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Disclaimer: StarFox characters, places and concepts are copyright Nintendo.

Story is © 2010 RingtailedFox and Ringshadow Cat, written by RingtailedFox.

This is based off of a role-playing session on June 23, 2010 on AIM, and is situated within the StarFox canon-based universe written by Ringshadow Cat in her "Cards" series of fanfics, on AdultFanfiction.net (if you have not read her works before, go there NOW, and read them here: http://games.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296826511, then come back and read this one. I'll gladly wait! :D ). And for those not used to this style of writing, I've decided to try writing it from Fox McCloud's point of view at the end.



Fox enters the kitchen. He opens the fridge, and grasps a can of tomato juice. He opens the can with a clawed finger-tip, and drinks some of the smooth, reddish liquid.

"I still don't know how you can stand drinkin' that stuff, Foxie." Wolf speaks as he concentrates on dicing some vegetables to make into a side-dish for that evening's meal.

"Well, it helps maintain my energy and build. I'll never be a buff male like you, so I try to remain slender, stealthy, and speedy." Fox replies, sneaking up behind Wolf, wrapping his arms around the larger male.

"You seem a bit tense, hun." Fox whispers, nibbling Wolf's left ear.

"Tense? Well, I have this place to pay off with no jobs lined up, plus you and Katt got a kid on the way… I'm not about to kick you out of my den. Just not gonna happen." Wolf replies, slowing down the chopping motion on the vegetables as his hand nears the sharp blade of the knife.

"Aww, you're so sweet." Fox smiles, kissing Wolf's cheek.

The older wolf sighs, nuzzling Fox softly. "You know, if you keep doin' that, I'll never get these veggies done."

"They're not the only things that need to be done." Fox giggles, petting Wolf's sides.

Wolf smirks. "Don't worry, Fox… we'll have some fun in a bit."

The wolf then gives Fox one of his surprise kisses. Fox instantly melts, closing his eyes and lowering his ears as his lips touch Wolf's. His tail stays still. He murrrrs lowly as his lips part, lightly touching Wolf's tongue with his own. A few precious seconds pass before the two canid lovers part from the kiss.

"That should tide you over for now." Wolf winks.

Fox blushes and nods. "You're like a drug. I always need my daily fix."

Wolf chuckles. "Vitamin Wolf: Required for a healthy diet!" He jokes, playfully flexing and kissing a bicep, much to Fox's amusement.

Fox smirks, grabbing a small bag for the left-over chopped vegetable bits. Wolf places the unusable bits into the bag, watching as Fox places the small bag on the table.

"You want it here, or should I compost it?" Fox asks.

"We'll just compost that, but there'll be more, so we'll just put everything in the one bag." Wolf replies.

A few seemingly-long minutes of silence pass, only broken by Wolf's chopping, or the sound of water rinsing off his sharp cutlery. Fox decides to break the silence.

"You said you were in debt… how badly?" Fox asks.

"You don't wanna know, Fox."

"Are we talkin' 'Great Fox' bad?"

Wolf chuckles and shakes his head. "How much did the Great Fox cost James?" Wolf inquires.

Fox thinks about it for a second.

"Well… dad was supposed to pay it off in eighty years, before he fled to the fringe, was declared dead, and gave me his inheritance… so.. carry the four… four-hundred-eighty-two-thousand credits."

Wolf simply chuckles. "Multiply that by three. That's what this place cost me. I poured my savings into this place. At least you were able to pay off your dad's debt. No such luck here…"

Fox leans against the counter.

"If you're that worried about your debt and losing this place, we could always ask Katt if she'd be fine with us getting jobs as male strippers." Fox suggests.

"You think she'd really let her two husbands do that?" Wolf raises an eyebrow.

Fox shrugs. "Sure! We'd say it's to pay down your debt. My job easily supports us and dad, but it alone isn't enough to put much of a dent in your debt."

Wolf nods slightly. "Well, give it a shot. If she says yes, we'll be in business. And if not… it's not like we'd be any worse-off than before. I dunno if I still have the old magic like I used to, though."

Fox tosses his now-empty can of tomato juice in the recycle bin, when he sees Leon entering the kitchen.

"Hey, Leon." Wolf speaks as he cleans off the table's surface.

"Good afternoon. Have a good nap?" Fox asks.

Leon nods. "It was… typical, I suppose."

Fox then stands up from leaning against the counter. "Know any high-class male strip-clubs?"

Leon is a bit confused by the sudden nature of Fox's question. "A couple, why?"

"Wolf and I were thinkin' on earning some extra money by moonlighting as a tag-team pair of male strippers." Fox replies.

Leon nods his head, looking at Wolf, and then back to Fox.

"Really?" the chameleon inquires.

Wolf fuzzles Fox's headfur and ears. "Fuck. Well, I did win an amateur contest at a strip club once upon a time but I was like your age, sweetness."

Fox blushes, wiggling his ears. "I'm sure you still got it… besides… we could have a theme… strength and speed… sherriff and outlaw… athletic stripping, or even go outright into pornography…" The vulpine wonders out loud to his husband.

