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>>skin tight — the story of kitsune sakura::

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Passion Wovstah

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Fox… Star Fox and all chars © Nintendo. Kitsune Sakura, Cornelius, and other not Star Fox © me.


It is said, that in the depths of ancient Corneria's forests, a kitsune was born to two kitsune with grant of the Mother Spirit herself, and that this kitsune was blessed to contain pure power of deep emotion — that emotion being love. Born within the spring, when the cherry trees bloomed, this kitsune was named Sakura. She had no resemblance to the cherry trees, blossoms, or the cherries themselves, but was golden as the sun with jade eyes so deep that the entire flora envied her, and even with this jealous green added, they could not compare to her beauty. Kitsune from everywhere came to see her, celestials especially; they had heard about this forest fox spirit and only could wonder if she should belong with the stars. Sakura's aura and beauty spread wide envy across the fields of Corneria, and nothing would be right for her life.

As the child grew, she was taught of the spiritual ways and let known that she was different from the other inhabitants of the planet. Yes, she was a special child with many unique qualities, and she was to follow in the paw prints of her earthly mother and father respectively. Mother Kitsune made sure young Sakura learned how to be a proper lady, and Father Kitsune taught Sakura about battle. Corneria was such a blessed planet to have such a beautiful and wondrous event to occur upon its soil. Every step this young female spirit made, sprout up flowers at her paws, the planet was thriving thanks to her, and blessed would be the mate she chose, but her choice would be shunned by so many.

A very tragic day came in Sakura's life when her mother was captured and killed off by those who had now found the fox spirits as their enemies, and Father Kitsune knew he had to protect his child. Father Kitsune left Sakura with a kiss and a hug, telling her how much he loved her, and how proud he was of her, and a wise rabbit was now to take custody of the child until his return. The whole sacred forest seemed to mourn the loss of Mother Kitsune, and the wise rabbit was the most impacted by her death next to Sakura's father. The child herself couldn't comprehend the amplitude of this situation, and only feel deeply sorrowed by the lack of her mother's presence. It was only when the wise rabbit told Sakura that her mother was never going to return, did the child break out into tears. Each tear brought on new life to forest in the form of black and red flowers, surely a pure symbol of an innocent child's mourning for the loss of their parent.

Sakura asked the wise rabbit what had happened to her father, and the wise rabbit replied that Father Kitsune had gone off to dispose of the ones who had killed her mother. She understood this completely and trusted every word that came from the rabbit's mouth — Sakura could only respect her elders. Yet, each time Sakura asked where her father was, the wise rabbit could not answer.

"I can only tell you that he is far away from here, doing his best to keep you free and safe, young Sakura," the wise rabbit would always answer.

This answer finally became dull, and Sakura wanted to wander out past the safety of the woods to find her father. She packed what she believed would suffice for survival in the world beyond what she knew. She wanted to help her father have a safe return home, no matter how much harm she was to put herself into. While the wise rabbit was resting one day, Sakura took up her belongings and walked into unknown areas of the forest. She stepped carefully and found her way to the clear river of the north, but she felt so uneasy around this area. What could it be? She looked up and around for an answer to her unsettling mind, but all she could see were plants and the clear water.

Sakura crossed the water with a playful skip, her paws landing perfectly on every single stone, and her worried feeling grew worse and worse by each second. She only could guess what lie in wait for her as she crossed the sparkling stream. As she reached the new shore, the sun assured her with warm rays of light; Sakura accepted this feeling as good and dismissed all emotional doubt. All she felt now was courage and reassurance that her mission would not fail, and that she would find her father.

Just then something scrambled about in the bushes, and thus, Sakura was startled. She took a quick look around her, holding up her small sword in front, taking a defensive pose, and then all grew quiet again. The wind gave a haunting whisper through her golden fur and cream strands of hair which flowed like milk as the breeze kissed it. The young kitsune looked around with her emerald eyes open, searching for the disturbance — she saw nothing, not a single being was near her, not a single bird chirped nor insect screeched. All that could be heard was the cold breeze whispering haunting words of melancholy mischief to the forest fox spirit. The forest wasn't speaking to Sakura, nor the river, just the wind, and the wind grew colder and colder, as a result the young child shivered with fear and became frozen with disturb; all she could do was stand there with her sword to the front with her eyes clenched shut, beginning to cry. Ice-wind brushed around her and whipped about her hair and tail, chilling her silken kimono, pulling away the ties and ribbons, breaking the robes open and fluttered them about, and then IT came…

