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>>the cards — chapter eight: roll the bones::

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The silence on the other end of the phone line was unreadable. Fox cursed to himself, twirling Felix's business card through the fingers of his free hand and staring at the ceiling.

Felix Leopard, an informer of some renown. When he'd asked Falco if the name was familiar, Falco had done a spit-take and asked how Fox DIDN'T know that name. Felix was THE man in Lylat, if he didn't know it, it hadn't happened, if he didn't have it, you didn't need it. He'd been in the business at least two decades, possibly closer to three, and was so reliable that the government sometimes turned to him in times of need. Felix could get anything, anyone, and was damn proud of it.

The thing was, Fox was pretty sure that he DID know Felix, though it could be said that he knew one of Felix's past lives. Well, maybe. All he knew was that running into Felix and Katt that fateful night before the media shitstorm, Felix had seemed pretty damn familiar somehow. He'd been dressed like he'd stepped off the set of a futuristic spy film, eyes hidden behind sunglasses, and after some banter with Katt had turned to Fox.

"I'm in debt to you at this moment, so if you ever have need of my services, feel free to call."

And with that, Felix had exchanged some more lewd commentary with Katt and disappeared into the night. Later, naked and eating takeout, Katt had told him that she knew Felix from the street, and that he was a smarmy bastard but good on his word.

So here he was, nearly eight months later, calling the number on the card. Eight months of sheer bone-cracking hell, he reminded himself. He'd sought out his old martial arts instructor from the Academy for further training, and once he gave her the edited version of his story, she'd let him know in an extremely painful way that she was NOT pleased that he'd apparently forgotten everything she'd tried to bang into his thick skull at the Academy. Inara Wesley, before her early retirement, had been the scourge of the First Year, a figure of terror and pain, but a damn good martial arts instructor.

"So? Do you know or not?" Fox finally asked, impatient with the silence from the other side of the phone and wondering if he'd been disconnected.

"Yeah, McCloud, I know." Felix sighed windily, already trying to line up things in his head to fix the collateral damage that this escapade was probably going to cause. "Thing is, it isn't that easy."

"Oh for fuck's sake, one man's location can't be that hard to get, and it's Wolf O’Donnell. I'm sure of all the people out there, he'd be spectacularly easy to find." His frustration was bleeding into the conversation, but Fox really didn't care. Eight months of nightmares, eight months of sleepless nights, he was itching for payback.

"Oh, I know exactly where he is."

"… You do?"

"Yes. The trick is, giving you that information puts me into a situation." Noises on the other end of the phone, glasses clattering and liquid being poured. Booze, Fox supposed. "I'm no ally of his, but no enemy either, and I'm close to someone he's close to."

"The ally of my ally?"

"Is my ally's ally, and in this case, a pain in the ass." Felix replied sourly, grinning when that actually got a laugh out of the young McCloud. "He's a little too tactless for my line of work, but I guess I respect his 'what you see is what you get' schtick. Thing is, the guy I'm close to likes him a lot, so if O’Donnell gets hurt…"

"You get burned in the deal." Fox finished.

"Right in one, kid. You understand. If you were to kill him, there'd be a spectacular world of hurt brought down on me once it got let out that I was the one who was the sellout. Not only would my ally be irrevocably pissed, my trustworthiness would be put into the flame once he started making noise, and he's amazing at making noise." Felix took a drink, half closing his eyes. James was still camped out on the fringe, making some very subtle waves. It was quickly becoming evident that what Felix was in Lylat, James was on the fringe. He operated under the handle Devil's Advocate, and he was VERY good. That didn't soothe Felix any though, who was still pissed as hell that James had gotten a loan from O’Donnell to start off instead of coming to him, and as the loans were paid back in full James wasn't willing to discuss it. Past business, he'd said, leave it alone. As for O’Donnell himself, Felix mostly saw him as competition.

"Oh. Well, for what it's worth, I have no intent to kill him." Fox realized how ridiculous it sounded and said it anyway. The sick thing was, it was true.

"Oh really? Entertain me with your reasoning then."

"He beat the shit out of me on Venom and then said, and I quote, 'Don't look for me until you know how to fight.'"

"…and you've been brushing up on martial arts."

"Did Katt tell on me?"

"No, the media is still following you around. Don't worry, I'm working on that."

"Wait, what?"

"Nevermind. Alright, a good old fashioned fist fight. That I can support, good way to vent steam." Keys clicked in the background. "Right now he's on an island on Aquas, I'll email you coordinates. He'll be landed on the beach, so just circle and look for his plane."

"Aquas? What the hell is he doing on Aquas, taking a vacation?"

"He's in the process of buying the island he's on. Through totally legal channels, before you ask. So I guess he's getting used to the place, making design plans."

"An island. He bought an island." Fox fumed, thinking about how much debt he was in.

"Buying, not bought, and islands on Aquas are cheap because there's no infrastructure. You have to put your own in, that's the expensive part. No shortage of solar and hydro power though." Felix clicked more buttons. "Coordinates are sent. One thing I don't know is how much longer he'll be there, so move fast."

"… Right. Thanks. Hey Felix?"


"Weren't you a close friend of my dad's?"

Felix burst into laughter. "I was wondering if you remembered, considering you were maybe nine when you last saw me."

"Peppy hated you and still hates you. Made you easy to remember."

"Gee, thanks. Have fun, take water with you. As said… no infrastructure."

"Right." Fox hung up and pocketed the business card, stretching out then heading for the docking bay. The nightmares had never stopped, not really, though the sleeping drugs he'd been prescribed did seem to keep them at bay. Katt had helped more than the meds did. They'd weathered the media shitstorm, and had decided to stay together. Katt had started working at the Academy, nothing big but it brought in a paycheck. She'd gotten him a spare key to her apartment, and they'd fallen into an oddly domestic cycle. A few days a week he'd let himself into her apartment and have dinner ready for her, and he'd spend the night sleeping curled up with her. It was a comfortable arrangement, and he was happy with it.

The thing was, the nightmares had had another strange affect on him. Sometimes he found himself looking at other guys and remembering what Wolf had done to him on Venom, wondering if he would enjoy someone else doing that to him. It wasn't that things weren't amazing with Katt, it was just that… well, the best he could explain was that it was different. A few of the people he'd stared at had caught him doing so too, but he'd tried to brush it off as he was just zoning out and hadn't been meaning to stare. It always left him unsettled, and generally left Katt pleasantly exhausted as he poured his frustrations into ravishing her.

He collected a jug of water and some snacks from the galley on the way to the docking bay, loading them into his cargo hold. Really, he was just hoping that confronting O’Donnell would get rid of the nightmares and doubt. And if not, at least he'd have a chance to deck the fucker for messing him up so much.

Wolf sighed, his pencil gliding over the paper without really seeing it, listening to the crash of the waves. He wasn't normally a person for tropical islands, as he was designed for cooler temperatures, but he couldn't deny that he liked it here. James had been spot-on on this suggestion. The island was big enough to build a base, and Aquas was a good place for one. The Cornerian government didn't monitor Aquas, and the only people that came here were rich people and a few businesses.

He looked up from the paper, looking out over the water. It was sometime in the afternoon, the sky intense blue with a few fluffy clouds. He was sitting on a beach blanket in front of a decent sized tent he'd set up, a fire pit waiting nearby. His Wolfen fighter was touched down about twenty feet away, near the tree line with a camouflage net tossed over it. He'd decided to camp here to get a feel for the place and to try to clear his mind. It had been almost eight months since the war ended, and he'd been pretty busy on the fringe.

Not that staying busy had been enough. The dreams remained, though they were slowly starting to fade.