Wolf blinks from Fox's ideas. "Wow. Now, that's exhibition. Never knew you were that kinky, Fox. This is a side of you I might like." Wolf chuckles.

Leon simply watches the two closely, wondering why they'd want to exhibit themselves that way. He certainly never thought his own superior officer, Wolf, would even consider the idea, let alone do it in the past. He decides to himself that the reason isn't that important. If two married males want to do what they will with their bodies… why should he care?

"I know a club if you want to go try it." He speaks, catching the attention of the two affectionate males.

"I'm somehow not surprised, Leon." Wolf chuckles, patting his shoulder.

Fox holds Wolf's paw. "You wanna give it a try, big boy?"

Wolf smirks. "It'd be by *far* the kinkiest thing we've ever done… but I'm up for it if you are. We'll have to clear it with Katt, though."

"Of course… and no… I think the kinkiest thing we'd ever do is invite dad to join us." Fox winks.

Wolf shakes his head. "Your dad would, and he'd invite the audience up."

Fox laughs at the idea. "So true! And we'd never make money that way…"

Leon leafs through his wallet and produces a business card between two fingers.

"Now, you realize… this place is very, very upscale. Very select. They are very picky about who they let in, let alone who they let on the stage. If I were you, I'd be very careful about how you look when you show up, or they won't even let you in the door." The chameleon explains.

Fox nods. "Real ritzy, then… do we show up in Georgio Armani suits?"

"Well, that's your choice. I just thought I'd warn you about their strict dress code." Leon replies.

"Thanks for the heads-up. That eliminates at least one nasty surprise for me."

Wolf grasps the business card for the strip club, and grins at Fox. "Uniforms with sidearms. Functional ones. That'll get us some fuckin' notice."

Fox grins. "I like that idea!"

Wolf looks a bit closer at the card before passing it to Fox. "My god. The place is actually called 'The Voyeur.' Check out the card, Fox."

Leon explains a bit further. "It's mostly strippers, occasionally live erotica, from what I understand. I've never been there. When I go out to a club I go to another friend's establishment, The Glass Shackle."

Fox looks over the business card, before looking back at Leon. "Do they allow actual sex, or is it limited to just stripping? 'cause… I'll go all the way to help my wolfman." He smiles at Wolf.

"I've heard they *do* have sex shows on stage, but you might want to ask for clarification there. Someone may have lied to me, or it might be outdated info." Leon speaks.

"Naturally. Don't wanna get thrown out on our first visit." Fox nods.

Wolf rocks a bit on his heels. "So… if Katt gives us the green-light… when do you wanna peruse this place?"

Fox earperks. "Well, whenever you'd like to. I'd prefer we go as a team, though."

"Sounds good to me… but I'd like a bit of advance notice. May as well hit a stylist before going, even if we go in uniform."

"Mmmhmm." Fox hums to himself. "But first… i think we should clear it with Katt, like you said…"

"Who knows, she may come along and watch." Wolf snickers.

He then adjusts his belt slightly. "and… sadly, this is starting to sound almost hot… which I wouldn't have figured for myself."

Fox caresses his husband's hand. "You need to let off some steam?"

Wolf shrugs. "I have no idea, actually. Not overly hot-and-bothered… but I could be…" He winks at Fox, grabbing his shirt gently, walking towards their bedroom, quickly.

Leon sighs. "Mammals…"

Later on that evening, after a quick round of love-making with Fox, and dinner with the crew…

Wolf nuzzles Fox, smiling at him as he hugs the smaller fox gently, wearing the outfit from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. "Like the outfit?"

Fox smiles, murrrling warmly as he nuzzles back. "I love it… is it a new one?"

Wolf nods. "Yeah, pretty new. May be a bit over the top for a uniform, though, I dunno…"

Fox looks over his own uniform from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. "I think I look well-equipped for anything comin' my way."

Wolf steps back, looking over Fox's uniform. "Good lord, babe. That's cut well!"

Fox smiles. "Thanks… I did my own modifications… had this one for a while. Never saw action in a tournament like Super Smash Bros., though…"

"Hey, it's new for both of us." Wolf replies. "I wonder how we'll appear in the club, though… I wonder how often *real* soldiers walk in."

Fox pets Wolf's ears and headfur gently. "I'd say more often than ya think."

"Hmm. Good point. Probably quite a few in the audience." He grins, nibbling one of Fox's ears, causing the fox to murrrrl lowly and wiggle his ears.

Katt walks down the hallway, when Fox and Wolf notice. They follow her into the kitchen.

Fox decides to bite the bullet and ask the question. "Oh, Katt, sweetie… Wolf and I were discussing something, and we felt that we needed your input and permission on it…"

Katt lifts an eyebrow. "Nice outfits, boys. And for what?" She starts the coffee maker, preparing some decaf.

"You know Wolf's loaded with debt right now from building this place, and we'll have a family of our own soon enough… Wolf and I were thinking on becoming a male stripper duo-team-thing at this very high-end strip club to bring in money when we have no jobs to do, like right now… and who knows? If we get lucky, we could even become porn stars."

Katt looks surprised from her husband's question, and thinks it over. "Huh… I dunno, babe… I mean, I'm okay with stripping. Hell, knock yourselves out. As much as you two work out, show it off. I don't mind other people looking. Porn, though… I may have to think about it."

