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>>the cards — chapter fourteen: going on tilt — part one::

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Disclaimer: I do not own Star Fox 64, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


"Shuttle 212Alpha-Bravo, you are clear to land, please follow the lights in."

Felix sighed and hit the acknowledge button, directing the shuttle through the mass of traffic that was always around the space station Sapphire Lighthouse. He had not enjoyed the last week. His life had been on its ear for a while anyway, what with James being on the fringe, but things felt like they were starting to spiral out of his control. Some of his government informers kept telling him the natives were restless but couldn't explain how or what was happening. A few other informers had dropped off the planet and he'd had no luck in finding them so far. Then there were the other James-related complications…

How the fuck did someone who drove him so crazy make him so happy?

He left the shuttle in a docking bay, where a robot picked it up and put it into storage somewhere else, clearing it for someone else to land. Hoping the robot would manage to find his shuttle later, he cut through the station without really seeing it. The fringe was not his territory. Hell, he wasn't even really welcome out here. In his line of business, he worked Lylat pretty much exclusively. He did no work on the fringe, which is the only reason he was getting away with it. The others had come to realize he only came out here to see an old friend who was another in the business, he was making no attempt to expand his territory.

At least, not in that sense. He'd spent the last four or five days debating reclaiming some old territory, so to speak.

He didn't bother knocking on James' door, standing there for a moment considering then punching in a code, which lit up green for him and unlocked the door. He grinned and walked in, looking at James. "You need to change your code patterns."

"Bullshit, you're the only one who even knows I have a pattern." James smiled at him, looking surprised as hell to see him. He was shirtless on his sofa, a wireless keyboard flopped across his lap, fingers still on the keys. His command consol had merged all the screens into one and blown up the display so he could see it well from where he was sitting; it currently displayed a word processor that was in the middle of a sentence. "You didn't tell me you were coming out here."

"Yeah, I didn't want to update you on the situation over the phone." Felix took off his coat and wandered to stand next to the couch, eyes skimming what of the text he could see. "Who is Jack?"

"I told you I was going to write a book." James muttered, doing a few quick key commands that made the word processor disappear from the display.


"It's not ready. I'll show you it when I have something more solid." He slouched, turning his head and looking up at Felix. He looked tired and well… old. Felix frowned, not liking how well stress was showing up on the other man's body, the shadows under his eyes and the lines at the corners of his eyes and mouth coming into relief. For the first time in his life, James looked his age. "So what's going on?"

"Later." He stepped over and took the keyboard from his old friend, moving to kneel on the couch straddling his lap, leaning their foreheads together. "I haven't seen you in a few weeks. I want to make that up."

James sighed softly and put a hand on Felix's chest, pushing him away a bit. "You can wait until you've given me the short version. What the hell ended up happening with Wolf? I still can't get through to his phone."

Felix's face fell into a frown. "The little fucker isn't even here and he's cock blocking me."

He rolled his eyes. "I take that to mean you spoke to him."

"Yeah, a few days ago. I delayed coming out here because I wanted to see what became of he and your kid's business discussion." Felix clambered off James and sat beside him, folding his arms and glaring off into the distance. "He figured us out."


He held up his hand and displayed the ring. "Apparently you never told him about this."

"No, I…"

"You never saw a reason to." Felix finished, rubbing his eyes. "Well, now he knows and he's pissed as hell, so he has yet another reason to ignore your calls. He's still angry about the paintings, last I checked, but he's going about business. Best information I can get, Star Fox and Star Wolf are now formal allies. My other business kept me on planet long enough to see them play some paintball via the field's web cameras."

"No shit."

"None. Looks like your kid and Wolf are getting along better, or at least aren't trying to beat the shit out of each other." He shoved off the couch, shoving his hands in his pockets and pacing. "I don't like O'Donnel, James."

"You've always been jealous." He shook his head, leaning and picking up a cup of coffee and taking a drink of it.

"That isn't what I mean. The guy is a fucking loose cannon. If he hadn't signed those business contracts I wouldn't trust him anywhere near your kid." He bared his teeth a bit, then stopped when James snickered, wheeling to look at him. "What the fuck?"

"You sound like a bitter ex-husband, baby. You're fucking jealous, more so than I've seen you the entire time I've known you."

He stared, watching the other man sip his coffee, hands falling out of the fists they'd been in. "Are you doped?"

"Huh? No, I just haven't slept well in a week or more. You know I don't do that."

