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>>the cards — chapter eleven: snake eyes — part two::

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Author's note: Chapter reposted! I didn't realize there was a file upload problem sorry!


"You're where?"

Alec rolled his eyes, sitting on the edge of the bed in his rented room. Leon had gotten him a nice room on the station, and shown him how to make his cell phone bounce off the station's systems so he could call back to Lylat if he wanted to. Leon himself had gotten a voice mail from his boss, and suggested they take a break from each other. Alec was fine with that, because he was torn between vaulting the table to either strangle the life out of the reptilian, or screw him unconscious. "A trade station outside Lylat called the Sapphire Lighthouse."

"The hell kind of name for a station is that?" His sister sounded bewildered.

"Hey, I didn't name the place." He replied, getting up to pace the room, rubbing the back of his neck. "And you have been saying I need to take a vacation."

"Well, yeah, but I was talking about going to Zoness to do some surfing and bang some vapid beach babes or something. Seriously, what is there to do on a trade station?"

"My vacation, Monica, so I get to pick the destination."

"Oh please. You had to have had a reason to go there."

"Meeting with an old friend, actually."

There was a long crackle-filled silence, then her voice came back. "Omigod. Is it whoever the hell from a few years ago?"


"Oh come on, you never told me but I knew you were totally into someone who dumped your ass. We're twins, dummy. It really upset me that you never told me, you know."

He was quiet for a moment, processing the fact that his sister had known about the existence of Leon, at least in concept. "It was hard to explain."

"I'm sure. So it is the same person? They call you up or something?"

"No, I called them up."

"How's it been so far?"

"Equal parts enraging and frustrating in all the wrong ways." He sighed. "I'm really worried I'm going to do something stupid."

"So? Do it! You need some stupid in your life. Just make sure you don't regret it."

He rolled his eyes. "I'll bring you back something when I come home."

"You better!"

Alec snickered and hung up, pocketing the phone and staring off. He had a week of vacation planned, and he could always leave early and go to a different vacation spot if he decided he was done here. Really, he had no idea how this was going to pan out. He'd seriously considered this a mistake a few times along the day, but so far Leon had been true to his word.

Leon. He'd nearly called him Master a few times, even though he'd been told not to. The reptilian removing his tank top had been particularly jarring, because the passing of time was finally visible on his body in the form of scars. The worst was a fairly massive rough scar passing over his right shoulder. Leon had paid it no mind, but it lingered in Alec's mind. Dressed, Leon was impeccable, shirtless he was marred. Not that it mattered, with his head full of damaged goods.

A psychopath, and a knife wielding one at that. Alec had no idea how to feel about that. He was sure he was supposed to worried, or frightened, but mostly he was completely utterly not surprised. He'd always known there was something rather off about his former Master, and at the time it'd just sort of added to it all.

A soft knock at the door brought him out of his reverie, and he walked over, opening the door and leaning on it, pondering Leon. "Call with your boss go well?"

"He already knows about me killing the guy. Also, I'm hungry. I'm going to go eat. Do you want to tag along?"

It was an impulse to go to one of the nicer restaurants on the station. Sapphire Lighthouse had a lot of restaurants, from cantinas and diners to haute cuisine. Leon personally preferred the bottom to mid range of restaurants, mostly because he got larger portions there than at a high end restaurant (a fact he never understood). But what the hey, he somehow felt he owed Alec a few good meals.

He'd seen Alec's uncertainty in his eyes. The stag was still catching up, getting a hold of the situation, and Leon couldn't blame him. He was still surprised when Alec hit the wine, regretting the restaurant choice when the other man hit wine glass number three of a particularly fine fringe red, obviously enjoying his food, whatever filter it was that held him back failing miserably. Leon had chosen a table in a somewhat secluded part of the restaurant, and he was glad, because Alec was hitting nearly every gossip buzzword in the book.

"How'd you get that scar, anyway?" The stag was asking. His elbows were on the table, once hand propping his jaw, the other hand still cupping the empty wine glass. Leon had given an ugly enough look to the sommelier the last time he'd filled the cup that he'd taken the bottle back where it belonged. Alec wasn't drunk, not yet, and Leon didn't want him that way.

"Which one? I have quite a few." He pointed out, taking a slow sip of his after-meal coffee.

"The one on your shoulder." He set the glass and leaned forward, stretching across the table and landing a finger on Leon's right shoulder, tracing a sloppy line there. Leon felt his skin twitch under the unexpected touch, scales almost seeming to prickle.

"That one isn't a particularly exciting story. I was shot down and didn't punch out. Happily the plane did not explode or come apart on landing, but I was still thrown into my control panel." Leon caught Alec's hand and gently pushed it back to his side of the table. "What brought this on?"

"Brought what on?" The stag shoved his empty plate back and gave his empty wine glass an unsatisfied look. Leon gave the sommelier another sharp look, who picked the right option and avoided the table.

"You weren't one to drink much before. Maybe a single glass with dinner."

"Yeah, I started drinking more after you left. Depressed maybe, I dunno. Got to be a bit of a wine snob too. I know about as much about grapes and fermentation as I know about taxes." He took a drink of his water instead. "It's fucking unfair you know."

"You're losing me."

"What you did. When you left. You could have stayed in Corneria City and gone professional dominant, made four times as much money than you do now. Especially if you did live shows. You had… style. Charm. You could have done it really easy."

"Oh please." He laughed in spite of himself, sitting back. "You're biased and you know it."

"It'd have gotten you out of this fucking soldier business, ruining you with fucking scars. And it'd have gotten me out of being a lawyer maybe, or at least let me have a second income so I could have more flexibility with the cases I take."

"There's no point in discussing things that didn't happen."

"Normal people do."

"I don't know if you've noticed, Alec, but normal people suck."

That made the stag laugh, sitting back, staring at him. Leon stared back and saw his eyes were nearly black. Full dilation. "And only the nice ones swallow."

"Alec, you're drunk or near it." He made his voice bland, but knew his skin color had changed. He'd been a sort of cool mint green most of the evening, his in-control color. When he'd killed the zebra, he'd gone a dark mottled color, green and brown. Now his skin tone was going bright green, almost a Kelly green. It wasn't in his control and it was always a dead giveaway of his real mood. "I'm going to pay the bill then I'm going to take you to your room to sleep this off. We can talk tomorrow."

"I'm not drunk." Alec replied, tilting his head lazily to the side and staring at him fixedly. "I am feeling pretty good right now though."

Leon shook his head and flagged down the waiter, getting the bill and writing a check for it quickly. The sooner he got Alex to his room, the better, he thought to himself as he stood from the table and made a come-on gesture. "Let's give them their table back."

