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>>skin tight — chapter five: the city of the pit::

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Passion Wovstah

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Fox… Star Fox and all chars © Nintendo. Kitsune Sakura, Cornelius, and other not Star Fox © me.


Falco cried out, his shrilling scream echoing across the land as Tokoyami's spawn feasted upon his flesh. Demon children, they were, making this torture unbelievably slow and painful as possible. Falco had now been down in this hell for over and hour now, and he was sure his cries were in vain, for all this time he called to his Kitsune Sakura, but nobody was coming to his aid. Tears flowed like streams past the crimson feathers around Falco's eyes and down off his cheeks. He gazed down at what he had been daring not to peek at during the elapsed time of suffering.

The falcon's eyes widened at the sight below his chest. There they were, these offspring of the damned, at least twelve of them, ripping thin sheets of flesh from his body. They giggled at his agony and sobbing, finding this new toy of theirs rather amusing. Tokoyami was at a distance, sitting upon its throne, cackling. Falco turned his head up to gaze upon the devil. This cawing maniacal holler revealed Tokoyami's yellow blood-stain tipped teeth, jagged as treacherous rocks below a seaside cliff. Acid and bile seemed to make up the demon's drool. It sizzled a sick slough of green and brown ooze down Tokoyami's chin as he laughed.

Falco looked back into the red skies of the land of pain, hoping somebody good was in these heavens. He highly doubted it, knowing where he was, knowing it was not a dream. It was real, the pain was real, and knowing how he yells in his sleep, somebody would have surely awakened him by now, but that had not happened. And thus, his pain continued, his eyes swollen from his own anguish; the demon spawn now taking turns nipping at his stomach, some daring to poke their muzzles in a slight hole they had created. At this point, Falco was now wondering why Sakura wouldn't answer. He accepted himself as Cornelius, had Fox not accepted himself as Sakura?

Another perverse gaki, this one a wolf, came up to Falco. It was a bit bigger than the rest, and had stronger male qualities. The other children stepped aside as it took dominance and went down upon its knees. This wolf grabbed Falco's hips harshly, burrowing its claws deep into his skin and into muscle and nerve. Falco gasped and moaned hoarsely in extreme distress. The teen, as Falco had dubbed it within his mind, was looking up, grinning with amber teeth bearing so keenly.

"Falco," Tokoyami spoke up, "this is my favorite child. Don't you see how strong he is? I allow him to grow, and he hasn't had a nice poultry meal in a while. He needs variety, and I guess he's getting his wish. Oh… And at any time you may find this pleasurable, as I will, feel free to cry out his name, it's Yami Iroke."

Falco snarled, and jerked his arms, forgetting just a minute through his anger that he was chained up by the living vines. How badly he wanted to rip Tokoyami limb from trunk and hack at his sick corpse with a rusty axe, but the bitch of the fallen angels had the upper paw at the moment. Falco's senses were refocused upon a sharp pain in his abdomen, he didn't want to look down, but he did due to the torturous piercing sensation of Yami Iroke jamming his muzzle through the gaping wound of Falco's gut.

Yami Iroke didn't chow down as Falco had expected, but rather, he licked so delicately at the bird's insides, savoring the flavor. Falco shut his eyes firmly, wrinkled the skin above his beak, and screamed out from a mixture of pain and disgust. Tokoyami's son pulled his muzzle out slowly, his teeth gingerly clasped down on a strand of intestine. The other children observed as Yami Iroke licked up the length of the entrails, then slipped his paws into the bloody hole. He felt around softly, using no claws, grinning sadistically at Falco's reaction of hopeless shrills and prayer.

"Young Iroke!" Lord Tokoyami grunted in a shout, "Don't you remember me telling you to NEVER play with your food unless you're going to take it all the way?"