"Guy you're defending used to." He saw the look. "I got drug test records to prove it. O'Donnel was a user when he was younger, party drugs and shit, mostly legal but seriously. As near as I can tell, a few years before you met him he was heavily pierced, high, and stupid as fuck."

"Then an explosion pounded a semblance of responsibility into his brain." He set his empty cup down, pondering Felix. "So, what are you so angry about?"

"If you must know, I'm angry at you."

"Me? What the fuck did I do?" James wanted to know, then yelped when Felix was suddenly on top of him again, snarling into the hard kiss, half-assed struggles melting into a shudder when the feline's hands combed down his body, claws dragging, nearly drawing blood. Felix only snarled back, biting into the embrace, giving up on his shirt buttons and simply yanking on his shirt to snap them off, tossing it to the ground before splaying his hands on James chest to pin him as the kiss ended. "What… the fuck … was that for?"

The feline stared at his long time lover, his estranged spouse, and nearly groaned. James' eyes had lulled and darkened, one lip slowly bleeding from the kiss, his breath already coming heavy, chest heaving under Felix's hands. "Want you." Keeping it at that, he knitted his hands into the tod's chest fur and twisted, dumping him onto the couch, kissing him as they tumbled. James yelped, a high staccato protest at the fur yank that was cut off by the embrace, sprawling pinned and writhing when his torso was clawed again. Feeling James pressing into him through his jeans, his hands worked on getting them undone, mouth moving to bite along his lovers' frosted jaw then latch onto his throat.

James' claws scrambled on Felix's back, whining and gasping when the feline's clawed hand wrapped around his already straining erection. "Fuck! Damn, man, I have a bed!"

"Since when does the great James McCloud insist on a bed?" Felix laughed, rearing up to stare down at him, ravaged and perfect and gorgeous. "Getting old?"

"Fuck you, Felix." He pouted and was kissed again for his troubles, not able to protest when he was relieved of his jeans, arching into the attention as a dark hickey was left on his chest and finally giving up and wailing when two of the other man's fingers slipped inside him. They'd memorized each other when they'd been teenagers, age had changed some things but not so much that they couldn't get each other going in minutes.

The feline growled and shuddered at the noise, mouth at James' neck again, groaning when dull canid claws drug down his shoulders. This was going to get bloody, he knew it, he'd known it before he'd even started and didn't care. "Does Wolf make you wail?"

"What the hell?!" James struggled in protest of the question then when rigid when a third finger joined the other two, all three grinding into his prostate, mind falling away and sparks shooting across his vision. "You fucking… jealous… bastard."

"Oh you know it." He propped himself up on his other arm and stared down, watching James twist mindless on the sofa. He'd gotten his own pants undone when he'd gotten James' pants off, hard spined cock rubbing against one of the other man's legs, hackles up in sheer anticipation. No one, no one had ever driven him as crazy with lust as James did. "Does he?"

"When I'm… really bad off…" He whimpered at the slow torment of the fingers inside him, struggling to focus on the question, too horny to be insulted.

"Really? Just then?" He leaned in, looking into James' dark eyes, curling his fingers just to hear the gasping whine the gesture provoked. "Good."

James opened his mouth but never got the question out, protesting when the teasing fingers left then going rigid when a long spined cock replaced them, legs latching on to Felix's hips and back arching, wailing again as their bodies ground together. "Felix!" His hands found the other man's back again, digging in helplessly as Felix's body covered him, shoving him into the couch and somehow driving deeper in the process. "Ah fuck!"

"You know you love it." He stayed still, just buried there, biting at James' lips and rewarded with a hard hungry kiss. Canines had knots the lucky bastards, but felines had length and spines, and he knew how to use both to his advantage. He broke the kiss off to leave his lover wanting, biting the other side of his chest, grinding in but not really moving.

James tried to roll his hips, whining and gasping, his own cock hard and dripping on his stomach. "Stop teasing me!" He snarled and bit one of Felix's shoulders, toe claws digging into the backs of the other man's thighs. "Fuck me, dammit!"

Felix snickered and drew back slowly before shoving home again, shoulders shuddering. "Did you miss me all those years?" He thrust again, harder, the slam of their bodies percussive.

"Yes!" Twisting under him, nearly sobbing in need. "You shouldn't have left meeee!" He trailed into a yowl when he was pounded again, head back and eyes closed.

