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>>skin tight — chapter six: give the lady her corset, part two::

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Passion Wovstah

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Fox… Star Fox and all chars © Nintendo. Kitsune Sakura, Cornelius, and other not Star Fox © me.


Falco simply stared upon Fox, the corset dazzled his mind with a new glamour to be held precious or thrown out into the streets. Surely Fox had gone insane. Sat upon the bed next to him was the hero of Lylat, the one and true while those eyes of emerald peered deep into Falco's soul. He felt those eyes consuming him. He would deteriorate at the vulpine's glare, yet, he held no admiration for his lover's taste. Falco was not to give in to the desires quite yet.

"I don't want you to wear it." he muttered.

"Wh.what do you mean?"

Falco shook his head at his flabbergasted lover and set the box upon the bed. His cobalt irises stared at the monstrosity, the beauty, the outlandish and queer article of clothing that he could not describe. Such tastes were for females, worse yet, females who surrounded themselves with ill repute. Gutter rats, ladies of the evening, whores, sluts, prostitutes. Fox's choice was truly disturbing and Falco had to voice himself to the effeminate, insane, bewildering vulpine again. In the past, wars, death, depression, those were the topics they would discuss. But how in the world was Falco to explain this clash of soul and being?

"You can't wear it." He stated coldly.

"I will so wear it! I bought it!"

It. Falco stared at it. He hated it. He wanted to burn it. Falco wanted to destroy it in many ways as he could, but Fox was his "lady". His "lady" would get what "she" desired, and what "she" desired was this corset, this accursed corset that was the beginning of an event much too broad and complex for either of them to explain. Falco's mind collapsed, his psyche had lost the battle, his heart the victor. With a long breath in and an even longer sigh out, Falco pushed the corset over to Fox and shook his head.

"You're right. You are the one who purchased it. Try it on, will ya?"


"Fox, quit fucking around. You want it, you bought it, now put it on!"

"Why don't you do the honors?"

"The honors of what, Fox? What kind of game are you playing with me now?"

"Falco, be reasonable."

"Reasonable! You're asking me to be reasonable when you're the one who gawked over a piece of trash? By god, Mr. McCloud, I would swear you're the one who needs to be reasonable."

"Your mood swings a little too much, Falco."

Falco sighed and watched Fox slowly undress. Slowly, he shut the door so they could have privacy if any members of their team would so happen to board the stationary Great Fox. His hands slowly slid into his lap while his eyes focused upon the floor. He had no desire to watch the vulpine strip, but a flash of Fox's tail caught the corner of his eye. After that, he could not help but glance up for a moment. In the dark of the night, Falco did not witness Fox's body, and while in the shower, he blocked out what nudity was. He had never truly allowed his eyes to settle upon the vulpine, never permitted his mind to capture what made Fox McCloud.

Now stood before Falco was Fox, and Fox was absent of all attire. Dim lights never did the golden fur upon Fox's body justice, at least, Falco thought this. His eyes slowly scanned Fox's back, hips, then bottom. What a tight rump. He smirked and quirked a brow, eyes slowly tracing every bit of Fox's figure, especially that ass. So round, but firm, small, but plump. No wonder it felt so grand against his hips during sex. He murmured once Fox turned around and met gazes, his stomach churned. That beauty before him would not ebb away. A flat stomach, curved hips, ribs slightly against flesh and fur, perked pink nipples that urged to be pinched and twisted, a slender neck upon broad shoulders, and an angel's face with jade eyes of a demon. Falco nodded slowly, now he knew what Fox was made of. Slowly, Falco took the corset into his hands.

His approach was slowly and sweet, his expression stayed blank, however. His beauty stood before him and demanded the accessory, and Falco had given in. He had become a slave to the blasted corset! Without even the slightest attempt of Fox's behalf, Falco had fallen in a style only a dominatrix could produce. How hideously dirty he felt once his hands reached out to wrap the bodice about McCloud's thin structure, but, oh, how aroused he was to be near the golden vulpine.

"Tie it tightly," Fox whispered.

"Why tight?" Falco's own voice stayed low while he laced up the back of the corset.

"I don't know, but for some reason I want it constricting, tight. very tight."

"Skin tight?"