"You aren't a whole lot of fun you know." The stag accused, walking with him and slouching to one of his shoulders purposefully. Leon ignored the lean and kept walking, taking them through the station automatically.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't aware I had to be."

Alec was silent the rest of the walk, until they were in the hallway in front of his room. It was then he stepped in front of Leon and wrapped his arms around the younger reptilian's shoulders, staring at him nose to nose. "Stay with me."

"No." Leon tried to push him back. "Absolutely not. Get off."

He held a bit tighter, ducking his head and pressing his face to Leon's chest, which basically meant Leon nearly got a face full of antler rack. "Please. I missed you. Master."

"Don't call me that." He grabbed Alec's antlers and used them as handles, jerking them back and holding the other man still as he stepped away. "You're inebriated, Alec. You're not thinking straight. I refuse to do anything you will regret later. You don't trust me." Twisting one hand until the deer yipped in pain to drive the message home, he kept him at arm's length with one hand, digging in Alec's pockets until he found the key card and opened the hotel room door, shoving him in and pitching the key card after him.

"The hell was that for?!" Alec demanded, staggering but keeping his balance, turning to gape at him.

"It's called a reality check."

"You want me. Dammit, Leon, I remember what your colors mean. You're denying emotion again." He wove his arms around, staggering a bit again then catching himself. "Blushing bright green? Yeah, I seem to remember that meaning mad lust for you."

He blanked his expression, shut down his mind, let his eyes go dead as he turned off everything auxiliary, trying to make his color calm back to the mint green. It didn't, and then finally started distorting as he got rather enraged with himself. Alec, meanwhile, had taken several steps back. "If and when you decide you trust me, I'll consider touching you again. In the mean time, I don't touch you, you don't touch me. Do we have an understanding?"

"What the fuck was that? Your eyes went flat."

"Thank you very much for paying attention." He replied scornfully, reaching in and yanking the door closed between them, stalking down the hallway. Halfway to his room he realized his hands were curled into fists, and made them release, digging out his key card and letting himself into his room.

Once in, he kicked the door closed behind him and stepped out of his shoes, going to the bed and sitting cross-legged in the center of it, staring off vacantly. Truth be told, he hadn't been denying any emotion. Hell, yes, he wanted Alec. Hell, if he'd had any less control over himself, he'd have had the stag against the hallway wall, or on the floor of one of the rooms. But he'd spent years building himself around his self control. He rarely did anything on impulse or a whim. Even if he didn't have a plan, everything he did was thought out logically.

Which was why Alec had always been so dangerous to him. Alec had always been a disruption, but a pleasant one. It was easy to forget his plans, his job, everything he'd built up over the years when he'd been in that neat, organized apartment, watching his sub cook and knowing he'd have the other man bent over a piece of furniture later. It was… a chaotic sort of security. Unpredictable yet so predictable.

But that was years ago, years that had been according to plan really. It wasn't all that easy to predict a war, but he'd come out of it clean. He had expected the bounty, and knew it was mostly a formality. He'd already done two short jobs for the Cornerian Military since the end of the war. Still, it was good for his reputation, so he didn't see about lifting it. He had no particular reason to return to Corneria.

Until now.

He laid back slowly, lacing one arm behind his head, other hand coming to rest on his stomach, staring at the metal ceiling. It wasn't a reason to return to Corneria. He had no idea if he was going to see Alec tomorrow, let alone thereafter. Alec knew who he was dealing with now, hell, Alec had watched him kill someone. Once the stag came to his senses, he was sure to realize that the last person he wanted to be involved with was Leon Powalski, professional torturer and mercenary pilot.

But… what if he came to his senses, and still wanted to be?

Illogical, Leon decided, huffing out a sigh. After Alec got whatever he wanted out of this, he needed to cut his losses on this and move on.

"I should give him something." He rolled and sat up, getting his laptop out of his duffel bag and powering it on. It made sense, sort of. A goodbye and I'm sorry combination gift. Alec would probably appreciate it. At least he'd walk away from this with something physical gained. But what do you get a well-off lawyer?

Alec opened the door groggily, holding the cold washcloth to his forehead and looking at Leon. "Three glasses of wine shouldn't have done this to me."

"Good morning to you too. May I step in?"

He stepped aside, watching Leon enter the room and sit down on the sofa there. He was carrying a messenger bag, a mystery to be deciphered later. "This is not a good morning, trust me."

"It was a fringe red. They don't have laws on the limit of wine proofs, so it was probably like a Cornerian dessert wine."

"So, thirty proof or more. Damn. I need to read up on fringe wines. My fault for keeping to domestics." The stag sagged into the chair across from Leon, holding the washcloth to his forehead still.

"I can help with that, actually." Leon rummaged in the messenger bag and came out with a printout, passing it over.

He took it and held it up, waiting for it to register with his hung over brain. "Oceans Depth Winery?"

"Aquas wine. It's a startup, their plants are only two years old or something." Leon said, honestly not understanding what difference that made. "There are quite a few islands on Aquas, and some are quite good for farming, if you're willing to risk the super storms."

He turned the page slowly. "They don't even have any labels for certain. Why'd you print this for me?"

"Because they need investors."

"Leon, wine's a fucking gamble, especially a startup like this. They say the best way to make a small fortune in the wine business is to start with a large fortune, and they say it for good reason. I mean, I'm flattered you'd bring this up but…"

"I invested you."

He blinked and lowered the printout, staring at Leon in incomprehension. "What."

"I invested you. I bought share in your name. Not much, only five percent hold, but it's enough to allow you to go there and see progress, and if they ever make profit, you'll get the money. If they go bust, it's my loss. From what I read, their red wines are showing promise."

There was a very long silence as Alec stared blankly at Leon, then at the printout, then back at Leon. "Why?"

He shrugged. "I wanted to buy you something nice. I figured it was something you didn't have, and you said last night you were into wine now."

"Yeah, but… This doesn't make any sense. You don't want me."

"Who said that? I certainly didn't."

Alec blinked.

Leon stood, closing the messenger bag. "I imagine you don't want diner food on top of your hangover."

"Gods no."

"I'll come back later then." And with that, he was gone out of the room, door closing gently behind him.

Alec sat back, staring at the closed door in wonder, then at the printout. After a long moment he sat back and propped his jaw on his hand, smiling in spite of himself. Leon was a crazy man, there was no denying that. But maybe, just maybe they could still be friends.

Still smiling, he staggered to his feet and walked back to the bed, dropping the washcloth aside as he went.

"So, why did you buy me this?" Alec held up the printout, slouching in the diner chair and looking across at Leon. He'd slept off the minor hangover and was now starving, happily Leon could almost always eat so he was fine with a late lunch.