Falco's eyes grew grotesquely large at Tokoyami's comment about how Yami Iroke was to treat him, and his whole body trembled with a sense of illness. Never before had Lombardi thought of being the pleasure doll to a fallen angel, but there he was, facing the most gruesome minutes of his life. Yami Iroke continued to play, and Tokoyami complained more at her son. Soon, he became frustrated and plunged his muzzle into Falco's stomach fully, slowly gutting the bird. Tokoyami grinned and sat back to watch as her son make a mess out of Falco's organs. The evil zombie wolf bobbed his head fully, pulling out strands of intestine, his muzzle covered in all sorts of body fluid. From the gaping hole in his body dripped and sloshed a thick pulp of blood, bile, and remnants of what used to be his digestive tract.

Falco began to wonder why he wasn't dead yet, he wondered why even though he was being eaten alive and his organs were missing why he hadn't yet perished, and he was answered as Yami Iroke backed off for a slight moment. As Falco looked down, he witnessed his body regenerating. He gasped sharply at this sight and squirmed around, his eyes met up with Tokoyami's and before he could ask what was happening, the demon answered with a grin. Of course Falco wasn't going to die, he was in Hell, an eternal place of torture, and no matter how many times he was to be torn apart, he would live to see the next horrid day. Once just enough of his bowels had grown back, the teenage demon began to feast again, to glutton himself of Falco's pain.

Now, Falco was crying, he looked back on all the events that had occurred to bring him here. He thought of Fox, he cried and screamed to his Kitsune Sakura, still nobody answered. Tears streamed down Falco's face like rivers now, and he was exhausted from all the frightening feasting that was happening to his body. All the children joined in now, taking their own part in devouring Falco's body down to the bone. Why wasn't Sakura there? Hadn't she heard her Cornelius's painful screeches?

"You always came for me, why not now?" Falco sobbed to himself almost silently. "Whenever we fought together, Sakura, you would save me, and I would save you."

Falco thought long and hard, enduring his torture, and as he thought of this life and what he knew of not too long ago, it dawned on him. He was calling out the wrong name all this time. He wasn't to be calling for Sakura; he was to be calling for somebody else. That's who he knew of this realm; it wasn't a matter of the spirits they once were, but of who they were now. Falco knew he had to give this a chance, so he raised his head high as possible, gazing towards the heavens, and to the top of his lungs he screamed out for him. Falco yelled a beckoning call to the one he always fought beside and loved, he called out for Fox McCloud.

Without a second more of time, a flash of lightning struck the ground, and from the white, a figure walked forward into the darkness. The figure began to run towards the scene. "FOX!" Falco was so glad to see his friend. Fox had come to Falco's rescue as requested, carrying a blaster in each of his paws, blowing away at the white canines about him. Tokoyami raised her arm in defense, summoning more vines, but Fox used his agility to jump over them, dodge them, and weave through them. All this effort was for one goal. Fox came to the platform where Falco was, shooting the children, kicking them away from Falco, causing them to hiss and slink back off into the darker shadows of the underworld.

The vulpine caught his breath while he stood there, shooting away at the living vines, the plants shriveled as they were cut away, and when Fox witnessed the damage done to Falco, he couldn't hold back the tears forming within his eyes. Falco looked like a half-eaten bucket of chicken legs for the most part, and the white platform on which they both stood was painted crimson with blood. Tokoyami froze for a moment, watching the lovers, she cocked a brow and smiled widely. Falco sighed as his body regenerated, the pain finally over, but the memory was to stay. Fox sobbed loudly, his gasps and coughs instantly attracted Falco's attention and care. The couple overwhelmed by the satanic events calmed their souls in a sweet embrace.

"Aw, how sweet," Tokoyami remarked, "too bad you'll have to die now, both of you!"

