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>>skin tight — chapter four: in the middle of the maze lays a pit::

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Passion Wovstah

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Fox… Star Fox and all chars © Nintendo. Kitsune Sakura, Cornelius, and other not Star Fox © me.


Falco broke the kiss they had just shared, and he felt a surge of heat envelope his body. He gazed down at Fox who was laying back, eyes half open, his eyelashes catching tears and light from the dim lunar beams coming through the curtains in the night-found room. Fox murmured and lifted his paws up slowly to run his slim fingers through the feathers on Falco's cheek. With his tail swishing, the vulpine trailed his digits down the falcon's neck and to his chest, and he wasn't resisting. A new surge was overwhelming them both, and it wasn't the filthy lust to make love in fact of being sexually attracted to each other — the friends were falling in love.

All that month was confusing and so unrealistic, but it was true, and this new fear in both of them had ignited the flame of their souls, causing them to awake to their emotions. Fox had always shown it, Falco had always hidden it, yet now, they were expressing adoration for each other physically and peacefully. In the past Falco would have done something to help Fox, and receive a "thank you", "thanks buddy", "that means a lot, friend" in return, and all Falco would say would be "yea", "shut up, Fox" or something that pushed his sentiment away. It now dawned on Falco that Fox truly had felt this way for a years, and Falco knew that his passions were always there, but wondered if his were actually strong as Fox's. It couldn't be mistaken now, Falco was on the bed with Fox, and they were being intimate, a true sign that their feelings of each other were mutual.

Was this their destiny, to find each other and be there as partners, or would there be a whole lot more to it? Fox broke Falco's concentration with a swift rub to the stomach; while Falco was thinking, Fox had slipped his hands up Falco's shirt and was ruffling the soft feathers of his belly. Falco swallowed hard and glanced down at Fox again, starting to be overrun by doubt, even Fox couldn't clear that doubt by leaning up to kiss Falco on the beak. Another kiss… It was amazing how something so simple could cause the brain to go wild and bamboozle it even more. Falco cleared his throat, pulled away from Fox, got up from the bed and walked to the door. Fox sat up, ears perked, tail at a freezing halt from swaying, very curious of why Falco had pulled away so suddenly.

"Falco…" Fox said at almost a pitiful whisper. "Where are you going?"

"Did you not notice the door was open this whole time? Damn, Slippy needs to fix these things."

Fox gave a chuckle and stood up, "This door has always been like that… Here, I know how to get it shut right."

Falco stood back and watched Fox as he went to the door and leaned over to pull back a panel on the metallic frame. The vulpine rewired some cords, and sure enough, the door let off with a beep and Fox was able to get it to close the rest of the way and lock. Once finished, Fox stood and turned around, a small smirk was on his face, and Falco returned the smirk as Fox walked back over to his bed to lie down. Falco looked at the door, he had originally planned to just walk out on Fox, and his doubt was growing stronger; he started to have the urge of leaving the room at that moment. Fox looked over to his friend and beckoned for him to sit down near him with a pat of a paw upon the bed. Falco obeyed against his own will and found himself being held in a light hug by the younger male. Fox's head was up against Falco's back, and his paws were draped over the falcon's shoulders.

"Falco, I'm scared. I'm confused about this entire Kitsune Sakura story."

Falco was surprised, "How do you know so much?"

"How couldn't I? I am Kitsune Sakura, I know my own story. I just can't remember what my destiny is."

Falco sighed and pushed Fox away gently, the vulpine's ears pinned back from feeling unwanted. As Falco looked his friend over, he felt pity take over his mind, and the emotion of love build up once again from so, this time with an overpowering and dazzling heat of his body " it was Cornelius awakening within him. He couldn't deny Sakura. Fox slowly moved to lie down again, and Falco did so with him. Falco intertwined his legs with Fox's and caught him off guard by doing this. While Fox was willing to be romantic with Falco, he wasn't quite sure if he was ready to all of a sudden be in the same bed with his best friend and succumb to the wild heat of love making " if that was actually the older male's intentions.

Falco made eye contact to Fox's bright jade eyes, "Your destiny is to be with me, Fox, and me with you. It's that simple, and there isn't any use of worrying about it. A' right, Foxy-boy?"