Falco grinned lightly and pushed Fox against a table. Fox might have been his lady, but he decided that he would not completely submit. His lady would get her corset alright, but she would bow to him before she would get her whimsy. A simple order emitted from Falco's beak, asking Fox to hold tightly to the dresser before them. He quirked his brow and lightly ran his finger down Fox's spine when Fox leaned down to grip the dresser. With a quick pull of each step of strings, Falco asked for Fox to exhale. If his lady wanted the damn thing tight, she would get it tight. He made sure each "x" made by the leather lace was pulled taught, squeezing Fox tightly within the confines of the silk and wire. When Falco heard Fox groan in discomfort, he only pulled the strands tighter, commanding for the vulpine not to breathe in, but to keep breathing out. He pulled the ends hard, leaning back with his tug, and once again he grinned inwardly at Fox's cries. Once he felt the corset was skin tight, Falco tied and buckled off the mix of contraptions holding on the damn abomination.

"Falco." Fox whined.

"What is it now, McCloud?"

"It's too tight. I can hardly."

"Breathe? Well, you wanted it to be skin tight, didn't you?"

"Yes, but I."

"This is skin tight, Fox. This is what you desired."

"But it hurts so much, Falco."

At that comment, Falco grabbed the center belt on the corset and spun Fox around. He looked into the vulpine's jade irises while he grabbed the middle golden buckle. He had not planned to mess with the larger leather straps, but thought they were necessary now. Falco chuckled to himself, Fox's reaction showed fear. Surely their worlds had been twisted upside down by a new obsession, but nothing could explain where exactly their minds had gone. Falco unsnapped the top buckle and pulled the strap with all his might; he could have sworn he heard the snapping of ribs and Fox's cringing face only supported that thought. He locked the buckle after slipping the strap under a gold loop, then moved to the bottom strap and assaulted McCloud as with the top. Then, finally, Falco tugged and heaved on the center strap to achieve an hour-glass figure upon the vulpine and only grinned with a maniacal chuckle when the vulpine urinated onto the floor. Falco had left little room for anything to be left in Fox's body aside from vital organs, and even those had been shifted by the corset.

"Skin tight, crushingly tight. Clean up this mess, McCloud. I'm going to change clothes for the day."

"F.f.fa. Fal.co."

Falco did not answer. He left Fox abandoned in the room, just for a small moment.

Fox stood in disbelief. He felt miserable. His sides hurt, he could hardly breathe, his legs and feet were soaked with piss. Things simply could not get worse. But when one thinks that thought, things are sure to get worse, and for Fox McCloud, the day had barely started. He took a step forward; the corset shifted with him, but tightened more. His bladder took the worst abuse from it. He took another step. He felt pressure building in his intestines. Every bit of his gut had been pushed and shoved, squished and stretched. Little by little he made his way to the bathroom located on the side of his living area. With a sigh and a wince, he reached for the emergency body fluid spill cleaning kit. Why had Falco left him alone to take care of this chore in a corset? Why was Falco so abusive?

He let another groan of pain from his throat as he walked back into his room and leaned down on his knees, then sat upon his own legs, to clean up "his mess." Why was Falco not cleaning it? Falco was the one who caused it. Fox's ears leaned back with contemplation while he opened a bottle of absorbing powder and poured it upon the urine. He closed his eyes and shook his head, still under a sense of utter baffle. He could not believe what was going on, but is this not what he wanted? Fox stared at the wet pile of mush made from the absorbing powder and urine. With a heavy sigh he laid back and just didn't give a damn who saw him at the moment. He began to think about his desires again, and if he really wanted this.

This. This! Pain and tightness, the constriction of breath... Oh, the more he thought about it, the more he appreciated what the corset bestowed upon his body. He forced himself to sit up once again and roll to his paws and knees. His paws gripped the bed tightly and he forced himself to stand. Darkened in a corner was a mirror and Fox gave a gander to his form. What a beautiful hour-glass beauty stared back at him! Slowly, he approached the mirror to look closer upon his body, warped, and touched his nose to the cool, reflective glass to kiss the angel from another dimension.

"You're beautiful," he told his reflection, "Don't let them tell you what defines beauty. You are the only one who can save your soul from what you believe is depressing and less than charming. Oh, Fox, you beauty, let that bird rape your ass if he wants to. Just take it like the little slut you are."