Fox nods. "That's alright. As Wolf and I already planned, it would be just us together, no one else. Even you if you wanted to join… but no one else. I may be willing to strip, but I'm still a married man."

Katt nods thoughfully. "Alright, then. I trust you boys. But if you see anyone hot, you *have* to take pictures." She grins.

Wolf laughs at the order.

"Sounds like a plan!" Fox laughs with Wolf.

"Okay, you two have my blessing. Have fun, huh?" She smiles, pouring herself some now-ready decaffinated coffee.

Fox adjusts his uniform jacket. "We will. We're gonna go down to the place and see if they'll even accept us, first."

Katt tilts her head. "Somewhere on Corneria, I assume."

"Yeah, the Uptown district of Corneria City." Wolf speaks.

Katt takes a sip of her warm decaf. "Sounds pricy."

"I'm sure it is." Wolf replies.

"It's no big loss if we don't get accepted. Might try a second place." Fox speaks, feeling he should let Wolf and Katt know his backup plan.

Wolf smiles at Katt and Fox. "Foxie, I'll cover any cover charge and buy you a brew."

Fox murrrs softly. "Aww, you're so sweet."

"You guys should get going… the Orbital gate tends to get busy at this time of the evening on Corneria." Katt reminds them.

"She's right!" Fox replies.

"Shall we?" Wolf asks, offering his paw.

"We shall." Fox replies, holding his paw as they two walk out of the kitchen, and towards the craft loading bay.

Katt calls out to them as they walk out. "Have fun, hotnesses!"

The two males approach the loading bay.

Wolf walks towards his Wolfen, waving to the raccoon mechanic in the control room. "Hey ZAK, heat 'em up for us."

ZAK replies through the overhead radio speakers. "Certainly, sir!"

With the push of a button, the cockpits on the Wolfen and Arwing pop open, and their engines start up. Wolf sighs happily. "That will never get old."

Fox chuckles as the canopy to his Arwing cockpit opens, and climbs in. "Always the rebel leader, right Wolfie?"

Wolf swings into his cockpit and buckles up, the cockpit sealing up around him. "You know it, Foxie."

The two pilots buckle up as their cockpits re-seal above and around them.

"Ready." Fox speaks over the communicator.

"Let's hit it." Wolf replies, launching out of the base, with Fox right behind him.

The two craft clear the atmosphere of Aquas within 30 seconds. Wolf checks his craft's status.

"Alright, I've got a warp solution… want me to send it over?" He asks.

"Ready to recieve. All data channels are open." Fox replies.

Wolf sends the warp solution program to Fox's Arwing, and kicks back as his Wolfen's autopilot program kicks in. Fox enables autopilot in his own craft upon recieving the data, letting his craft closely follow Wolf's.

A few seconds later, Wolf brings up the video communication system over their cockpit fiberglass. Fox chuckles as he sees Wolf reclining, fingers laced behind his head.

"You realize what we're about to do, right? If they let is in… we're seriously discussing banging in front of an audience." He speaks.

Fox relaxes a bit as well. "Yeah, I'm dead serious about it. We need the income. Besides, it's just us… not complete strangers. They would be watching."

Wolf ponders that for a second. "I think we need to make this more about us and exploration, than the idea of money. I mean, that'd officially upgrade us to prostitutes. And while I respect 'em, they work hard, I don't need that job title on my resume." He cracks half a smile.

Fox chuckles. "You're right…'the great Fox McCloud, reduced to prostitution!' I'd never live it down… though, we're only stripping with, and yiffing with, each other.. would that really be prostitution?"

Wolf smirks. "Good point. 'The great Fox McCloud, reduced to being a porn star!'" He chuckles, then sighs. "Let's be honest… my public reputation still sucks. No one would even blink. My professional reputation… I'm not so certain."

"Well, then… would being called 'Fox McCloud's main squeeze' in the tabloids bring up your public image? If Katt and I can snag you and stay with you… then you can't be *that* bad." Fox ponders out loud to Wolf.

Wolf laughs. "Yeah, yeah… You're a bit of an exception, baby."

"Likewise, Wolfie." Fox winks, blowing a kiss to Wolf through the video communication system.

Wolf smirks and returns it, relaxing until they arrive at the Orbital Gate.

After a few minutes of delays, Fox and Wolf are cleared for landing on Corneria. Fox watches his controls carefully as they land. Upon landing at the Corneria City Space Port, Wolf cheerfully hops out onto the tarmac and stretches out languidly, followed by Fox, who gives a big yawn.

Wolf hugs Fox with one arm. "You take a nap?" He smiles.

Fox blushes as he hugs back. "Nah… just got a bit bored on the way over, with nothin' to do until landing… no steerin', no dogfights…"

Wolf nuzzles the younger male lovingly. "Sorry, sweetie. Should we take a taxi there, or get my BMW outta storage?"

Fox nuzzles back, smiling at Wolf. "Let's see your car."

Wolf nods. "Alright. May take a bit."

Twenty minutes later, the slate-gray luxury sedan is brought around, and the keys are handed back to Wolf by the valet.