"I told you, I wanted to buy you something." Leon pondered the menu. He'd become a frequent visitor of Keely's Diner since his first visit, and it was now the restaurant he frequented the most. The food was good, and he appreciated Keely. "I don't recall ever doing so before, not even for your birthday."

"You recall right, but still. Even five percent share had to cost a lot of money. Do you have the legal documents? I'd love to look at them."

He gave Alec a sharp look. "It's a present. Stop looking it in the mouth and pick out some food."

"How does one look a winery in the mouth?" Alec wanted to know, then grinned when Leon threw a packet of sugar at him. "You know what's strange?" He asked after a moment, pondering the menu.

"Horses with unicorn horn implants." Leon tossed the menu down.

"Well, yes, but besides that." He set his menu down. "I think what I've learned about you since coming here.. was sort of the last puzzle piece. All the holes from before got filled in, all that. I think I understand you, at least a bit."

He snorted and took a drink of his tea. "Famous last words."

"Probably. But it brings me to this question… do you want to be friends with me?"

Leon didn't answer, fighting with himself. Logically the best thing to do was tell him the winery was a goodbye gift, and walk away as soon as he could, preferably today. But… logic was getting its ass kicked by some strange unexplainable desire to… not walk away. He was having a hard time quantifying exactly what exactly he wanted, and why. Alec was a chaos marker; he'd have a hell of a time making any solid plans as long as he included the stag in them. He was a weakness, a danger.

So… why did he want to keep contact with him?

"Hello? Did you hear me?"

Leon startled out of his internal machinations. "Hmm? Oh, yes. Sorry. That's difficult for me to answer."

Alec stared. "How is it difficult? It's a simple yes or no question."

He shook his head. "I'll get back to you. Though honestly, I'm surprised you want anything to do with me after this. You're the one who came here upset, if I recall."

The conversation paused as a waitress came over and took their orders, then Alec answered. "Yeah, I did. I still am, but I think I'll get over it eventually. Face to face, I'm having a hard time staying angry." He hesitated. "I'm sorry about last night. The wine… hit me a lot harder than I thought it would. Thank you for stopping me."

"I was wondering if you remembered." Leon replied mildly, pondering his mug instead of looking at Alec. "No thanks necessary."

"Anyone else would probably have taken advantage of me."

He looked at the stag over the top of his mug. "I'm not anyone else."

"Truer words never spoken." He smiled in spite of himself. "So what happens if I call you Master in the future?"

Leon quirked an eyebrow. "You're assuming I even want to be your Master… or anyone's."

"Right, right."

They were halfway through their late lunch and making small talk about liquors-Alec as into wine, Leon was into sake and brandy-when Leon stared toward the entrance of the diner and cursed softly, ducking his head. Alec blinked and was about to ask what was wrong when a trio of men walked up to their table. They were well built but nothing impressive, dressed normally. Alec twisted around staring at them, then looked back at Leon, who had gone still, eyes dulling and going flat. "Can we help you gentlemen?"

"Don't worry about it, we just have some business with your friend." Replied one, who was standing behind Leon with a hand on his back. Alec saw some subtle play of muscle in Leon's body, and the color of his skin start to distort from green, brown mottling in. "Would you be willing to step outside the diner to talk to us, Powalski? It would save all these people being in the way."

"Leon…!" Alec protested when the reptilian smoothly stood away from the table, getting alarmed, fur along his spine and the back of his neck standing on end. He didn't have to guess, he knew someone was going to die, he just wasn't sure who it was. Three on one, and they were all bigger than Leon.

"Stay here, Alec. Order me some more hot water, would you?" Leon replied in a vague voice, then left with the trio. Alec twisted in his chair again to watch them leave, biting his lower lip, fear biting at him, wanting to do something but uncertain of what.

"So, care to tell me what this is about?" Leon asked once they were a bit down the hallway. They were probably still on camera of course, there were very few areas of the station that weren't on camera, but this was at least away from the crowds.

"We're looking for a friend of yours. We were hoping you could direct us to him." Said the leader, folding his arms and studying the reptilian seriously. Now that they were out of the restaurant, the gun he'd stuck in Leon's back was in plain sight.

"Really? All my friends are soldiers for hire. Generally if you wave enough money at them, they'll show up." Leon shrugged.

"His name's Caroso."

"Ah. Well, I'm afraid I can't help you there." He wasn't surprised when one of the other two men decked him in response, turning his head to the side with the blow, then shaking it off and looking back at the guy in charge. "Oh, please, like I'm going to make myself unemployable because you want to find him." He sneered. "And that punch wouldn't have made a baby cry."

"I say we just kill him." Said the third, grinding one fist into the other palm, glaring at Leon. He would be the only one that stuck out in Leon's memory later, because he was a canid who'd dyed his head fur candy apple red.

"If your attempt to do so goes over like his punch, it won't end well."

The leader, who had been rubbing his eyes with his free hand, snarled to end the bickering and shoved Leon up against the wall with one hand. "That's enough. We want you to pass a message on to your friend Caroso that we're looking for him."

Leon stared at him, eyes fading back to flat, and was about to say something when he heard someone skid around the corner, then Alec's panicked voice.

"Let him go!" Some born in response kicked in, and the stag charged in, shouldering his way through the trio then swinging his head. The points of his rack scuffed the leader's arm, who let go on reflex, stepping back and staring at the skinny figure between him and Leon. "Back off, ok! This constitutes assault at the very least and probably some kind of extortion!" Alec spoke without any real thought, the words spilling out, trying to shove the much larger man back. Behind him, Leon rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what was happening. "And I'm a fucking lawyer so you need to step off right now or I will make your life miserable, understood?"

There was a long silence, then the leader chuckled softly. "Oh, my gods. He's serious." The chuckle built into a laugh, and he reached forward, grabbing the front of Alec's shirt and hauling him forward, dragging them face to face. "This is the fringe, boy. Your Cornerian accent and legalese don't mean shit here. All I know is you're in the way." That said, he dumped Alec to the by-choice redhead. "Deal with him for me."

The canine shrugged, clamping one hand down on the back of Alec's neck and using his grip to drive him to the floor. "Any particular way? He is kind of pretty. He's probably worth something."

"Hurt him and die." Leon's voice was so detached he almost surprised himself that he was talking. The words had just slipped out, and he felt his fingers curl, claws flexing out to full extension. He had knives of course, and the idiots hadn't bothered looking for them since they were carrying guns, but instinct said claws and was damned if he was going to deny the urge to rip these guys apart limb by limb if need be.

"Pretty boy mean something to you Powalski?" The leader laughed again.