A tall and menacing spirit rose from the forest floor, from all the dead leaves, and wherever near this soul became frozen over with a hauntingly beautiful thick frost. This lanky being was so thin and frail, and white, it too seemed to be kitsune, but had much more of a disturbing aura around it. Its white hair flicked in the wind, its presence made the air so still and dead. Both male and female was this nude fox spirit, its face with two empty eye sockets and a large bulge on its forehead, this bulge slowly slit, and opened. A single eye had been placed on this creature's brow, a dark coal it was with a white iris, and a red pupil, Sakura wondered if this daemon could even see. As it approached her, the being spoke.

"My name is Tokoyami, and you have passed onto my land. Why have you left the safety of your home to find me, young kitsune?"

"Find YOU?" Sakura stuttered, "I wasn't looking for you!"

"Right, you are looking for your father. You will go wherever needs be. I warn you, child, seeking him will soon cause me to be engaged with your soul."

Sakura did not know what to make of this evil presence, all she could do was stare at Tokoyami. How could it have known about her quest to locate her father, and what did Tokoyami mean about this being "engaged with her soul"? Before Sakura could ask, Tokoyami had vanished back into the forest in a cloud of snow and ice, and the leaves all turned brittle dead and crumbled. This area of the forest now looked still and dead, no life was around the young kitsune, but she had to move on, she couldn't head back home, she was on a mission. She looked down at her opened kimono and took time to fix it, never letting her sword leave her sight. Sakura didn't know who else might come and attack her, and she would not let herself be caught off guard by anything, even now Tokoyami, her new enemy. The child frowned and thought this over for a minute. Was Tokoyami really an enemy, or just a spirit that had come to warn her? Sakura shook this thought out and picked up her belongings and started her trek yet again.

Several hours had passed, and Sakura felt as if she was heading nowhere. The forest path seemed to be getting thicker, but the river still was in sight, as long as Sakura saw that river, she knew she could get back home, but then the river became a waterfall and she had to change course. The fox thought to herself that she could veer off course just long enough to find a way downhill that wasn't as steep and find the river again, but she was wrong, she was now lost and hungry and wished she had just rode down the waterfall on a log or climbed down the rocks. It wouldn't have been such a bad fall either, about fifteen feet would not have hurt her if she dove into the water, but she just had to try to find an easy way out, and she was being punished for it. The child cried now, her sobs echoed through the trees and grass, but nobody came for her, not until night.

The stars glittered and danced above the now sleeping kitsune, the moonlight shone in her fur and silky locks of hair, and a passer by found the child sleeping among the mushrooms and berries. This stranger knew that she was kitsune and leaned over to get a closer look, but then Sakura awoke with his presence. She let out a startled screech and pulled back away, but the figure stood there and smirked. Of course, Sakura could not see who this was in the dark, she could hardly make out the shape of the figure, but one thing she did notice was feathers and a beak, she knew she was sitting in front of an avian of some sorts, but she only could wonder what more this bird looked like.

"Come out of the shadows so I may see you better, but if you try to harm me, I shall kill you." Sakura plainly stated.

"Such strong words for such a young female kitsune," said the bird, "I doubt you could kill me, but I would not bother to harm you anyway, you have done nothing wrong to me." "Show yourself now," demanded the kitsune.

"Alright then, I will show myself to you."

Into the moonlight stepped a charming young male phoenix, he gave an odd grin with his beak, and his form was even more out of the ordinary for it was shaped in style to the way Sakura was. This phoenix had a tall body on which he walked on two legs, he had two arms, and two wings spread from his back. Yes, indeed, he was very odd, even the color of his feathers was odd for they were the blue of the night with cherry streaks dabbling the edges and points of his hands and arms and around his eyes, and from the crown of his head was a plume of crimson feathers that resembled true hair. Sakura couldn't deem what she was seeing, and as she looked into the deep indigo eyes of this stranger, an overwhelming feeling overwhelmed her deep down into her soul.

"What is your name?" inquired Sakura.

"My name is Cornelius," answered the phoenix, "Cornelius Tearstrike. And your name would be?"

"Kitsune Sakura," whispered the young fox.

"…Ah… I see… Sa… ku… ra…" the phoenix knew the meaning of this name, "cherry blossom."

"Yes, exactly, for I was born with the petals," Sakura explained.

"Well then, Sakura, are you lost? I can help you find your way back home."