He stared down at James, remembering being seventeen and clueless and completely certain he was causing pain, James' then-teenage body clinging to him, little whimpers and sobs of pleasure escaping him. "I had to!" He lifted himself, leaning on his arms and finally hitting a rhythm.

"Fucking liar!" The vulpine moved with him, voice cracking with desperation, scent thick with hormones, that sexy sweet smell that practically begged for a good pounding. "You left me alone!"

"You would have been killed!" The words spilled out, almost like someone else was saying them, panting for air as he thrust.

"You … had no way… to know that!" James wailed again, hands scratching down Felix's arms. "FUCK.. is that what this is about?!"

He silenced James with a kiss and gave up on words, taking out his week of frustration and anger in motion, focus sharpening and narrowing down to just fucking the other man's brains out like nothing else ever had mattered. James' hands clawed his back, taking the bruising and begging for more, howling his name when he came and clinging to him for the last few thrusts. Felix growled and went limp on top of him, face hidden in his neck and gasping for air, shoulders shaking.

"You fucking jealous bastard." James finally said, voice thick, but laughing.

"I want you all to myself." He lifted himself on one elbow and licked along James' jaw, eyes barely open. "Always did. You were just too much for me then… but now, I can handle you."

"Are we talking commitment here?"

"Haven't we already?" He caught one of James hands and bit his knuckles gently, nuzzling the two rings on one of his fingers. "I want this back."

James blinked, murmuring as Felix molested his hand. "It's been a long time since we talked about it."

"What is there to talk about? Just think about it, ok? Just seriously think about it." He laced his fingers with James', leaning down and kissing his nose. "Please."

"Ok, ok, fine. Could you let me up? I feel like I'm about to become one with the couch."

Felix laughed.

"So, I have to ask…"

Wolf glanced at Fox. They'd finally gotten mostly dressed and back on the road. He was still barefoot, and Fox was still shirtless. He'd had a few towels in his bag so they'd been able to clean up at least some, at least. "Ask what?"

"You said you don't just let anyone on top of you… How many people have?" Fox slouched in the seat, having tipped it back and laced his arms behind his head. Wolf wondered if he was aware that he practically had "fuck me raw" tattooed on his forehead.

"You make three." Wolf turned his attention back to the road, turning off the highway and into Corneria City proper. "First guy was when I was in my teens, he put me off being topped for years afterward."

"He hurt you?" Fox frowned.

He wove it off. "Second guy was right before the war, someone I ran into in a bar on the fringe. If you can believe in lust at first sight, yeah, there you go. I ended up losing a bet and bottoming, happily he didn't make me regret the decision."

"You don't get around often."

"Those are just guys that topped me, I've been on top of a few. There's also been some girls in there too, but never for more than a few months. The whole traveling job thing makes it hard, you know?"

Fox looked out the window, thinking about being away on the last job for a few weeks and missing Katt the entire time. "Yeah. Yeah, it does. So why let me on top?"

Wolf shrugged. "I like you and I figured it'd make us even somehow."

"Oh please. I think I'm over how this started."

"Makes one of us." Wolf went silent again as they hit downtown, getting stuck in traffic. Fox was smart enough to sit up and pull a shirt on before flopping back in the seat again. "Would fourteen thousand credits set your ship right?"

Fox jumped and looked at him, surprised. "I'd have to ask Slippy. Why?"

"Most of my cash is locked up in financing, but I have that much sitting uninvested right now, so it'd be easy to write over to you." He pulled into the parking garage near his hotel and parked, shutting the car off.

"That's a lot of money to just have sitting around."

Wolf decided not to tell him it was currently in the form of two checks in his wallet, and made a note to get to the bank soon. "Don't worry about it. I said I'd help you with your ship, I'll help you with your ship." He leaned over the center console and nibbled Fox's jaw. "Shall we?"

Fox hesitated, then huffed. "I think reality just hit me."

He blinked slowly. "Would you rather I take you home?"

"Absolutely not." Fox licked along his muzzle once. "Lead the way."

It took a few minutes for Wolf to get his boots back on and for them to collect their bags, Wolf carrying his duffel bag and paintball gear, Fox just his gear. Rather then spend the walk up the block in silence, Wolf spoke back up. "My guys seem to think business will pick back up soon."

"Hey, that's a good thing." Fox looked at him. "God knows my group could use the money… or at least I could. I get a headache when I look at my debt."

"Right there with you, I had to finance the majority of my base. But hey, there is always work for a properly nefarious villain."

That got him a look. "I am not a villain."