"Very nice." Wolf speaks, handing the valet a tip.

Fox looks around the car, almost like a trucker performing a "circle check".

"Whoa, Wolf… this is NICE! Gotta cost you at least 50 or 60 credits…" Fox exclaims, being quite impressed.

"I keep my baby in heated storage by the Space Port. It's not cheap, but I love this thing." He replies, opening the passenger door. "Get in."

Fox hops into the passenger-side front seat, while Wolf walks around to the driver's side. After buckling up, he pulls away from the Wolfen, looking at the address on the business card Leon gave him.

"This is way uptown. There are apartmens in this neighbourhood with yearly rents as much as your ship debt, if not double."

Fox blinks. "Crap, that's a lot…"

Wolf nods as he drives, pulling onto the freeway. "Never spend much time uptown? I know you're a native there…" He gives a puzzled stare as he drives.

Fox watches the road with Wolf. "Nah… I may come from a well-to-do family, but dad's not rich by any means. Hell, I was only able to pay off 2/3 of the Great Fox's debt load. Still a good 5 years of payments left on it at this rate."

"My family's middle-class, but I still explored, ya know?" He shrugs in his seat, pulling off at the next approaching exit.

"Here's your chance hotness." Wolf speaks as they exit the freeway and drive down the main avenue towards the strip club. Wolf then pulls into a parking garage, pays the entry fee, and turns the car off.

"You ready to do this?" He smiles.

"As ready as I'll ever get, babe." Fox replies.

Wolf climbs out of the car, and steps around to open Fox's door. "Shall we?"

Fox steps out and nods.

Wolf takes Fox's hand, grasping the smaller male's paw with the gentle strength that only a protector could give. The two males walk back towards the entrance of the parking garage, and down the street.

Wolf grins as something catches his eye. "See that red carpet ahead? That's where we're going."

Fox smiles, holding his lover's hand in his own. "I see. No turnin' back now."

Wolf's ears twitch a bit. "Hey, if you're having second thouhts, we can just go to dinner or something…"

Fox shakes his head. "No way. We can eat later. To me, this is do-or-die time. I always wanted to set foot in this place… and now I'm actually doing it."

Wolf blinks. "You've heard of this place? Leon mentioning it is a first to me…"

Fox walks with Wolf, noticing the guard is eyeing them. He responds to Wolf's question. "Yeah, I've heard of it, but never had the money or reason to walk in."

The doorman stops Wolf and Fox from entering futher. "Nice outfits. Those sidearms real?"

"Yep." Wolf answers.

The doorman smirks and opens the door, stepping out of their way. "Have fun."

Wolf grins as he walks in with Fox. "Awesome."

Upon entering the building's lobby, the two males become stunned from the ornate details and rich architecture within the building.

"Oh wow. Sheer fuckin' class, man." He says, looking around at posh art deco design, and grins at the stage. "I've been in strip clubs but that.. is fucking EPIC."

Fox nods as he looks around at the red carpets, brass handrails, and wainscotted walls. "This is probably where people like George Lucas and Rupert Murdoch hang out…"

"Yeah, if they were gay and liked stripclubs… they probably would frequent this place." Wolf replies.

"Just gorgeous. Want to get a drink and find out how to get on stage?" Wolf asks, after a few seconds.

Fox nods. "Sure. It is a bit *hot* in here." He chuckles, undoing the top button on his uniform shirt in a strip-teasing manner.

Wolf rolls his eyes and fuzzles Fox's headfur. "Save it for the stage, Romeo."

Fox chuckles and follows Wolf. The larger male walks over to the bar, leaning on it and hooking and eyebrow at the bartender. The bartender lifts an eyebrow in return as he serves omeone else a martini, before walking over.

"My friend and I would like to get on stage." He speaks.

The bartender nods. "Really. Well, you realize we don't allow just anyone up there."

"Naturally not. But we're not just anyone." Wolf replies.

"Mmhm. Well, our stage is coed… you're strippers?"

Fox nods. "Sure."

Wolf quirks an eyebrow, looking at Fox. "Are we just stripping, or ar we also considering doing a live show?"

The bartender watches the two males interact. "You two don't strike me as typical thrillseekers…"

Wolf nods. "Sadly, we are. Little bit of an exhibition fantasy… and who knows… we may make some money."

Fox faces the bartender. "Well, let's start off with a strip show… and if they like it… wel'll go from there. Depends on how much they're enjoin' it."

The bartender nods. "We don't have the live shows on the main stage… there's a select stage in the VIP room. That allows us to discuss the matter with people, and allows them to come or go depending on whether they want to see it."

Fox and Wolf listen closely.

"But… if you want to strip as well, I could get the manager for you. You'll have to take it up with her. I do filter the idiots out, but you two seem like you could be serious." The bartender offers.

"Any limitations or things we should know that we can't do?" Fox asks.

"You'll have to take it up with the stage manager." He says, stepping away to serve some drinks, and then makes a phone call on his cell phone afterwards.

Fox smiles as he pets Wolf's ears gently.

"Wow. They're serious about this. This isn't the sort of place that allows a bunch of coeds up for amateur night." Wolf chuckles, leaning into the nice petting.