Thus, their journey did start. Sakura put her trust into Cornelius and told him all about her reason for adventure, but Cornelius could only shake his head and smirk. He urged Sakura to head back home with his assistance and that seeking out for her father would do no good, but she insisted that they do some more searching before they headed back to her homeland. Cornelius finally succumbed to the adolescent vixen's plea and helped her through the forest. They walked and searched for many days and nights, and along with this the phoenix taught Sakura many survival skills, and as these lessons were brought on, Sakura grew closer to Cornelius. The sun seemed to shine brighter on her now, and she worried less about her father.

Two years had passed, and Sakura had finally decided to go home, surprisingly the trek back her home in the forest was only an hour away. All this time, Cornelius had led her out into the depths of the forest, into the world, and brought her back to where she belonged. He did this all without her noticing. Sakura was amazed at the intelligence Cornelius possessed, and even more how charming and kind he was. The phoenix had a bit of an attitude to him, and many they had encountered had brought up his devilish ways, and these actions were sometimes brought out against Sakura, but she knew deep down he cared for her, and she cared for him as well. She felt deep emotion for the one who had shown her all the good of the world.

As Sakura reached her den, her father and the wise rabbit stepped out to greet her. They both were sobbing so hard for they had thought Sakura had been lost forever, they were so joyous that she had come back so safe and sound, and they didn't wish to scold her for she had exhibited a great triumph out in the vast woodland. However, the joyousness stopped when Father Kitsune laid his eyes upon the phoenix Sakura had been guided by. Father Kitsune wrinkled his muzzle and the wise rabbit stepped up as well, but when Sakura asked what was going on, no true answer was given. A fight began to break out, a violent fight of harsh terms and slang was dished out to everybody, but the wise rabbit said nothing, he simply grabbed Sakura by the arm and pulled her between her father and the phoenix. Both men stopped talking at once and gently reached out towards the female.

"You see," said the wise rabbit, "and I see… You both love her dearly, but I can foretell that this love will bring much misfortune, but this is what you want, isn't it, Sakura?"

Everybody was speechless, mostly Sakura. She had been taken out into the world, not really looking for her father, and here her father had come back even before she did, much earlier at that. A week after she had left home, he had come back to find his daughter was missing and his friend grieving over such a loss, but she had learned so much thanks to Cornelius. He had taken her to cities of many animals and many strange beings with many different beliefs, he had taught her that there is good and bad, but good can always outweigh the bad, and this was good. Sakura had found somebody she loved dearly and she wished to pass through the rest of her material life with. She knew that she was nothing to be immortal, but she was blessed. She knew she would be destined with this phoenix for each life she lived. Sakura looked over to the wise rabbit and nodded, she explained only that Cornelius was her friend, and that this creature was to be trusted despite his feisty nature.

It was then that Sakura's father finally calmed and things turned halfway peaceful, but once and while another fight over right would break out, and Father Kitsune did not want Cornelius anywhere near his young daughter. Sakura and Cornelius would sneak out together and venture into the world during the night at times, and sometimes they would disappear for a few days, and this angered Father Kitsune, but the wise rabbit only saw them as being youngsters and accepted this as coming of age. He knew that they would need to learn how to make decisions on their own and what better way for them to learn was there besides them to venture into the world? Adventuring tolerated, Sakura felt the freedom in her heart grow and she grew overly fond of her phoenix, but Cornelius refused to show the abundance of emotion he had deep inside.

There were even times when Cornelius would be spotted with a gaggle of other phoenixes, and go around with his kind, especially the female of his kind. This would make Sakura very depressed, but then again, she did say that they were friends, and only that, and this is what Cornelius agreed to. They would be closely knit soul mates, the best of friends, and nothing would tear them apart. Going as far as romance would be hard for them, and she knew that not many were looking forward for her to marry a phoenix; everybody wanted Sakura to marry another kitsune, to marry a daring fox like herself. She was expected to have pups and raise them up to be strong, she was being expected to carry on the family blood line, but that wasn't what she wanted. Sakura wanted to have Cornelius, she wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the one she was tied to, and nobody was going let her have her way. The maturing vixen would have to learn to shove everybody out of the way in order to get to what she desired.

