24 hours a day."

"Oh ROB I love you too!" cried Krystal as she threw her arms around ROB kissing the side of his cold lifeless face repeatedly.

Brushing her fur a bit, Krystal clamored off ROB and stood up. She could see that Slippy was becoming conscious as he moaned on the floor rubbing his red baseball cap with his webbed hands.

"Allow me," spoke ROB as he lifted his arm back in the air. With one quick movement he dropped his fist against Slippy's head, knocking him out.

"Great job ROB!"

Before Krystal could continue her complements there were a series of loud bangs at the door as Falco yelled through the wall, "Hey what's going on in there, why is this door locked?!"

In a panic Krystal swerved around against ROB, bringing him close to her face, "Listen… I have to ask you something… how would you feel about spending the rest of your life with me?"

"I do not know."

"We could travel the stars together, just you and me, lovers hand in hand."

With those words, ROB picked up Krystal and carried her out the door opposite to the one that was being knocked on by the temperamental blue avian who was now shouting through the door.

"Oh ROB, I love it when you hold me," sighed Krystal, gazing into the Robot's visor dreamily.

As the two entered the docking bay with determined speed, ROB opened one of the Arwing's canopies and climbed inside of it as Krystal hopped onto his lap with a playful grunt.

The quick working robot rapidly pressed a multitude of buttons on the control panel while Krystal rubbed her back against his hard firm upper body, enjoying the sensation of the cold metal plating against her feverishly hot body.

The canopy to their small space faring vessel of forbidden love closed with a hum as Fox, Falco and Peppy rushed into the docking bay shouting and screaming, frantically waving their arms in the air.

"Krystal! What are you doing?! Come back!"

"She's not wearing any clothes!"

"Is that… ROB?!"

As the Arwing shot out into space with a loud roar, Krystal adjusted herself a bit in the cramped cockpit till she was straddling ROB while facing him. A lustful look of apprehension filled her glowing eyes as the starlight bounced off the two with sparkling pearls of twilight.

"I've always wanted to make love in one of these," gasped Krystal as she ran her hands along ROB's hard body.

"What's stopping you now?"

The ravished vixen let out a cackling laugh while mounting the robot. He playfully fondled with her tail. They embraced that night, drifting through the yawning chasm of space as they would for many nights to come after that, the two lovers traveling in a sexual escapade through the heavens above without a care in the world.


— Epilogue —

Fox placed the half empty glass of whiskey on top of his dresser while he rubbed his palm into his forehead, trying to smother the splitting headache piercing through him. "What did I do wrong? …I tried being the good guy… I… I gave her a second chance… I took it slow… they always say to take it slow right…?"

Falco cracked a wry smile and sat down on the bed next to Fox, "Aw c'mon man, think of it this way, you can't really cheat on someone with a robot."

Fox looked unconvincingly at Falco while wiping a tear from his eye, "Well what exactly do you think ROB was to Krystal?"

"A nine inch dildo."

"Please get out of my room."

As the door closed, Fox sprawled across the bed, the sheets feeling cold and empty without any companion to comfort him. Dazing at the ceiling for a moment he thought about the past few days, and the question of 'what did I do wrong' still blanketed his mind as it would for quite a while. The sun filled his room with its golden light, bathing everything in a comforting warm sheet of luminosity as Fox closed his eyes to sleep.