Falco had been in the room, having come in and cleaned Fox's mess fully, and he noticed the vulpine ogle at the mirror. He watched Fox fall deeper in love with the reflection. He listened to the slender male's coos and murmurs of arousal. Silently, he stepped up behind Fox and wrapped his arms around about that slim waist. Falco chuckled when Fox jumped lightly from startle; his hands softly rested upon Fox's belly and delicately he traced his fingers on the embroidery of the corset. Now that he thought about it, and had considered the value of the piece, Falco could find beauty within the leather and silk, the gold, crimson, and ebony. He brought his beak down to Fox's neck and breathed hotly into the crème and tan fur.

"Yes, you are beautiful. Now, stop idolizing yourself and put something on over that corset. Peppy and Slippy will be back with ROB any minute now. I just have that gut feeling, you know?"

"Yea, I understand you, loud and clear." Fox whispered and slowly walked to his dresser and rummaged through his clothing.

Once again, Falco left the company of the vulpine and shut the door on his way out into the corridors of the ship. His eyes wandered from wall to wall; sometimes he caught a glimpse of his own reflection within the chrome surrounding doors. His cobalt eyes looked to the floor and once again, his eyes met his own to a scowling reflection. Some vibration, an aura, an odd eeriness had settled itself upon Falco, and he shuddered to think he gained it from Fox. Again, he looked to his reflection and saw more than Mr. Lombardi. No, it was not Cornelius come forth to haunt him, yet a presence he could not name. This new feeling that his reflection was not just a reflection, but a manifestation of another soul, engulfed his form and caused his body to jerk violently.

Eventually, Falco found himself sitting upon the floor in a corner, time had been lost. He looked towards a clock to realize fifteen minutes had passed and at his side was Peppy. He swallowed and gazed to the hare, eyes wide and pupils dilated with an emotion stronger than fear. Instantly upon his "return to Corneria," Falco was questioned about use of drugs by Peppy. The falcon shook his head and groaned his innocence that no drugs were in his system; however, his plea was not enough for the wizened lapine.

Falco growled and shouted out obscenities while blood and urine samples were examined by the infirmary computer. He spat at Peppy several times and knew the tests would be negative. His behavior gave Peppy all the more reason to check him for illegal substances. Bullshit. This kind of treatment to an ace pilot who swore he was off the streets for good and would settle could be no more than a heaping pile of steaming fecal matter left off by the one and only Andross himself. And Falco told Peppy this, and Peppy didn't quite like it, and that was bad for the hare because the retaliation from Falco only grew more frenzied. The results of a clean body came and the resolution between the two resulted with Peppy on the floor, unconscious, bleeding heavily from the nose.

"You'll be fine, you old fart. Just don't try to mess with Lombardi again."

With solid, flowing movements of his legs, Falco made way around the Great Fox and its many corridors. His lashes fluttered when his eyes looked up to spot young McCloud sitting at a table in the game room with Slippy. Watching, the Falcon stood back against the door arch while Fox completely devastated Slippy at a round of "crazy-8s." A small chortle escaped from Falco's beak when Slippy jumped up in what could be easily dismissed for teenage angst instead of anger. Once he felt the frog had enough time to blow off what little steam present, Falco strutted into the room casually and wrapped his arms around Fox. His eyes met with Slippy's and he made double-sure the amphibian watched. Softly, slowly, Falco nuzzled his beak along Fox's neck and to the vulpine's jaw-line, then ear to give a light nip.

Such a familiar reaction came from the frog. Falco laughed, his silly plan working. Falco's arms shook with Fox's giggling and shuddering. He smiled and watched the frog fall back into unconsciousness upon the floor before he slid his hands to Fox's belly, pressing with a slight roughness, to check for the corset. To Falco's delight, the vulpine still wore the contraption, but it was not skin tight like before. Falco slipped his hands to the leather belts and cold metal buckles of the corset, leaning to Fox's ear to give an almost cruel whisper.

"Why did you loosen it, Fox?"

"Why be so obsessed over making me uncomfortable, Falco?" Fox murmured in return, eyes without emotion.

"What do you mean?" He sat down, arm still softly holding Fox, "Listen, you're the one who asked for it to be tight as possible."

Fox nodded, "I know, but I do have my limits. I'll have to take this in baby steps."

