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>>skin tight — chapter three: our labyrinth becomes a maze of confusion::

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Passion Wovstah

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Fox… Star Fox and all chars © Nintendo. Kitsune Sakura, Cornelius, and other not Star Fox © me.


Falco widened his eyes at Beau and started to give off a light chuckle, this chuckle turned into maniacal laughter that caused everybody's eyes to turn to him. Shui scowled at him as her fur puffed up in rage, but Beau kept his cool, his face stayed serious through the whole ordeal. The falcon continued to screech from the nonsense Beau had just muttered out; there was no way in Hell that Fox was the legendary Kitsune Sakura reincarnated. Beau sighed softly and shook his head as he eyed the still-sleeping body of Fox McCloud and wondered when he would awaken to the truths, or if Cornelius had awakened somewhere close.

"Falco…" Beau started off, "Has anything odd happened to your friend here lately? I know without a doubt that this is the energy of Sakura I am feeling. Tell me, you bastard; tell me whether or not a change has occurred in his life recently."

Falco kept laughing, he didn't want any part of this whatsoever, but he knew it was a good idea to answer Beau. "Changes? Hell yea, there have been changes in his life! Let's see, he just snapped a good while back, depression finally getting over him, and he tried to kill himself by O.D.-ing!"

Beau's eyes grew wide, he wanted to know more, "You son of a bitch… What did he take? Tell me NOW!"

"Whoa, Beau, good buddy…" Falco was still laughing, "It was just some pain medications and thanks to yours truly, he had a bottle of liquor to wash it all down with! Believe me, Beau, this is just sheer coincidence that you feel 'this energy', and I can assure you, Fox is no 'Kitsune Sakura'."

"Ok, Falco, what was the other reason you brought him here?"

Falco grinned, his odd teeth that lay beneath his beak showing through. "I brought him here to force him into being my partner for Blood Lust. Everybody here knows Katt isn't fit for knowing about this gang, and Fox is my closest buddy — we've got to let him have a change at it all!"

Beau didn't like the change of subject to come so quickly, but having a chance to acquire a new member was something that didn't come so often, especially to have one as supreme as Fox McCloud at disposal. Lombardi was power-hungry, Beau could sense it, and bringing in a partner to be an apprentice was trying to show one could hold up responsibilities of training a new recruit. Hardly anybody would come to such a run-down abandoned building and take a chance to see the wonders laid within it. The Turkish Angora thought over this for quite a while, he stroked his whiskers and gazes at Falco, letting his green eye close and his ice blue eye stare, and with a small purr, the cat gave in.

"Alright, Falco, he's in, but that's only if he wants to be. I don't want to force anybody in that doesn't want to be in. If you can get him to stay, and train him well, you will be pushed up the ladder to secondary monarch. That sounds good?"

Falco grinned, "That brings a pleasant thrill to my ears. What about Fox, though?"

"He's going to be an underling, Lombardi, just like how everybody else starts out."

"That is," Shui interrupted, "unless you take him in as your life mate."

Shui purred and giggled as she rubbed up against Beau, cooing and calling at her mate, and this made Falco sick at his stomach. How dare she bring that up? A life mate was somebody you just spent your energy with, somebody to share your rank with — somebody you had sex with. Both Shui and Beau were the high priests of the Blood Lust gang, and Falco wanted to be right up there with them, but he didn't want to leave his buddy behind. Yet at what extreme would Falco go, to have Fox right there at his side? He surely didn't want to share such a thing as romance with somebody the same gender — that was just sick. At that moment, however, as he looked around at all the small tables, couches, and at the bar at all the couplings in the dull lit building, Falco thought about the hospital, and the steps…

Those high towering and brittle metal barricades that were collapsing beneath them. The rush to escape, the clanging of metal, the creaking of iron twisting and bending, and the snap of it breaking! And Fox's cry of mercy as he fell to a certain death! Falco closed his eyes, shutting himself off from everybody, his mind focusing on the rescue, of how he jumped down and risked his own life for his best friend, his soul mate… his… love… Oh sweet Mother Goddess of Corneria! Breaking Fox into reality, being slashed by his claws, their breaths of excitement, of shock… Fox's tongue against his beak and across the wound … Yes, the wound… throbbing and pulsing just like Falco's heart, his heart… Oh how it beat with such a strong rhythm of arousal as Fox held close, his muzzle becoming ridiculously intertwined with Falco's beak for a blood tainted kiss… Oh, fuck yes, that sinful kiss and how he actually embraced it for a slight moment before pushing Fox away because… Why? Why did he push Fox away?

