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Story is © 2010 RingtailedFox and Ringshadow Cat

Star Fox characters are © 1993-2010 Nintendo

Writer: RingtailedFox

This is based off of a role-playing session on June 23, 2010 on AIM, and is situated within the StarFox canon-based universe written by Ringshadow Cat in her "Cards" series of fanfics, on AdultFanfiction.net (if you have not read her works before, go there NOW, and read them here: http://games.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296826511, then come back and read this one. I'll gladly wait! :D ).

Wolf was enjoying his relatively-quiet life of semi-retirement. The pardon for himself and Leon that Fox requested from General Pepper certainly made his life much easier. His base on Aquas was now going to be paid off in time, and with legally-acquired funds. He's spent his days usually playing tennis with Panther, or painting the tropical island scenery. However, the monsoon season has returned, and the base has been buffeted by hurricane-force winds and blinding sheets of rain.

He frowns as he looks out the window, swishing his silver-furred tail. There are whitecaps on the water off the shore, as the wind howls and the rain coats the base's courtyard. Wolf turns his head, looking over the painting easel in his bedroom. He approaches it, sitting back down on the low stool.

He closes his eye as he dabs his brush in paint, pressing it to the paper just lightly, resuming work on his painting. As he gently drags the wet brush against the soft canvas, a shape begins to emerge. With a few more strokes of the brush, it becomes apparent that he's painting a pair of Arwings flying through the skies of Corneria.

"I think 'Father and Son' might be a fitting name for you." A shirtless Wolf speaks to himself, smiling a bit, proud of how it's turning out so far.

Wolf dabs his brush into the paint again, adding another colour to the outlines of the first Arwing craft. He continues working on his painting, not noticing his door creak open, thanks to the loud, hard rain and roaring winds outside.

Just as he lifts his brush from the canvas, a flash of lightning appears, followed quickly by its mate, a loud thunderclap. The lights flicker briefly, but do not lose power.

"Fucking monsoon. A second earlier, and I would've ruined this thing…" Wolf speaks to himself.

A slightly shorter figure enters the room, watching him closely from behind.

"I've always admired your paint skills." Fox smirks, watching Wolf closely, giving a gentle scritch to Wolf's ears.

The older male smiles, splaying his ears slightly, murrring from the enjoyable scritches. "Mmmm. Glad you appreciate art, Fox."

Fox swishes his tail slowly, gently rubbing Wolf's ears, before gently running his paws through Wolf's headfur. "I love your work. Vivid and realistic."

Wolf smiles, letting his tail wag slowly as he tilts his head slightly into the rubbings. "Thanks, flatterer."

Fox continues his petting. "Mind if I watch you paint?"

Wolf shakes his head. "Not at all."

Fox sits down next to Wolf, watching him resume his painting. He swishes his tail slowly before picking up a spare brush. He smirks, dipping it in grey-blue paint, lightly tracing it along his chest. Wolf twitches slightly and watches Fox paint him, licking his lips without thinking about it.

He then shakes his head and raises an eyebrow at the cool sensation, turning his head to see Fox painting him lightly.

"Having fun, pup?" Wolf asks.

Fox nods his head as he continues along Wolf's chest and forearms, giving him some stylized swirls and lines.

"So strong… so potent… no wonder you're the alpha…" He winks.

Wolf's muscles twitch at the touch of the brush. He turns slightly, putting his own brush down to allow his decoration to continue, rather enjoying it.

"Mmm. Always have been." He murrs lowly to Fox.

Fox swishes his tail happily as he finishes up on decorating Wolf.

Wolf stands slowly, looking himself over as he stands in front of the mirror within his room. "Mmm. Very nice, actually… you could work in body- painting."

Fox blushes from hearing this, and wags his tail. "Thanks. This was just a spur-of-the-moment thing, but… if you think I should get into it… I will."

Wolf gives a wry smile to Fox. "Of course, you do realize this is oil paint and won't dry for three days… right?"