He shook himself, returning to drawing, using the side of the pencil lead to draw in wide silvery arcs. Art therapy. Even now, it felt strange to him, and it wasn't something he discussed with anyone. Still, after the first dream on the station he'd gone shopping and shelled out for binders of blank paper and decent pencils and pens, knowing that it would help somehow. He'd been doing this for years, since the first time he'd gotten kicked to a shrink by BlackSky. It'd been after the mission where he'd lost function of his eye, and he'd been put on disability by his employer while he recovered. Part of the recovery was being sent to a therapist, which he'd hated the very idea of, but it had been explained to him that if he didn't go, he wouldn't fly for them again. So, feeling surly and mean on top of the strange phantom 'vision' of his ruined eye, to the shrink he went.

He'd been pleasantly surprised. The therapist was a woman who was very used to getting soldiers from BlackSky. She hadn't pushed, simply made him a mocha latté and explained gently why he was there, and if he felt like saying anything, she'd listen. He was shocked with himself when he'd started talking, and she just sat back and listened, offering no judgment, taking no notes. When he admitted to vision problems, she'd pushed a sheet of paper and a pencil over to him and asked for him to show her what he saw. It became a routine; every week he'd turned up in her office for the BlackSky mandated appointment, and every week at some point she'd push paper over to him. She never offered judgment on what he drew either, it was only at the end of the last appointment that she'd said anything about it.

She'd presented him with a high-quality drawing binder and a set of pencils, and told him that he'd probably benefit if he kept it up. In her opinion he, like many soldiers, had trouble expressing emotion, and to that end it bottled up, clouded his mind. Drawing was a way for him to keep a handle on that, to keep himself clear and in control.

That had been years ago, and here he still was, using it to center himself. He wasn't sure if he was any good; he didn't show the drawings to anyone. Over time he'd expanded into different media, and found that helped, sometimes.

And now he was using it to try to chase away his subconscious. Really, he had very little to complain about. He was in a very good position, he had made a name for himself out on the fringe and had a good chunk of change banked, and more invested. He and Leon still worked together; James laughingly called them the 'daring duo.' James himself was still on the fringe, though Wolf honestly couldn't work out why the older man hadn't gone home. Not that he was complaining, exactly. James had somehow become a part of his life. In lupine terms, James was part of his pack, another alpha he struggled against for dominance. He'd lost that struggle, really, even if he loathed admitting it. No matter who was on top, James was in control. It was masterful, really, how the older man almost never put himself into a situation that was totally out of his hands. For Wolf, it was frustrating in ways he had difficulty complaining about.

Adding to the problem were the dreams he'd been having. Happily they didn't happen often, but that didn't make him feel any better about it. It was making him linger on the mistake he'd made, and he was starting to wonder if he was somehow bordering obsession over the young McCloud. He'd casually asked Felix to give him a heads-up if he saw the Great Fox on the move or any other obvious indicators that Star Fox was working. Felix had been fine with it and hadn't asked any questions, which was a relief for Wolf.

He had just picked up a brush pen and was working on blacking out some parts of the drawing when he heard his radio headset go off, the insistent beep distant and tinny sounding against the sound of the crashing waves. Wolf sighed and capped the pen, reaching into the tent and fishing out the headset, putting it on. "O’Donnell."

"It's Felix. Just letting you know that Fox McCloud is coming your way."

Wolf blinked. "What?"

"Call this professional courtesy." And Felix disconnected.

Wolf managed not to mangle his radio when he took it off, setting it back inside the tent. Well, Felix had done what he asked, now he just had to keep control of himself. He huffed, picking his pen back up and savaging the drawing into something different, knowing that to deal with Fox he'd need all the self control he had.

Fox dove the Arwing through the atmosphere and was nearly blinded by the glare of the sunlight off the ocean. Putting on a pair of sunglasses, he took the fighter down, skimming the water as he approached an island. The coordinates he'd entered in the computer synched up with this place, and it looked every bit like it should have been on the flyer for a resort. He took the plane up and got a better look at it, smiling in spite of himself.

"Well, asshole, you have good taste. Now, where are you…" He murmured, fiddling with his radar controls and eventually receiving a very weak signal. He followed around to the southern beach of the island, seeing a tent tucked in against the treeline, next to a Wolfen under a camo net. He touched down the Arwing slowly, settling it down on the sand and popping the cockpit. Hot, humid air rushed him, and he climbed out of the cockpit to stand on one of the wings of the Arwing, staring at the campsite.

Wolf hadn't moved. He was sitting in front of the tent on a blanket, a fire pit a few feet in front of him, staring toward Fox with an almost blank expression. He was tapping a pen on the binder in his lap, ears folded back. A few coolers were stacked in the shade, alongside the tent. After several long frozen moments, he shook his head and set the binder in the tent and stood, walking toward the Arwing and shoving his hands in his pockets. He was out of uniform, wearing cargo shorts and a tank top, his eyepatch gone. "Well, well. Afternoon, McCloud."

"Hi, asshole." Fox replied, jumping down from the wing of his plane and moving to stand about ten feet from Wolf. His uniform, which was comfortable to wear while onboard the Great Fox, was clearly too much clothing for this island. Already the heat was getting to him, and the humidity was worse. "You told me something on Venom."

"Yeah, I remember. Didn't expect you to actually take me up on it though."

Fox shrugged out of his flight jacket and pitched it over his shoulder toward his plane. "After what you did to me? Please. I am dying to kick your ass."

Wolf lifted an eyebrow. "Alright then, let's set some rules. Fight until the other either concedes to a pin, doesn't get up, or otherwise chucks in the towel."

"Like I can trust you to follow any rules." Fox spat, undoing his shirt without thinking about it and discarding it as well, standing in his uniform pants, undershirt, and boots.

"Hey. I appreciate a good clean fight, McCloud."

"You fucking kicked me while I was down on Venom!"

Wolf shrugged. "I was pissed and it was personal. Frankly, everything's in, I'd just rather we didn't beat each other to death or go for each other's eyes."

Fox stared at him in disbelief, gaze shifting to Wolf's sightless eye. It was whole, and tracked with the other, but that's all you could say about it. It was obviously damaged, a strange washed-out blue, only making the lupine's functioning eye seem darker, stronger. "I guess I can agree to that." He said finally.

"Glad to hear it." Wolf meanwhile had eyed Fox, noticing the change. Fox had been working out. "And I do hope you've been training or this will be brief." He smirked, turned his back, and walked away toward the water.

"You ASSHOLE!" Fox snarled and charged, fully intending to tackle Wolf to the sand. Evidently seeing that coming, Wolf spun in place and braced, watching Fox agilely switch plans, blocking automatically as Fox swung. His blows were lightening fast, not all that hard but he hit so fast it didn't matter. Wolf stepped back slowly in the sand, unable to block all the blows, watching Fox's form.

"You HAVE been training!" Wolf grinned, ducked a blow, and punched. Fox managed to dodge most of it, the blow glancing off his shoulder and sending him skidding back a bit in the hot sand. "And you're fucking fast as hell, too." Wolf popped his knuckles. "Well, hell, this might be fun then!" That said, he charged back in, watching his opponent move, trying to land blows this time.

Wolf had actually not been looking forward to this, but looked at it as an exercise in self control. If he could make it through this and keep himself under control, and not feel anything for the younger McCloud, he could consider the events on Venom a fluke. Hell, maybe even manage some sort of apology, just to get it fully off his conscience, to make the dreams go away.

Fox dodged and blocked, watching Wolf move. Similar moves, but they had similar CQC training if he remembered Wolf's files right. The thing was, Wolf had been working a lot longer then he had, and his style had changed and adapted from training. Nearly every blow, punch or kick, was like being hit by a sledge. Roundhouses, haymakers, broad spectrum blows. Wolf wasn't focusing on any point of his body, just fighting almost automatically, efficient, powerful. Fox adapted as fast as he could, skidding in closer to Wolf instead of farther way, getting inside his damage circle and trying to stay on the larger man's blind side. This seemed to catch Wolf off-guard slightly and he took advantage of it, hammering two blows as fast as he could into the lupine's chest, aiming for his heart and lungs, feeling ribs give but not break.