"No… I didn't enjoy it… Shut up, Falco, you didn't enjoy it…"

"Enjoy what?" Murk's girlfriend, Malfoy, a field mouse, was staring Falco face to face.

"Nothing of your concern, Malfoy, just leave me alone." Falco shrilled.

"We all heard you," stated Shui, very bluntly.

"Something is going on, and we need to know the whole story" Beau added. "Tell us."

Before Falco could say a single word, Fox's eyes flew open with great speed as he sat up with a scream of pure terror, a dribble of blood streamed down from his mouth and down his neck — his body seemed to convulse as he sat up, his eyes showed no emotion. Everybody in the building just stopped dead in their tracks to look at Fox, the golden furred vulpine seemed to be talking to himself, uttering out very gruesome details of sheer murderous joys and the sorrows that were attached to them. Falco too, grew wide-eyed, but from listening to the unadulterated, yet sinful words that purged from Fox's throat. Shui ran off somewhere, and Beau stayed, holding up his ankh necklace to the seemingly-possessed vulpine's forehead. Fox screeched out all the terrors in his mind…

"There is no hope for any of us, this dream shall never end, and none of us shall ever awaken. Don't you feel them? The parasites under our skin, crawling, and crawling… Those are our sins… and our sins are yet to be forgiven… we are all tainted with the blood of the world, we have been murderers! One with an axe, swinging… slash, slash… the gush of blood and bile from the bowels that slosh forth onto the filthy ground… Another with a gun … with the sound of thunder… and the neck bursting with a crimson bath in which little children were washed in and poisoned from a hideous disease … Another with this same disease, using his own body to kill, to spread a virus by raping nuns in the churches… One murderer is so close to me… He took a metal pipe… and impaled a badger through the gut… and I was stained as well to witness this… So many more, so, so, so many more… Tokoyami has been brought into my life… corruption… Oh… Cornelius… SHE IS HERE!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE ME SOONER!?"

Beau lifted his ears in shock, it WAS Kitsune Sakura coming through, but she seemed so distraught… Tokoyami was within her now, anybody could sense it, and the blood gushing forth was the purity that was being lost, Fox didn't have much time before the true change was complete. Falco watched in shock as Beau started repeating a holy chant passed down by the white witches of Corneria, this was truly a rarity, and Falco couldn't believe this was happening, but he knew it was all true. Falco was in denial. The falcon held his breath for a second, wondering what he should say, and sooner than he could shrill out any simple syllable, Shui ran back in with a bottle of holy oil. She opened the bottle, put some oil on each paw and grabbed the sides of Fox's forehead, giving out a loud shout.


… and with that, the young male fox fell silent and swept back down onto the ragged couch in a sprawled-out form of restlessness. He looked so innocent in his dark sleep…

"HOLY FUCK! What the HELL was that about!?" Falco shouted.

"You ARE an idiot, Falco — pure genius." Malfoy snickered.

"That was your proof," huffed Beau, "of the true Kitsune Sakura!"

"Tokoyami has gotten to her, and Tokoyami will be back. I can only suppress such great power." Shui added.

"You people are fucking crazy… There is no such thing as Kitsune Sakura, or Tokoyami, or Cornelius… There isn't even such things as spirits. You've probably just planted this all in my head, and did something to Fox, didn't you?"