Falco smiled and brought Fox closer. He was happy to know that he had passed his message on to Fox. The obsession had been broken for now, but Falco knew it would soon return. By making the corset tight as possible, he put Fox through pain, a lesson easily learned. It might have been a horrible way of getting the point across, but his method was quite effective, and now Fox leaned to him with a smile and a coo of relief. His hand idly rubbed along Fox's arm and side for a short while, but then Slippy regained life. Falco eyed the frog and softly pushed Fox to sit on his own. Falco's eyes widened once Peppy walked to the door, still cleaning his bloody nose. Chaos was about to occur.

"What in the world?" Peppy screeched, "Falco, explain yourself for this!"

Fox turned to Falco, eyes wide, "You hurt Papa-Pep?"

Now Falco knew he had dug a hole bigger than what he could escape from. Fox only called Peppy "papa" when situations became over-emotional.

"You. Hurt PAPA!?" Fox stood up quickly and ran over to the hare and held him close.

"Fox. Fox, please. You're not a child anymore, this is not necessary. I'm fine. Leave this between me and that bird over there."

With eyes slit in anger, Falco stood and pushed poor Slippy down to the floor. He approached Peppy, Fox stepped to the side. He stared the hare eye-to-eye, face to face, nose to nose. Both allowed for teeth to grit and growls to emit from their throats. Peppy shoved Falco back, taunting him with, "You think you're that tough, eh?" This set Falco off, and once again the two were in a melee of flying feathers, fur, and eventually blood. Falco saw from the corner of his eye Fox pulling Slippy to his feet and from the room. Fox and Slippy watched from the hall and Falco nodded mentally, happy to know his lover could be safe for now.

Once again, Falco's eyes caught the ghostly image of his reflection in several items throughout the room. This reflection still had the feeling of life, a separate soul that could not be extinguished like a simple candle or the like. No, this was a demon of sorts there to mock Falco. His rage grew, building to a sense of utter madness; he couldn't take the image or Peppy any longer. Swiftly, he brought his hands to take hold of the hare's head with a tight grip and twisted Peppy's head to one side, very far. Falco threatened for the hare to lay off his back or die with a broken neck. Falco snarled and held his hands still, Peppy's body shivered heavily with fear, but this only enticed Falco's threats to come on stronger. His eyes raged with a cold glare, the reflection from a decorative mirror smirked and made the motion of twisting that little much more to finish off the hare.

Falco cackled and took in sharp breaths of maniacal laughter. His fingers drummed the top of Peppy's head harshly. He rolled the lapine's head softly, almost child-like or perhaps in the way a therapist would start a chiropractic treatment. With a final reassurance from his reflection, Falco twisted his hands in such a way to snap the lapine's head, a loud crack echoed through the room. With less than any sympathy for life, Falco let the lapine's limp body fall from his grasp and thud to the floor. He looked up to see both Fox and Slippy shake heavily with fear, their eyes wide, and their bodies shoved against the wall on their own accord. Heavily, Falco's feet alternated in step and sent heavy vibrations through the floor boards of the ship. He leaned down and offered his hand to Fox and helped the vulpine up from the floor with a gentle lift.

"You. You killed him." Fox stammered.

"It was for us." Falco growled.

"What good did it do for us, Falco, just what exactly did killing him do for us?"

"Don't you get it, Fox? This is our revolution to win!" He took the golden male's cheeks and stared deep into those jade eyes, his voice demanding, "Let's ditch this place and just go out on our own. Sakura. Sakura, we need to get out of here! We don't belong; we will never belong because they don't understand."

"Falco!" Fox's voice screeched, "I'm not understanding at this moment. Could you tell me what in Lylat is wrong with you?"

"Not Falco. Cornelius." Fox stared into Falco's eyes, "C.Cornelius?"

Falco nodded swiftly, "Yes."

Without warning, Falco took hold of Fox's paw and ignored Slippy's mental torment. He ran off in a bolt down the corridors of their mothership. He slammed his fist against the latch for the main hatch, knowing that they still were landed on the grounds of the space station. Desperation flooded Falco's mind, his eyes darting from left and right. Before Fox caught breath, Falco began to run again, and the poor, younger male was drug behind, tripping while trying to keep up. Falco swooped his arm up front and pulled Fox forward, then cradled the vulpine into his arms. He bolted faster, holding Fox closer than before. He gritted his teeth tightly and gasped, tears streaming down his face. He calmed once he felt Fox's soft paws caress his cheeks and neck. Soon, he brought them both to the city entrance, leaned against the gate, and slid down, Fox still held tight in his arms. His eyes, released of their anger gazed down to Fox's own jade irises.

