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The beautiful vixen's eyes gracefully touched upon the silver surface of the walls inside Fox McCloud's extraordinary ship 'The Great Fox'. She ran her soft furry hands around the edges of the seats on the command deck enjoying the feel of the leather. The entranced fox gazed at the stars outside the window, she had seen them from above the clouds before, but standing there with Fox's paw in hers made the view more intoxicatingly beautiful.

"Oh Fox… it's wonderful…" said Krystal, her words trailing off as though the stars were pulling them from her mouth as she spoke.

"I'm glad you enjoy the view…" whispered Fox as he smiled at Krystal with a playful smirk.

Krystal looked down at Fox's paw then up at his eyes, "I want to be with you in the stars Fox."

"You can always be with me Krystal."

Just then Slippy entered the bridge as the lift doors opened. He stepped out briskly with a pleased smile on his little green face.

"Hey Fox, I upgraded ROB's emotion chip! I think you're going to like some of the additions I've made!" spoke Slippy not taking notice of the embrace Krystal and Fox were in.

Fox's face tensed up into an annoyed expression as he glanced at the short-sighted amphibian, "Uh… thanks for telling me Slip."

Krystal giggled for a moment, "So Fox are you going to introduce me to your fri…"

Before she could finish her words her eyes met a strong sturdy figure entering the bridge, the metallic opulence of his body made her heart flutter as she stood entranced by the utter truthful beauty he possessed. Her eyes betrayed her as she looked down the figure's structure taking notice of the rigid mechanical curves and features that accentuated his attractive bulky figure.

"Fox, this is ROB at your service."

Oh the voice, it made Krystal's ears twitch in bliss, the wonderful monotonic scale of it tantalized her mind as she closed her eyes and listened to its sexually stimulating flat tone.

"Thanks ROB… uh Krystal? Are you ok?"

"Hmm?" Krystal broke away from her fixation as though she had been pulled back down to the earth from the heavens.

"Oh! Yes… I… I'm fine."

"I'll show you your quarters as it's getting late, follow me."

Krystal and Fox stepped out the room as Slippy watched Krystal, his eyes showing a peculiar confused expression.

It was late at night, Fox and everyone else on board were asleep, the only sounds that could be heard were the low humming of the engines and the soft vibrations of the ship as it continued its journey through the stars.

Krystal twisted and turned in her sleep, dreaming of the exuberance and sensations that the mechanical entity gave her the day before. She fantasized about him, continuously repeating the same erotic playful imagery over and over through her head. A wistful metallic hand groping her, limbs intertwining wondrously, monotonic screams of pleasure, fur and metal, fluids and fiber optics, "Oh ROB…"

Krystal jerked awake with a sudden jolt throwing the covers off of her. "Oh my…"

She rubbed her face glancing at the glowing clock which told her it was well past 2a.m.

Without much hesitation Krystal got off the bed placing her feet on the cold metallic floor. The graceful vulpine wrapped a blanket around her as she was only wearing her delicately placed thong.

"Mmm, this God damn thing rides up me all the time," muttered Krystal as she explored her underwear with a curious paw, adjusting her tail a bit so that the exotic undergarment did not rise up into the crevices that dare not speak their name. Eventually she gave up, and tossed off the thong panties with a strident gesture and an appeased smirk.

"I wonder if anyone is awake at this hour" whispered the cerulean beauty as she tiptoed out the doorway, holding her blanket just high enough to cover her womanly figures.

"I can't believe Fox didn't ask me to sleep in his room with him, what the hell is that about," spoke Krystal groggily as she navigated the dark corridor.

"Maybe he prefers sleeping with that blue feathered avian." Krystal bit her lip tightly, holding back a giggle.

Another door opened to the bridge, all the lights were turned off except for the glow of the stars that bathed the room which was devoid of any person.

Krystal curiously stepped further in, carefully making sure not to trip on her tightly clenched blanket until she was startled by a figure that rose from behind one of the consoles.

"Krystal," spoke the loud monotone voice. He couldn't really whisper.

"…ROB," gasped the stunned female in reply.

"Do organic creatures not sleep?"

Krystal stepped forward towards the silhouette outlined against the starry background.

"ROB, I couldn't stop thinking about you."

The mechanical figure's eye visor lowered down meeting her eyes, "I do not understand."

Krystal let go of her blanket allowing it to smoothly slide down her furry nude body exposing herself to the starlight and the robot's glinting eye.

"Oh my," said ROB flatly, his voice carrying an air of confusion mixed with serpentine curiosity.