Fox turned his head instantly to Tokoyami's voice only to witness a quadruped cat demon leaping upon them. The beast had six heads, each head adorned with a single horn. This creature was pure place with amber eyes, a tiger with strong beastly lion heads, each of those heads seeming very hungry. It took down the vulpine, but not the falcon, landing with a hard thud, leaning over the small male. Fox screeched out in terror, Falco picked up a dropped blaster and shot at the beast, and neigh make a mark upon it. Falco felt rage in his body, Fox had come to save his ass, and he wasn't about to let him die after such a brave attempt. The Falcon's feathers shimmered in silver light as he growled and kicked at the beast, knocking it over. Fox had fallen unconscious, from the shock of being attacked so suddenly by such a frightening creature.

Falco felt a new power take over his body; he felt a heat rise all the way up to his crown feathers. He looked at his glowing being and then to all the children of Tokoyami, their eyes watching so blankly. He wondered for a moment how they could actually see, or if it was some sort of sixth sense that led the spawn to their food. Even Tokoyami seemed to cower now, the ruler of this hell hissing and spitting in apprehension at the one upon the blood-stained altar. Falco quirked his brow and looked down at Fox, who was in a silky pink and red kimono.

"What the… hell?" Falco said softly as he now just noticed Fox's attire. The falcon slowly looked into the pooled blood beneath his feet to see that his own face and clothing had changed as well. "Fuck yea… This is what you've been fearing, isn't it, Tokoyami?"

Tokoyami hesitantly nodded and slowly backed away from Cornelius and Sakura, the two had been awakened by a true love, but Tokoyami wasn't going to let this grow any further. She grinned slightly, knowing her beast had done its job. The demon sighed and dismissed her children, and as Cornelius approached it with Sakura in hand, Tokoyami spoke up.

"I'll let you go for now. It's almost morning in your realm. I'm so sorry for myself that I let the both of you awaken. Love is a sick thing between two of the same gender, sin, and it's what I feed off of."

Cornelius grunted and shook his head at Tokoyami, "Love is pure, no matter what gender it chooses to continue to thrive in. Sakura and I promised to meet again, and now the hour of redemption will soon be upon all."

Tokoyami held back a cackle, "The hour of redemption? Pitiful child, I'm afraid this is neigh the generation for such an occurrence. I dismiss you from my home. Go now to yours, but by my hand, I swear our war isn't over yet."

The world turned to a white light, and as Falco opened his eyes, the sunlight of a bright spring almost blinded him. He rolled over onto his left side, his arm falling over something warm, and there upon the bed with him laid Fox. Falco widened his eyes and wondered why Fox was there, and if he was actually with Tokoyami or if it were some odd dream that had occurred. Falco took in a deep breath through his nostrils while his beak rested upon Fox's neck, nuzzled within fur. The vulpine's scent was airy and sugary, much like the sweet cherries of early summer. As Falco breathed onto his lover's neck, Fox awoke, his shimmering green eyes opening to the new day.

"Top of the morning to you, love," Fox joked, "How goes it?"

"I figured you would still be upset with me this morning, but BAM, I find you here in my bed. What's with that?"

McCloud snuggled close to Lombardi, "I can't hold a grudge against you. I was more pissed at Bill, and I had to think things over. Because of that, I ended up needing to snuggle something. You were the first thing on my mind."

Falco smiled lightly and gave Fox a small kiss to the lips, "What about the whole me wanting nothing but power?"

"Mm… That," Fox heaved out on a shallow breath as Falco pulled away slowly, "was nonsense, but I still feel that you want something more than my love. You can tell me. I promise to sit down and try to understand."

Falco sat up beside Fox and mumbled, stuttered, and slurred. He wasn't sure of how he was going to tell the full out truth to McCloud, but he knew he had to say something. He knew that Fox had made the time come. It was time to tell the truth. The falcon gazed around his mundane room and glanced back to his no-where-near-hedonist fox friend. The vulpine sat there, eyes open, ears perked, tail flitting, all attention marked up and ready to accept. Lombardi groaned and tossed his eyes in a roll before looking down. He just couldn't say it, but then a paw of reassurance touched his shoulder and rubbed at it soothingly.

"Okay, Fox," Falco huffed out, "I'll tell you everything I really need to let you know."