Falco had stated this so coldly, many of the animals had stopped doing what they were accustomed to doing, and had gathered around this freakish scene. Shui was starting to cry, and Beau was scowling, and this caused Falco to get an "Oh shit…" look on his own face. It was one thing to make Beau angry, but to make his life mate Shui cry was an even higher offense. These people lived by the code of Kitsune Sakura, it was all they knew, it was their religion, and Falco spoke to help uphold these faiths and just turned against them. He had just said that their spirits didn't exist; that it was all was in non-existence, that Fox was faking this, and that none of this was real and it was all staged, but he KNEW that Blood Lust had never talked to or even seen McCloud in real life before. Falco cringed because he also knew what the dream Fox described meant, because he was there, he had saved Kitsune Sakura, but he didn't want to be part of this. He felt that it was best to stay out of something that would draw him into a mixed maze of confusion.

"BLASPHEMER!" cried out a bat in the back of the room.

"Savage Godless HEATHEN!" another shouted, this time a zebra.

"Your seed is surely SIN! Your children shall never be clean!" This major insult came from a lioness.

"You are condemned to be on the streets, you filth! You are a nun-fucker, aren't you!?"

"You'll be in HELL with the rest of the dirty scum of this universe!"

"Die now! Take a knife to your throat! Tokoyami!"

"Tokoyami! Tokoyami! Tokoyami!!"

Falco's head swam with the shouts and cries in the room, his mind was flooding with all these insults, and he just wanted to be normal. He didn't want to be in this fantasy that was too crazed to be real! The falcon grabbed the sides of his head, clinched his eyes shut, and began to growl. "Shut up…" He said with a mumble, nobody hearing him. More and more shouts and cries of "Tokoyami!" filled the mouths of the beings of the room. Nobody was doing their norm — they were all too busy damning Falco to an "everlasting darkness" in Hell. "Shut up!" The falcon cried louder in vain. Shui was now sobbing loudly and also chanting at the same time and was even pointing while Beau shouted the loudest and snarled. "SHUT UP!!" Lombardi was losing it now; tears were coming from his eyes and flowing down his cheeks, but he was ignored, and with this entire disregard for the avian's requests, Beau pulled out his rage and clawed Falco across the face and let the blood slosh forth.

"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! EVERYBODY JUST LET YOUR MOUTHS LOCK SHUT AND STAY THAT WAY, GOD DAMNIT!" Falco screeched this as he stood up from his seat swiftly, and everybody shushed as they set their awe-struck eyes upon the falcon's tears and pouring blood.

Just as quick as he stood up, Falco sat back down, this time on the same couch as Fox, and took the vulpine into his arms and held him close. Falco wrapped his arms gently around the fragile younger male and cradled him like one would a small child. Blood dripped from the bird's beak and blue feathers, and onto the golden fur of his companion. Pondering took over his mind, thinking of what this had to do in his whole life, and why it had to be so insane and out of this world. As the area shushed to a deafening silence, Falco's hushed sobs and pleas to Kitsune Sakura were heard. Beau took on a puzzled look as of why this blasphemer suddenly turned to this compassionate being who was praying to their Goddess. Was he trying to repent his sins or was it the fact that he was Cornelius all along? How could they all have been so naïve and blind?!

This was no longer a matter of codes and regulations, it was clear to even the dullest mind now of why Falco was acting so strange. The poor guy was afraid. For the first time in his life, Falco had shown his fear by denial, and now it was being confirmed by his shivering body and pathetic, emotional shedding of tears. Beau rested a paw onto the blue feathers on Falco's forehead, and this seemed to calm him so much but scare him at the same time. Falco looked up to the strong expression on Beau's face, and this expression turned into a soft, yet serious show of emotion. Beau got onto his knees before Falco as everybody watched — Shui, too, fell down to the same position but in more of a faint of disbelief from her unawareness. One by one the group fell to their knees with astonishment, and as Falco looked around with his own jaw dropped open, he could only sink deeper into denial. Was he awake yet? He had to be, he saved Kitsune Sakura, but as was stated, not soon enough. What should he say, would they be angry at him, or did they have a solution?

"Go home," Beau said bluntly, "and take Sa… Fox with you. If you happen to need this, just feel free to use it to his forehead and say a prayer each time he lays down to rest. I trust you to come back if the need be." Beau handed Falco a bottle of holy ink. "Remember what the emblem is?"