"You should be, we get better costumes and the best lines when we die." Wolf laughed and punched his shoulder. "Lighten up, pretty boy."

"Yeah, yeah." Fox shoved back, ending up shoving him into the rotating doors of the hotel. Wolf had to jockey a bit to fit properly in the rotating doors with his bags when continued to walk cheerfully, leaving Fox to catch up. "You know this is a first for me."

"Walking into a hotel with paintball gear?" Wolf hit an elevator button, the doors opened to a happily empty elevator.

"No, I mean…" Fox hesitated until they were both in the elevator and the doors were closed. "Banging in one."

"Oh hey, then it's a first for us both. I've been staying here on and off for years and never got to properly test one of the beds." Wolf grinned at him, and was still grinning when the elevator dinged and opened for the proper floor, digging his key card out of his pocket and heading down the hallway. Fox pounced once he got his room door open, or tried to, the heavy gear bags swung and made them both stagger in, Wolf catching the doorway of the bathroom to keep from falling. "Easy there! Good gods, man." He dropped his bags aside and relieved Fox of his before pulling him in, nibbling at his jaw. Fox moaned and leaned against him, tilting his head to one side to allow Wolf better access, hands scratching the larger man's chest when his throat was sucked on. "Shower or bed?"

"Bed. Shower later." Fox grinned, getting his shirt off and stepping out of his shoes.

"Works for me." He moved, nudging Fox's legs so he walked backwards until he hit the bed. Fox sat down in response, falling back to his elbows and looking up at him. "Damn. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, Fox?"

"Couldn't you say handsome?" Fox pouted, watching Wolf shed his shirt.

"Absolutely not." Wolf grabbed Fox and pitched him farther onto the bed, getting his boots back off and crawling onto the bed after him. "Because you aren't. You're beautiful."

Fox laughed, oofing in protest when he was pounced on, curling his arms around Wolf's shoulders. "I guess I'm still flattered… mmmn." He arched slowly when Wolf's tongue traced down his torso, head tilted back. "Remind me why I hated you again?"

"I'd just as soon not." Wolf snickered, nibbling at the other man's abs and rewarded with squirming and laughter. "I think I want to try to put that behind us." He paused and sat back up, looking down at him. "To that end, roll over."

He snorted and started undoing his pants. "That's abrupt."

"Oh, hush, leave the pants on, and roll over."

Fox blinked and did so, grunting when Wolf straddled the back of his thighs then groaning in surprise when strong hands dug ever so carefully into the back of his neck. "God… damn…"

"Is that approval?" He snickered and kept massaging the back of Fox's neck, carefully working his way from the base of the skull to the base of the neck, then started in on Fox's shoulders. He let himself put a good amount of weight into it, feeling tightly knotted muscles under the smaller man's skin and going to work on them.

"Oh you have no idea…" Fox sank into the bed, eyes fluttering closed. "I'm almost drooling… ohhhh…"

"You are tight as violin strings." He shook his head, working on Fox's shoulder blades, smiling when Fox almost purred in response. Giving up on conversation for the time being, he slowly worked his way down the other man's back, tracing muscle and bone lines as he did so. I may have to draw him again, he decided, working Fox's lower back and getting a gargled groan as a reply. "Feeling better?"

"Here I thought we were just gunna fuck… oh, lower, lower…"

Wolf laughed, working the muscles above Fox's tail to obvious approval. "What fun is that if you're tense, though? I'd rather take it easy this time." He moved, popping his knuckles. "Roll back over so I can get your arms." Fox did immediately, nearly limp on his back, watching through barely open eyes as one of his arms was picked up and gently worked. "Besides I like doing this. I like touching you." He kept rubbing, tilting his head when Fox blushed and looked away. "Hey. Just being honest." Wolf murmured this, using both his hands to cup Fox's and nibbling his knuckles before moving to get his other arm, and therefore look him in the eye again.

"Why the hell is this turning me on?"

"I'm just that talented."

"Funny." He murmured softly when his knuckles were nibbled again. "Hey, last time we were here… You told me you'd get back to me on where you went."

Wolf hesitated, moving to lean over him, hands rubbing the front edges of Fox's shoulders. "I'm not sure I want to get into it."

Fox sat up with effort, shoving Wolf so he sat back on the bed then sitting down in front of him, shifting his legs so they passed over Wolf's and landed on the bed behind him, meaning they were almost sitting chest to chest. "Aw, come on."