Leon didn't bother replying, and didn't have to. The canine idly grabbed Alec's samari-style ponytail and ripped, making the stag cry out in pain and Leon's vision wash red. After that there was no logic, no plan, just an overwhelming need to kill these mother fucking bastards, and the twisted paths of his mind accommodated that need very, very nicely. Years of martial arts training, brawling, and torture all swarmed together at once, and he lunged. He didn't make a sound, didn't change his expression from blank as one of his hands drove into the leader's neck and swung, blood gouting as the stunned choking man staggered back, and he turned the momentum into a spin. His boots squeaked on the metal floor as he did, reaching to the small of his back and bringing the knife around and up. Oh, the man was already dead and he knew it, but there was life in the bastard's eyes yet and he was going to make him pay, lunging back in and taking the body to the ground, planting the knife into the man's lung.

There was a moment of stillness, him crouched on the body staring at the other two as the blood spray weakened and diminished, hand still on the knife. His body tone was a twisted chaotic distort of brown and green, trending black in a few places, but his face was expressionless, his eyes blank. He stayed there, deathly still, and the quiet lasted a full five seconds before the other two seemed to realize what had just happened, the redhead bodily throwing Alec away as they both pulled guns.

Alec let out a choked out cry as he was tossed into a wall, which hurt like a bitch as his skull bounced against the metal panel, but the lightshow quickly ceased and he was able to focus, laying on the floor next to the wall and watching the chaos unfold. The laser pistols bit the air and hit nothing, hell the shots almost seemed to avoid the reptilian as he took to the air again. There was almost no motion between him crouched on the body of the first man and him suddenly on the second, the blade arcing the air again and neatly slipping between two ribs of his chest. The blood spray was intense, almost comical, and the word aorta hit Alec's mind as the reptilian twisted and used the second man's body as a shield before leaping off and charging the third man. It was over just as quick, then it was just Leon, standing in the hallway, knife shaking in his hand, covered in blood, completely serene.

Alec got his arms under himself and pushed himself to a mostly sitting position, shaking his head dazedly, staring at the floor under him fixedly so he wouldn't have to look at the bodies and the blood splattered through the hallway. Leon walked over and crouched next to him, knife still in hand, but seemed to realize his arms were dripping with other peoples' blood and didn't touch him.

"Are you alright?"

"I don't know." He replied honestly, looking at the bodies for a moment then looking back at the floor, swallowing bile. "You killed them. You… you just killed them. You weren't even mad, I mean… how…"

"They threatened us. They hurt you. I warned them." Leon replied, voice flat. "Things would have probably ended poorly for them, but their threatening you sealed it."

Alec shuddered, coming to terms slowly that Leon had butchered three people in his defense as rapid bootsteps approached. Leon stood and held out his arms wordlessly, dangling the knife between two fingers as station police arrived, no fewer than a dozen members and two med techs.

"You again?" One of the cops asked, picking his way over and staring at Leon. "Didn't you kill someone freaking yesterday?"

"It's been an eventful few days for me." Leon replied, passing the knife over as evidence. "Could you have someone look at my friend please?"

Alec slouched against the wall, eyes closed tight to the bodies, but smiled in spite of himself. Friend. Well, at least Leon admitted that much.

The next few hours passed slowly. Because of the nature of the station, crime scenes in private areas had to be completely locked down, and in public areas completely cleaned up and sterilized. Photos had to be taken, interviews given, bodies moved. Leon sat against the wall about ten feet down from Alec, not cuffed but definitely under guard, talking to the station police as they walked down what happened. The whole thing had been caught by two cameras but at a relative distance. The resolution wasn't great, but the play by play was easy to note.

With one body still holding a gun and another still clenching some of Alec's hair, it was easy to see that the dead trio hadn't had any good plans for Leon and Alec. That said, the cops had to wonder at the severity of Leon's response. To their questions he only mustered a shrug and a comment that he'd tried to warn them. Fingerprints turned up backgrounds and rap sheets, as well as an outstanding warrant for one of the bodies.

During all this, Leon sat quietly, mostly only speaking when spoken to and watching the med tech check over Alec. "Is he ok?"

"Minor concussion from hitting the wall. He'll be fine." Replied the med tech, not looking at the reptilian. "Would you two like some coffee?"

"Tea, if you could." He replied, and Alec nodded wordlessly in agreement. The tech tossed Leon a towel and went to see about drinks. "Are you alright, Alec?" He asked after a long moment, trying to wipe some of the sticky, drying blood off his arms.

"I don't know." The stag held his head in his hands, still sitting against the wall. Bits of the extremely one sided fight were still playing in his mind. "This is your life, isn't it? All this death. This is how you live."

Leon paused, considering his answer, and settled for a slow nod. Usually people didn't accost him in restaurants, but he didn't figure the semantics mattered.

Alec was silent for a long moment. "I don't know if I can be a part of this."

"You didn't have to be. You should have stayed at the diner and not gotten involved."

"I knew they were going to hurt you. I, I couldn't stand for that."

Leon rubbed his eyes. "I'm flattered, but you're a civilian with no combat training."

"So this is the thanks I get?!"

"You could have gotten hurt!" He replied, voice starting to rise, hissing. "You DID get hurt, you fucking idiot! I'm damn hard to kill, but you… just… argh. If they had done anything more to you I'd have never forgiven myself." He combed his hands over his scalp, like he was brushing back invisible hair. "Please, please, please just let me handle it in the future ok? You scared me. You scared me really bad."

There was a long silence, during which Wolf walked up. He was in casual clothing, wearing baggy black shorts and a white tank top, carefully picking his way around to Leon as guided by one of the cops. "You've been a busy boy, Powalski."

"Yeah, my luck fucking sucks these days." Leon replied dryly, getting to his feet and mustering a salute of sorts. "How'd you find out? J?"

"Spot on. Your name came up in the system again and he got ahold of me." Wolf surveyed the damage, the bodies were being zipped into body bags now. "I spoke to the police. They want you to lock you down in your room for a few days and take possession of all your weapons until these bodies are picked up. Trying to make it less likely that someone will try to take you out again and you'll create more bodies, I guess."

"So, I'm under house arrest for a few days."

"Yeah, one of the cops will bring you meals and they'll keep an eye on your room."

"I guess that's fair." He sighed. "At least I'm not under real arrest."

"No shit. I'll drop by and visit."

"Thanks." Leon let a guard muster him forward, looking over his shoulder at Alec. "Alec? It'll be ok. Trust me." That said, he walked down the hallway, flanked by station cops, two on each side.

Wolf watched him go, then moved and sat next to Alec, folding his hands in his lap and pondering the stag. Alec had his back against the wall, arms hugging his knees to his chest, eyes far away, one hand holding a mug the med tech had brought him. "Not used to violence?"