There was another obstacle that Sakura had to get through; she needed to get Cornelius to admit his love to her, but she did not know how this could be done. Cornelius was so stubborn with his feelings, and the only time he showed any care at all was when he was becoming drunk on wine at any festival, and Sakura was not the type to get somebody drunk, and this would also lead to a false admitting of love. Cornelius would tell of his love soon, Sakura could feel it deep within her soul, that is, what she hoped would happen anyway. If there love was actually true, then things would piece together come Hell or high waters, and Sakura felt like she was facing both at the moment. Nothing seemed like it would flow right, but the events that would happen oh so soon, would bring her and Cornelius closer together than ever.

Sakura's father had gathered up another ally in order to fight off those who were opposed to the forest spirits, he wanted to get rid of all the negative forces, therefore he had a hog to team up with he and the wise old rabbit. The hog was nothing splendorous to look at. He was rather fat and filthy, with such a treacherous attitude, but he swore on end that he would help Father Kitsune in this battle. Father Kitsune reassured his daughter that everything would go to plan, and everybody would return home safely, and how much Sakura wanted to trust in his words, but she still trembled with fear that something would go wrong. Father Kitsune hated to leave young Sakura alone, so against his will, he decided it would be best if Cornelius stayed with his daughter. It was the best thing he could think of at the moment, the best for Sakura, this was going to be a tough time ahead, and the wise kitsune wanted his daughter to be protected by somebody she obviously loved and that somebody who loved her back.

On a dusty and misty evening, when all the crickets and locusts were at a ruckus, Father Kitsune, the wise rabbit, and the hog took off into the depths of the forest in order to revolt against those who had trekked into evil ways. The sky seemed to bleed as the clouds turned crimson and smeared across a peach colored sunset. Sakura leaned into the arms of Cornelius but did not cry; she felt that this was not the time to cry, but to keep in hope that one day, her father would return. The friends stood there at the edge of the river and kept track of the small pack until nothing more of them could be seen within the dark of the wood. Cornelius then turned away from the path and headed back to the kitsunes' den, yet Sakura did not follow. She was standing still at the river, so Cornelius came over by her once again and placed his feathered hands onto her shoulders. Sakura jumped a bit, and then turned to see the phoenix and the stern look on his face.

"Sakura, there is no use waiting here forever. You must come back to your home and wait there. You must live everyday as the norm, but not give up hope that everything will become the norm again. Sakura, you worry too much, child…" Cornelius said this as if he had much higher authority than Sakura, and the fact was, he did.

Sakura nodded and turned with the avian and slowly and relentlessly walked back to her safe little den with Cornelius, giving in to his mature actions. She slipped down into the earthen tunnel and instantly lay down on her bed, she couldn't help but sob. The young vixen didn't want to, but she had to, it made her feel better, and she didn't want all that pressure built up in her chest. Cornelius frowned and sat near the bed and reached into his white robes and shuffled through the pockets to find a small flute. He placed the small flute beside Sakura and waited for several minutes; finally Sakura lifted her head and looked at the flute. She picked it up slowly and examined it, more still curious why Cornelius had placed it there.

Cornelius smiled and tilted his head, he waved his hand and fingers gently, signaling for Sakura to play a soft tune, that is, if she knew how to work the instrument. Sakura nodded slowly and placed the mouth piece against her muzzle and let a placid breath flow through the thin wooden pipe. Rich wind whistles streamed through the flute and as the fox spirit placed her fingers on the numerous holes, a calming tune started to form. The phoenix sighed and smiled as best as he could to the calming melody. The notes were soft yet dramatic, a depressing tone was carried with them, and Cornelius felt tears welling up in his eyes. Never before had he cried in his life other than when he was a tiny child, but now this overwhelming sense of heartrending emotion caused him to shed two crystal clear tears down his cheeks. Swiftly, he wiped away the tears, but Sakura had already noticed that the strong phoenix had shown his emotion.

Now, Sakura felt at piece. She had shown her emotion through the song, and Cornelius had reacted. What if she showed her love through a song, would Cornelius react to that and show his love? She placed the flute again to her muzzle and starting playing a tune so passionate and so sweet, that nobody could resist taking a listen to it. However, Cornelius gently took the flute from Sakura's paws and placed it back into his pocket. The vixen gave a startled and confused look towards the phoenix, and he gave a small explanation.

"Music is surely something to be cherished, Sakura, but you are being the musician, and I don't want you to ware your emotions out in one night. We should be getting some rest. I will take guard of the entrance to then den while you get the sleep you need. We shall have eyes on each other at dawn."

Sakura replied, "I don't think I can get any sleep tonight, Cornelius. I feel so worried, and that song I played did not get all my emotions out. I wanted to go out there and help my father with this mission!"