"Oh, fine. I was at an art gallery. I took off to keep from fucking your brains out in the shower." He looped his arms around Fox and pulled him in, running a line of nibbles along his jaw then down to his neck.

He blanched, then burst out laughing. "No kidding?"

"None. You have no idea how close I came to losing control of myself. Waking up sleeping on top of you didn't help." He trailed the nibbles lower, Fox slouching back against his grip so he had room to do so.

"Man, I barely remember that. I must have been drunk as a skunk." One of Fox's hands tangled into Wolf's headfur, fingers lacing through the shaggy white stripe there. "Sorry about that."

"Less then, more now." He snickered, nipping Fox's chest. "I would like to get you naked eventually."

"I'll take off my pants if you will." He smiled and untangled himself from Wolf, rolling off the bed and getting out of his pants, grabbing Wolf's duffel bag and rummaging back through it.

"I put it back where it was." Wolf joined him and took the bag, finding the lube and pitching it on the bed. That done he dropped the bag aside and grabbed Fox close, pressing against him and kissing him. Fox growled playfully and stepped into it happily, hands stroking through the thick fur on Wolf's back before grabbing his ass. Wolf growled back into the kiss, using his grip on the other man to pick him up and step over to the bed. The kiss was broken as Fox was set down on the bed, agreeably crawling backwards as Wolf crawled up after him. "You know, I never saw this happening."

"No?" Fox sprawled back on the bed, pulling Wolf toward him. "Why not?"

He shifted so he was on his hands and knees over Fox, staring down at him hungrily then ducking his head to bite his jaw lightly, running a trail downward slowly to suck on his neck. "Do you want the entire list or the short version?"

"Nnnhh. Wise ass." Fox snickered, turning his head and nipping one of Wolf's ears, one hand stroking down the older man's front to slowly palm over his erection. "Seriously. Why not?"

Wolf groaned softly, trailing nibbles along Fox's collarbone and latching on when he found a place that made Fox shudder. "How about we discuss this later?" He finally suggested, working his way down Fox's body, leaning on one arm so the other could wrap the other hand around Fox's hard length, thumb rubbing the underside of the head. Fox groaned, hands landing on Wolf's shoulders and digging in lightly in anticipation, whining when he was released in favor of Wolf leaning and grabbing for the lube.

"I'll hold you to that, and I still want to know about the art gallery..!" He trailed into a surprised outcry when two of the lupine's lube-slicked fingers rubbed slowly against his back entrance, more teasing than anything else. Wolf snickered and shifted up to kiss him, fingers rubbing until Fox was whining into the embrace then slipping both fingers inside him. He broke the kiss with a gasp, hands grabbing and tangling into the fur of Wolf's hackles, shuddering. "Oh fuck."

"Am I hurting you?" Wolf stared down at him, licking along his muzzle slowly after a moment, curling his fingers slowly.

"AH! No, no…" He managed not to squirm, breath starting to come faster, eyes barely open. "I just never get used to that…"

"Mm." He pulled back his fingers and thrust them back slowly, watching Fox's body language though half open eyes. Gods, he loved this, he loved making people cry out for him. "Well, I told you something on Aquas, and it's still true…" He leaned down farther, staring into Fox's dilated eyes. "I'd do this every day just to hear you gasp my name." That said, he added a third finger and curled them all purposefully, rubbing them into Fox's prostate.

Fox wailed, arching his hips into it and putting his head back, hard cock twitching helplessly as pleasure burned up his spine. "Artemis!"

He shuddered, rocking his fingers slowly in and out of Fox, panting. "Oh fuck. You're right. When you say it, my name sounds sexy as hell." Fox tugged him down into a hungry kiss, which he returned gladly, tail lazily whipping the air when his hackles were yanked on. He kept where he was, letting the kiss ease into a lazy nibbling affair, fingers thrusting fully in and out of his lover and basking in the praise he got.

Fox panted, hips rocking with Wolf's hand, crying out every time his prostate was rubbed. He adored Katt, loved being with her in any way shape or form, but this really needed to take a more consistent place in his life. "Dammit… if you keep it up, I'll pop just from this…" He finally gasped out, acknowledging that this was getting him off like crazy and wailing again when Wolf's reply was to rub all three fingers into his prostate, back arching. "Fuck!"

Wolf snickered and withdrew his fingers, grabbing for the lube again and shifting to a kneeling position, staring down at Fox. "I just realized something."