He then looks at the other bar patrons. "Our outfits are being eyed."

Fox smiles, continuing to pet Wolf's ears. "Let 'em watch, babe. Just relax… you're with me, and I won't let anything bad happen."

Wolf gives a fond smile from hearing that, sighing softly.

A stag is drinking his glass of wine at one of the nearby tables. He seems well-groomed. He watches the fox and wolf at the bar closely, before moving his glance to the bartender, getting a nod from him in return. He gets up and walks towards the entrance of the room, returning shortly after with the stage manager, a brown-furred wolverine female.

Wolf turns in his chair to lean back on the bar, surveying the room as he relaxes. When the deer and wolverine appear, he cocks his head at them and waits patiently.

The wolverine approaches Wolf. "I'm Andrea. My associates told me that you're interested in performing some adult entertainment in my lounge…"

"That we are. A friend of ours gave us a business card to the establishment… I have to admit, this is fairly new to both of us. I've stripped before, but it's new to him." Wolf nods at Fox.

Andrea smiles at the two. noticing the rings on their fingers. "Well, normally we cater to high-class guests and only allow experienced or well-known entertainment in the lounge…" She looks them both over. "But… it's not every day that we get a pair of legends like Star Fox and Lord O'Donnell in here. So, I'm going to give you guys a try out if you're serious about it."

Wolf raises his eyebrows. "Hah. You saw us come in on camera or something and looked us up… Nice. Very nice."

"It's just for security reasons. Keeps the troublemakers out." Andrea replies.

"Perfect. You don't have to call me Lord O'Donnell, though. for the record. That said, I think we're serious." Wolf replies, before looking at Fox.

Fox blushes a bit. "I'm confident that we have what it takes to put on a reasonably good show for you."

"Oh, that I'm sure of, as much as we work out."

Andrea smiles at the two males. "I can see that. I like your outfits as well. Now, on any money you do make… we take a ten percent cut. I know it might seem a bit steep, but it's not cheap to run this place… surveillance cameras and high-quality service aren't free. If you're still up for it, my assistant Karl will prepare you both."

Wolf shrugs. "Pffft. My art gallery takes twenty percent. I'm good."

Andrea shakes hands with Wolf and Fox. "Well, alright then. I hope you guys put on a good show. I'll be watching ya." She smiles as she walks back towards the entrance.

Wolf turns to the deer stag. "Would you be the assistant?" He asks.

Karl the stag nods his head. "Yes, I am. What did you two have in mind for tonight?" He asks.

"We're open to options… it started as a stripping discussion, and turned into a public-banging discussion." Wolf half-smiles. "Fox? Any particulars?"

Fox blushes a bit more visibly. "Well…. I'm fully up for stripping. Have you ever fucked in public, dear?" He asks Wolf.

Wolf shakes his head. "Nope. But I'm open to new things… might be hot."

Fox swishes his tail a bit. "Let's go for it, then."

Wolf grins. "Alright, then. She said you needed to prepare us?"

Karl adjusts his tie. "Yes. I'l be leading you backstage, where you can don any of our many costumes if you desire, as well as show you our array of props like poles, chairs, and so on."

Wolf smirks. "Props? Wow. Leon would be in heaven, I'm sure. Let's go."

Wolf stands and follows Karl backstage, with Fox walking beside him, swishing his tail all the way.

"This is a bit of an adventure." Wolf says as he pops his neck. "How do you want to do this, Fox? I could totally see play-sparring and stripping while doing so…"

Fox faces Wolf, grinning. "Sparring? I like that idea. Sure beats a 'strip-off' competition by a LONG shot."

"And you know I *love* a good fight." Wolf gives a big grin."

Fox pets the grinning Wolf's ears, getting a happy murr from him. "Oh, you know it, big boi."

Karl notifies them from the side of the stage. "Alright, lovebirds. You're on!"

Wolf grins as he walks towards the stage with Fox. "Ready if you are, baby."

"Sweetie, I was born ready." Fox grins, walking towards the other end of the stage, behind the curtain.

Wolf grins and follows him, tail lashing.

Karl walks out into the middle of the stage, and grasps the microphone pole, announcing onto the intercom. "Alright, patrons. We have a special treat for you this evening. Wolf and Fox McCloud are going to put on a little show for you. Now, you can look, but you can't touch (as tempting as it may be)."

The stag quickly parts from the stage as Wolf appears on the same side as Fox. He takes a few steps and runs before leaping into a roundoff, launching off his hands towards one of the poles, and hooking a knee around it. He turns the momentum into a spin and leaps, tucking and rolling to stand on the opposite side of the stage, coming to a mixed-martial-arts fighting stance and grinning wickedly. He lets off a loud wolf howl to assert his dominance.

Fox grins, leaping and grasping one of the poles, flipping over it once, before landing. He crouches low in a defensive stance. "Fancy footwork can't save you anymore, Wolf."

Wolf grins, shaking his head slowly. "Big talk, baby." He charges in, coming in with his normal wide-range blows, but deviating at the last minute, dodging past and grabbing Fox's jacket, yanking it down and holding his arms, licking his ear once before yanking it the rest of the way off.