"Yes," Falco stated with a nod while he took the bottle of ink, and then a fine-tipped brush with it.

"I know you doubt all this, and I don't blame you. So, go now, before I become enraged again…"

Falco stood up slowly, keeping eye contact with the strong male cat, and placed the bottle of spell ink and the brush into his pocket ever so carefully. He picked Fox up and lugged him cautiously up onto his own shoulder. As he turned around, Falco could feel the heat of Beau's anger rising again, and made a mad dash out the door and into the back alley once again. Shui looked to the door then focused onto her mate and stood beside him. She held close to him and laid her head against his arm as she became inquisitive towards his actions.

"Why did you let him go like that, Beau? Is he Cornelius or not?"

"I know so, but he needs to figure this out on his own."

As Falco took as quick of footing he could, he pondered over what he should do, of if he should take Fox back to the apartments, or if they should spend the night at a motel, but in the final decision, he concluded it would be best if he took Fox back home. The avian ran up old and musty alleys, taking all the shortcuts he knew. Since he had grown up in the back streets, it was like visiting his childhood; it wasn't exactly the most beautiful thing he could think of at the moment, of how he had to fend for himself, but it was something he reflected upon and grew from. Sooner than what he had expected, Falco arrived at the back door to the government apartment building just as the sun was setting and night was being born. All his back street knowledge had gotten them to a safe haven, or so he thought.

Falco switched shoulders on which he was carrying Fox and used his free hand to open the back door with his key card. Everybody who lived in the building had one, and everybody knew how to cheat the machines if they had forgotten it. It was strange to be living among those who truly served in the Cornerian army and it made Falco wonder why the Star Fox team and allies were given an all-paid passport to live there. It didn't matter much though, the building gave them a place to stay and that is what truly counted. Falco liked having more space and more to do on Corneria than being stuck on the Great Fox twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five. The building itself was smack dab in the middle of Delta Pier City and dwarfed the other skyscrapers with its large and towering construction. It was not like any grey and dull complex, but it was black-framed with large glass windows that gave a great view of the city, and the higher one was, the more of the city you could see. Leaning over a top-floor balcony and viewing past Delta Peer City Park, and all the city lights to the ocean was something so overwhelming and romantic, nobody could get enough of it.

Falco sighed, knowing he didn't want to carry Fox up an endless amount of steps, not just because of the hospital, but because there were so many damn stairs, much more than the hospital, and the Star Fox team happened to live near the top floor. He walked into an old back elevator, ignoring the fact that the damn thing could break free from its cables and pressed the assigned button. Falco took the opportunity of the slow-moving and outdated pulley in the shaft and set Fox down softly onto the dusty tiles. Using the sleeve of his jacket, Falco dusted away years of neglect from the mirror wall of the small elevator and looked at his reflection in the dimming cart lights. He looked as abused as the cart did, all torn up and sickly in appearance, but he knew he was stronger than what his reflection showed. He realized there was so much he had to overcome in the near future, and as he thought deeper and deeper into this subject matter, the elevator came to a choppy and grinding halt.

"Eh? Why did it stop here? Mother of… It better not have frozen!" Falco growled.

The elevator doors opened, and there stood Bill Grey, "Oh, figured as much."

"Why in the HELL did you stop this thing? I thought it broke down on me!"

"Don't you mean 'us', and why were you riding in this outdated thing anyway?" Bill was looking at Fox, "What did you do to him? Shouldn't he still be in the hospital? Don't tell me you just took him out without checking in with the doctor! GOD! He's even beaten up! Did you get in a gang fight? Falco! What in the Hell?!"

Falco put a blank look on his face, and as Bill continued to complain, ask questions, and lecture, Falco simply let the doors close and the elevator went on its way to the designated floor. "Damned greyhound…" Falco thought as the pulley groaned and creaked, pulling up the cart little by little. As another stop came, this time to the correct level, Falco picked Fox up again and headed to Fox's room. Falco used his free hand to search for Fox's key card to he room, but as Falco came to the door, he heard voices, and unlocked the door with care. He let the door slide open just a crack, and what he saw next only gave him a slight surprise.