Fox blushes and murrrrrrls softly as a thought drifts into his mind. "That gives you plenty of time to wash it off, if you like…"

Wolf thinks it over. "Sooo… What say you get in the shower with me, help get this shit OFF, and redo it with black fur dye I happen to own?"

Fox wiggles his ears as he nuzzles gently, grinning. "Oh, I'd like that."

Wolf slips out of his shorts, tossing them to the side as he heads for the bathroom. Upon arriving, he looks through a cabinet and returns with a bottle of dye. "This is raver detail dye, so bring that brush in. It just has to be applied to damp clean fur."

Fox blushes hotly as he listens and follows Wolf, bringing the paint brush with him.

Wolf turns to face Fox in the bathroom. "If you'd rather not do this I can just wash off…" He speaks, before he kicks the water on and steps in, grabbing some soap he bought for the purpose to break down oil and washing it off.

Fox shakes his head. "No no…. I really liked painting you…" He twitches his tail nervously behind him. "…and I didn't think you'd like it this much."

Wolf lifts an eyebrow. "Then what's wrong?" He looks at Fox curiously, the water at his feet swirling in colours from the paint. "Dude, I used to be a raver. I *love* this shit."

Fox sighs with relief, undressing before stepping into the shower with Wolf. He gently caresses his paws along Wolf's chest and forearms with his now-soapy paws. "I… never was a raver… I didn't know they did bodypainting, either…"

Wolf places a finger on Fox's lips, kissing his nose softly as their fur dampens from the shower. "Shh. When we're done, I'll show you pictures of me from when I was your age, alright?" He smiles, leaning a bit into Fox's touch, the paint coming out reluctantly with help from the soap.

Fox smiles as he suds up his paws again, caressing them along Wolf's soft fur. "Hmm… sounds good…"

Wolf is reasonably paint-free a short time later, turns the water off, and shakes vigorously with Fox. He reaches over to the wall and turns on a heat lamp, as he pours some of the fur dye into a dish, before passing it to Fox.

"This is actually prismatic black, so there's a bit of a glint of blue to it." Wolf explains.

Fox looks closely at the deep colour for a few seconds. "Nice." He lightly dabs the tip of the paint brush in it. "Mmmkay… stay still… this will feel good and make you look *fabulous*. Your body is a very sexy canvas that I will paint works of art on." He winks at his lover, causing Wolf to blush slightly.

Wolf stands still, happily swishing his tail as he lets Fox resume painting patterns into his still-damp fur, moving his body as needed for the vulpine.

Fox touches the brush to Wolf's furred chest again, tracing it along his body as he did a few minutes ago.

"Sorry you had to do this twice. I should have suggested it earlier." Wolf laughs.

Fox shakes his head. "I don't mind… getting to see you shirtless twice? How is *that* punishment?"

"Well, shirtless and then naked, in this case." He smirks.

"See? It's like christmas… new year's… and my birthday all rolled in one when I see you in all your nude… buff… glory…" Fox kisses Wolf's nose softly, then lips.

Wolf closes his eyes as he warmly returns the kiss, murring lowly as he tries very hard not to get aroused. "Mmmnh… You see me naked all the time."

"Yeah… but now I get to see you with fur dye that *I* put on you…" Fox smiles, petting Wolf's ears gently with one paw as he lets the other guide the brush along the lines of his chest and abs.

"You're right… we should've done this ages ago…" He speaks as he slowly moves to Wolf's forearms. "Tribal bodypaints were always a turn-on of mine… but I was too shy to mention it…"

Wolf tilts his head. "Really? We'll have to do this regularly, then. Not like it'll affect my job." He laughs, watching Fox work on his body.

Fox murrs lowly but happily, giving gentle dabs along his fur to make little dots. "It could… we could go into the fur dye and tattooing business… I bet we'd pull more money that way than stripping…"

Wolf smirks. "Heh. Us died *and* stripping might be interesting."