Wolf snarled, grabbing the back of Fox's shirt and sweeping one leg, breaking Fox's contact with the ground and throwing him down. Sand went flying as Fox hit the beach, rolling mindlessly, barking in pain when the elbow drop missed and winged his shoulder. He scrambled away, getting up as the larger man did and lunging back into combat, the only thought in his head that he wanted to win. Ignoring his throbbing shoulder, he deflected Wolf's blows away and hit again, the other side of the lupine's chest this time, snarling in frustration when the larger man kicked him away.

"What the fuck? Do you not feel pain?" He demanded, backing off and spitting automatically, rolling his hurting shoulder. Wolf stayed in a ready position, pivoting off his back leg to keep facing him, grinning like a lunatic.

"Oh, I do." Wolf almost laughed, beckoning with both hands. "Come on, don't quit on me now, I'm having fun."

Fox sputtered, then snarled and charged again, dodging at the last minute, lashing out with one of his combat boots, the hardened tip hitting the center of Wolf's leg. To his satisfaction, this blow made Wolf yelp in pain as his leg locked, staggering back automatically as he tried to catch his balance, one hand down on the afflicted limb. Not one to let that advantage slip by, Fox charged and leapt, slamming his fist toward Wolf's face. Wolf blocked automatically, but not quite fast enough, deflecting the blow with one of his arms. That only made it worse, the momentum of the blow making Fox's fist skid upward and slam into his temple. Wolf dropped back in an attempt to lessen the blow, but couldn't keep it from connecting, his world spinning, propping himself off the ground as he tried to shake off his daze.

"Still having fun, asshole?" Fox asked, rolling back to his feet quickly, watching the larger man as he rolled to his side, shaking his head in a loopy manner. Of course that doesn't take him down, Fox seethed. He was starting to think that nothing short of a traumatic wound would take the larger man out of the fight. That didn't stop him from walking over, hands on his hips, glaring down at him. "Can you even get up?"

"Stupid fucker." Wolf replied, and lashed out with one foot, heel of his boot slamming one of Fox's knees. Fox nearly screamed in pain and dropped, rolling back and getting up as Wolf did, the vulpine holding his knee, Wolf holding his head. "Never fucking drop your guard like that!"

Fox blinked, taking another step back from Wolf, trying to figure out if that had been an honest pointer or some sort of insult. After a moment he straightened up and moved his leg experimentally; his knee hurt but nothing felt broken or damaged. Luck, and it didn't feel right. "Did you just pull a kick?" Fox asked incredulously. "That should have destroyed my kneecap."

Wolf shook his head vigorously again, feeling the last of the daze leave. "Would it change anything if I had?" He asked, and on that note charged Fox, kicking up sand, swinging into a roundhouse. Fox, still confused, ducked the blow in the nick of time, hearing it whistle over his head and dodging in, driving one of his elbows into Wolf's side. Wolf grunted in pain and grabbed his arm, using his own momentum to toss him away. Fox's boots skidded in the sand, keeping his balance and lunging back into the fray, ducking and blocking blows, the pair locking in a fist fight. He landed at least four blows for every one Wolf got him with, but his blows only seemed to annoy Wolf, while Wolf's blows chipped away at his stamina with every hit. Finally he got past Wolf's guard and punched Wolf in the throat.

The lupine staggered backwards, whining and gasping for air, one hand at his neck, looking pissed as hell. Fox was stunned but followed him, forcing Wolf on the defense as the larger man tried to get his wind back fully, allowing himself to grin as his blows were greeted with more cries of pain. He was getting through, wearing the older man down slowly.

It was that small burst of confidence that finished Fox, left him totally open when Wolf suddenly totally abandoned defense and stepped in, seeming to channel all his force into one blow, using his other arm to deflect Fox's arms away. The blow hit, and Fox reeled, blood immediately dripping from his nose and one of his lips as he fell backwards, landing on the sand, one hand coming up to his nose, the other coming to rest on his throbbing knee, glaring up at Wolf and waiting for the kick he was sure was coming.

But Wolf just stood there, looking down at him with his hands still ready, then took a step back out of Fox's range of kicks, rubbing his throat. "I'm impressed." He finally said, voice a bit rough, clearing his throat.

"What?" Fox asked blankly, spitting out blood, keeping his eye on his opponent.

"I said I'm impressed." Wolf replied in a patient voice. "That's a massive amount of improvement, given the time span you were working out. What, six months? And that's about a thousand times better than you were on Venom. There you were moving out of desperation, here you seemed to know what you were doing, and you moved with purpose." Not seeming to notice Fox's baffled stare, he continued to talk, voice thoughtful. "And your speed totally caught me off guard. You are fucking fast as hell. Lay off the weights, switch to stamina training. You want to keep that speed, and not restrict yourself, which is what will happen if you bulk up too much. Swimming or free running may be a good choice for you."

"Are you fucking serious?" Fox asked incredulously.

"Well, I'll let you decide that." Wolf stepped back over and offered a hand down. "Come on, I'll help you up. Good fight."

Fox stared at his outstretched hand, then at him, wiping the back of one of his hands across his muzzle. His nose was still bleeding freely, his shoulder and knee were screaming. "You really think I'm gunna trust that, after what you fucking did to me?"

Wolf's hand stayed, but he looked away, voice tightening. "Venom was a mistake. I lost control of myself. I think it's obvious that it's not going to happen again."

There was a long silence, during which Fox just looked at him, thinking about what had happened, the nightmares, the months of peaceful sleep only reached due to a healthy amount of sleep medication. Of Katt's quiet horror when he'd told her what happened, and her making sure to wake him up when he did dream. And now, not really an apology, not one at all, but an admittance of wrongdoing. Wolf knew he'd fucked up. "I don't suppose I could get a fucking apology." Fox said, keeping his tone conversational. When he only got a shrug as a response, he grabbed Wolf's hand, using the leverage to go from standing to lunging.

Wolf was caught off guard, leaning back and unable to get his other arm up, ending up frozen, Fox's other hand on his throat, putting just enough pressure on to keep his attention. Fox also stood frozen, other hand still caught in his, glaring at him, blood dripping from his split lip and slower from his nose. He wasn't bothering to wipe at it now, and it was dripping along his muzzle, spotting onto his undershirt. It hasn't bothered Wolf before, but now Fox was in his face and the smell of it hit him, a familiar blood smell, he'd tasted that before, and something dark and primal came fully awake in the back of his mind. He growled, trying to shove the feeling back, trying to look at Fox and see a rival, not a bed mate, not someone he should pull in and groom.

"Now, what did you just say about dropping my guard?" Fox said, voice soft, thumb pressing harder into Wolf's throat. Wolf didn't move, didn't twitch, just stared at him with dark eyes.

"Fight was over. You were down." Wolf replied, voice also soft, fighting to keep the growl out of it. He wanted, needed to back away now, right now, the smell of Fox's blood was getting to him, instincts going haywire, but Fox's hand held him where he was.

"Yeah, excuses, excuses. I could kill you right now."

"I'd rather you didn't."

Fox snorted, putting a little more pressure on. "I wasn't down, asshole. Blood doesn't mean I was done with the fight." That said, he let go of Wolf and socked forward with all his might, snarling in frustration when the larger man barely leaned back, head jerking to the side. "What the hell?! Why won't you go down?!"

Wolf spat blood out to the side and wiped at his mouth, trying to keep from drooling. Yeah, that was just what he needed right this moment, the taste of blood in his mouth… "I have good pain tolerance. You'd need to break something of mine to make me go down, and no guarantees even then." He stepped back as Fox started moving again, blocking blows but not really returning any, watching Fox move slower on his sore joints.