Alec shook his head slowly. "No. You're Wolf O’Donnell, right?"

"Yes indeed. How did you get mixed into this? A friend of Leon's?" When Alec mustered a slow nod, hugging his knees tighter and shaking, Wolf sighed and stood back up, offering him a hand. "Come on. I know what you need right now."

Space ships were amazing pieces of crafted technology. They could cross huge sectors of space in a manner of hours, carrying huge populations or massive amounts of supplies. They could carry weapons never seen or deployed in atmospheric environments. But, unless they were the bigger, expensive ships, they rarely had decent kitchens. After all, no one wanted to worry about what would happen to the gas oven during zero G.

Alec found himself musing on this as he took at seat in a booth in Star Bakery. The place was huge. Having figured out some years ago that fresh donuts just weren't satisfying what people wanted, the owner had established the place in a small corner of the station's commercial wing, offering fresh bread and other baked goods. Since then he'd bought out all the surrounding store footage and expanded out, kept at least six bakers on shift around the clock, and had a lot of tables and booths without the place feeling crowded. Why? Because screw dignity, sometimes all you wanted was a good cookie.

Wolf disappeared into the shifting crowd toward the counter top, and came back a few minutes later carrying a tray laden with an assortment of fresh cookies, two cupcakes that Alec had to begrudgingly admit were adorably decorated, and two steaming mugs. He set the tray in the middle, passed Alec one of the mugs, then sat down across from him, grabbing one of the cupcakes immediately and settling in.

"Do you normally take your coworker's friends out for baked goods?" Alec finally asked, picking up the mug and pondering. Cocoa, and real cocoa from powder and sugar, not the premixed crap. Impressed, he took a slow drink, and was surprised when the shakes started easing out of his body.

"Not as such." Wolf admitted around the cupcake. "Way I figure it, I have two good reasons to do this. One, you're a civvie who just saw three people spectacularly killed. Two, you're a friend of Leon, which is almost an alien concept."

"You aren't his friend?"

"I count him as one. I trust him. He had my back all through the war and he stuck to me afterwards. I can't claim I know him, really, but yeah. He's a friend."

"So why would him having a friend be an alien concept?"

Wolf licked frosting off his lips, considering his words. "He's never mentioned anyone from before the war. I mean, something was bothering him at first. I first met him doing cargo escort for Andross. He was one of the other escort pilots, and he was edgy as hell. He sort of mellowed out over time." Wolf took a drink of his cocoa.

"He never mentioned anyone?" Alec picked up a frosted cookie and nibbled at it, brushing his uneven hair back with one hand. The (dead) asshole that had yanked on his ponytail had torn most of it out, leaving his hair uneven and unstyled, and his scalp angry as hell.

"Not a one. He's kind of private."

"That we can agree on."

Wolf slouched and took another drink of his cocoa, looking at Alec curiously. "How'd you meet him?"

Alec flushed. "That's… private."


He dunked his cookie methodically, not looking at Wolf, then blurted, "Did, did you know about the other job he had on Corneria?"

"Are we talking about the torture or something else?"

"Leon was a professional dominant." He said this in a rush. "That's sort of how I met him."

Wolf blinked several times, trying very hard to avoid that mental imagery. "Well, you sure shut me up. I can't say I'm terribly surprised though. It almost makes sense that he'd be into that."

"We were together three years. He broke up with me so he could take a job fighting in the war." The cookie crumbled in his hands, he glared at the cookie filled cocoa and slugged it down anyway. "I, I didn't know who he was, then. Yesterday was the first time I'd seen him since that. I'd managed to pull all his files except his psych history. I thought I was prepared." He held his head in his hands. "Gods. Oh, gods. He, he leapt on top of one of them and put a knife between two ribs and right into the guy's aorta. Who the hell can do that?! And, and, and…"

Wolf shoved the plate of cookies closer automatically, taking the other cupcake. He'd known Leon was bi-it seemed a lot of people he knew were, but considering nearly a quarter of Lylat's populous claimed to be that wasn't surprising-but meeting someone who claimed to be Leon's ex-boyfriend was surprising, let alone the implied kink aspect. And the poor bastard had had no idea what Leon did, only to watch it play out only a few feet in front of him.

"And his expression… it didn't change the entire time. Like, like he wasn't there at all. They had guns! They had guns and they didn't stand a chance!"

"He saved your life, Alec." When the stag looked up sharply, eyes red and damp with hysteria, he shrugged. "The cops told me your name."

"I know he saved me, but did he have to kill them?"

"I don't think Leon knows another way to fight."

There was a long silence, during which Alec propped his elbows on the table and held his head in his hands, trying to calm himself down. Wolf got him a refill on his cocoa, and he ate another cookie, again surprised that he felt a bit better. The sugar, maybe, who knows.

"So, going off your accent, Corneria City?"

Alec nodded, relieved for the subject change. "Yeah. Born and raised, living there now."

"Yeah me too, in the suburbs though."

"No shit?"

"Yeah, just been traveling so long my accent's all shades of fucked up." Wolf snickered, taking a bite of the second cupcake. "Can I ask what you do for a living?"

"Oh, uh, I'm a lawyer."


"No, tax law, corporate tax law specifically."

"Really?" Wolf looked impressed. "Damn. I always have to hire someone to do my taxes and I'd probably be fucked anyway if I ended up in court. You've got a harder job than I do."

Alec pondered him. "If you want I could take a look at your finances. There may be a way to change the way you're filing to reduce and simplify things a bit."

"That would be sweet." Wolf held out a hand and shook on it. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah. Thanks by the way, for the help."

"No problem at all."

He was silent for a few minutes, finishing another cookie. "Can I ask you for advice?"

"About Leon? I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but go ahead."

"You're a soldier too, though, so you may know how to help me with this. If I had any sense at all, I'd flee screaming into the night, for fuck's sake. He tortures people. He killed people in front of me." He hesitated. "Do I run, or do I sit down and try to talk to him about it?"

"Talk to him about it. Look at it this way, what's the chance that it can get any worse?"

On that, Alec had to reluctantly agree.

Leon was lying on his back on his hotel bed, shirtless on top of a reptilian heat blanket, when there was a knock at the door. It took a few minutes to pry himself away from the warmth of the soft material, sliding off the bed and padding over barefoot to the door, opening it and blinking when he saw Alec and Wolf.

"Lawyer delivery." Wolf said simply then left before Leon could reply, walking back off down the hallway whistling.

He directed his attention back to Alec, who looked a bit more settled and smiled sheepishly at him, holding up a bag labeled Star Bakery. "I brought cookies. Can I come in?"