Fox growls, murrling softly from the lick as his jacket's pulled off. He quickly slides back a couple of feet, quickly looking Wolf over for any potential weaknesses. He then charges at Wolf, moving swiftly behind him, grasping his jacket carefully, pulling it back to slide off him.

Wolf cheerfully twists out of his jacket, having discarded Fox's back toward the curtain. He looks at his gloves as he takes a few steps back, licking his lips, and beckoning to Fox. "The problem with doing it this way is… there's only so much clothing that's easy to rip off someone…"

Fox smirks. "Well, then. I should make this a bit easier for ya…" He undoes his own shirt, exposing his slim, yet toned, soft-furred body to everyone as he takes it off, casting it to the side. "There's your freebie, mister confident."

Wolf chuckles. "Well, if we're doing it that way…" He undoes his own shirt, and slides it off with a practiced contortion that makes his defined muscles ripple, tossing the shirt over his shoulder. "Heh. So, we gunna fight?"

Fox swishes his tail steadily. "*Now* we are." He grins, grasping Wolf's hands with his own, trying to push him back, levereging his clearly less-massive body agianst the wolf's. Wolf merely digs his toes in and shoves back, his boots skidding on the stage surface. He grins hungrily as his larger mass takes over, and he begins shoving Fox backwards.

Fox growls as he pushes his weight into Wolf, clearly losing. He growls lowly, pushing his nose to Wolf's. "Gonna give up, outlaw?"

Wolf laughs. "Hah!" He braces and yanks Fox in, twisting and using his grip on the other man's hands to hold him a few inches off the ground. "Never."

Fox squirms a bit in Wolf's grasp, but gets an idea. He grins, catching Wolf off-guard with a forceful kiss.

Wolf is startled, then growls as he pulls Fox back up, returning the kiss and using the moment to relieve Fox of his belt.

Fox murrls lowly from the kiss, growling at Wolf as his belt's undone, but basically powerless to stop it.

Wolf chuckles, breaking the kiss in favour of moving away, cracking the belt in a practiced motion, the leather biting the air as he snickers. "Now, now. We can't start that part of the show on this stage, sexy."

Fox growls, reverting back to a defensive stance, even with his beltless pants.

Wolf snickers, tossing the belt aside before getting rid of his. He then reaches behind his back, shedding several weapons as well. "I don't think these are needed."

Fox shakes his head. "Never one to travel light, I see?"

"What can I say? The contents of my pants are weaponized." Wolf replies boastfully.

Fox chuckles. "Mmm. Indeed they are."

Wolf smirks as he invites Fox to try to pounce him. "You want a piece of me, Fox?"

Fox chuckles, shaking his head. "Why go for a piece when I can get the whole thing?" He charges at Wolf. The larger male tries to dodge, but misses, and Fox pounces him, pinning him to the floor. What Fox may not have in muscle mass, he more than makes up for with his speed and agility. The smaller, golden-and-white-furred fox male swishes his tail triumphantly as he pins Wolf with his knees on Wolf's forearms agianst the stage.

"Game, set, and match?" Fox asks.

"Not on your life, foxboi." Wolf grins, grasping Fox's hips, lifting him off with relative ease. As he lifts Fox, his partner's pants begin to slip lower. Wolf smirks, using a clawed toe to carefully tug Fox's pants lower without ripping them.

"I think it's safe to say you're at my mercy, young Fox." Wolf snickers.

Fox blushes. "Oh, woof, mister Wolf." He chuckles as his pants slip down past his waist, exposing his slightly-tenting underwear.

Wolf snickers, petting Fox's soft body. "Someone's enjoying this." He grins, reaching down to grope Fox's stiffening shaft through the fabric of his underwear, causing Fox to moan softly.

"What's that, boi? I couldn't hear you becuase you were moaning." Wolf chuckles, caressing along Fox's sheath and balls on his underwear.

"F-feels good…" Fox blushes hotly.

"It *does* feel good, doesn't it… I wonder if this feels good, too?" Wolf asks, slipping his paw into Fox's underwear, stroking his lover's stiffening, knotted cock, keeping Fox pinned with his free paw. Wolf decides he may as well go all-in, and begins to remove Fox's underwear with his teeth, gently tugging along the waistband of Fox's underwear. "Lift yer hips up a bit, Fox."

Fox groans softly, lifting his hips up slightly, allowing Wolf to tug his underwear down, passing them back to Fox. The wolf then allows Fox to sit up, but positions himself so his own hips are at eye-level with Fox.

"Remove them." He growls dominantly.

Fox nods slowly, looking up at Wolf as he begins to do so. Wolf winks at him, reassuring him that he's in control, and won't force Fox to do anything he's uncomfortable with. Fox smiles, swishing his tail a bit as he begins to undo Wolf's pants, helping the larger male escape the confines of his polyester prison.

Wolf briefly looks back to Karl, wondering how they're doing.

Karl gives two thumbs-up. They're doing just fine. The crowd's pretty focused, watching their every move.

Wolf then looks down at Fox. "Your choice… strip me down… or do we go all the way?" He whispers.

Fox looks up. "They lovin' it?"