Fox swishes his tail. "Show off our goods *and* advertise our skills? That could work." He speaks as he finishes up along Wolf's forearms. "You wanted just your chest and arms… or did you want anywhere else done, too?"

"How about my back?" Wolf asks.

"Murrr." Fox smirks, dabbing just a bit of fur dye onto the paint brush again, moving behind Wolf. "Any particular style or theme on your back?"

"Tribals like the front are fine. Just go with the groove, man." Wolf speaks as he turns and leans on the wall, turning his face up and basking under the heat lamp, as his fur is still damp. "When you're done, I have a fifteen minute wait before I rinse off, by the way."

Fox continues with the random stylized brushstrokes and lines along Wolf's body, keeping them symmetrical as he paints, thinking on the go. He smiles as Wolf makes happy noises, watching his lupine lover's hackles standing up a bit as he paints.

"You know, Fox.. I don't think I've had a pattern-dying done since before I lost use of my eye…" Wolf reminisces

Fox blushes as he continues to paint tribal swirls, lines, and shapes along Wolf's back. "Awwh… well, don't worry. I"m here to do them for you now."

Wolf smiles warmly. "Should we do these down to my legs, you think?"

Fox wags his tail. "Sure. If Wolfie wants, Wolfie gets."

"You spoil me."

"I can say the same thing to you." Fox smirks, continuing to paint along Wolf's legs.

Wolf turns so Fox can paint along the front of his legs, smiling at him. He smirks as his cock stiffens and peaks from his plump, swollen sheath. "This is going to be awesome."

Fox smiles as he paints down Wolf's legs, before coming back towards his friend's (well, husband's) sheath and balls. He looked up at Wolf curiously.

Wolf looks at Fox, quirking an eyebrow up.

"You want these done?" Fox grins at Wolf, giving a soft kiss to each of his plump, heavy, furred orbs.

Wolf groans softly, petting his ears. "Mm. Sure. Why not? You seem to like the idea of decorating my balls." He replies, amused.

Fox traces the brush very gently, creating a thin but noticible line on Wolf's sheath, going down, widening out. He creates a winder line on each of his balls, from front to back. He chuckles to himself as he bodypaints his gay lover's most-intimate of body areas. "Christmas really *has* come early for me."

Wolf looks down, watching his lover paint him. He snickers and manages not to squirm from the gentle attention.

Fox grins slyly at Wolf as he begins to stroke his stiffening cock, giving a gentle brushstroke along Wolf's knot and underside from base to tip with his free paw.

Wolf groans and shudders, his cock quickly hardening in Fox's hand, spurting a bit of precum from the slighty ticklish sensation on his sensitive cock.

"Did you just dye my cock?" Wolf lifts his eyebrows.

Fox nods slowly. "You like that?"

"I'll admit.. it's new for me." Wolf snickers. "How does it look? I can't tell well from this angle, you know."

Fox looks closely along Wolf's cock. "Just a broad stroke along the urethral ridge, like what's on your forearms."

"Ahhh… Does it look good?" Wolf asks.

"I'd say so… I can do the top or sides if you want, as well… or move on to a different bodypart…" Fox replies.

Wolf thinks it over. "Maybe a band circling it in the middle, then move on?"

Fox smirks, as he gives a wolf a band around his cock, watching as his lover's shaft twitches and spurts more precum from the attention. "I initially thought of giving you a domino mask like a raccoon… but I didn't know how well that would fit with ya…"

Wolf swishes his tail slowly. "Hmm. Maybe just a basic, simple design around my blind eye?" He groans softly as his cock twitches at the touch of the brush.

Fox nods slowly. "I think I know just the design, too, my love."

Wolf twitches his ears. "Oh?" He pulls Fox up to a standing position and kisses him softly, careful not to get dye on Fox's fur coat.

Fox kisses back warmly, petting Wolf's ears. "I'm thinking something like a brushstroke at an angle to represent the old slash-cut wound…"

Wolf smiles, licking Fox's forehead gently. "Sure."