"I suppose." Leon stepped out of the way and let him come in, closing the door behind him. "I'm surprised, honestly. I figured the whole "killing three people in front of you" thing would be the last straw." He pondered the other man briefly before crossing the room and picking up a shirt off the edge of the bed, shrugging into it.

"Trust me, I am a bit freaked out." He set the bag on the little table in the corner of the room and opened it, taking out a small plate and setting the cookies on it in a stacked ring. "I'd only seen people pretend to die in movies, you know? Seeing it right in front of me…"

"I know. It's a hell of a lot messier in real life." Leon walked over and took a cookie cheerfully. "What do you think of Wolf?"

"He's… just a guy. It's like, he could have been doing anything else, and he'd be about the same." Alec shrugged. "Why were those guys after you, Leon?"

He sighed and moved to flop onto the sofa, taking the cookies with him and putting them on the coffee table. The black tracking bracelet on his wrist knocked against his hand gently, he tried to ignore it. The cops hadn't locked him into his room or posted a guard, it seemed the implication was as long as he didn't try to leave his room they wouldn't try to prevent his leaving. "They weren't after me specifically; they were trying to get to my new coworker Caroso. I have no real idea why though. Their rap sheets seem to imply they were enforcers for some folk back on Corneria, so all I can really guess is Panther did a hit on someone and pissed someone else off. Who knows."

Alec picked up a chair from the table and sat down across from Leon, staring at him. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Did it really scare you that I got involved?"

"It scared the shit out of me. You're on the very short list of people I've ever given a damn about." Leon pondered a frosted sugar cookie that was in the shape of a flying saucer.

Alec stared at him for a very long silent moment. "I think that's the first time you've ever admitted caring for me at all."

He hesitated, chewing slowly to buy himself some time as he reviewed what he'd just said. Well, damn. "You got a concussion and lost most of your hair trying to protect me, Alec. Not even Wolf's gotten between me and a weapon."

"I'm stupid that way."

Leon snorted. "I agree. Going forward, just let me deal with it if someone's stupid enough to try to start something, alright?"

"Yeah, about that." Alec picked at a cookie. "I don't think I'd like it if we stopped talking again." When the other man just blinked, he rushed forward. "Yeah, I know. You are… whatever the hell you are. We broke up on a bad note. You've killed four people while I watched in the last two days. I, I admit that I don't want to be a part of that. I don't want to be a part of your work. But I want to be a part of your life. I know it's not…" He hunted for a word.


"Yeah. I mean I keep telling myself that if I was smart I'd run away screaming."

"I wouldn't blame you if you did." He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his muzzle, eyes closing, trying to think. Logic dictated that this was indeed a bad idea. Alec was a risk, and he had already inflicted even more risk back at Alec. But… every time he considered just leaving, he got an uneasy feeling in his stomach. Even the winery stock had never really felt like a goodbye present, more like a simple gift. But without logic or some sort of plan, he was in unknown territory, trying to feel his way through emotions he didn't understand and he didn't like it.

"Are you alright?"

He startled a bit and opened his eyes, dropping his hand from his muzzle with a sigh. "I don't know."

Alec frowned. "The simplest questions always seem to give you trouble."

"Just because you find a question simple doesn't mean I do."

"Oh, this is stupid." He stood, putting his hands on his hips and glaring down at the reptilian. "You don't need a long thought out dissertation to back up any answers you give me. This is not court. There are no rules. Why the hell can't you just go with your gut for this?"

"Because when I go with my gut people tend to die very quickly."

He snorted, shoving his hands in his pockets and pacing, shaking his head. "I really don't think that response is necessary. Do you want me in your life or not?" When Leon just stared at him, he huffed and stopped in the middle of the room, staring away.

Looking back, Leon could never quite say why he did it, but couldn't claim to regret it either. He'd just automatically done it. Alec's back had been turned, so he stood and walked over, sliding his fingertips just barely over the outer edge of the other man's arms before grabbing his wrists and pulling them behind his back, holding them there. Alec froze up, then hissed and shuddered, fingers curling into frozen hooks, fur on the back of his neck going on edge. Leon felt himself smile, tongue flicking out to zing next to the stag's neck and picking up the sudden blare of pheromones, but found himself uncertain what to do next.

"Leon…" Alec whined, debating with himself. This was not a good idea, but oh gods did he want it.

"Do you trust me?"

He sucked in air at the heaviness in the reptilian's voice, the voice tone switch sending a rush of heat and excitement down his spine. "Y-yes."

"Are you sure?" One of Leon's fingers stroked back and forth along one of his palm, making his fingers twitch at the touch.

"Yes. Please, oh gods please…"

Leon shook his head, a gesture unseen by Alec, whose eyes were squeezed shut. The stag had gone from zero to choking for it in only seconds, just because he'd decided to hold his arms. He'd never seen someone who got off so much on being pinned and he'd always loved it. "I'm going to let go of your arms now. You're going to behave. Understand pet?"

Alec nearly sobbed, the last two years suddenly dissolving from his mind, not mattering anymore. Who cared if Leon was a torturer, a psychopath, he was his master, the man who could get him off with a purr of his voice and the barest touch of a hand. It was horribly kinky and wrong and wonderful, like it had always been. "Y-yes." His wrists were released, he left them there crossed behind his back, head tilting back and whining again as those cool soft hands stroked up his arms and caressed over his shoulders, trailed over his abused scalp and what was left of his hair before sliding down, splaying on his chest. He shuddered, knees almost going out from under him when two sharp claws just barely pressed into his nipples through his shirt. "Master…!"

Control was so hard to keep. It had been so long since he'd been called that, and it sent a wash of smug arousal through him which he tried to set aside. Alec was so easy, always had been, and he seemed even more sensitive now. Even as Leon stroked his hands slowly down to Alec's stomach, the stag arching just barely into his touch, he had to put aside everything he wanted to do. On the floor, against the wall, until the stag was shouting for him, tie him up and give him rope burns, but he kept control with effort. This wasn't for him, not this evening. This was all for Alec, making up for his abandonment of the stag, for violating their trust, for breaking his heart.

He stayed where he was, pulling Alec's shirt off, who moved his arms to allow it then returned his wrists to where they'd been, hands stroking down his torso again. Definite runner's build, he thought, fingers tracing the upper edge of his sub's hip bones and smiling when the other man nearly buckled to the floor again. "So sensitive, pet." He purred, setting one hand on the back of Alec's neck and rubbing slowly. "Did that asshole hurt you when he grabbed you here?"

"N-no. It hurt… but I'm ok." He moaned, head bowing and caught between the neck massage and the fingers that trailed back and forth just above his belt line. This was different from what he remembered, at least a bit, but that was alright. Then that cool scaly hand slid into his shorts just barely, fingertips rubbing across the head of hard cock, and that was nearly it then and there, the feel of his scales bringing back a crash of memory, freezing up in the other's grip with a hiss.