Fox nodded and gave an unsure light chuckle as he looked into Falco's cold and dark blue eyes, then gave a small murmur; all the while Falco was aiding Fox in the removal of his shoes as well of his own by kicking his feet lightly against each others'. Fox rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling, only to have Falco lean into view with a wily grin on his face, thus causing Fox to giggle because Falco had never given him that look before. Falco became giddy as he leaned fully over Fox, slightly straddled on the vulpine's hips, but not coming in contact with anything that would cause arousal. The companions were becoming playful, having harmless buddy-buddy fun, and neither of them was thinking about sex; they were both thinking about each other's needs and feelings. Fox playfully pushed Falco aside and onto the bed, and then pinned him down, giving a loud snicker.

Fox batted at Falco's face, messing up the blue plumage, his claws scraping this way and that, all sure that his friend would return the gesture with a fighting mode, and sure enough, Falco responded to Fox's actions by knuckling the cream tuft upon his head and scalp under it. Fox play whimpered and cried as his friend's knuckles dug into his skin lightly and batted at the bird's cheeks a bit harder. The two tumbled upon the bed, fighting, kicking and punching — causing a ruckus and the bed to creak violently. They growled at each other and worked up a sweat. Their work for breath became loud and quick of pace, their eyes met, and the mood changed from being playful to something a bit more sexual as Falco leaned up to give Fox an unexpected, light kiss.

The pair went from being like a couple of kids to true lovers with a split second change of a kiss that was going to be held for a long while. Fox's paws grabbed to Falco's chest feathers, and Falco's hands scratched behind Fox's ears and the back of his neck. The warmth of their bodies raised and began to radiate as the kiss became more involved with tongue to tongue contact. They tasted each other, they began to explore… they began to feel hardcore arousal. Falco skimmed his fingers down Fox's back and sides, for the first time truly noting the feminine form that was hidden beneath the rather masculine clothing. Fox's paws rubbed Falco's chest and abdomen, feeling the hard and well-build muscles that the older male had acquired through years of weight training.

As Fox broke the kiss, saliva in a long sloppy strand ran down from his muzzle, Falco tugged at the younger male's shirt and pulled up on it. Fox was caught off guard by the sudden interest displayed by Falco's action and the flame of desire in his cobalt eyes. Falco's hands shifted through the fur on Fox's chest and his thumbs circled the vulpine's nipples ever so slowly and teasingly, causing Fox to gasp in sharply, his body growing weak with need. Fox placed his paws under Falco's shirt and forced the synthetic leather material up over Falco's head, leaving his plumage tousled and pointing in every which direction. Falco let out a soft groan as Fox leaned down and started to lick at his neck and collarbone so roughly, nipping at the feathers and skin now and then with a hint of force. This made Falco fear the bringing of blood, but he understood why Fox was nipping and biting when the vulpine's hips touched his.

Fox was severely stimulated by this foreplay. Falco could feel the raised and hardened area in his friend's pants touching that of his own; he gulped harshly, knowing that he was just as aroused and felt the sudden longing to buck his hips. Without even thinking about it, Falco did so and widened his eyes as he heard a sharp gasp escape Fox's mouth. With the room darkening more into the night, the moon shining from outside, it was hard to see exactly what Fox's true expression was, however, Falco could see the light shimmering and reflecting from Fox's eyes and could make out the curved and fragile form from the dim-lit contours. Fox was slowly moving his arms around Falco's body and pulled even closer, Falco gently rolled so he was leaning over Fox and rubbed the vulpine's ears lovingly. Fox let out a slight begging moan of a whimper and raised his hips lightly — Falco understood and thrust against the bulge in Fox's pants. Fox clawed at Falco's back, his fingers digging deep into the feathers, his breathing becoming a series of harsh, fast gasps, a lot more noticeable than the panting before, and as Falco continued to gyrate and grind, Fox began to groan and return the thrusts.

