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Passion Wovstah

Disclaimer: Wolf and Leon © Nintendo, all other characters © Passion Wovstah

Dedication: This short fiction is dedicated to my yaoi inspirational furry, Wulf! (Mother Goddess bless ye!)



A young adult chameleon lay upon a small cotton-sheeted bed and gazed up to the ceiling. The late-summer evening was quiet as he turned his head to gaze out the window at the brilliant moon and stars. His yellow eyes that usually gleamed and were filled with light now were dull and empty. Leon's current emotion was an utmost deep depression. He was usually the romantic type with hopes and wishes filling every waking moment of his day to day romp of life, but now, as he flicked a dead scale from the tip of his nose, Leon was letting his breath take him into utter misery. His throat was dry from being so upset, he wanted some cold ice-water, but just couldn't find energy to get up. Crickets chirped calmly outside as Leon ran a finger along the smooth green scales of his arm. Green was the color of jealousy, and Leon could easily fit into that emotion as his present mindset.

"You went away, so far from me. You don't love me, you never did, and there is no hope for us now. Why did you use me, Wolf?"

Leon was speaking to himself; he felt betrayed by the one he had a crush on — Wolf. Mr. O’Donnell was twenty-three years of age, one less than Leon, and all around saucy with his attitude. Wolf had a smirk that any crook would envy, the shiniest grey fur any lupine would want, and the most brilliant eye that was a mix of sapphire and amethyst. Even with his right eye missing, Wolf was able to put charm on any maiden or gentleman he chose to, and Leon was fuming that the one Wolf chose to grin to and charm was a slut-of-all-sluts vixen by the name of Brandy.

Leon gritted his teeth as he thought about the smile and fresh attitude Wolf displayed in front of the bitch, and the reason for such behavior was unknown to Leon. He just knew he was letting it piss him off and send him down a spiral staircase into sorry-ass land. The lizard kicked off his boots and sent them flying with such force that he shattered a mirror across the room, and when it shattered, the noise was loud enough to bring Leon to his senses. At least he could concentrate one something else now. The day had ended, and he was trying to relax, but the scene of Wolf and Brandy kept replaying in his mind. It was an awful torture.

Leon sat up upon the white covers of his bed then slowly stood up on his feet. At that moment Leon felt like shit, and by the way Wolf had treated him earlier that day must have meant Leon WAS shit. "If Wolf really cared", Leon reasoned to himself, "then he wouldn't have pranced off with that daughter-of-ill-repute, Brandy." The soft blue walls of his room were turning to grey — Leon was dizzy and seeing spots. He really wanted that glass of water he had been craving for quite a while even more now, and a nice meal wouldn't hurt either — he hadn't eaten since the morning. Despite being upset and down to earth filled with sadness, the lizard managed to make it into the kitchen, and the one who happened to be sitting there at a small round table already was none other than Wolf.

Why he was there and eating a peanut butter, jelly, banana, and pickle sandwich "seasoned" with a smudge of ketchup in the dark will probably remain a mystery for the rest of eternity because Leon didn't bother to ask. Instead, Leon flipped the light switch to shine some light into an interrogation of the day's events. He leaned over the table and glared into Wolf's eyes and started to ask question after question.

"Why did you go after that slut? Did you even wonder about the STDs she might be carrying?! Why did you want to date her? Why did you pick her up like that!? What was the reason for ignoring me like you are now?!" Leon was furious and huffing loudly.

Wolf looked up to his friend after taking a finishing bite of his sandwich, "Under that sweet smile and cute act, she was a bitch who cussed and ridiculed too much. She brought up the topic of bisexuals and gays because we passed a young male couple in the park and said in the crudest manner all of them should die and suffer in Hell. No doubt to that she ended up hurting me… I left her after lunch and sulked for most of the afternoon. I've kind of been at the bar and failed at my attempt to get drunk. You see, I forgot my I.D. and only could guzzle on root beer. I came home about two minutes ago, heard you mumbling to yourself, figured you were upset, and just passed by without saying a thing. Guess I was right." Wolf looked up to Leon and said nothing else.

Leon's expression softened. He felt guilty, happy, sad, envious, and overwhelmingly joyful all at the same time, and all he could do was shed tears, whimper, and suddenly hug Wolf. Giving a grunt, Wolf wrapped his silky, silver arms strongly around the lizard and patted him upon the back. It was thing to share the small apartment, but to share emotions is something that rarely comes out between two males. Leon and Wolf were an exception. Wolf nuzzled against Leon's cheek and sniffled as a tear strolled down his cheek, and as Leon started to calm down, Wolf spoke up again.

"I'm sorry…"

Leon didn't understand this, "Sorry about what?"

"I knew along, ever since we were teenagers, that you liked me… loved me… on a higher status than just a close friend. I'm sorry for hiding it from you; you always seemed to show it, and I never did."

Leon fell softly to his knees and looked up with his amber eyes that were looking so hopeful now. His gaze met to Wolf's gaze and it locked, but Leon was unsure of his thoughts and only could get out a bit of a stuttering mumble. He was reassured by a soft rubbing of his slim fingers by Wolf's soft paws and bright smile and three simple words.

"I love you."