Fox looked at him for a moment, then sat up, grabbing the lube back and slicking it over Wolf's erection, grinning at the groan and shudder his actions got. "And that is?"

"I've already come twice today." He growled, yanking Fox into another kiss as he flopped back down, bodyweight on Fox now, grinding against him. "That means I can last a long time, if I want."

"Oh fuck this is going to be good." Fox wrapped his legs around Wolf's hips, licking him once, shuddering slightly just from anticipation.

"I'd hope so." He smirked, ducking his head and lavishing Fox's neck with long laps of his tongue as he shifted his body weight, leaning on one elbow and reaching down with his free hand to line himself up. Fox bucked slightly against him when the head of his lubed cock rubbed against him, hands clutching tighter into the thick fur of his hackles. "Easy, beautiful. I don't want to hurt you." He murmured his, pressing a gentle kiss to Fox's chest as he ground against him, just short of entry, waiting for some of the tenseness to ease from Fox's body before he nudged forward.

Fox gasped, clutching at his lover a bit involuntarily as he felt the head enter. He'd had a lot of intense dreams after his encounter with Wolf on Aquas, and it'd taken quite a bit of introspection until he'd come to terms with the idea that yes, he'd enjoyed being topped by another guy. He did look at other guys on occasion and wonder, but here he didn't have to. He knew he liked Wolf over him. "Ah, damn." He finally whimpered, tucking his face into one of Wolf's shoulders and trembling slightly as he felt the other man's length slowly ease into him. Wolf's teasing fingers had prepared him mostly for the girth, but not hardly for the length. The older man had most of an inch on him in length and gods only knew how much in girth, and a knot that he could only describe as spectacular. He wasn't a porn star, true, but he certainly knew how to use what he had.

Wolf lifted himself up on his arms slightly to stare down at Fox as their hips met, groan only getting louder when he saw the vulpine's expression. He adjusted and ground in as he settled back down, letting his weight down on the other man, buried balls deep in mind-numbingly tight heat. "You ok?" He finally murmured, nuzzling and licking at him.

Fox twitched as he was ground into, legs clinging to his hips, hands still tangled into his hackles. "Yeah. I'm ok." His voice came out as a rough whisper, pulling Wolf into a hard desperate kiss, whining and gasping into it when Wolf just barely rocked his hips.

He stayed where he was, tucking his head down and nuzzling Fox's neck as he shifted position slightly and eased his hips back, pulling maybe halfway out before gladly stroking back inside. Seeing no indication he'd caused hurt, he did it again, staying pressed close, finding a slow smooth beat to work with. "You smell so fucking good." He murmured, nuzzling Fox's neck, taking in the smell he's first noticed on Venom. Sweet and spice, it was all sex, a thick hormonal perfume. To a girl, it may have promised cubs, but to Wolf all it said was mount me.

Fox panted softly, head tilted back, hips moving with Wolf's easy thrusts. This was different. What had happened between them before today could probably almost be described as ravishing. Wolf had fucked as hard as he had fought, and the second time Fox had demanded it and got nearly more than he could handle. He'd ached for days. In the car, he'd nearly lost his mind and tried to return the favor, slamming Wolf knot and all, and gotten howls of praise for his troubles. This was nearly the opposite. Wolf was clearly in no hurry here, comfortable on top of him on the bed, moves easy, almost gentle. "I get that a lot." He panted out in reply, moaning and shuddering when his prostate was brushed against.

"Oh?" Wolf took the flesh of this throat gently in his mouth and sucked, making Fox lock up and arch his back.

"AH!" Fox whimpered, arms falling to either side, arching hard enough his upper body was off the bed. Wolf wrapped an arm behind Fox's back to support his weight, sucking harder, teeth gently playing with his skin as he pulled out to the head then thrust all the way in. Speechless, Fox wailed, fingers curling and head as far back as it could be.

"Mmm. I love that sound." Wolf growled, easing off and licking from Fox's collar bone to his chin slowly. Fox slowly relaxed from his arch, sprawling on the bed panting. "Sensitive neck, huh?" He nuzzled him, easing back.

"Sensitive throat." Fox whimpered, rocking with Wolf's thrusts. "And… yeah. Katt always thinks I smell good. She used to ask me if I wear cologne…" He gasped when the other man lazily rubbed a hand down his torso, tracing muscle lines. "Never… used to get that…"

"No?" Wolf nuzzled the side of his neck, shifting his hips slowly and smiling when he got his thrust angle right and Fox groaned in pleasure.