The phoenix gave a small smile and shook his head, "Well, Sakura, your worry keeps coming back because you are letting it come back. I understand you well when you say you are upset, but please don't let it get to you. Remember what I said about living in the norm."

Cornelius took his leave to outside the den, and Sakura settled herself down in her bed. She stared at the earthen walls and took in the scent of the night through her nostrils. Sakura knew that Cornelius was right — she would have to live like everything was normal, but she could not forget what was happening so close, yet so far away. She could only wonder what was happening with her father, the rabbit, and the hog, and with this essence abound, she also didn't want to have knowledge of what was taking place. Trying to know about what was occurring caused her sadness to return, so Sakura started to think about the phoenix that was guarding her life. She thought about Cornelius and how he was sitting right outside the entrance to the den, and how he was going to protect her for however long it took for Father Kitsune to come back.

As the days passed, Sakura felt herself forgetting about the absence of her father and more about her life with Cornelius. She would go about daily chores as if she were her mother; she would take on tasks of cleaning and cooking, and other odd jobs. Kitsune weren't really meant to be house wives, but sometimes that would happen if they started a family, but Sakura very much so did like the idea of being a caretaker or having a family of her own. Yet if Sakura decided to live her life with Cornelius, she would not have a family, there would be no pups, but then again, she would be happy. Thoughts of nights spent making love filled Sakura's mind and she started to slack off and daydream. Despite this, Sakura still kept a clean den, and Cornelius helped to his extent by gathering up harder foods to find, fishing, and tending to Sakura whenever she fell ill.

Months passed, and one rainy day, Cornelius spotted the wise rabbit limping back to the den. Cornelius caught him as he started to fall over, and of course, Sakura came right up beside them. Sakura looked around, feeling a bit happy yet became over worried when her father did not come within sight. She looked down at the wise rabbit, and he looked up with great sorrow in his eyes. He held up Father Kitsune's necklace of jade and let it fall into Sakura's paws. The rabbit explained to both Sakura and Cornelius that the hog had betrayed both he and Father Kitsune, and took the side of evil. The only thing the wise rabbit was able to get away from battle was the necklace and his own life.

Sakura broke down into tears, she sobbed and gasped, and trembled with all over domination of fear and depression. He mother was dead, her father was dead, she was in high danger of being killed herself, and never once did she get acceptance of her relationship with Cornelius from her father. She felt so awful, she felt so lost and in so much despair. Nothing was going to be right for her anymore, she just knew it! How was she going to continue her life without knowing how her father felt about the way she lived?

Cornelius gathered up Sakura in his arms and held her tightly, and the wise rabbit stood up slowly with aide of a nearby strong fallen branch. Using this branch as a makeshift staff, the rabbit made his way back into the den. Cornelius followed, holding a kicking and screaming Sakura restrictively within his arms. The wise rabbit hated to see Sakura in so much pain and agony of emotion, so he started to mix up an herbal tea, and with Cornelius's strong arms restraining and helping, the wise rabbit was able to get the young vixen to swallow the brew. Within minutes the teen was hushed to a quiet sleep, and Cornelius was stroking her head softly and tenderly.

"I see that you care deeply for her, but whether or not you love her can remain a secret from me forever. I doubt you love her enough to be a mate to her, but I know that you are her best friend, and I respect that out of you, Cornelius," said the wise rabbit.

"Thank you, sir." Cornelius's voice was softened greatly. "Do you think she will ever forget this day?"

The wise rabbit frowned and shook his head, "I am afraid not. I fear that this depression and loss will find a way to eat poor Sakura alive. Cornelius, you must be there for her along with me. We are the only two connections she truly has left. You must understand that Sakura felt that her family was everything, and here she is, all alone."

As the days, weeks, and months passed, it seemed as if Sakura was growing more intense about becoming a fighter and seeking revenge on the ones who killed her father. She felt like her father was still out there, somewhere; she knew that she would have to take her father's place in the best way possible but didn't know quite how. The kitsune immersed herself into finding her father and or getting revenge, but what stuck in her mind that she had to get everything back. Cornelius pitied the poor soul and took charge into the revenge as well. Sakura gathered up one last team member to their new pack, a young female toad.