"We'll run away, Sakura. We'll run away to a place where nobody can bother us and we can live together without fear. We'll be together where nobody can judge us for who we are. We will be at peace."

Fox shook his head, "Falco, we can't play this game for the rest of our lives."

"What game, Sakura? We know who we are, but we need to find our destiny now."



"Right." Fox looked sown and sighed before looking back to Falco, "Cornelius, our destiny is to live as Fox and Falco and overcome trials and tribulations of the world. We can no longer hold our parts as spirits any longer!"

"So, then. You don't wish to be known as Sakura, and I should not be Cornelius?"

"That's right."

"Then we don't need to be lovers."


Quick was too light of a description to how fast Falco pushed Fox from his lap. He let the vulpine spill from his thighs and into the muck of dirt that covered the space station's floor. Once standing, Falco looked down to Fox for quite a long time, his eyes glared with heavy spite. He snorted, turned and walked through the city gates, grumbling heavily and waving his hand for Fox to follow. Even if they were not to be lovers any longer, Falco still wanted to keep his best friend. He turned around with a huff escaping his throat, looking back at McCloud. He grunted and quirked a brow at the vulpine's inexcusable staggered-walk. Then, he realized that Fox's movements were altered by the corset. His mind cleared itself and common sense spoke through.

"Hey, Foxie, buddy."

"Yea, Falco?"

"If you're not doing that whole Kitsuné Sakura thing anymore, why don't you just slip out of that stupid corset?"

Fox shook his head, "No Falco, that and the corset are two different things."

"Ah!" Falco gasped and groaned in disbelief, "Are you trying to tell me that corset is purely your idea and that you actually have this warped sense of beauty?"

"I always have, Falco. To be honest, I only brought it forward now because of how everything was going insane anyway."

"Makes sense."

"Does it really now, Falco? Does it really have sense to it?"

"Falco had led Fox into the city, the one they had visited earlier in the day. Or was it night? Nobody could really distinguish a difference between day and night on most space stations; for they tended to stay anchored to the planet's gravitational pull they were near and tilted just right for a little bit of sun. No atmosphere existed, just an airlock bubble that allowed ships to dock from the underside and be pulled up into the main hull of the station. Falco looked over his shoulder, back towards the landing point of the Great Fox and inhaled deeply. He let his breath out slow, his muscles tense and his mind in a state of panic. What had he done? Forward, he looked into the maze of buildings and smaller structures, the lack of green flora sickening. He felt Fox's paw on his shoulder and the calming stroke down his back. Fox's paw shuddered slightly and he knew then Fox was still in shock as well.

"He had it coming to him."

"Why do you say that, Falco?"

"He thought I was on drugs for crying out loud!"

Fox stammered, "Th. That does. Does not give you r. R. Reason to hurt him l. Like you. Falco you killed him!"

"He went unconscious." Falco sighed out while he looked towards the stars, "He passed out just as I turned his neck. I did nothing but pop his spine the way you or I would crack our necks or knuckles. He's fine."

"Are you sure, Falco?"

"Foxie." Falco turned to look the vulpine straight in the eyes, "I felt his pulse with my fingers before I let go of him. He was breathing too. Trust me. I know when somebody is dead."

Eventually, he received an assured nod from the fragile male, yet before anything else could be said from Fox, Falco grabbed his paw once again and led him through the alleys. He knew not where they would end up, but he hoped they would come to the haven he promised Fox. Despite the fact he dropped the entire lovey-dovey charade, he still wanted to protect Fox. That moment, escaping from reality in a physical form, brought realization upon Falco Lombardi. He stopped with a sudden halt of his legs, Fox fell against him, and he pulled the vulpine close. He took his time to examine those jade eyes and felt softened by them. This was something he had never felt with any female. No, he could not simply stop loving Fox. For one, it was wrong to abandon somebody with no warning, and the other truth was. He did love Fox. He had loved Fox for a long time but was too stubborn and so homophobic of his own feelings, he could not show how much he had to share with the vulpine. Slow and soft came his beak to Fox's maw, and his clutching embrace was returned by Fox.