"Everything I need to know?" Fox said, emphasizing the word 'everything' to a high.

"Yes and where to begin, I really don't know." Falco thought for a few moments and then nodded as he figured the starting point of his confession. "Fox, I have never stopped being involved in gangs. I belong to one currently, Blood Lust, and the day I took you from the hospital is the day I took you to their hide out. The Blood Lust gang follows the ancient orders of Kitsune Sakura; it's our religion. To become a member, one must agree to uphold the codes and scriptures that have long been lost."

Fox spoke up, "So, you're not really a gang, you're a cult."

"I guess you could say that, but we do have competition."

"And that would be?"

"The Door Jammer Gang is our rival. They want to make sure nobody finds out about the scriptures and keep us silent."

"Today's religion is based off of Kitsune Sakura; why not let the full scriptures leak back through?"

Falco grunted at Fox, "The reason is due to nobody wishing to follow a reincarnation. Nobody believes the myths of Sakura and Cornelius returning. Everybody just believes of the ancient spirits and how they guide our life. You and I are the reincarnations, and whether or not we let people know is our choice."

"Ok, that's confusing, but I'm still listening." Fox whispered as he gave a yawn.

"You must want to know what happened at the hideout."


"Well, our leader, Beau felt your energy, and you started to go psycho on us because of some sort of spirit possession that was occurring. You being Sakura, spiritual awakening, and whatnot… Beau decided to just send us back home, and it's still your choice of going back or not."

"Why did you take me there in the first place?"

"… Because I wanted to move up on the ladder in authority, but you always have meant more to me than just that. You know that, don't you?"

"Of course, Falco, but I don't appreciate that you were going to treat me as an object."

Falco let out a long drawn breath. He could see the inner rage that Fox was holding back. He was surprised at the level of coolness the younger male was keeping. The two just sat there in another moment of awkward silence as the morning sun rose up, shadows of the city being cast onto the floor of Falco's room. Neither one of them seemed to have anything else to say, but Fox finally spoke up.

"Falco, I want to go back. I will join Blood Lust and help keep the scriptures living."

"You will actually do that, Fox?" Falco gasped.

Fox sneered, "Of course, we're the reincarnations after all. Just don't think that I could be used as a toy again."

"Oh, Fox, that hurts."

"Well, I'm hurt."

"I understand that, and I want to make it up to you." Falco leaned close to Fox, his hands on the vulpine's sides. He touched his beak to Fox's nose. "I want there to be at least trust in this relationship. That's something Katt and I never established."

Fox murmured, "Well, we can still build-up a fine trust, indeed, my Cornelius."

"Please, Fox… It's Falco. Let's not hide behind masks."


Fox leaned back softly as Falco took him into a bitter-sweet kiss of the morning. It was neither shallow nor deep, nor was it long or short, but a fine mix among it all. Falco moaned softly as Fox's slender digits raked through his feathers, stroking his back. Smiling at each other, the two took another moment of hush and just gazed into each other's eyes. It was a good thing that neither of them were fighting to go further, that they were finding peace, and just as Fox leaned up to give Falco a slow lick to the cheek, the door to Falco's room slid open.

"Hey, Falco, have you seen Fox? I mean, I went to his room to wake him up and he wasn't there." It was Slippy Toad, Star Fox's mechanic. He was looking down at a form when he walked in, he lifted his head up as he spoke, his second sentence barely started before it ended. "Fox is usually up… be… fore… HOLY MOLEY!"

Fox finished the slurp to Falco's face before looking over to the terrified frog. Falco chuckled at the sight of the dropped clipboard and papers, and the still-rolling pen upon the floor. The most amusing part of it all was Slippy standing frozen in shock. He just stood there, shivering up and down, eyes wide, mouth chattering no words, just babble. His green and slick skin was more green than usual and his throat puffed out to let out a loud croak before he passed out. Fox and Falco sat there on the edge of the bed, laughing loudly, almost rolling. Fox got up from the bed and slipped on a pair of Falco's pants then walked over to the unconscious amphibian. Falco soon joined Fox and leaned over their passed-out friend. Fox looked over at Falco and smirked.