"Touch me ROB, I need you to make me feel good," moaned Krystal as she threw herself against him running her hands lustfully over his hard metal body. "Please tell me you're functional in all of this…" Krystal's fingers continued to explore the robot's smooth body occasionally stopping to tweak his bolts as though they were nipples to be toyed with fancifully.

"Sex? I do not have sex. I am a machine. Sex is for when you want to reproduce."

"Oh it can be so much more ROB just let it all go," said Krystal gasping as she ravished ROB's body, rubbing her chest against his face and squealing in an exasperated moan.

"I do not believe this is appropriate behavior."

"Just shut up and touch me ROB," growled Krystal as she began to straddle him, pinning him to the floor. He laid on his back not resisting the forceful blue fox's advances.

ROB stayed silent for a moment as the fox clawed at him rabidly, his thoughts processed through his mind, calculating what was occurring at the very moment. Without much further hesitation he lifted his hand slowly and placed it on her back and began to caress her soft fur.

"Oh yes ROB, that's it, just like that," Krystal closed her eyes as she began to shift her body back and forth, mimicking a lover's bond with sliding movements.

"This might make it nicer," spoke ROB softly, but still monotonously as he could not control the pitch and tone of his voice. He clicked his head to the side a bit and soon a small door opened in his nether-regions before a phallic device extended outward with a soft hum.

Krystal could not contain the joy in her face as she stared wide eyed at the metallic manhood which caught the dim starlight well on all eight of its glorious inches, "Oh yes ROB! Just what I had hoped for!"

Krystal mounted herself carefully taking all that ROB had to offer as he cupped her buttocks sensually with both his hands clenching the fur, feeling the bristle softness of it all.

"Oh ROB you feel so cold!"

They continued their embrace, fingers explored, fur rustled, bolts creaked, eyes rummaging through each other deliciously in divulged pleasure. The stars rested their soft pale light on the two feverish figures as they rocked and jolted on the floor, grunts and moans mixing with beeps and boops. They grappled each other strenuously with forceful unreserved intentions in a rush of furry robotic sex.

Just as Krystal came to climax she could not contain her screams of pleasure as ROB wrapped his long metal arms around her body, holding her tightly still ramming her with titanium power.

As she gasped for breath desperately, the lights clicked on and a figure stood in the doorway holding a drink.

"What the hell is going on in here?!"

The glowing eyes met the two bodies on the floor as the glass that was being held shattered against metal with a deafening crash.

"Oh my God Fox, this isn't what it looks like!"

However Krystal's words betrayed her as she spoke, for her and ROB were still entangled in a lustful embrace.

"I… I can't believe this," whispered Fox almost silent, not taking his eyes off of Krystal who was straddling ROB like a mechanical bull…literally. His piercing tear filled orbs of green penetrated into her shame. She clamored up grabbing the blanket to cover her body, her embarrassment, and her defeated emotions.

Fox clenched his eyes shut, a single tear trickled down the side of his sleep ruffled orange face. "…I thought we could have been something Krystal."

"Really? …you sure didn't show it too well, you didn't even invite me to sleep in your room."

"I just met you! I'm not going to have sex with you until I at least get to know you!"

"What the hell?! The last thing I'd think you were Fox is a goody two-shoes. What's wrong with pluggin' a lil' vixen with your love pump every once in a while without knowing her life story?"

Fox covered his face hiding his eyes from Krystal. "Get off my ship, I'm too disgusted with you."

Silence filled the room as the only sound that could be heard was the hum of ROB's phallic instrument retracting back into its cavernous door between his legs.

"I am going to go run a routine diagnostic on the engines now," spoke ROB, his voice spreading around the room as though nothing were wrong with this moment in time.

Krystal lowered her head as ROB stepped off the bridge slowly. His well maintained metal body not making one squeak as it exited the room.

Fox clenched his fists and lowered his eyes, "Didn't I just tell you to get lost," he growled.

"Please Fox, I still like you! We can get to know each other better, we can pretend this never happened, I jus…"

"You screwed my robot."

"I'll get my things."



Krystal laid herself down under a quiet tree in Thorntail Hollow, admiring the beauty that emanated from the sparkling clear stream cutting through the meadow. The wind rustled the gentle foliage.

She stroked her staff erotically as she thought about the night she spent with her fleeting electric lover. Letting out a soft sigh, she closed her eyes and dozed off, dreaming about metal plating, copper wires, and robotic sex.