Leon kept his hand there, but didn't move it, just keeping the contact. True to his race, Alec was impressive, having a long slender tapered cock that had the barest amount of curve to it. Hell, he actually had at least an inch on Leon, though less girth. After several moments he removed his hand and undid the buttons on Alec's shorts, not in any rush, a plan starting to form in his mind. "You're in for a long evening." He put his mouth to one of Alec's ears, voice dropping to a growl. "I do hope you got enough sleep last night."

Alec whimpered. "Gods yes, please Master please. I need it. I've been alone too long, I need to be topped please fuck me please…" The words just came out, then he choked off when Leon stepped around in front of him, one palm stroking down his length the other going behind his back to hold his arms.

"Shh." Leon replied softly, watching Alec's body language, fascinated by every twitch and shudder, at how easily the other man telegraphed his pleasure and want. The stag was a work of art in this respect, down to the hazy tormented bliss on his face. His next move was just as impulsive as the one that had started it all, keeping one hand on Alec's wrists and the other going to the back of his neck, pulling him in and kissing him.

Alec startled then melted into it, opening his mouth to let Leon's forked tongue dive into his mouth, pressing his tongue against the reptilian's cool one. Had the reptilian ever really kissed him? They'd shared quick passing embraces before, but nothing drawn out, and he groaned in spite of himself as Leon bit into it aggressively, exploring each other's mouths. His hands twitched against Leon's grip and stilled, not able to return the hold but able to content himself with just being held.

Leon eased it out and just stood there for a moment, holding Alec and rubbing the back of his neck, before stepping back and folding his arms to ponder him. "You, bed."

Alec grinned and obeyed, getting out of his shorts and shoes as he crossed to the bed and crawled onto it. He'd noticed the thick colored blanket when he walked in, so the warmth of it didn't surprise him. He sat on it comfortably and watched Leon move through the room, dialing the light controls so only the ones around the bed remained on, digging into his bag and coming out with a bottle before walking slowly over, losing his shirt and pants as he walked. Scars, so many scars, healed lines of slightly different skintone crossing his body. Alec shifted to the edge of the bed and met him there, wrapping his arms around his master, one hand tracing over a scar that passed along the outer edge of one of his legs. "I hate your scars."

"I know." Leon returned the hold then shoved him back across the bed, finding the controller for the blanket and shutting it off before crawling onto the bed, tail waving back and forth slowly. The stag was sprawled on the bed, naked and unashamed, propped on his elbows to return the stare he was receiving. Wishing for a moment he had a camera, Leon crawled forward and up over Alec's body, kneeling straddling his waist and shoving him down to the bed with one hand. His sub flopped back willingly, whimpering and tilting his head back when his claws drug through the short fur on his chest, just hard enough to leave stripes of irritated skin behind them.

"Please, master, please…" His voice was barely audible, a plea thick with lust, fingers curling into the heat blanket mindlessly. He heard the bottle being opened, and a surprised jolt rocked his system when cool oily fingers stroked down his straining erection, the temperature almost a torment, arching into the touch as much as he could as Leon's hand stroked back up, coating him in the oil. Gods only knew where he bought the stuff, it had a thick hazy herbal scent to it, the smell alone of which could get Alec hard. Then those oily fingers were teasing his balls, the other hand holding him down on the bed to keep him from arching up into the attention any more than he was. Eventually though, a thought cut through his cloudy mind. Why would Leon use the oil on him?

The answer hit him like a ton of bricks when Leon shifted back, the oiled tip of his cock rubbing under his tail, then he was enveloped, cool insanely tight flesh yanking him in. His surprised cry echoed in the room, doubling in volume when Leon's hands landed on his arched chest and shoved him back down, pinned to the bed, buried into the reptilian's body up to his sheath. This had never, ever happened, he'd never dreamed it happening, but it was. He got his eyes open long enough to realize Leon was almost rigid, back arched and head tilted back, tail up in a loop. Like most reptilians, Leon was almost sexless unless aroused, a mere slit in his genital scales the only hint of anything, but he was at full attention now, erection flushed a bright red-pink, scales flushed as well.

The inside of Leon's body was barely warmer than the outside, almost uncomfortably cool, but he was tight as a vice. His long heavy tail gave him a strong lower body by default, and when he relaxed a bit out of the rigid pose and swung his tail, Alec nearly screamed at the feeling. This only got him snickered at, Leon's hands stroking down his body again before pinning his upper arms to the bed, staring down at him.

"Master…" He was whining and he knew it, hips trying to thrust up and trapped. "Let me move. Please let me move."


Something about his voice tone brought Alec closer to reality, staring as his master started moving slowly. "Am I hurting you?" He finally whispered, groaning as he was slowly ridden, shouting when Leon's tail stared swinging in rhythm to his movements.

Leon couldn't bring himself to reply. How could he explain that he'd never been topped before, that Alec felt huge and hot inside him, pain and discomfort niggling at him which he ignored as he almost went rigid again, eyes pressing shut as Alec's cock slid over his prostate. His own cock twitched and strained in response to the sensation, barely keeping some level of control over himself as he moved, taking Alec's cries as guidance. It wasn't long before his sub caved, arching up against Leon's pin and crying out for him as he rocked into an orgasm, crying out louder when Leon arched again with a growl. Gods, it was like lava had just been spilled inside him, a wash of heat flowing through him. It took every bit of will he had not to come right then and there, but he knew he'd take ages to reload and he had plans for his sub yet.

Alec went limp on the bed, panting and staring up at him, shuddering. "You… you didn't…"

Leon shook his head and released Alec's arms, propping himself up and kissing his sub savagely, tightening his muscles until the stag whined into the embrace. Only then did he release it, staring into the other man's eyes. "I'm not coming unless I'm inside you and you're screaming."

"Oh fuck." Alec replied in a small voice, cock twitching inside Leon's body.

Deciding not to point out that was the point of this, Leon pulled off of him and backed off a bit, hands resting on his thighs and tilting his head to one side, staring at him. His still oily cock rested on his belly, he trembled, he looked ravaged and the night had barely started. "Tired already?" He purred after a moment, twitching his cock to draw the stag's eyes there. Yes he wasn't as long as Alec, but he had girth tapering into a wider base, and even more gaze worthy were the dull fleshy spines that studded his flesh.

"No…" Alec swallowed hard, watching hypnotized as Leon poured oil on one of his hands and let it drip down his cock in thick streaks before stroking his hand down once. Two years, almost, since he'd been fucked, and he whimpered, staring at Leon's lazily stroking hand, his own half-hard cock twitching against his stomach, starting to slowly harden again.