"No… getting it more now too."

"Well, you smell fuckable." He hit his mark again, grinning when Fox's claws skittered on his shoulders, Fox's cry muffled into his shoulder. "Mm. Don't hide your face…" He shifted to lean on his arms, staring into the other man's eyes as he started thrusting just slightly harder.

Fox stared back, a breathy whine starting to come into his pants, blushing under the intensity of the gaze. "You're staring." He whispered after a few moments.

"You're a fucking work of art. Of course I'm staring." He leaned down and kissed him, hard and hot, tongue diving into his mouth. Fox whined and moaned into it, tongue pressing against his, hands shifting off his shoulders to cup his face instead. He groaned, not letting himself speed up but hitting harder, trying to drill deeper, toeclaws digging into the bed as he started putting some of his bodyweight into the thrusts. He was careful, refusing to even chance causing Fox pain, but his efforts were obviously appreciated because Fox broke the kiss and wailed again, a long drawn out eerie note of pleasure. "Oh fuck. Yes. Sing for me." He snarled, drawing back and driving in past his slowly forming knot.

"Wolf!" Fox jolted at the feeling, panting hard, wailing again on the next thrust. "Fuck. Give that to me."

He groaned, shifting to lean on one arm and wrapping one hand around Fox's cock, stroking it as he thrust as hard as he could. Fox groaned and wailed, almost immediately tipping into an orgasm, tensing up around Wolf. Wolf grunted and arched against him, shoving hard and burying into him to the hilt as he came, knot locking in.

"Damn." Fox whined softly, letting Wolf settle on top of him, nuzzling his neck. "We need to do this more often, ok?"

Wolf laughed softly. "That could probably be arranged."

"Good. Good." He sighed heavily, setting his jaw on one of Wolf's shoulders, arms curling around his back. "So what does this make us?"

"I'd say ‘fuck buddies' but that seems too cold." He mustered a shrug. "I honestly don't know. I didn't think this would be happening, honestly."

"You mentioned that earlier, but come on. Think about our past. I think this makes sense." Fox snickered, licking Wolf's neck.

"At this point in my life, very little makes sense… but I think I'm ok with it."

"So am I."

"Though it will make future business quite interesting." Wolf nuzzled Fox's neck and shoulder, eyes barely open. "You even being home will be interesting."

"I agree… wait, home?"

"Keep up, brat. Your signing a business agreement with me gave you share, of sorts, in the base I built. So, unless you buy a place here… it's home whenever you need it." He snickered, and licked Fox's near ear slowly.

"…Wow. Oh, Wow. Katt won't even let me on her apartment lease and we have a house together." Fox muffled a slightly hysterical laugh.

"It's a military base, and we did end up comparing this business partnership to a marriage on accident." Wolf nuzzled him, slowly relaxing. "Relax. There's spare bedrooms and Katt's free to be there too."

"Oh. Ok."

It was several moments before Wolf bothered speaking back up, being drawn reluctantly toward a light doze. "Are you comfortable? I know I weigh a lot."

"Mmn. When the weight of you in my life becomes too much I'll let you know." Fox's voice was sleepy.

Wolf blinked, but nodded vaguely, snuggling in and sighing heavily before dozing. Fox nuzzled in and did the same, arms holding him tight to keep him where he was.

James staggered out of his bedroom and leaned a shoulder on the wall, scrubbing his eyes with one hand. He'd gotten cleaned up and found a clean pair of button-up jeans, pulling a white button down shirt on over it. He didn't bother with the buttons, making his way to the kitchen and reloading the coffee pot wearily, folding his arms next to it and sagging into the counter while it bubbled.

"Hey, you." Felix leaned on the doorway of the kitchen and frowned at him, in his pants and nothing else, thumbs hooked into his pockets. "The last thing you need is more coffee. You need to sleep."

"No, thanks."

He frowned deeper, walking over and putting a hand on James' shoulder. "James. You're exhausted, physically and mentally, and no offense baby but you're getting old. You can't do this to yourself anymore."

James snarled and shrugged him off, shoving himself away from the counter and getting a clean mug out of the cabinet. "I'm. Fine."

"You aren't fine. In fact, you're being a bitch."

He slammed the mug down on the counter and glared. "Well, it's not like anything's happened recently to improve my fucking mood, Felix."

That brought him up short. "Wow. Ouch."