There, on Fox's wondrously huge bed, adorned with red and black sheets, covers, and pillows of silk were Katt and Fara — nude… and making it. Falco held back the giggling he felt rising from his belly and into his throat as he continued to watch, and much be entertained. He could feel the heat gathering in his body, and he could feel discomfort forming in his tight leather pants due to the erection he was getting, but this is something he wouldn't miss for the world. Falco grinned and licked the tip of his beak, watching all this yummy and drool-over action that was occurring before him, and he wished for more, and thank the Gods, that is what he got.

Katt fluffed her pink fur in much arousal as Fara nosed her way down the feline's body, licking softly here and there. Fara was much of a masochist and was letting the younger female oddly dominate her fully, and she yelped slightly as Katt's paws let out sharp claws that dug into her shoulders. Katt let go of the young fennec and let her continue to please and purred wildly as Fara lapped between her legs now. Fara murmured at the bitterly sweet delights of Katt's moist folds and reacted to her master's orders.

"Damn it, Fara! Do more with that tongue of yours! Slide it in deeper!" Katt hissed.

Fara obeyed and plunged her muzzle into Katt's sex and let he tongue slide into her depths. Katt moaned and clawed the pillows behind and under her head as she gyrated her hips, trying to get Fara's muzzle and tongue further in than it was going. Sweat gathered on both of the females as their heat grew and their breathing was getting louder and deeper, and synchronized. Fara reached up and grabbed Katt's full beasts into her paws as she continued to please her, and Katt continued to meow and moan and purr. Katt's body vibrated with her loud purring of pleasure, and Fara finally forced the beginning of her muzzle into Katt's depths and licked at her walls insanely. Both of the girls were hungry with so much lust, and the mess they were making on Fox's bed was the source of their satisfaction.

Katt pushed Fara away, leaving the desert fox confused, but only for a moment. The pink feline grabbed the older female's legs and intertwined their legs so that their sexes touched.

"Relax now; you've done your job. I should please you now." Katt murmured.

Fara nodded and laid on her side softly as Katt sat mostly upright and grinded her pussy to the fennec's harshly and with a speedy pace. The small fox moaned with new pleasure, and so didn't her friendly feline partner. Fara felt Katt tug on her tail playfully as she continued to grind, and slip from time to time because of the fluids trickling from their bodies. Fara grabbed at the covers and cried out as Katt became rougher and relentless.


Fara squealed in delight as her depths pulsed and throbbed and released an extraordinary amount as pleasure while Katt, too purred and moaned, her orgasm taking over her body as she swayed her hips erotically to let her juiced flow and mix with the fennec.

"That's a good little bitch…" Katt whispered.

"Eh, lesbians… are… hot." Falco stated as he walked into the room, Fox in his arms.

"FALCO!" Both girls screeched.

"That's enough for one day, now get out!"

Fara and Katt didn't even get time to ask about Fox, Falco wouldn't give them enough time to, instead they gathered up their clothes and bolted out the door an down the hall. Falco smirked widely thinking of what Fox would have done if he were conscious to see such a thing. They had left such a mess of Fox's bed, so Falco swept off the covers and laid Fox down onto the bed sheet that was left unsoiled. With a sigh, Falco went over to the door, and made sure it was locked and needed an access number plus a card to get in; he didn't want to chance those two horny chicks to romp back into the room while he was with Fox.

Fox moaned and whimpered in his sleep, and this caught Falco's attention. The vulpine was sweating and grimacing — Falco knew it had to be a nightmare of something very horrible. Maybe he was having another vivid dream of his mother being blown to bits by the car bomb, or of how his father never returned by Peppy's side on that fateful day, or maybe it was Tokoyami. As ridiculous as it felt to him, Falco brought out the bottle of holy ink and the brush and pondered of what symbols he should use. There were so many spell casting characters one could use, but Falco had never used any of them before; he was one who never really stuck to religion or any form of witchcraft. He had to give it a shot though, and at the moment, the only three symbols he could remember were protection, friendship, and love.