Falco struggled for breath as he felt warm fluid rush up from his depths and dampen his hips and thighs. He grunted as he felt this liquid slip from his length and downwards, making him wet, making him readied… making him feel impure. However, as he felt Fox's soft paws reach down to his pants and to the zipper, he remembered who he was with; he was with somebody he could trust, somebody who he loved dearly and now was showing his love through physical ways. Fox unzipped Falco's leather pants and pushed down his underwear, immediately there after, took the falcon's cock into his paw and proceeded to rub it up and down fully. Falco huffed with a sharp moan and wanted Fox to stop, but at the same time he wanted this sinful pleasure. He had to pull away, however, to jerk down Fox's pants relentlessly. Falco was now over the edge with desire to fuck, and Fox showed the same amount of burning lust for physical contact back by finishing off the job of the removal of clothes.

There they were, two totally different beings who shared the deepest friendship, now nude and sharing a bed, sharing same heated desire to fulfill their duty of giving their bodies to each other in the name of love. Falco rubbed Fox's stomach in small circles, making his way down to the vulpine's sheath and back up his length, and Fox's calm response of heavy breaths made Falco want this fully. Falco grunted as he felt himself give in to another small spurt of semen that wanted him to bury deep within Fox's body, and with that lust now building up, he rubbed against Fox's hips once again. The vulpine yelped with a sudden shock, he to was becoming soaked by his own hot liquids, and buried his claws into the glistening ebony and crimson sheets and pressed his head and body back into the many pillows of the bed. There was a moment where nothing was heard except for their heartbeats and heavy synchronized breathing. Falco took advantage of this silence and calm to roll Fox onto his belly ever so carefully.

Fox's breath became unsettled and his throat dry as he felt Falco's hands slide down his back and to his hips, one hand brushing his golden-furred tail to one side. The younger male felt his heart throb wildly and his breath become scarce as he felt the older and more masculine male lean over him; he looked down at the shadow on the floor from the moonlight, watching Falco's movements. Falco raised Fox's hips up, putting the vulpine slightly on his knees and prepping him up a bit by rubbing his wet length against the small and throbbing entrance. It was slow, but surprising when it the time finally came. Fox buried his face in the pillows and his claws clinched into them as well as Falco pressed himself against the vulpine's ass and pushed his cock head in unhurriedly, spreading the virgin hole.

Fox whined and cried into the pillows from the pain, but moaned and murmured in bliss at the same time as Falco pushed in further. Falco was being gentle and entering fully, but slowly, so not to hurt his new-found lover. The vulpine lifted his head from the pillows to let out a fully audible moan from his pleasurable Hell; never before had he ever been penetrated, so the new sensation was a rippling pain that sent a shockwave through his body. Falco's hands gripped to Fox's hips as he began to bang his hips forcefully, his penis sliding in and out of Fox's anus — the sickening and sinful male to male intercourse now in full motion. Fox grunted and huffed as his body was repeatedly shoved into the bed, his whole body being shaken by Falco's forceful and rhythmic thrusts.

The bed creaked with their movements, and over in the next room, Bill lifted his head up from a book. Cocking a brow, the greyhound decided to get up and check out the activity that was occurring on the other side of the wall. Indeed, he was going to play snoop. He figured Katt and Fara had gone back into Fox's room — he had been one of the many witnesses to the event. It was something that none of the guys really minded, so he figured if it was so, he could sneak another peak at the girls. He moved quietly a few feet down the hall, and stopped at the door. Fox was his best buddy, and so Bill had an extra key card that nobody knew about other than him and Fox. Without even hesitating, the canine slipped the card through the slot, and punched in a deactivation code he witnessed Slippy using once, then a master code he spied off one of the guards, and viola! Bill Grey put on his biggest smile as the door slid open silently, but then got the most disturbed and irked face anybody in the history of the universe had ever had. Because, on that bed before him was Fox McCloud, Arwing pilot extraordinaire, being thrust into by the surly ex-gangster Falco Lombardi.

Bill just stood there and watched the two for a few seconds that seemed like an eternity. He let out a soft whimpering, gasping sound and coughed in disbelief. He was about to take a step back just as Falco looked away from Fox's ears and up to the greyhound's expression. Falco stopped, he let go of the vulpine's hips, letting him fall to the bed sheets. Fox groaned as he hit the bed and pillows and looked in the direction the falcon was facing. Fox's eyes widened as he saw Bill standing there, dumbfounded and shivering in the doorway. Falco was the first to speak up.