"Like what you see?" Leon half-smiled, then was surprised when one of the stag's legs hooked him behind his thighs and yanked, making him tumble on top of Alec, hands landing on his chest and frowning at him. "Bad pet."

"Fuck me. Please, Master." Alec pressed up against him, fingers grasping at his shoulders. "Please."

"You can wait." Leon's oily fingers teased under his sub's tail, feeling the flesh jump and shudder, the tightness when two of his fingers slipped into him, the cries and whimpers from Alec as he slowly, very slowly finger fucked him. It was torment and he knew it, and he kept it up until low breathless sobs were escaping Alec, until his cock was hard and straining again against his stomach, his hands tangled into his own hair around his antler rack as he tried not to writhe. Only then did he lazily crawl back up Alec's body, catching him for another kiss as he pressed inside his sub. Tight, hot, mind numbing heat rocked him, not protesting when Alec wrapped his legs around him, shoving in to the base and grinding there with a low groan. He waited until Alec stopped twitching then slowly drew out, feeling the soft spines drag against his sub's flesh, listening to the choked moan that their embrace muffled. He released the kiss and propped himself on his elbows, ducking his head as he eased back in, rolling his hips.

Alec whined and moaned under him as he thrust as slow as he could stand it, his moves slow and careful, letting his length slide over Alec's prostate so he felt nearly every spine. He felt surrounded by heat and his body responded, energy surging through him, letting himself get lost in the feeling.

"Master… ah…" Alec whimpered, not sure if he loved or hated this, he wanted to be pounded, wanted to be pinned and rammed, this was slow and firm, white fireworks crossing his vision constantly at the feeling of cool hard flesh against his prostate. "Please… harder, please…"

"Not this time." Leon's tongue flicked against one of his nipples, nearly lost in Alec's body heat. "I want you to feel every last inch, every spine. I want every nerve on your body alive. I want you to come on your chest, twitching and sensitive." He leaned up to whisper into Alec's ear. "Then I'm going to fuck you like the world's ending."

"Oh gods." He let out another low breathless sob, shaking.

"Is that a protest?" Leon purred this, and got his answer when Alec wrapped his arms around him and held him, quivering. "Good boy."

Leon was nothing if not good on his word. The next few breathless eternities were spent locked in slow, gentle sex, Leon letting his sub cling to him, his own arms curling around the stags shoulders as he moved. Alec loved it too, loved the closeness, that for nearly the first time ever he got to hold his Master as they fucked, tucking his face into his Master's cool scaly shoulder and absorbing his scent. He also loved that he got to hear Leon purr and moan during it, the reptilian so rarely made noise during these acts that any little vocalization from him was on par with a shout from Alec.

Eventually he caved, whimpering Leon's name as he came, his orgasm drawn out by the reptilian grinding slowly against him, nudging against his prostate on purpose the entire time. Twitching helplessly after, Alec barely had time to realize Leon was still hard and throbbing inside him before he drew back and slammed back in, hips connecting forcefully enough his hips came off the blanket. Alec cried out and tossed his head back, trailing into a hiss when Leon changed their position so he could pin Alec's wrists above his head, staring down at him, eyes barely open as he slammed his hips again. Nerves still sizzling and coming down from his last orgasm, all Alec could do was yelp, fingers curling, it was too much and he still wanted it.

Leon let it go, all the weird uncontrollable desires from the last few days spilling out, holding Alec pinned to the bed and screwing him as hard and as fast as he could. Alec's body rocked with his forceful thrusts, he knew he had to be hurting his sub but all Alec did was scream and wail in pleasure, twitching and jerking under him, breath panting out in sobs again. He lingered briefly, grinding into him but only got begged to continue, so he stopped worrying and focused on fucking Alec's brains out.

The stag was nearly crying, the pain from his abused body twisting together with the pleasure of being screwed by someone who could nearly move like a machine, the pleasure of knowing that all he could do was take it, that Leon wasn't going to let him go anywhere for a while. This feeling he did remember from before they broke up, and he still loved it, memories flickering through his mind of getting pinned against the counter or table, warm tatters of emotion rising to the surface, cock twitching and dripping on his stomach. Three orgasms in a row was leaving him sore somehow, but he didn't care, panting as he danced at the knife edge.

"No. Not yet." Leon growled at him, biting at his jaw and neck, grinding into him with enough force his body swayed with it. "Don't come yet."

"Master…" Alec protested, nearly pained at that order, and was kissed for his troubles as Leon shifted position again, one hand moving to steady his hips at a certain angle, then that cold, stiff textured cock was railing full force into his prostate, and his mouth opened to let a near-silent shriek slip out.

Thankfully for his battered body this only lasted a few minutes, Leon's thick sexy voice ordering him to come his brains out, and he did with enough force his come splattered on Leon's chest, groaning as he felt a cool soothing wash fill him, going limp against the bed, eyes closing and panting hard.

The reptilian's withdrawal only drew a low sore-throated squeak from him, barely noticing as Leon went through the actions of cleaning him up, twitching as a warm wet washcloth wiped him down. A few minutes later Leon dimmed the lights and settled down next to him, looking at him and waiting for him to say something, anything. Eventually Alec rolled to his side and looked at him, blinking his blurry eyes.

"Does this mean I'm a part of your life?" He smiled weakly.

"I hope so." Was all Leon could say. "Go to sleep." He stayed where he was, watching Alec doze off before pushing himself closer, tucking up against the stag's warmth and letting himself relax into sleep.

"When do I see you again?"

Leon sighed and shrugged. "We'll arrange something. I'll see about getting out from under Corneria's bounty but it may take a while."

Alec nodded once, shifting his duffel bag and looking toward the shuttle that was taking him home with distaste. His vacation time had passed quickly, happily no one else had tried to kill Leon but it might have had something with the fact that since Leon was locked down he figured they may as well get to know each other again. To that end, nearly every muscle in his body ached, but it was a good sort of ache. "I understand. Will you call me at least?"

"Expect it. Oh, before you go…" Leon's hands zipped out, and Alec froze up as something wrapped around his neck, nearly choking before realizing it wasn't that tight, a weight settling around his neck. He lifted a hand to investigate and found a leather collar with a d-loop had settled around the base of his neck, low enough profile the collars of his shirts at work may hide it. "Just a reminder that you're mine, pet. I won't run out on you again."

Alec mustered a smile, then sighed as the boarding call was announced for his flight, giving Leon a hug before slowly walking toward the gate. What am I going to tell my sister, he wondered vaguely, but didn't really care. He was happy.

And Leon, in the twisted labyrinth of his mind, was happy too.