This young toad was from a family to befriended the kitsunes, and was also victimized by those who ruled against peace, and she wanted to fight against them as well. She had great knowledge of how weapons worked, and her high intelligence made up for her ungainliness. Cornelius was strong and stubborn, and he was so pushy he could take out five fighters at once, plus he had a lot of worldly survival skills. He was truly an essential teammate. The wise rabbit had age and experience, he knew where to go and what to do. He knew rituals and medicinal things, so he couldn't be left behind. Finally there was Kitsune Sakura herself. She was eager to get revenge, she knew how to give orders and fight, but her mind was clouded, therefore she would be surviving off her teammates. Not much is known about the battle between the pack and the evil goers, but one thing is truly known, they were victorious. They had defeated the malevolent leader and set the woods free and brought them to peace once again, but Sakura did not stop searching for her father.

Soon after the battle, it is said that Sakura accepted the fact that her father was dead, and she wanted to be with him, the world was too much for her to handle anymore and she had to end her life. She really didn't know what to think about Cornelius, he had gone stubborn and drunken, and didn't show his emotion to the flute anymore. The wise rabbit was growing old and couldn't take care of her in anymore much longer, and the female toad was just getting to giddy and annoying. Nobody would listen and nobody would help. So late one night, Sakura snuck into the wise rabbit's potions and grabbed some poison.

Sakura sat down at the river near her den and looked up at the bleeding red clouds in the purple night sky and all the stars shining so brightly seemed to mock her and her sorrow. Sakura opened the bottle of poison and drank it hastily. She wanted her life to end so soon, so nobody would find her sinful plea, but before she could dispose of the bottle, Sakura fell to the ground into a deep dark sleep. She opened her eyes to a dark world of dead trees, mist, and a blood lake. She was laying down on a silver path that was perfect, and out in the crimson lake was an island. In the haze of the land, Sakura became overwhelmed by the scent of death, and the sound of silence.

She felt as she had died, and she knew most likely this was Hell. She had committed suicide and there was no way she would get into Heaven for something so dishonorable. The island out on the lake grabbed Sakura's curiosity and she crossed the blood by walking upon it. As she reached the island and the temple steps upon it, she saw a charred corpse of a female kitsune that looked so familiar, and a haunting voice echoed around Sakura.

"Young, Sakura. I warned you that your quest to find your father would cause me to come to you again."

"Tokoyami…" whispered Sakura.

"Yes," the spirit appeared before Sakura, "Look at this land, this is my home, and this one before me is none other than your mother. She is here to represent all torture in your mind, she is here to leave an image within you, and the image I shall create will leave your soul open and vulnerable so I may enter."

Tokoyami snapped her fingers and vicious growls were heard from all directions, these growls then turned into giggling of innocent children, and then THEY came. Tokoyami's kin came to feast upon the charred and nude corpse of Sakura's mother, and as soon as Sakura showed weakness, the demons started to attack her. Sakura cried and wailed in pain as the white devils scraped and gnawed at her living flesh, but all froze when a bright red light filled the land, and a glowing blue phoenix entered the scene. It was Cornelius, he had come to this evil realm to save Sakura. He took her up into his arms, and her wounds healed as she cried and sobbed from shock, her tears formed a red gown to represent her corrupted mind, and symbolized the change that would occur very soon.

Tokoyami yelled many curses at the two left the realm and Sakura awoke at the riverside, with Cornelius next to her.

"My dear, Sakura. I am so joyful that you did not die. You are very lucky the rabbit gave you an antidote just in time… Please, don't ever try killing off your life again, Sakura… I love you, and I don't want to loose you."

Sakura broke out in tears of joy, for she now knew of the deep feelings within Cornelius. Her love was accepted into him, and she easily told him of her love in full, and they both held each other close with an overwhelming feeling of passion surrounding them. They married soon afterwards and vowed to return to each other someday after they died. They would return to each other and be lovers no matter what form they came back in, no matter who was against them, but they would only awake after the death of Sakura's mother, father, and the battle against the evil force which killed them off. Hopefully their energies would awake in time before Tokoyami would have a chance to claim Sakura's soul.

Faith, hope, love, care, compassion, dreams… This was the settlement of Kitsune Sakura and Cornelius Tearstrike. The lovers spent their life together and died together by impalement upon a sword for they were too attacked by the forces against peaceful nature. It is only known that they died rather young with these words…

Sakura's dieing words, "I love you so much Cornelius, I am so happy we were destined to die this way… together…"

…and Cornelius answered to his lover… "…aye… and my darling kitsune, I will cherish you forever…"

… And thus… they died… with a kiss…