"Maybe we should get a stick and poke him for a while."

"Fox, you're awful!"

"You are too…"

Slippy finally opened his eyes and looked up at the two — he sat up slowly and stammered out his words as he gathered up his dropped belongings. Fox and Falco tried to understand to their best ability of what the frog was sputtering out. "G… g… g… and he and you and I… and you…

…lick… two guys… …ABSENCE OF CLOTHES!!"

Slippy just sat there, holding the clipboard and papers close, gnawing on the pen, his eyes wide open, his whole body shivering. Fox pat Slippy on top of the head and chuckled and remembered the storms that had occurred after Falco left his room the night before. "Slippy, the thunderstorms last night were bad. You know?"

"Yea, Fox, those were loud spring storms." Slippy agreed, calming down slightly.

"Even an adult pilot who defeated a giant monkey brain monster can be afraid of something so small."

"I fear spiders." Slippy said bluntly.

Falco added in, "I fear latex. The first time I wore a latex condom was my last. I'm allergic to the damn stuff and it left this really gross rash that…"

Fox and Slippy glared over at Falco with a look of disgust from having too much information.

"Well, it's the truth!"

Fox smiled at Slippy, "The point is, I got a bit shaken and came to Falco's room for company until the storm passed. It didn't pass soon as I expected it to, and I fell to sleep beside Falco."

"What about the lick?" Slippy stuttered out.

"Two reasons: One, I was thanking him. Two, a feather was out of place."

"What about the absence of clothes?"

Falco answered this time, "We sleep in our boxers. You got a problem with that, footy-PJ-boy?"

Slippy's eyes widened, "Who told you… I don't wear footies!"

"So, you have your answers now, Slippy. Have a nice day." Fox added on.

The frog sighed and forcefully handed the two each a letter from General Pepper and stormed off, fuming. Fox opened his first, and waited for Falco to open his, the letters were the identical except for their names. It was a small side mission with great meaning. The letter stated how important it was to have such an objective accomplished in a short amount of time. It was urgent to have a special cargo brought to Corneria Delta Peer City immediately! Fox and Falco just looked at each other, not smiling at the fact their team had basically been demoted to cargo work, but money was money, and they needed it.

Falco smirked, "How much you want to bet it's a shipment of lollipops?"

Fox grinned. "I'm betting it's an order for General Pepper's secret porn studio."

They laughed louder and placed bets of liquor and cigarettes, knowing neither were going to win, and they were going to break out even. Fox sat down on the edge of Falco's bed, picking up his phone to call the general and accept the mission, as he did so, also watched the sleek avian dress. Several times Pepper had to yell at Fox, grabbing his attention away from the distraction of Falco play strip-teasing. Fox never knew that Falco was so picky about clothes he wore, and got frustrated.

"Here, just put this outfit on," Fox whispered, paw over the mouthpiece of the phone, "Pepper, sir, yes, we're accepting the mission. The government building is nice, but since were not part of the government, we still have to pay, remember? … Hell yea, the cargo business is degrading, but we need the money. … … … Well, you're the one who asked for us, sir." Fox looked at Falco and grinned, covering the mouthpiece again. "Stunning, Falco, you look like a true bad ass. …. What, sir? … Eledard? Yes, sir, but I'm not familiar with the planet. … Of course I know you have maps. I'm not dense as Slippy. Ok, sir. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

Fox turned off the phone and looked up at Falco, grinning lightly, and as he slowly placed the phone back to its rightful place on Falco's nightstand, the avian leaned down to the vulpine and placed a small kiss on top of his head. Falco gestured for Fox to go to his room, and as the vulpine did so, Falco followed closely. Just as Fox had, Falco sat down on Fox's bed, picking up in conversation as his companion dressed. He paid close attention to Fox's fine curves and soft voice as they spoke about the mission.