There they stood, together, embraced in an alleyway and he had brought them there, to their temporary sanctuary. Nobody cared to look or step forward. They were alone and in the dark, away from peering eyes anyway. Falco moaned lightly into the kiss he had formed with Fox, and a new energy filled his body. Electricity he had never felt before gathered into his form and only grew the more he held and kissed the younger male. His hands softly pulled up Fox's shirt to reveal the corset. A smile crossed his beak once he broke the kiss, and his eyes locked to the corset about Fox's form. Falco reached for the middle buckle on the front side, unsnapped it, and pulled the belt slowly. His eyes met with Fox's and watched expressions turn from comforted surprise, to painful surprise, then those jade eyes fluttered. Those thick black lashes flickered heavily, Fox's maw dropped lightly, and a low moan of arousal escaped Fox's throat. Satisfied with the new tightness of the belt, Falco secured it and pulled down Fox's shirt.

"There, is that better?" Falco murmured.

"Uh-huh." Fox moaned, nodding his head.

"Shall we find a place to stay tonight, Foxie?"

"Cut the romantic crap, Falco. Pretty prose won't cut it for me." Fox's breath was short, but stern.

"Come on, Foxie. Let's find a motel to stay the night in. I have some ideas for that corset of yours." His voice was sly, and seductive.

Fox answered in a timid, aroused murmur, "Really, Falco? What does this mean though?"

"It means I love you, Foxie. Foxie McCloud, gay, awesome, outstanding, and ass-kicking leader of the Star Fox team."

"You don't love Sakura?"

"Foxie, Cornelius is dead. So is Sakura. I could give a damn who we were in past lives, but we are who we are now and have to live it that way."

"Hey. That's what I said, Falco!"

"What are you going to do about it?" Falco smirked.

Falco received his answer with a simple, quick and playful lick to his cheek. Fox bolted further into the alleyway. He followed. Nature was playing their feral cousins, falcon after small fox in order to catch a "tasty meal." Falco sprinted after Fox, quick on his feet and able to stay close. He turned a corner and skid with his sharp change in direction to follow Fox into the lobby of a small motel. A sudden jolt came from behind, sending Falco into a dive that crashed him into a couch. He rolled over and smirked up at Fox who had stopped long enough for Falco to pass by and be shoved playfully. He did not mind the other patrons were staring at him and Fox, for he felt happy for once in his life.

He closed his eyes and thought back to when he placed a protection seal upon Fox's body. Falco had taken a brush and some ink and smoothly painted the symbols of protection and love onto Fox's chest, right over Fox's heart. Fox had looked up and murmured so lovingly to him and pondered at the ink and the writing.

"What does it mean.?" he had cooed.

Falco had answered, "Fox, it means. 'My love. is protection. for this being's heart.'"

Yes, that was a beautiful memory, and he had actually meant it. That was the first time as Falco, not as Cornelius, he had admitted his love for Fox in a unique form that brought warmth. He had pushed Fox away for so long, and it was not Sakura who brought him strength in Tokoyami's depths. Fox had returned the role of savoir. His eyes returned to the light to look at Fox who was now snuggling against his chest lightly upon the couch in the lobby. Onlookers gawked; some turned their noses in the air at sight of a homosexual couple. This was no concern to the avian and he did not let it become concern of his lover. They were happy, yes. Happiness, joy, the emotion of peace had taken over their bodies. What a delightful charm this love brought upon him. Or maybe Fox was the charm? Perhaps a mix of love and the right one to deliver the affection was the right combination. Falco sighed deeply and pet his hand down Fox's back and let the vulpine rest there. He continued to contemplate why this felt so right and why he was, at last, so open to the idea.

Time changes many things. One occurrence of time is age. Everybody starts off as a child, and the lucky reach adulthood. The fortunate find soul-mates and the blessed live to be elderly and healthy at the same time. Falco looked over Fox one last time and nodded. He knew that time had given him time to accept himself for who he was. Yes, he liked females, but this particular male was quite attractive. Time had allowed him to become who he was destined to be, a protector to Fox McCloud. He remembered the horrors of Hell and the lesson he learned. He was not to follow Fox in this life, instead, he needed to lead the vulpine through, day after day. He was to please this vulpine of jade eyes and golden fur.

Yes, his lady so desired a corset, and she got her corset. She would continue to get all the finest things in life that her gentleman could afford. Little did she realize, though, she had already received a gift much greater than any ecstasy caused by carnal pleasure, she had his love.