"Why the fuck won't you really fight me?!" Fox screamed, hitting harder and faster, anger rising as Wolf stayed on defensive. "You DID pull that kick didn't you?! WHY?!" He went into a roundhouse kick, only to have Wolf grab his leg and toss him away. "Fight me, asshole!"

"Are you so determined to have me beat you up?" Wolf spat blood out again, panting, knowing he was drooling pink.

"Says the man who's spent the entire time on defense! I'm winning!" Fox kept moving forward as Wolf kept moving back, ending up next to his plane, cornering off the landing gear of his Arwing to leap, trying to land another decisive blow. Wolf's reply was to pluck him out of the air and spin, putting his back to his Arwing, holding him at arm's length. Fox struggled, and Wolf switched to hold him one armed, hand planted on his chest, keeping him against the Arwing. Fox drug his claws down his arm hard enough to draw streaks of blood and got little reaction, slammed a pressure point, but that only made him change arms.

Wolf waited for Fox to still against the pin, ignoring his bleeding arm, knowing full well he was going to be sore as hell for a few days. He had a good resistance to pain, but Fox had worked him over fairly well throughout the course of the fight, and it didn't help that he was only blocking. His forearms throbbed, he could almost feel bruises blossoming under his skin. Eventually Fox realized that Wolf had a reach advantage and stilled, gasping for air, not at all liking the fact that he was pinned to his craft again. "Willing to listen to me now?" When Fox just glared at him, he continued. "I've been staying on defense to watch you. I wanted to see how well you've improved, and I like fighting. I wasn't lying earlier, I think sparring is great fun. But it's fucking HOT, and we're dehydrated, and one of us is going to have to take the other to the hospital if we don't stop now, and might I add that the nearest hospital is a long fucking way away!"

Fox nodded in spite of himself, still panting raggedly, folding his arms on top of Wolf's. "Is this just… a fucking game to you?" He finally asked.

"Not hardly." Wolf let him go, spitting again and prodding his cut cheek with his tongue. "Why?"

Fox stared at him, feeling adrenaline start to drain. "I came out here to fight because I wanted to beat the shit out of you for what you did to me."

"Yeah, I figured."

Fox's eyes widened at Wolf's less-than-upset voice tone, staggering forward and grabbing his shirt, shaking him. "And you can't even apologize for it! Do you have any idea what you did to me?!"

Wolf stared down at him, once again having to fight with himself. "Well, let's see, after you whipped on me in the sky and damn near put my entire career path in jeopardy, I shot you out of the air, picked a fight, and lost control of myself, in that order."

Fox snarled. "Your entire career path? Well, I'm sorry asshole but I really can't care because while you were worrying about your job, I was trying to put my life together! What you did to me gave me fucking night terrors! The only way I've been able to sleep soundly since the war is by drugging myself damn near into a coma! And you… you just write it off as losing control?" He shuddered and dropped his arms, bowing his head, hands coming up to tangle into his headfur. "You destroyed my life! I can't even look at another guy now without questioning myself! That never happened before that fucked up mess on Venom!"

"Well, I guess we fucked each other up then, because you're in my dreams too asshole." Wolf said, immediately regretted it, and plowed forward anyway. "For the third time at least, what happened on Venom was a fucking mistake. I was furious, I wanted to fight, and the best I can say is part of my brain unhinged. Afterwards, I got off Venom, found a friend was dead, only he wasn't actually dead, and I have been on the fringe ever since. Venom was a work contact, and thanks to it, I'm wanted for war crimes. I've had to go underground just to get back to see my shrink! So if you think I'm enjoying myself here you are sorely mistaken! As for destroying your life, you're famous, a hero, and have a hot girlfriend. These things do not fit in with a destroyed life."

Fox had dropped his arms and was staring at him, blinking. His knee was screaming again, he shifted and took weight off it, feeling unsteady and hot. "You have a shrink?"

Wolf shook his head, turning and walking back toward his camp site. "Come on, you need to get into the shade. You've got heat exhaustion. What the hell possessed you to wear long pants to Aquas, let alone uniform pants?"

"Fuck you, I can take care of myself." Fox replied, panting and following him anyway, ending up standing by the currently cold fire pit. "Besides, it isn't like I can trust you." He added, taking a sport drink from Wolf and wrenching it open, greedily drinking down half of it, streaks of it trailing down his muzzle in the process. Wolf stopped halfway through opening his own drink in favor of staring. Fox lowered the bottle, wiping at his muzzle with the back of his hand. "And what the hell did you mean, you've been dreaming of me?"

"Well, I assure you they weren't night terrors." Wolf replied, shaking his head in wonder. "Seriously, night terrors? Bad dreams about Leon, I could understand. Me? Or are you dreaming about fighting me?" Seeing Fox freeze up, he lifted an eyebrow. "Oh. I wouldn't qualify that as a night terror… oh wait. Ok, so I get it. You came here to beat me up because of what I did to you, which was apparently give you bad dreams, which are apparently good dreams tainted by your bad attitude about the situation."

Fox scowled, downing the rest of his drink. "Yeah, that's classy, blame the victim."

Wolf snorted, finally opening his drink. "You know what they say about raping the willing. You're so far in denial you're writing on pyramids." When Fox stared at him in clear contempt, Wolf shrugged. "Don't look at me, I'm bisexual, I've known that fact since I was sixteen, you're the one having problems coming to terms here."

"You're just fucking charming, aren't you?" Fox spat, digging through the cooler and grabbing a bottle of water.

"Apparently, since you have to drug yourself not to dream about me." Wolf smirked and took a drink.

Fox opened his mouth to say something, stopped, and rubbed his eyes. "This is ridiculous. I have a girlfriend. I don't need to argue about it with you."

"I never said you did, but I do find it interesting you apparently flew out here to kick my ass and prove you're straight. That just screams overcompensating to me."

"Stop that!"

"Stop what?" Seeing Fox was about to go into another screaming tirade, he sighed and held up a hand. "Fox. You're James McCloud Junior. Yes, I know you're a Junior, I've read your file. Your name alone tells people about the man you are. You don't need to pick fights to prove it. Your father was legend, you know that right? He screwed half the Academy, both dorms, and no one ever doubted the man he was. Now you've got a name for yourself, you're loved by the public, you've got a hot girlfriend who apparently didn't throw you out for a media storm. Now, here you are, because you think what happened between us changes who you are?" He shook his head. "Only if you let it. You can forget it, or you can give up and own it, but letting it torture you is fucking stupid."

Fox stared at him, water bottle dangling in his hand.

The silence stretched, and Wolf sighed, going to his bag and rummaging, coming out with a bottle of painkillers and a washcloth. He huffed, walking over to Fox, handing him the washcloth and tapping two of the pills into his hand. "Take these, clean yourself up, and go."

"That's it?" Fox asked blankly, taking the pills.

"What else were you expecting?" Wolf asked.

He stared at Wolf for a moment, then looked at the pills. Seeing they were a mainstream painkiller he recognized, he knocked them back and took a swig of the water. "I don't know, something…" He shook his head as memories of the dreams came to mind.

"Well, it isn't like this has gone how I expected. Hell, you turning up was unexpected." Wolf made himself step back from Fox; the blood that had run down his jaw and throat was sticky-looking, making his fur stick up in red spikes.

Fox shook his head again, sitting down heavily on the ground and pulling off the blood-spotted undershirt. He could feel what would be bruises soon, Wolf's heavy punches and kicks had left marks. "You should have expected it, you did challenge me." He frowned, glaring up at Wolf, who nearly loomed over him.

Wolf stepped further away from Fox, moving to his coolers. "Point for you, but I didn't figure you'd show up. Didn't figure you had the balls to."