"So, which planet is this, Fox?"

"Eledard… I have heard about it before, but this will be my first time traveling to it. It's near MacBeth." Fox slowly slipped on a pair of khaki pants as he expressed his opinion of the mission. "This is so humiliating, taking up delivery-boy duty."

"Yes, but finances are thin." Falco grunted and sighed, "Fox… So that wasn't a dream?"

"Change of subject now, Falco? And to answer your question, no, it wasn't a dream. It was real."

"So you came to save me."

"Yes, as you did for me. Tell me all that you were hiding, did you?"

Falco sighed and shrugged his shoulders. Wasn't it obvious by now to Fox that Falco knew all along? Fox picked a shirt from his dresser, and felt a warm feathered hand softly grab each of his sides. He murmured lightly as Falco pulled him back to the bed, upon his lap. Fox was held in a tight embrace as Falco's hands felt up and down his sides and abdomen. Fox blushed deeply while thinking about how much they had both changed in the past weeks. Fox had gone from birthday boy, to suicidal, to lusting for blood, to Kitsune Sakura, and to Falco's lover, being so happy. The biggest change for Falco was having to put up with all of the commotion. It surprised Fox that Falco had given up his homophobia to be with him, and Fox thought about Falco saying he would protect his heart. "He truly meant it", Fox thought, "I will too, like I always have."

Fox's mind went astray as Falco continued to grope at him, he thought about Tokoyami, and the demon children living in their own village of sorts. Fox thought of Corneria's Delta Peer City, and the comparison of their people's beauty to Tokoyami's own charm. Fox murmured and felt down his own ribs and belly along Falco's caress. Warmth built up in Fox's body as images passed through his mind. He thought about his own appearance and what was considered beautiful in the world, what people thought when they said mercenary. Fox thought about his missions, and wondered how many people, female and male, were out there, considering him some sort of sex symbol more over than a hero. His thoughts were shattered by Falco's voice.

"Mm… So, Fox, what time do we head out on this mission?"

"Five this evening, sharp, Falco; we just need to meet with General Pepper at the Delta Peer docking bay before we start our trip."

"Sounds fair enough to me." Falco pulled the shirt Fox had been holding up over the vulpine's head. "We better 'report' down for…" Falco paused to look over at a clock, "…lunch, Foxy boy."

"To even think, we never took a shower after last night's events."

"We can save that for later, Foxy."

Fox shifted the shirt on his body and tucked it into his pants, as he stood up, he felt a light slap hit his rear. He raised a brow and looked back at the innocent-acting Falco and ruffled the feathers upon his head. Falco smirked and stood beside his mate, wrapping an arm around Fox's. He widened his eyes slightly as Fox moved closer, his arm wrapping around Falco's waist, paw resting on Falco's hip. Falco wrapped his own arm around Fox's body, his hand resting on Fox's waist. Falco was dressed in his usual black jeans and shirt, spiked jewelry and chains and heavy black boots, while Fox was dressed more "normally" in a casual green light sweater and khaki pants with lighter, brown boots.

The two walked down the hall, still holding close to each other, Fox's tail flitting against Falco's. They had a few odd looks as they headed towards the elevator, but everybody knew them as close friends to begin with, so nothing much was said, that is, until they met up with Bill at the steps. The greyhound got out in the middle of the hall and blocked them from going to the elevator doors, his fur fluffed up and his brows lowered, he glared at Falco and then glanced to Fox for a millisecond.

"Dude, what's going on here, Falco? You're butt-buddies now, and proud to show it or something? You woke up about a fourth of this floor last night. Ok, so it wasn't that much, but still, I wasn't the only one."

Fox and Falco looked at each other and then to the small staring crowd. They didn't know what to make of Bill or what to say. They had to think of something fast, for their reputation was at stake. Bill stared at them a bit longer, his voice raising as he spoke up again. "Well…? Answer me!"