Leon couldn't believe what he was hearing. He couldn't trust Wolf, could he? After such a long day of depression, he wasn't just going to listen to the one who hurt him so badly, but this was his long-time crush who just said those magical words that all hopeful romantics want to hear. Wolf slowly slid his paw down the back of Leon's head and neck, then softly rubbed his shoulder. Leon shuddered as a wave of pleasure was sent through his body, and he felt calmer as the younger male came down to sit on the floor beside him and guaranteed Leon that he was telling the truth. He was being loved by his long-time crush.

"Wolf, why? You… Why tell me now?" Leon inquired urgently.

"I felt that it was finally time to speak up. It's been too long of a life so far. We've both struggled, and we need to be honest with ourselves."

"You're tired with having your heart broken, aren't you?"

"Yes…" Wolf admitted softly.

The friends looked into each other eyes. What a sappy moment this was; they were supposed to be tough guys, and here they were just being romantic to each other. The last few hours of the day were upon them, and they had been fed up with everything that happened within it. Leon sighed, a weight being lifted off his chest, but there was one question still in his mind. Was this going to be what he hoped for? Wolf cocked his head and looked towards Leon, puzzled. The lizard's moods were swinging like Tarzan on a vine. The lupine rested his paw closer to the reptile's neck and leaned close.

Leon's eyes shifted over softly to peek at Wolf's smiling face, and having no time to think, Leon became a victim of doggy-drool. Leon snickered as Wolf's warm and wet tongue trailed from his neck and up his cheek to his reptilian ear. Wolf pushed the chair he was sitting on away, and got Leon down on his back. The lupine chuckled and ran a claw over the top of Leon's head. Giving a gaze of passion, Leon smiled up at Wolf, deciding to give a soft kiss… a short kiss… just on the cheek… Wolf had other ideas.

That simple kiss from Leon gave a spark to the small flame of lust within the being of Wolf, and he couldn't control himself. Lusting was something he had been doing for six years now, and finally he was with Leon. Wolf turned the friendly peck into a full-blown, fiery, steamy, wet, and dare to say… too French of a kiss. Leon pulled away and looked up at Wolf, shaking his head.

"That's not love, Wolf. That isn't love at all."

"What do you mean, Leon? Love is physical. Isn't this what you want?"

"No! I want LOVE! I don't want lust… Love is caring, love is an emotion. Love is not physical."

Wolf sat up on his friend's hips and looked down into his eyes. Leon was upset, but not crying. A look of confused overwhelmed them both and minutes passed for this staring contest. Leon moved a bit, signaling Wolf to get off of him. Wolf moved aside and Leon sat up, giving a sigh. The chameleon placed his hand on Wolf's outer thigh and patted it lightly. Wolf reached over and wrapped his strong arms around his friend to hold him close and plant a kiss on his forehead. Giving a breath of ease, Leon spoke up.

"Now, this is love. Don't you feel how calm it is? How calm we are? You just can't describe the emotion…"

"It is concern, Leon, but it is more than that. It's also the urge to keep you happy — I don't want to see you hurt, especially by me."

"…and why is that, Wolf?"

"…because I want you by my side forever. We're friends, but I never want to let you go, Leon."

"That's love, Wolf… That's love…"

Leon leaned more against Wolf and smiled, a small tear trickled down his cheek as Wolf held him closer and planted another kiss upon his head. Soon the small and infrequent kisses became lip contact, and the friends didn't speak. A few murmurs and playful growls escaped Wolf's throat, and Leon let out some joyful gasps and light moans, but nothing considered as normal language parted from their lips. The two sat there, by the small kitchen table, in the dark, for at least two hours- maybe more. Once it became the strike of midnight, the two got up only to lie down in bed, together.

The day had been bad been long, rough, and confusing. Overall it was an enormous emotional adventure that had built up for ages that finally came to a close. Snuggled, tightly now, the friends exchanged a few kisses and twined their legs together, and all they would look at would be each other's eyes. Leon ended up on his back again, and Wolf leaned over him, his breath hot, and his voice gentle. His movements were slow and graceful, not at all threatening. Within a few minutes, the blankets rustled and clothes hit the floor, the warmth of the summer night becoming hotter.

Leon's fingers dug deep into Wolf's fur and pressed deep against his skin, the lupine howled in ecstasy. The two found themselves in the throws of passion, all their guilt being thrown to the side for the night. The bed creaked with their movements, a night stand's clock was knocked over by Leon's moving hand, and just as it had started, the escapade of lovers' ended. Leon's hands gripped the sides of the bed, Wolf bit down into Leon's shoulder as he let out the height of his pleasure, and Leon too, soared high to his climax.

Right before the two finally found rest for the night, Leon spoke up again- with a philosophical thought:

"Wolf, all these years we have known each other, and I've been so many things that you have been too."


"Wolf… I am your friend, I am your support; I am your shoulder to cry on, your one to rely on; the one who never turns away. I am your inspiration, I'm your determination, I am your goal, I am your bother, and I am… Your lover…"

Wolf smiled and held Leon close, tears came to his eyes. Rest finally found the new couple, and the warmth of the night helped eased any pain that dwindled in their bodies. A soft rain began to fall and the air became cool, both slept soundly. The rest of their lives were yet to be determined, but at least they had crossed over a hard bridge to pass. They had found each other, they had found love.