"Hey, fuck you, I could have killed your stupid ass." Fox replied, glaring harder.

"And I could have kicked you while you were down, I didn't. Why are we even bothering to discuss things that didn't happen?" He replied, making his voice patient, fishing around in a cooler and taking out a bottle of beer, checking the label. Zonessian Microbrew, perfect. He smiled, opening the bottle with his claws.

"Are you really going to drink?" Fox lifted an eyebrow, taking a drink of his water. "One minute pointing out we're dehydrated, the next grabbing a beer. That's brilliant of you."

"Well, thank you for the concern." Wolf snorted, moving to sit down several feet away from Fox in front of his tent.

"It isn't like I need you drunk, you make stupid enough decisions when sober."

That made him laugh, tossing back a long drink of the beer. "I've managed not to strip you naked and throw you in my tent so far, I think you're fine."

Fox stared at him. "Well, thank you for confirming my suspicion that you've been thinking about sex the entire time."

"Thinking and doing are two very different things." Wolf pointed out. "And either way, I don't plan on anything happening, so relax."

"Yeah, you admitted that you didn't plan on Venom either, so that really makes me feel better."

"For all that suspicion, there's a strange amount of not-leaving you're doing." Wolf gave Fox a sharp look.

Fox snorted, dumping water on himself, then some on the washcloth, working on the blood on his muzzle. "Yeah, well, I'm fucking tired and I don't really trust the autopilot in the Arwings." He blustered.

Wolf stared at him in spite of himself, watching the water make trails in Fox's fur, then shook himself awake, looking back toward the water. "That sounded like bullshit." He said this quietly.

"Well, fuck you."

Silence stretched again. Wolf stayed where he was, staring out at the water, drinking his beer.

Fox sighed and flopped on his back on the beach blanket, staring up at the unbelievably blue sky and wondering. He was tired as hell, and he really didn't completely trust the autopilot on the Arwings, but staying here made even less sense. He'd been at Wolf's throat less than ten minutes earlier, he remained paranoid about Wolf's self control, but he couldn't bring himself to get up and trudge over the hot sand to his Arwing. He didn't feel like explaining to his copilots where he'd been, especially since he was sure he looked like warmed-over hell.

"So. How do you like my island?" Wolf forced some cheer into his voice when he said this, taking another long draw of his beer.

"Are you really buying this place?"

"Yeah. I signed the paperwork yesterday."

"Your own private vacation spot?"

He smiled a touch. "My military base, more like. I'm trusting you to be honorable enough not to rat my ass out to those that would do me harm."

Fox thought about it. "No, because then I'd have to explain how I knew."

Wolf laughed. "Yeah, that would be sure to go over well with your general friend. 'Oh I uh bought the information so I could go try to beat his ass.' Yeah, that will go down well, especially since there's a bounty on me."

"No kidding, I checked. Turning your ass in could pay my bills for a while." Fox grunted, stretching out fully, propping his feet on a piece of firewood.

"I'd ask why you haven't tried, but that would require you trying to get me into handcuffs among other things, none of which would go well for you." Wolf laughed in spite of himself, looking at Fox. "You know, you're pretty cool when you're not being a fucking brat."

Fox flipped him off. "I thought I was a bitch."

"That too, until you prove me otherwise." He snorted, emptying his bottle of beer.

There was a pause, then Fox sat up and looked at him. "Was that a challenge?"

Wolf looked at him, then pointed. "You missed a spot."

He snorted and tossed the mostly empty water bottle at Wolf. "Well, was it?"

"Of course it was." He smirked a touch. "Why, what are you going to do about it?"

Fox looked at him for a long moment, then shook his head, unlacing his boots. If he was going to sit here a while, he was at least going to be comfortable. "I imagine beating you in a fight wouldn't change that opinion."

"Nope. Physical prowess and winning a fight has nothing to do with being a bitch." Wolf scratched his chin. "It's more a control thing."

Fox paused with his hands on the laces of his second boot, remembering scenes from his dreams, then shaking his head sharply, kicking his loosened boots off and digging his toes into the sand. "And I suppose you have to be in control."

"I…" He paused, watching Fox curl his toes in the sand, then cuff up his pants a few times. "I'm a switch hitter. I don't have to be, but I prefer to be, and need to be at least part of the time."

"So, you need to be on top at least part of the time?"

"Short answer, yes."

"And you think I'm utterly submissive?"

"I suspect Katt generally climbs on you and rides your brains out."

Fox blanched, then burst into laughter in spite of himself. "On occasion."

"I bet she usually starts things though."

Now Fox paused, looking at Wolf oddly. "I think I see where you're going with this. You're basically saying that no matter what I do, I'm going to be a bitch in your eyes."

"Why do you think it's a bad thing?" Wolf quirked an eyebrow at him. "If you enjoy it, live it."

"Yes, because I totally enjoy looking at other guys and feeling my self image go to hell!" Fox burst out, and almost clapped his hands over his mouth.

There was a silence, then Wolf shook his head. "My gods, you have a bad attitude about this, though I could understand your hesitation. You can't even buy a damn book without it making the news."

"That has nothing to do with it!" Fox sputtered. "I'm not into guys!"

"Really?" He lifted an eyebrow. "So if I crawled over to you and cleaned the rest of the dried blood off your neck, you'd be disgusted?"

"You're an asshole!"

"And yet, no denial. Well, then." Wolf shrugged and moved over to kneel over Fox, arms crossed, smirking down at him.

Fox recoiled. "You've said repeatedly that nothing is going to happen!"

"I never said anything was, just listen. You're basically bicurious and freaking out over it because you consider yourself straight, right? So if you ARE straight, then me doing something very minor won't make you react in any way."

He stared at Wolf, mind working through this. "A bicurious litmus test? What the fuck."

"You'd rather torment yourself wondering for however long?"

Fox stared at him for a long moment, not protesting when Wolf sat next to him, staring back at him. "… Just… get it over with." He finally said, nearly snarling.

Wolf shook his head, leaning in slightly, lifting a hand and gently tilting Fox's head back. Fox winced, growling restlessly, hands digging into the beach blanket. Wolf nuzzled the vulpine's neck just a bit, then gave into his impulse, tongue flicking out and caressing over the side of Fox's neck, catching and cleaning up some of the dried blood. The taste sizzled through his system, his curbed instincts making themselves known again, and he shook them off as well as he could, tongue flicking out again to get the rest of the blood up. Fox shuddered once under the gentle touch, eyes pressed shut, hands clenching the beach blanket in a white knuckle grip. No protest came though, so Wolf continued, finding more missed blood and grooming over the white fur on Fox's throat, eyes mostly closed, rumbling softly.

Fox startled at the noise, whining helplessly, his tail switching over the ground. He honestly hadn't been sure what to expect, but he hadn't expected gentleness. Part of him was senselessly panicking and wanting to get the hell away, the rest was relaxed, enthralled with the feeling of being groomed. Yeah it was a guy, yeah it was Wolf, but it felt good, dammit, and that was as much confusing as it was reassuring.

Wolf blew out a sigh, leaning to put his muzzle near Fox's ear, not surprised when Fox twitched away again. "Let it go." He made his voice quiet, the low rumble making itself evident again. When Fox shuddered again, he backed off slightly and lifted his hands, sliding them down Fox's shaking arms and forcing his hands to let go of the blanket. "Let go. You don't have to do this to yourself. It's alright." He didn't lift his voice, his hands rubbing Fox's fingers, and was surprised when Fox went limp, more or less collapsing into him. He sighed and pulled Fox in, leaning his jaw on one of his shoulders, one hand knitting into the fur on the back of the vulpine's neck. "You worry me sometimes." This statement was greeted with a weak laugh, and Wolf admitted to himself that it certainly sounded ridiculous. But what the hell, he was sitting on an island on Aquas holding his rival, ridiculous seemed appropriate.