"Whatever." He shouldered Felix aside and poured himself the coffee.

Felix leaned back on the counter and rubbed one of his temples before crossing his arms and glaring at James, who was standing with the mug clasped in both hands, drinking it quietly. "What the hell is your problem? You haven't been yourself lately and today it's really bad."

"Like you'd know." James turned his back and managed to walk, not stagger, his way into the living room.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Felix. We've barely seen each other for the last decade or more. I've seen you more since I landed on this station then I had in the two years before the war. And you're going to tell me if I've been myself lately?" He turned, scowling over the edge of his mug. "I am in an epically bad mood, man. If I were you, I'd walk out right now and come back later."

"Define later."

"Tomorrow at earliest."

"Absolutely not."

"Then suit yourself because I am not in the mood to play nice."

Felix looked at him for a long moment, then snarled. "Good." He lunged and grabbed James' wrists, prying the mug out of his grip and chucking it into the kitchen, where it landed with a splatter and crash. "Because neither am I anymore!"

James snarled back, slipping his grip easily and lashing out mindlessly, landing the roundhouse to Felix's jaw. "Fuck you!"

"SON of a BITCH!" He staggered back and rubbed at the sore spot. "Holy shit. Ok, you're not getting away with that."

"Really?" James was weaving back a bit to get more room, hands up defensively. His form was messy and shaky as fuck, Felix noticed, but James didn't seem to care.

"What has gotten into you?" He lunged back in, deflecting the blows and grabbing his arms again, struggling to get him pinned without hurting him and not surprised when the other man promptly started fighting dirty, toe claws raking down one of his legs slowly. "Ow ow OW! It's me, you crazy bastard! I'm not going to hurt you!" He spun and put James against the wall, managing to pin him chest first and stunned when he had to use all his strength to keep him there. "Calm down!"

"Fuck you." This was hissed out, his struggles going still for a moment, panting for air.

"Right. Do you want to tell me what the hell has gotten into you now?" He growled when James struggled, then snarled when he managed to kick away from the wall and twist, throwing Felix off and scrambling away, putting the couch between them. "This already is getting really tiresome, man. Don't make me chase you."

"Just get the hell out."

"No! You've yet to tell me what this is about!"

James gave him a disgusted look. "Right. You fucking idiot. You knew how worried I was about this whole mess with Wolf because you were nice enough to follow up on it for me, then when you get here you find me in the state I am and still expect me to want to get into your pants instead of know what's going on?" He tossed his hands up. "You practically raped me on the sofa, Felix, and the conversation that went along with it was not exactly sexy."

"Well, excuse the shit out of me for having needs that didn't include Wolf." Felix snarled. "I'm sorry, James, but your entire life has been about dealing with your needs, well guess what I have them too. I was fully intending just to crash with you in your bed after we'd cleaned up but I found you in the kitchen and now as near as I can tell you're having fucking PMS."

"I have every god damn right to be pissed at you, asshole!"

He groaned and cupped his face in his hands. "My god, why does everyone around me have the problem solving ability of two year olds lately. You know, the logical thing to do would have been to sleep on the other side of the bed and take this up with me after you weren't deep into sleep deprivation."

"Yeah, like I trust your logic on these matters anymore. That logic is why you walked out on me."

"We've been over this before! Hell, we just went over it!"

"That doesn't mean I agree!" He staggered and caught himself, snarling when Felix moved to come around the couch.

"You can disagree all you want, it happened a long time ago!"

James nearly howled, hands clutching into his shirt briefly. "God dammit that doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt, ok?" He panted, wobbled, and sat on the couch roughly. "Whoa. Coffee isn't hitting me yet…"

Felix shook his head and came around the couch, catching James' hands and pulling him up. "Come on."

"Fuck off!" He struggled briefly but couldn't resist being drug across the apartment, clawing at Felix halfassedly as he was thrown onto the bed and pinned.

"James. JAMES!" He waited until he was looked at. "You. Are. SCARING. Me."

James twitched and went abruptly limp on the bed, fight bleeding out of his eyes. "I…"

"No. Don't say a goddamn word." He shoved off and sat down next to him, holding his head in his hands. "Just go to fucking sleep so we can forget about this." This earned him a few feeble protests, but he stayed where he was, watching as the other man eventually rolled away onto his side and curled into a ball, going to sleep still clothed. It was only after he'd been that way for a while that Felix laid down behind him, wrapping an arm around him and hoping to the gods he never had to see the other man like that again.