"The only question remaining… is which angle…" Fox pets gently, before deciding the perfect angle. "Close your eye, sweetie."

Wolf closes his eyes, smiling. Fox gently paints a thin brushstroke from just below Wolf's eyebrow, straight down over his eyelids, to just above his cheekbone. Wolf rumble-murrrrs softly.

Fox smirks, caressing Wolf's paws with his own after placing the brush in a small cup of water. "Finished. You want to see what you look like in the mirror?"

"Sure, babe." Wolf presses his nosepad to Fox's, before glancing down at his watch to time how long the dye has to stay in. He then steps out of the showerstall with Fox, turning to face the mirror. He ponders himself as he looks over his shoulder. "Damn, babe. This is nicely done."

Fox swishes his tail, blushing. "That's just from my imagination… first time, too. I'm glad you like it."

"For a first time, this is amazing. I'm serious." Wolf pets Fox's shoulder, watching as he swishes his tail happily.

Wolf steps closer to his husband, snickering as he runs a fingertip slowly down his chest. Fox murrrrrrrls deeply, leaning slightly into the caressings.

Wolf grins, tweaking his nipples softly. "Are you sore from yesterday at all?"

Fox murrls from the tweaking. "Mmh… a bit… but it hurt so good, that I don't mind."

"Mmm. Well, I can't do much until the dye is set…" Wolf grins, reaching down to grope Fox, smirking. "I could suck you off, though."

Fox blushes hotly, petting Wolf's ears. "If that's how you want to conquer and dominate me this time, my tribal elder… you can have your way with me." He murrs from the groping, his shaft throbbing as it stiffens.

Wolf looks up, lifting his eyebrow. "Mmm. You sure?"

Fox nods slowly. "Of course."

Wolf murrrmurrrs and kneels, licking up Fox's shaft and staring up at him, smirking. Fox pants softly from the lappings and lickings as he looks down at Wolf, watching him. A smile forms on his muzzle, gently massaging Wolf's ears.

"You look even more exotic now…"

Wolf nibbles his way down slowly, lingering to nibble Fox's knot, then going down to his sheath. "Mmm. And you like the look?"

Fox groans hotly from the nibbling as his shaft begins to drool precum. "I love the look…" He pants softly as his sheath is touched.

Wolf nibbles and sucks gently, finding that spot just above Fox's balls again, grinning and snickering softly to himself. Fox moans hotly from the nibbles. He pants, massaging and caressing his lover's ears. "Mmmhf… t-that's it… won't be too long if ya keep that up…"

Wolf sing-speaks in a slight taunting manner. "I found something you liiiike…" He speaks before slowly going down on Fox's shaft, lapping slowly and humming.

Fox moans hotly, grinding his hips slightly into Wolf's muzzle. He murrrrs lowly as his cock throbs, drooling precum into his lover's mouth. "Mmhfff… Wolf… f-fuck…"

Wolf snickers, using his tongue-piercing to tease Fox's knot and underside of his shaft. He drags the tickler stud slowly along the smooth, throbbing flesh. Fox moans hotly as his knot's touched and teased. He whimpers softly. "ooh… g-gonna cum…" he pants, his balls tensing up as his orgasm rapidly approaches.

"Mmmhmm." Wolf grins, nibbling lightly, letting his teeth scuff and drag against Fox's shaft, his hands resting on Fox's hips.

Fox moans and pants from feeling Wolf's teeth against his shaft. His body tenses up as his cock spurts sticky ropes of his foxseed into Wolf's muzzle.

Wolf mutters and swallows it down, lingering before standing up slowly, smirking at Fox. Fox pants, swishing his tail. "I hope I've satisfied your primal needs, my love." He speaks, nuzzling Wolf gently.

Wolf kisses Fox's lips. "Mmhm. You did." He smiles, before pulling away to step back into the shower, rinsing the excess dye out. Fox watches Wolf, swishing his tail as Wolf stretches out under the water cascading from the shower. He runs his hands over himself, watching the extra black dye pouring off, leaving only clear patterns behind, even along his cock.