"What in the HELL do you think you're doing just barging in on us like that, Bill, you mother fucker?"

"I… well… you… this…" Bill stammered.

"Well, get your shit together and fuck off!"

Fox called out lightly, "Bill, just… just go."

Bill just nodded and walked backwards, and when he was out of the room, he made sure the door locked securely. He walked back into his own quaint room, his eyes still wide. He picked up his novel, started reading again, and sat back down in his chair, trying to forget about Fox and Falco's wild escapade. Bill's short silverish fur was standing on end now. He had never been so shocked in his life.

Fox rolled onto his back and looked up at Falco, the room was dark once again, but an overwhelming sense of disturbance loomed in the humid air. The two males stared at each other the best they could. They were speechless, and didn't know where to venture next. Falco sighed and ran his feathered fingers gingerly through Fox's hair and pet his ears lightly. Young McCloud frowned and placed his paw upon Falco's shoulder and pushed him away. The falcon grunted and sat up on the side of the bed then looked to Fox and mumbled.

"Falco, you should just get out of here for the time being. Just go to your room."

"Fox, I…"

"None of us are ready yet. I have a feeling that your emotions are tied to only power at the moment."

"Fox, how could you say that? You know I love you."

"That may be so, Falco, but I fear you have other intentions."

Just by having Bill come into the room, the full swing of mood turned sour as an unripe apple. Falco got off from the bed, put on his boxers, and only gathered up the rest of his clothing. Fox turned on a bed-side lamp and sighed lightly, his gaze turning to the balcony. Even if they were in love, this wasn't the right time or place to be showing it. There were too many people in the building, and it was certain that they woke up more people just than Bill.

Neither of the two was talking now, and the room grew cold. The love died so suddenly. It could have been the fact that they were so unsteady about their identities, or if they had been led into believing something that wasn't true or maybe it was the fact they were both guys. Falco walked up to the door and leaned against it for a second. He huffed and opened his mouth to speak, but Fox just spoke up softly as if nothing really happened.

"Goodnight, Falco. A night of rest does anybody good."

As Falco walked out into the dim and pale hall, he wondered how Fox could have been like that. What kind of friend could Fox be to suspect the worse? And curse Bill! If that greyhound hadn't been snooping he could have enjoyed a wonderful wave of pleasure with Fox. The bird snarled to himself with an odd churning rumble in his belly and a forceful chirp escaping his beak. He was upset, he was horny, he was… heartbroken… Falco had been thinking about it so much, that he passed by the door to his room. He turned around and went to his corridor, and upon entering, he instantly dropped his clothes in a corner and let his body slump down to the floor.

Falco continued to think. What did Fox mean by "only wanting power"? Falco's eyes grew wide as he thought about how he brought Fox into the Blood Lust gang's hideout, wanting to gain a higher rank. He thought about Shui and Beau, and how they were lovers and shared their rank. Was it possible Sakura knew about this and didn't want to have the power? Fox couldn't have known. The vulpine was out cold the entire time of being in the Blood Lust's presence. Falco growled to himself and tried to figure out everything in the day passed. He was utterly confused and tired. So many emotions filled his mind, so many events, so many people, and so little time to decipher it all.

He looked around his simplistic and messy slob of an apartment room. It was nothing compared to the elegance of Fox's. Falco looked at his twin-sized bed with the cream-colored sheets and dark grey, once black, covers. He looked at the piles of magazines and unwashed clothes, the empty liquor bottles, and the dozens of dishes strewn about. He gave a sigh as he got up and kicked some trash around. As he walked to his bed, Falco thought of one last thing. If he was really Cornelius, and Fox was really Sakura, did that make Peppy the wise hare? Falco chuckled to himself and let himself fall down onto his bed, and within a few minutes, he was dreaming.

"With your rage you have a clouded mind, Falco. You want only for yourself. Let Cornelius through, save Sakura from Tokoyami!"

