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>>moon over marin — chapter ten::

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Arius Ex

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Maybe it was the alcohol.

Then again, maybe not.

There wasn't much that made any sense to me anymore.

I figured my best bet was to just set all of the unanswered questions aside.

At least for now.

I didn't want any distractions.

I didn't need anything to make me lose focus anymore.

The room upstairs was dark. Really dark. I stumbled up the stairs and busted up my shins but the pain only made me laugh. I've never laughed to hard in my life. Falco just smirked and rolled his eyes, grabbed my hand and hoisted me up onto my feet. The single exposed light bulb in the hallway behind him silhouetted his face but you could still see the cobalt in his eyes. Walls were warping and spinning and each of my feet wanted to walk in their own direction. I fell forward onto his chest and he caught me, stumbling backwards against my loose weight and as he grunted a complaint — something about a fucking rag doll — I leaned forward and kissed him.

It was a drunken kiss; an honest one. His lips tasted sweet like wine.

I'm sure my mouth tasted like motor oil.

Whatever that tastes like.

The music was dull and muted like it was when we were standing outside. Only now I was warmer, calmer.

See: inebriated.

The band had struck up an infectious tune; a combination of instruments that seemed as if they would only make useless noise. But the rhythm just took you over and after a while there was nothing in the world that mattered but the music and the company.

He sat me down on an old mattress in the middle of a small room. He told me not to move because he forgot to watch how much I was drinking. He sat down next to me and kicked off his boots, our bare feet placed on the cold wooden floors and he told me to look straight at his eyes.

"Just look directly into my eyes for a minute."

Calm and concerned. For a good half minute we just stared. It was some kind of inebriation test he had learned from Feliks. The dilation of the pupils and the general wandering of the eyes were sure signs of intoxication. At least for the kind of drinks they served here. His deep blue eyes shifted focus to my left, my right, back to my left, center, my right, left, center, left, right. The more he switched the harder it got to follow him. He noticed my growing frustration and sighed.

"Am I moving too fast?"

I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes, pressing my dumb lips against his. I felt him breathe in sharply, tensing up for a moment before his body relaxed and he returned the favor.

Not moving fast enough.

He lowered me back onto the mattress, using his weight to push his kiss deeper into mine. The surge of adrenaline sent me into a spin. I slid my tongue against his, across, around, tasting the dull remnants of rich alcohol on his breath. He let out a subtle murmur that echoed back from within me, reaching down and undoing the large zipper that went down the front of my coveralls, one wing gliding against my flushed cheek while the other slid in through the exposed portion of my clothing and wrapped itself around my bare waist.

Twisting my body, I slid both my arms out from the sleeves, my upper body exposed: cuts, gashes, bruises, abrasions, welts, scars. He gently ran his hand across them all with a mix of pleasure and sharp spikes of pain. My hand moved down his well-toned back, gripping the bottom of his blue undershirt. Falco broke the kiss, catching his breath through short, strong breaths as he quickly leaned up onto his knees, both legs straddling my waist and rolled his shirt up over his head. I sat myself up underneath him, my face parallel with the top of his stomach, his bold musk rushing through my lungs, and I groped at his polished metal belt buckle, my hands still sloppy and awkward and again Falco grinned at my frustration.

He grabbed my shoulders and set me back down, softly kissing me on the lips and moving over my cheeks, my face and neck. One hand supported his upper body while the other unhinged the belt buckle on his jeans and removed the top button. I could feel the heat rising up from within me, my blood growing warmer under the heat of Falco's body. Loosening the waist straps on my coveralls I quickly slipped them off my legs, kicking them aside. Falco had the top of his head resting against my upper shoulder, silently admiring my sleek yet destroyed body. He tugged at the waist of his jeans and slid them down across his thighs.

I had said it. I couldn't count how many times. To her. To myself. But it didn't strike me until now that no one else had ever returned the statement.

"You're beautiful."

His heat pressed up next to mine. I shivered and sucked in a sharp breath which was cut off by the avian's tongue. He pressed himself hard into my mouth, struggling to taste as much of me as he could. As if he had been starving for it for months. My lungs fought against the weight of Falco's chest to fill with air, the room now filled with the smell of sweat and musk. I wrapped my arms around his back, one of his wings sneaking down to playfully grope my ass. My hips bucked up against his stomach, the both of us tense and drunk on the atmosphere.

He grabbed my ass and lifted my lower body up, positioning his knees underneath me. My tail curved around his waist and under the base of his tail, grazing against his backside. I felt his thick erection probe up against me, slick off of himself, and he paused, chest heaving, feathers covered in a mist of finely beaded sweat, his eyes reflecting my own back towards me.

I bit my lower lip and nodded.

Our eyes locked. He leaned his upper body forward, craning his neck down and slowly I felt myself begin to open against his heat. My teeth sank harder into my flesh, my hands gripping at bits of mattress as he sank deeper inside of me, letting out an unsteady breath. I feel him slowly pull himself back out, thrusting harder against my ass. My body ripples against his, a short moan escaping my lips. With every buck of his hips his stomach rubs against my erection and sends an electric shock down my spine. One hand is on the back of his neck, the other gripping the edge of the mattress to keep me from being forced off onto the hardwood floor. His pace is slowly escalating and I hear short whimpers from him every time his crotch slaps against my ass.

My forehead leans against the side of his face and I'm mesmerized as I watch his body force itself between my legs, the base of his cock briefly visible every time he pulls out, greased with his own fluid. His dark blue waist pivots into the base of my tail, pushing my body backward. I wrap my thin legs around his back and use them to press my ass into him, letting him slip deeper. I let out an uneasy moan as I feel his cock swell thicker inside my bowels. His stomach is stained with me and I hear his voice slowly begin to rise in volume.

"Ah… Leon…"

He's given up on holding back. His crotch drives itself against me with short, panicked thrusts, his heat exploring as deep into me as my body will allow it. I begin to feel a dull ecstasy flowering, and as I grip at his neck and back, pressing his face into my scarred chest, I utter words that I never thought I'd hear myself say.

"Agh… take me."

Time slows.

Our bodies freeze.

The room seems to dissolve around us.

He's cupped me against his chest, his eyes clenched shut, his breaths briefed and disorganized. I arch my back and my arms clench around his neck. His erection pulses inside of me and I feel a rush of hot liquid pour into my body. My seed spills into the narrow space between us, flushing over my stomach and soaking into his soft feathers. The air is thick with our salty musk, his body moist with sweat, and as the endorphins rush into our bloodstream he collapses on top of me as if he's just been shot. The both of us struggle to catch our breaths. I tug his body close to mine, running my fingertips over the contours the muscles make on his back as he nuzzles into the nook of my neck.

"So," Falco says, running a wing under my shoulders and hugging me closer. "How does it feel to be free again?"

I close my eyes and feel myself begin to drift asleep.

"I don't know."