Wolf finishes up a few minutes later and shakes off again, stepping out of the shower, drying himself off fully this time with a smile on his muzzle. "So, "what do you think?"

Fox swishes his tail and smiles, murring to Wolf. "I think it's awesome. I might have to fight back the others with a stick." He chuckles.

Fox mocks holding a stick or sword, standing in front of Wolf. "Back off! He's *mine*!"

"Hah! That's right baby, all yours." Wolf boasts as he poses for Fox.

Fox laughs and hugs Wolf, wagging his tail. The lupine grabs Fox's rear, hugging him in return, hearing a low murrr from Fox. He snickers and kisses Fox lovingly, traching Fox's teeth with his tongue. Fox blushes, lapping and tracing along Wolf's teeth in return, before slowly easing out of the kiss with him.

"Mmm… what to do now, hmm?" Wolf asks.

"Fox smirks, swishing his tail. "Show you off to the whole island? You look positively scrumptious." He giggles, petting Wolf's ears.

"Mm. Just a minute." Wolf speaks, rummaging through his clothing cabinet, finding a brown cargo kilt. He puts it on, showing it to Fox. "How's that?"

"That looks nice." Fox swishes his tail.

"I dont' own a loincloth, though." Wolf smirks.

"I'll have to get you one… though I hope you don't mind going commando until then." Fox speaks.

"I don't mind… though I have a feeling you'll be enjoying it even more than me." Wolf laughs. "Heh, you know who might look interesting with coloured tribals? Leon."

Fox thinks this over. "Oooh, he *would* look good with those… you think he's into that?"

"Babe, I have no idea what he's in to." Wolf pets Fox's face softly, licking his forehead.

"I'll ask him and see if he's interested." Fox offers.

"Well, put on sme pants and let's go." Wolf speaks to his still-nude lover, before tossing him a spare pair of shorts he has.

Fox catches the shorts and puts them on, joining Wolf, walking out the door with him. Wolf chuckles as he watches Fox, walking with him down the hallway of the, whistling as he heads for the commons area of the base. Fox follows closely.

"I can't wait to see their faces when they see your bodypaint." Fox speaks.

Panther and Leon are in the kitchen, discussing ideas for dinner at the table. Leon looks up at Wolf and just stares.

"… the hell did you do to yourself?" Panther asks as he turns to face a painted Wolf.

"Hah, Fox did it actually." Wolf boasts, squeeze-hugging Fox with one arm.

"It started out as a little joke… but Wolf liked it, so we went from there." Fox swishes his tail.

Panther leans forward, looking a bit closer at Wolf's designs. "It looks good, actually, but it's certainly a surprise."

"Hmn. One of the clubs I go to does live body art and modding on stage…" Leon speaks.

Fox is a bit surprised. "Modding… like… piercing?" He lifts an eyebrow, curious.

Leon nods. "Mmhm."

"Nice." Fox replies.

Leon then slowly circles Wolf, admiring his commanding-officer's styles.

"Dye, I take it?" He asks.

"Yeah, semi-permanent. It'll last a month or two." Wolf replies, letting Leon have a good look of his body.

"It's a good look. It suits you." Leon speaks.

"Glad you approve. I know I do." Wolf replies.

Leon then looks to Fox. "You surprise me, McCloud. I didn't think you did this type of work."

"I don't… at least… not until now. First time doing it, actually." Fox admits.

"Really… hmm… that's some talent you have. Looks almost professional. You could become quite successful." Leon explains.

"Wolf was saying something along those lines earlier." Fox smiles.

Panther flicks through the pages of a cook book he has on the counter, before stopping on a page. "I hate to interrupt your male-bonding session, gentlemen, but what would you prefer for dinner?"

Wolf chuckles. "Let's do salmon or somethin' like we're camping. If I'm gonna look and feel like a tribal carnivorous hunter… I'm gonna eat like one." He grins.