"They're hooked like a rainbow trout durin' fishin' season." Wolf replies.

Fox bites his lip, looking back at the audience, then back at Wolf. He can tell the females, and even some of the males, in the audience are enjoying this a great deal. "It would be tough to top a live sex act… especially on the first time… so let's just give 'em a strip show…" Fox answers.

"Alright." Wolf speaks.

"--with a blow job." Fox winks.

"You kinky son of a vixen." Wolf grins.

"Hope your legs are steady, big guy." Fox grins, slowly tugging down Wolf's pants, followed by his underwear.

He murrs as he exposes Wolf's sheath and balls. "My, mister wolf… what big bits you have…" He smirks, caressing Wolf's sheath and furred sac.

"Mmmh. All the better to fuck you with, foxyboi." He grins, caressing Fox's ears as the vulpine caresses and strokes his swelling sheath.

Fox then begins to lap along wolf's balls, stroking his own stiffening cock. He closes his eyes, giving each of Wolf's large, cum-filled orbs a gentle suckle, caressing his unsheathing cock with his free paw.

"Mmhf… F-foxie…" Wolf murrrls lowly in pleasure, watching his friend as his tail swishes steadily. Fox then licks upwards along his plump sheath, kissing Wolf's cocktip before going down on his throbbing cock, caressing and massaging his balls.

Wolf groans hotly from feeling Fox's tongue lapping gently and slowly along the sensitive tip and underside of his cock… "Mrrh… not gonna last at that rate, Fox…"

Fox smirks, simply doubling his efforts to bring his husband to climax, keeping his own legs spread as he strokes with his free paw, giving the audience a good view of his own bits. "T-that's it, boi… show 'em what yer daddy gave ya…"

"Mhrrl… f-fuck! Oh… Fox!" Wolf pants, growling as his shaft throbs hotly, spasming and spurting his creamy wolfspunk into Fox's muzzle. Fox pants through his nose as he goes down on his lover, massaging his cumming cock and balls as he strokes himself, climaxing with Wolf, cumming all over his own furred chest and tummy.

Wolf pants raggedly as he looks down at Fox, who keeps his muzzle on his lover's cock, looking up at him, rubbing his own sticky cream into his fur.

"W-where'd you learn to suck cock like that, babe? So fuckin' hot…" He asks his lover.

Fox smirks as he slowly pulls off of Wolf's spent, dripping shaft, licking his own lips clean before answering. "I had a few hunches on what you might like, and just went with 'em. Instinct, I guess." He winks as he starts to stand.

Wolf then caresses Fox's ears, giving him a deep kiss, hugging him tightly as he wraps his bushy tail around him, feeling Fox's cum-slickened fur pressing into his own, tasting his own seed on Fox's lips and tongue, and not caring one bit. Fox closes his eyes as he returns the hug and kiss, wrapping his tail around Wolf in return. The two lovers embrace each other on stage as the audience showers them with approval, and Credits, for their little act.

"How was that for a first-time stripping job?" Fox asks as he slowly breaks the kiss with Wolf.

Wolf simles down at Fox. "Was alright. With practice, I'll show you how to really *wow* them."

Wolf grins, noticing Fox's tail wagging a bit.

"Sounds like something fun to learn." Fox replies, touching Wolf's nose.

"It can be." Wolf smirks, touching his nosepad to Fox's.

"You wanna get dressed, Wolfie?" Fox asks, noticing they've been hugging each other for about a minute.

"Nah… let 'em watch for a little bit more… they seem to like yer tail." He murrrs lowly as Fox blushes, swishing his tail a bit for the audience.

A few minutes later, Fox and Wolf get dressed on stage. They're met by a slightly-sweaty Karl.

"Boys, that was pretty hot for your first time together. I think you have potential." He speaks, helping them back up onto their feet.

"Glad you think so." Fox speaks.

"Would you be interested in coming back sometime?" Karl asks.

"You mean as regulars?" Wolf asks. "I dunno…"

"Well, if not as regulars… on a 'whenever-you-feel-like-it' basis." Karl counter-offers.

"I'll definitely have to think about that… but if Fox enjoyed it, I'll side with him. He's my man, after all." Wolf says, hugging a now-blushing Fox tightly.

"I understand. However, before you leave, you should pick up your pay in Andrea's office." Karl reminds them.

Fox and Wolf agree, and follow the stag back towards Andrea's office.

Karl leads them in, and they sit down at Andrea's desk. She leans forward, towards the two males.

"You two were fantastic. Cute *and* erotic. I know this isn't your first time, Mr. O'D--err… Wolf, but Fox, you seemed like a natural. Both of you were quite impressive. Did Karl tell you about my offer for you to return here any time you wanted?" She asks.

"Yes, Ma'am." Fox replies.

"You can call me Andrea, and good."

Fox is blushing heavily at this point. "I didn't think I had the talent for this type of work."

"Well, believe me, the audience LOVED you. Fox, you're right when you said you make a great team with Wolf. It's perfect. Polar opposites that just mesh so well." She smirks. "I'm sure with his experience, he'll be willing to show you a few tips and tricks of the trade."

It's Wolf's turn to blush. "I will. He's just too sexy to keep to myself."