And now, sitting like this, it was even more obvious how Fox had changed. Wolf remembered how the smaller man had been built before, but that was nearly gone, the once just-wiry build now packed with muscle, not really bulked up much at all. Wolf shivered a bit, rubbing Fox's back gently, running his fingers through the reddish-gold fur. Fox shuddered, growling when Wolf nudged him with his muzzle, making him tilt his head back so he had access to the vulpine's neck, returning to his grooming motions. Fox groaned, fingers grasping at Wolf's shoulders. Wolf snickered, leaning forward so Fox's back hit the ground, shifting so he was kneeling straddling Fox's thighs, idly scratching Fox's stomach with one hand.

"You're an asshole." Fox sprawled under him on the beach blanket, glaring up at him, ears folded back.

"Yeah. I gave up denying that a long time ago." Wolf chuckled, moving to lean over Fox, his hands landing on either side of Fox's head, staring down at him. "I figure the best I can do is be a likable asshole."

"Oh please, you aren't even that." Fox laughed, crossing his arms and staring up at him. "And your little litmus test aside, what makes you think I…"

Wolf cut him off, catching his muzzle in a kiss, trying to be firm but not force it, one of his hands lifting to cradle Fox's jaw gently. Fox startled, hands landing on and digging into Wolf's arms on instinct, having a panicked moment where he was caught between fighting and giving in, then slowly relaxing. His eyes lulled shut, letting his muzzle part and meeting the lupine's tongue with this own, kissing back softly. He'd gotten used to the feeling of Katt's tongue, which he could only compare to damp rough suede, so the smooth tongue that was investigating his mouth was different. Not in a bad way though…

The angry thoughts Fox tried to have at himself for his mind's betrayal were cut off when the kiss eased out, Wolf's tongue scrubbing along his jaw, his rival's heavier body settling on top of him. Fox jumped again when he felt Wolf's arousal through his clothes, not fully there but definitely interested, growling restlessly and getting growled back at for his troubles. Wolf let the growl trail into a snicker though, propped on his forearms, investigative tongue lapping at Fox's neck, caressing over his throat and moving lower, latching onto his collarbone. Trapped, there was little Fox could do but groan, jittering when Wolf accurately found one of his sensitive spots, claws skittering on his shoulders.

"This is not a good idea." Fox finally panted out, arching off the blanket when Wolf's clever tongue lapped lower, finding and sliding over one of his nipples, not able to stop the moan that action brought forth.

"Says who?" Wolf's voice was low and husky, thoroughly investigating one nipple then lapping over to the other, sprawled on top of Fox. Sunlight, light breeze, crashing waves nearby, fucking perfect as far as he was concerned. This seemed like a fantasy come to life, something out of an overdone romance novel. The cries of pleasure from the subject of his attention made it even better, Fox's indecision being smashed out by the coaxing strokes of his tongue. He was getting into it too, tented pants pressed into Wolf's chest, hands tangled into his headfur, whimpering in pleasure. Wolf hid his grin in Fox's torso, slowly backing up, licking his way down Fox's stomach, tracing his muscle lines with the tip of his tongue. Fox squirmed, lifting himself up on his elbows to peer down at Wolf. Wolf looked back, but didn't stop what he was doing.

"What exactly are you planning?" He was uncertain, but didn't feel like arguing anymore, voice quiet, tail snaking across the blanket.

"Just something I offered on Venom."

"What? Ah, hey!" Fox fell back, protesting when his groin was palmed over slowly, feeling a claw tick over the zipper of his pants. Wolf snickered softly, licking Fox's stomach just above the line of his uniform pants, nibbling there and ignoring the half-assed protests above him. A few flicks of his claws and he had the button undone, the zipper nearly unzipping itself. Fox groaned in relief at being released from his pants.

"Do you always go regimental?" Wolf asked, hands yanking Fox's pants off his hips so he had more room to work with, one warm hand gently curling around the vulpine's erect cock, the other tracing a finger down his sheath.

"Ah… y-yeah…" Fox whimpered softly, twitching under the attention. "I've always been… more comfortable that way…"

"Nothing at all wrong with that…" Wolf stroked his hand up, fingertips tracing the shape of Fox's length, then sliding back down to circle his knot. High end of average and he had a few years before he was fully mature. Fox shuddered under him, one hand still tangled into Wolf's headfur, the other moved so his lower arm draped over his eyes, protecting them from the bright light, twitching again as Wolf's hand stroked lower, palming over his sheath and balls.

"Were you planning on this?" He asked, not moving from where he was, panting softly, crying out when Wolf's warm, soft tongue traced the underside of his cock. He couldn't think of any protests anymore, good or bad. Hell he could barely think. All there was was the feel of sunlight, warm breath, teasing teeth and oh my gods…!

Wolf snickered and didn't bother answering, swallowing him down just to hear the startled bark of pleasure that action earned, arms slipping under Fox to fold under the small of his back comfortably, tongue curling around the head of his cock and choking back a snarl when Fox wailed in response, backing off a bit. "Oh, you have no idea what that does to me." He knew this came out as a bare snarl as he ducked his head again, tongue lashing, glad his shorts where loose. Fox writhed under him, whining and moaning, cries almost inarticulate when the larger canine's teeth and tongue teased at his knot and scuffed the start of his sheath.

Wolf's eyes closed, letting himself get lost in what he was doing. He wasn't a sub, not really, even in spite of what he'd said earlier. He really preferred being on top, just because he loved to hear cries praising what he was doing, loved hearing someone cry out just for him. This was why he could do this and enjoy it, because Fox's cries and gasps of pleasure and whimpers of his name practically sent sizzles down his spine, because it threw logic and intellect to the wind. He was ALPHA, and Fox was his BITCH, and he wanted to prove that there were some benefits to being in such a position.


Fox whined, hips coming off the blanket, rolling in response to Wolf's head bobs. He couldn't get a full sentence out, senselessly pleading for the older man to not stop, trailing into another howl when he was swallowed again. His dreams had nothing on this, this was bare and real, and surprisingly gentle. He'd almost expected a replay of Venom, and just remembering that made him tense a bit in spite of himself. Wolf grumbled softly, shifting to lean on one arm, the other hand coming back up to scratch his stomach, releasing him to lean up and lick his belly button.

"You ok?"

Fox startled at the question, or maybe just the voice tone, which was warm and tender somehow. Unable to find the words, he nodded, panting.

Wolf smiled a touch, unable to help it, turning his head to one side and licking two of his fingers, leaving the short fur there slicked down and glistening. Fox, who still had his arm over his eyes, didn't have a clue what Wolf was doing, only grumbling when Wolf shifted his weight upward a bit. The larger man cut his grumbles off easily, returning to his oral worship, waiting until he'd worked Fox back up again before moving his hand. The soft pressure of one of his fingertips against Fox's back entrance drew a soft yelp of protest, so he waited, rubbing softly at the same pace of his tongue, teasing the nerves there. He was almost surprised when Fox relaxed with an uneasy whine, tongue rubbing the underside of the head of Fox's cock, again wondering just what sort of fantasies Fox had been having. Maybe he had been right and they had been sex fantasies…

Fox fell silent, surprised when Wolf didn't respond to his relaxing, biting his lower lip then whining softly. He was damn close as it was, leaking and straining, almost frustrated at the skill of Wolf, who was keeping Fox's finish at bay as deftly as he was making pleasure rock up his spine. Katt was good with her tongue, oh god yes, she'd gotten him to come so hard his vision had washed out. Wolf's talented tongue promised something else: the sort of orgasm that rendered him unconscious. He whined again, knowing he was starting to sound needy, and got a response this time.