When Beau asked if Falco remembered the symbol, he knew Beau was referring to protection — it was the simplest symbol in the books, constantly used from healing the ill to casting off evil spirits like he was to attempt now. Falco gasped when he noticed Fox's body starting to twitch violently again and giving out small shouts of fear, mumbling some, asking for help. That did it for Falco, he decided as stupid and out of the world it was, he just had to do this for Fox, after all, this was his friend, his closest friend that was always there for him. They had always been there for each other, and Falco wasn't about to back down on his best bud. Falco slowly took the cork out of the small bottle of ink and gently placed the brush inside the bottle, getting a bit of ink. Using his strong hand to hold Fox's head still, Falco placed the sign of protection on Fox's forehead; the ink turned from black to red, showing sign of drying and sealing.

The avian sniffed the ink, and cringed at its scent, now wondering if it actually had any true effect, and as he gazed upon his now calmly resting friend, Falco gave a smile and had new faith with this. It must have worked, Fox wasn't twitching or mumbling, but he still seemed so sickly and this panicked Falco. He sat down at Fox's side, settling down on the black silk sheet, and used the ink and brush to place the symbol of friendship upon his friend's head as well. The two symbols looked so intricate laying on top of each other on the vulpine's forehead, they seemed to interlace each other so perfectly to form one large symbol that stated: "My friendship is the protection to this being's mind."

"That's it," Falco whispered with a smile as he set the ink on the nearby nightstand, "It's all about my friendship for Fox, and how I protect him, I am responsible for him, and I can't let anything harm him. Fox, I just want you to wake up, buddy. I don't want you to be in any pain at all. I know I hide it so much, but you see right through me and see how much I care, Fox. I am so sorry for all the times I hid it from you and made you feel so miserable. If I had a second chance, my cockiness would not show at you, I would make sure you knew from the start that… that…"

Falco ran his fingers through Fox's fur as he cried once again; his emotions were rising at an all time high, and he didn't stop to wonder or push them back — he just let them flow. As he ran his fingers along Fox's cheek and down his neck, he thought about the stairs again, and about the blood tainted kiss, and realized that was his impurity, and Fox was showing that he shared that impurity by keeping closely knit to Falco, and Fox had no regrets for it. What a friend Fox was to him, compared to him, he was a demon and Fox was the purest of angels that he had made into sin, but the angel didn't mind sharing this indulgence. Falco sobbed heavy tears onto Fox and slowly pet the vulpine's cheek with an affectionate stroke, his fingers softly shifting through the golden fur.

Slowly, soft paws rose up to Falco's arm and slid to his wrist and kept his hand on the soft-furred face. Falco looked down into the stunning emerald eyes that were Fox's, and how soft with love those eyes looked as Fox gazed up at him. Falco's cobalt eyes shone like dark sapphires as they fixed upon Fox's. The friends said nothing as they stared deeply into each other's souls, Fox blushed softly, and Falco's hand was idly stroking at Fox's cheek still. Falco pulled the small left shoulder strap of Fox's shirt down and pulled at the fabric so the vulpine's chest would show. Falco softly laid his hand upon the cream fur of Fox's chest and felt his heart beat so peacefully, and so strongly.

"… I love you, Fox, and nothing will change that… ever. You are… my Kitsune Sakura…"

"Falco, the emotion I have had for you for so long has been nothing but love. It's due to destiny, Cornelius…"

Falco took the ink and brush from the nightstand and marked the symbols of protection and love onto Fox's chest, right over his heart. Fox murmured at Falco's touch, and looked up to him.

"What does it mean…?"

"Fox, it means… 'My love… is protection… for this being's heart."

Fox's eyes filled with tears as he leaned up towards Falco and wrapped his arms around him; Falco returned the embrace, and their eyes met once again. They gazed at each other and leaned closer, both blushing, and for the first time in their lifetime, they shared a kiss that was truly crafted out of a pure, honest, and interlocked chain of love that would never be broken.