This voice sounded all too familiar, but Falco couldn't see anything. Everything was misty, and the air smelled of sulfur. He could feel solid ground beneath his bare feet, and through the wisps of thick air, he could make out a bit of dead grass in dark soil. He felt hot and humid; he could hear the splashing of water as well. By using what sense of hearing he had over the eerie whining of the wind, he guided himself to the water, or so what he thought was water.

As soon as he reached the shore, the miasma let up a bit, and the cool liquid that lapped at his feet wasn't clear water, nor was it muddy water. It was blood. He had wound up in the same realm Fox had. He was in Tokoyami's territory now. The falcon jumped back and gasped at the sight of the lake filled with corpses. He shuddered and listened to the cries begging for mercy, for a chance to get out of the horrid realm or tortures. Hell. That's where Falco was now. The everlasting darkness of this place was so overwhelming that the only light that shone was from a flickering of dying embers. Those dying embers represented souls and the amount of hope they had within this universe.

Falco cried out loud as he felt a streak of pain travel up his back. He moaned as he felt cold arms wrap around his body and a cold tongue lap up the side of his neck. The falcon looked down to spy at the paws that were touching him. Bony fingers covered in white fur were exploring his abdomen, and the long red claws at the tip of each of these fingers were so bright that the color irritated the eyes. He saw a sickly tail coming up alongside his leg and turned his head to see who this being was. Falco's gaze fixated on a gruesome face that had one eye to speak of, in the center of the being's head. The normal eyes were gouged out and bleeding still, a constant flow of crimson tears. Falco growled a masculine shriek and pulled away to look at a starving hermaphrodite. Its hair was of length to its knees, and it was nude other than bits of gold jewelry and rubies that adorned its arms, legs, chest, and forehead.

The being spoke up in a voice that was neither masculine nor feminine, and as it scratched its swollen belly, it coughed up blood along with voice.

"It's been a long time since I had somebody so surly, yet so fresh and young to visit my realm without actually being dead! There was that fox that ended up here not too long ago, but he was taken away. He was almost mine. … Oh my… You're the bird who saved him. Cornelius, it's you, isn't it, darling?"

The canine-like creature walked towards Falco and eyed him with that one center eye, the normal sockets still blinking or expressing emotion of confusion. As Falco backed up slowly, he was stopped by an invisible force then a few vines burst out from the ground with a thundering rumble. The black weeds wrapped around his arms and legs and carried him over to the hideous being for a closer inspection. A purple tongue hanged from the mouth of the stranger as it looked closer at Falco.

"Cornelius… Don't you remember me? You should! You know where you are!"

Falco shook his head.

"You know me — I'm your 'Auntie' Tokoyami! The master of all demons! Royalty! You're so dense! Stupid child! You're so weak now because you deny your inner strength! You're just Falco Lombardi now. You're the surly passer-by who will do anything to 'get some booty', as they say now. I can remember when you didn't have your birth control methods like you have today, and all the more prevention you had was to pull out before you came."

Falco cocked a brow as Tokoyami continued yammering. The weeds forced him down into a bowing position before the King-Queen of Hell. He looked around, completely ignoring "her" and became overly depressed by the desperate and innocent souls that were eternally trapped in this realm. With that note crossing his mind, Falco wondered if he would be saved, or if he had to spend damnation listening to a hermaphrodite demon ruler yammer its mouth off for the rest of all time. He knew there had to be worse to come, but whether he wanted to think about it, or if he could prepare for it were neither a choice. Tokoyami caught onto his thoughts and grinned sinisterly. "She" picked up a jewel encrusted spear and pointed to an island, directing the weeds to carry Falco out to it.

"He goes there!" She ordered. "You are to guard him and warn me if you sense anything. I have to lure Sakura back here so I can have both of them for my pleasure. Sinful deeds are so hard to accomplish, and those who no longer believe in goodness are just fuel for more fire."

The demon continued to talk to herself about how she wanted power, and how she wanted pure rule. Falco sighed as he was placed onto his own lonely little island, and when he realized that a few of Tokoyami's zombie children were planning on joining him for dinner, Falco's mind changed. He didn't want this to happen, he wanted more out of life! Falco knew that he couldn't just be saved and return to a life of apathy and greed. He knew that he was needed for a bigger part in life. He was going to be much more than the follower — he was to be the leader.