Andrea giggles. "Well, anyway… would you two like to know your haul for the night?"

"Sure. It's not so much for the money as it is a physical experiment, but… pulling a small profit would be a perk." Fox replies.

Andrea nods, grabbing her calculator. "After we take our ten percent cut for operations and overhead… you two hauled in a total of…." She blinks.

"What?" Wolf asks.

"Over four grand. Maybe it's your celebrity status, or maybe the audience just really liked you… that's the biggest haul we've had all month." Andrea smiles as she hands Wolf and Fox their credits.

"Shit… if we did this twice a week, we'd have the Great Fox and your base paid off in no time!" Fox pats Wolf's shoulder.

"That's still a couple years, bud… but yeah. Not that bad at all." Wolf sighs happily.

The next morning, Fox wakes up, yawning and stretching in his bed, next to Wolf and Katt. He smiles at them as the morning light shines through the bedroom's window, illuminating his sleeping spouses. He looks at the clock. 06:22 AM. Too early to completely get up and make breakfast. Fox looks over the side of the bed, and finds his mini-laptop. Now would be just as good of a time as any to add to his little diary files. He grasps the small device, turns it on, and opens up his diary files. The young fox male begins typing up some of his memoirs on his laptop's diary program.

<Fox begins to type in the diary program>

Diary, you don't know just how much I love Katt and Wolf. Something about them makes me feel warm and wanted inside. They make me feel confident in myself… like I can do nearly anything I put my mind to.

Hell, take last week's barbecue, for example. I heard a knock on the door.

"Fox, Panther and I are gonna barbeque some of the meat we caught from spear-fishing earlier. How do you want yours done?" Wolf asks.

Just hearing his sweet, low-toned voice makes me melt and blush. Even to this day.

"Ahh… Medium-well, I suppose. I'm not picky with how you guys make meals."

Wolf nods his head. "Alright. We'll be servin' dinner in about thirty minutes."

I smile back at Wolf, blow him a kiss, and resume typing into my laptop's diary file.

The smile Katt gives to me is enough to drive any man to do anything to win her affection… and yet, she says I already have, though I feel I would move Lylat itself if it would please her.

I know it's only 06:23 AM as I write this, but I would hate to wake either of them. They've been there for me through good times and bad… they need their sleep. They work so hard. We all do.

I suppose I'm up at this early hour of the morning because I can't sleep, either. Ahh, writing. A suggestion of my lovely wife Katt's to keep my mind sharp whenever I find myself bored, or with a few free minutes. It's a bit ironic, too… I started off writing to get my mind off of a traumatic event a couple years back, with my first sexual encounter with Wolf. Some would call it rape, but I look back and call it snapping in the heat of battle. I've forgiven him for it, and ever since, he's been a gentle giant to me… aside from when I want him to be rough, that is *evil grin*.

Wolf keeps telling me that he's the luckiest lupine in the entire system to have someone like me to be with… I tend to believe I'm lucky to have a strong protector-type like him, too.

In a way, I also feel that I owe him, since he saved my dad's life. I don't know how I'd cope if my father was murdered on Venom as planned. Sure, my dad and Wolf have had their own ups and downs, including dating (!), but I'm just glad we've been able to remain friends and grow closer because of it. He may be an asshole with a heart of gold, but he's all mine.

He has an almost cute demeanour about him that he rarely lets anyone else see, and I can understand why… his reputation's at stake. However, what made me worry the most from him was the day Katt told me that she was pregnant with my pup, and he was sitting across the room. My poor Wolfie's ears drooped, and he looked concerned, like I was going to cast him to the curb and settle down. As the captain of my fleet, I told him that no soldier is left behind. I never saw his tail wag that fast before as he squeeze-hugged the life out of me. He's been my husband ever since, and been "Uncle Wolf" to our pup.

I'm not only relieved, but glad that Wolf and Katt get along so well. At times, my military contract drives me far from Lylat, but I'm glad I can trust Wolf to protect and comfort Katt and our child while I'm away. Katt and Wolf were so happy on the day the three of us were married.

Hell, the sweetest and most unselfish thing he ever did to help Katt and I a few weeks after learning she was going to have a child was his offer to strip with me at a high-class gay bar he and Leon know about. He was concerned about his finances, for both his base, and my family. That day, I learned he did it a few years ago (probably as a teenager, perhaps? Teen Wolf? MURR!), so, we gave it a try (with Katt's blessing, of course)… and what would you know? The audience loved our first little exhibition! We'll probably give them more in the future. ;)

And to think this was all from Wolf's idea of having my team, Star Fox, teaming up with his own team, Star Wolf a couple of years back… hell, moving into Wolf's recently-constructed base-slash-home on Aquas might've been one of the best things that ever happened to all of us. Plus, Wolf's little beach home has the best sunsets in the Lylat System. It's been such a strange trip over the past couple of years, one as strange as it is fun… one that I hope never ends.

Ohh, dear… I think they're stirring and starting to wake up. I hope my typing didn't disturb their sleep. Until next time, diary… this is James "Fox" McCloud, Jr., signing off.

<Fox finishes typing.>

— Fin.