Wolf slipped a slick finger inside him, sucking harder to try to distract him and surprised when the only response he got was a soft hiss. Fox's body was almost uncomfortably hot, tense as a vice around him, pad of his finger finding the vulpine's prostate from memory and nearly basking in the praise that sounded off in response. Fox howled and arched, growling and whining, overloading on the double sensation, yelping when a second finger joined the first. Wolf groaned at the noises, hips shuddering and arching in response, body aching to respond. Instinct clashed with willpower, and willpower won, allowing him to keep hold of himself with effort. He could wait, he WOULD wait, because if he did this right he was sure he'd be able to drag Fox into his tent for a passionate round two.

Fox teetered on the knife edge, knot swollen and sensitive, unable to believe how good this was. He gasped out a warning, and got swallowed one last time, Wolf's tongue tracing his knot. That was the last straw, thrusting upward as he came hard, howling his rival's name in ecstasy, vision blanking to white and fireworks. Wolf growled softly and swallowed constantly, backing his fingers off once Fox was done. After one last lick, he released Fox's cock and ran his tongue around his teeth, crawling up Fox's body and biting his neck lightly, growling playfully. Fox laughed, pulling him fully up for a long hot kiss, tongues dancing.

Wolf groaned in spite of himself, crouching above Fox, tail lashing the air as they kissed. Fox pressed up into it, kicking the rest of the way out of his pants, sprawling naked underneath his rival, hands rubbing down the larger man's torso uncertainly. Hard muscle tensed under his fingers; Wolf wasn't as clearly defined as he was, but his thick grey fur hid a powerhouse. His touch made the lupine almost bite into the kiss hungrily, a growl purring out as Wolf's tongue investigated his mouth. Fox was still coming down from his orgasm, mind scattered, yanking at Wolf's pants. The button-up shorts yielded to his insistent fingers, shoving them down to hang around Wolf's hips, boxer shorts moving as well.

The uncertain touch of Fox's hand made Wolf break the kiss in favor of howling, much more comfortable now that he wasn't trapped in his shorts, hackles coming up as Fox's fingers traced his length and width. He shook himself, staring down at Fox, whose gaze was much farther down his body, expression a bit stunned. "I'm flattered, but I'm no porn star." He had to grin though.

"That all depends on perception." Fox cleared his throat awkwardly, then yipped when Wolf looped an arm around his waist and rolled, ending up halfway in the tent in the process, Fox sitting on his stomach. "What the fuck?"

"I figure I'm a little less intimidating this way." He snickered, folding his arms behind his head.

Fox stared down at him, shifting uneasily. Kneeling like this reminded him of Venom in an odd way; his sensitive still-hard length nestled in the soft fur of Wolf's stomach, rubbing against the muscular planes there. From what he knew about himself, his knot wouldn't be going down for a while, and in the mean time he was so sensitive the soft fur nearly made him ache. His shifting brought Wolf's length nudging against him, and he startled, nearly falling over.

Wolf sighed and reached up, pulling Fox down to lie on his chest, adjusting so he wasn't prodding up against him anymore. Fox looked at him curiously, elbows propped on Wolf's chest, and closed his eyes when Wolf licked along his muzzle. "You need to relax." Wolf muttered this, sliding a hand up and down Fox's back, grumbling when he felt himself go soft. It was annoying as hell, but he dealt with it, one arm folded behind his head the other now tracing circles on Fox's shoulders.

Fox shuddered, head coming to rest on one of Wolf's shoulders, tail wagging. "So, how'd you become so good at that?" He snickered in spite of himself, smirking at Wolf. "You prefer to be on top, but are good at oral?"

He snorted and flicked one of Fox's ears. "Shut up and enjoy your afterglow."

"Asshole." He grumbled and closed his eyes, arching just slightly into Wolf's caressing hand, sighing. Wolf shifted and used both hands to rub Fox's back, grunting softly when Fox's still-hard cock rubbed against his abs and inspired a sympathetic ache of his own. He growled restlessly, pulling Fox up and kissing him softly, one hand scratching the base of Fox's tail. Fox returned it, one leg twitching in time to the scratching, slowly relaxing. When Wolf felt Fox go soft, he grunted and sat up, moving Fox so he was kneeling then pulling Fox back down to sit on his legs. Fox opened his mouth to ask what he was doing and ended up cussing in surprise, growling when Wolf palmed over him, other hand teasing his back entrance again.

Wolf growled, licking over one of Fox's nipples then nibbling upwards to bite along Fox's jaw, panting softly as he felt himself go hard again. He'd done the polite thing, he thought to himself, but now his control was ebbing away. It didn't take him long to fully stiffen, hard length prodding against Fox's washboard stomach, wanting to fuck so bad he was nearly insane. He buried his muzzle into Fox's neck, absorbing the smaller man's scent, freehand palming his ass with a growl, listening to Fox's uneasy whimpers. "Something wrong?"

"I don't know." He whined, almost glad when Wolf's hands started caressing him again. He swallowed, leaning his muzzle against Wolf's, sliding a hand down Wolf's chest and tracing his length again. How had Wolf fit that inside him? He thought back to Venom, remembering his back against the still-warm metal of his plane, the shock of Wolf shoving inside him, the dreams, and was confused by his sudden desires.

Wolf managed not to shake his head again, cock pulsing in Fox's hand. "What do you want?" He licked Fox's throat, and when he didn't get a reply, dropped his voice to a rough whisper. "I think I'm going to toss you to the ground and fuck your brains out. Any protests?" Fox gaped at him, and Wolf took that to mean no arguments, so he grabbed Fox's waist and pitched him fully into the tent.

Fox landed in an ungraceful pile in the tent, sitting up and shaking his head, rolling to look at Wolf. "You aren't exactly subtle, are you?"

Wolf snorted, getting the rest of the way out of his shorts and boxers, pouncing into the tent and taking Fox down to his back, staring down at him. "You don't need subtle. You need someone to tell you exactly what's going on and why you're going to love it."

Fox almost laughed, then gasped when Wolf shoved down and licked his half-erect member. "You're an ass."

Wolf rummaged in his duffel bag, having moved his binder and radio against the wall of the tent so they were out of the way. Naturally what he was looking for was buried as he had had no reason to believe he'd actually need it, but he was happy to be proven wrong. Tube found, he moved back over to Fox, who was giving him the pensive look again. "My ass has nothing to do with this." That said, he leaned over Fox and kissed him, grinning into it when Fox wrapped his arms around his shoulders, claws digging into his back. Wolf leaned on one arm, other hand busy. The lube sent a chill through him, his slick fingers dragging a muffled cry from Fox, who clutched at him reflexively, claws digging in harder. Wolf growled, easing the kiss out, licking along Fox's muzzle. "Wrap your legs around me." He stated it as an order, and Fox moved, legs curling around Wolf's hips and squeezing, his hips coming off the ground in the process. "Mm. Better…" A small shift, and Fox clutched him again when he felt the lupine's cock nudge him. "Relax. Yeah, this is going to ache at first, but it's worth it." He nuzzled Fox, licking along his muzzle again, and when he felt Fox relax a bit, he ground in lightly, then eased forward.

Fox whined, tucking his face into Wolf's shoulder, sucking a breath in. Some guilty self abuse had made him conclude that stimulation this way could be enjoyable, but this was big, and twinges of pain flicked up his spine along with an odd feeling of discomfort. Wolf was moving slowly, leaning on one arm, the other wrapped around Fox, rubbing the back of his neck. Fox grunted and shut his eyes, twitching when he felt their bodies connect, Wolf stilling over him, the lupine's tongue caressing one of his ears gently. Last time this had happened, he'd nearly screamed in pain and shock, now he just grumbled, relaxing a bit as the pain ebbed away.

Wolf shifted to lean on both arms again, tongue flicking along the side of his muzzle, smiling when Fox licked back at him in return. After trying so hard to control himself, this was a relief, Fox was stunningly hot around him, the grip of his body almost like a vice, the legs clasping his hips trembling slightly. He lifted himself up a bit more to look down at Fox as he backed off almost all the way, having to nearly pry himself out of the tight grip Fox's body and legs had on him, grumbling when Fox's claws dug into his shoulders. "Easy, beautiful…" Wolf's voice was a murmur, leaning down and catching his sub for a kiss as he thrust back in, the embrace covering his groan and Fox's yip. Fox wrapped his arms around Wolf's shoulders, biting into the kiss, whining as he felt the larger man back off again.

Fox released the kiss, falling back to the sleeping bag, hands resting on Wolf's shoulders. Some small part of him was pissed he was letting this happen again, the rest didn't care, yipping again and arching into Wolf's body as he was ground against gently, panting. "Ah.. b-beautiful?" His voice was almost strangled, unsure what he wanted out of this and not able to voice it if he did.

"Mmm… don't fish for compliments…" The lupine growled, staring down at Fox, who sprawled under him, ruffled and battered and nearly perfect. "You're beautiful." He murmured this, pulling back then thrusting, faster this time, growling in pleasure when the vulpine wailed and tensed around him. "I love that sound…" He shifted and drove in again, his cock scuffing against Fox's prostate and drawing more glad outcries. Target found, he flopped on Fox and ground in, biting and sucking on his neck, movements shortening.

Fox yelped at the sudden feel of the larger man's weight, panting, starting to wonder if this is what Katt felt like when he teased her. He could feel Wolf's pulse inside him, the discomfort long gone, snarling when he felt the start of a knot nudge inside him. "Don't… tease me… you fucker."

Wolf almost laughed, releasing his throat in favor of claiming his mouth, pulling back again, tongue diving into Fox's mouth as his hips slammed Fox's, easing the kiss back out as he ground again. "Is there something you want?" He smirked in spite of himself, knowing full well he was being a bastard, feeling Fox's erection nudging against him, trapped between their bodies. When Fox only whined, he sniggered and pulled out fully, even though his body ached at the loss of heat. "Tell me what you want."

"You're being an asshole." Fox's voice was muffled, muzzle tucked into his shoulder and neck again. "I'm not going to beg." That was a bluff and he knew it.

Wolf pulled back and lifted an eyebrow at him. "Who says I'm asking you to beg? I'm telling you to issue an order, Commander." The words left his mouth without thought, feeling control slip through his fingers, which he was oddly fine with provided of course that Fox was smart enough to use it.

Fox blinked at him, then grabbed his dogtags and yanked him down, staring him in the eyes. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard, O’Donnell. Make me regret nothing."

Wolf lifted an eyebrow again but didn't break Fox's gaze, one hand moving to steady Fox's hips as he shoved back inside the smaller man. Fox snarled but didn't look away, watching Wolf's expression flicker with pleasure and something distinctly feral, both of them groaning on the next thrust, the slam of their bodies clashing with the distant-seeming sounds of the water. Fox licked Wolf's jaw then rested their muzzles together, panting as his rival and lover found a rhythm.

Wolf let his eyes shut, leaning his muzzle against Fox's, hackles coming up as he buried himself into the vulpine again and again, driving as deep as he could, basking in the cries and wails his motions drew. He quickly figured out it wasn't fast Fox wanted, it was hard, deep, and the animal in him loved it, loved making Fox his bitch again, mine mine MINE, fucking mine! He lifted himself on his arms, slamming as hard as he could, Fox's body coming further off the sleeping bag in the process with a startled shout. Not discouraged at all by the noise, Wolf slammed again, half-formed knot forcing its way inside, snarling when Fox yelled his name. "The louder you are… the harder I am, McCloud. You control this…" He howled as he pulled out, hands digging into the sleeping bag under them. Fox's hands and arms tried to steady himself, eyes pressed shut, shouting again on the next thrust, then nearly screaming when all that force hit his prostate and dug in, fireworks flashing across his vision, cock leaking. Wolf didn't think, just moved, yanking out and grabbing Fox's shoulders, rolling him over and dragging Fox's hips up.

Fox opened his mouth to protest the position change and wailed when Wolf buried himself back inside his body, snarling and rounding his shoulders when Wolf grabbed his scruff and bit lightly. There was a frozen moment, him trapped in probably the most submissive position possible besides being tied up somehow, Wolf rumbling low in his chest. He could feel soreness starting to spread, he was going to regret this for days, but damn it felt good, submitting but still in control in a strange way, cock straining. "Don't you dare fucking stop." He finally gasped out, front half relaxing against to the ground, managing not to whine.

"If I had my way…" Wolf released Fox's scruff and pulled out, then easing back in, watching his sub's muscles tense, panting ragged, knot swollen, knowing he wouldn't last much longer. "I would do this every day… just to hear you call out for me." This statement was greeted by a snort of laughter, and he shook his head, movements slower and easier, watching Fox moan and claw at the floor of the tent. "See… it doesn't have to be hard to be good…" He murmured this, one hand stroking Fox's back as he ground in, groaning.

Fox whined, then yelped Wolf's name, shoulders hunching and biting his knuckles as fireworks danced over his vision again, gasping when Wolf thrust harder in response to his cries, dancing at the edge of what was promising to be a spectacular orgasm, whining again. Taking the hint, Wolf started moving hard again, railing into him and hitting his prostate with unnerving accuracy, shouting in pleasure when he came hard, body tensing, then wailing when Wolf ground into him, biting his scruff as his knot wedged inside him. Wolf groaned, shuddering and closing his eyes as he came, bodies locking together. Fox hissed softly, hackles coming up as he felt heat wash into him, only somehow sweetening the haze of his orgasm. "Did, did you just tie me?" He finally asked, almost afraid to move, body throbbing with something between pleasure and soreness.

"Mmmhmm." Wolf gnawed Fox's scruff then let go, grooming the backs of his ears, aware of nothing but the raw physicality between them. Someone could have walked up behind him and executed him, and he was fairly certain he wouldn't even notice. All there was was the almost numbing tight heat around him, the feel of Fox under him, his sweet sexy scent, his taste. Mine. Perfect. Mine. Wrapping an arm around Fox to hold him close, he rolled to the side, landing them on the sleeping bag on their sides with a grunt. Fox hissed softly then slowly relaxed, shuddering when the larger man's hands stroked down his chest gently before wrapping around him, the lupine's tongue now licking the side of his neck. The low pleasurable throb inside him remained, his body twitching when Wolf shifted slightly. "I wasn't planning on being rough with you…" Wolf finally said, muzzle coming to rest in the curve of his neck and shoulder, sighing softly.

Fox shrugged, eyes lulling. "I asked for it, and it was excellent." He felt Wolf smile, going limp against Wolf's chest, murmuring when his stomach was scratched lightly.

"Sleep. You're exhausted." Wolf whispered, and watched his rival doze off, sighing. He was bruised and sore, but didn't care, feeling deeply satisfied. He knew that this would probably result in a shitstorm later, just because this hadn't been sport fucking to him. Being commanded to be dominant? That seemed like the sort of thing that could bring him to his knees in want, especially if it was Fox doing it. He sighed again, squeezing Fox slightly, bowing his head so his forehead rested against the back of Fox's neck, taking in the scent of his enemy. No, not enemy, not even rival, not even competition. His lover. And now, all he could do was hope that he could stay the hell away from him on the battlefield.

Fox woke up slowly, nose twitching, licking his lips in his sleep. Fish, fish in hot oil, salt and spices he couldn't fully identify, and what smelled like corn, and… beer? By the time his eyes opened, he was drooling, stomach rumbling as he lifted his head from the sleeping bag, propping himself on his elbows and taking stock of himself groggily. He'd been asleep on his stomach, a pillow under his head. He felt sore and bruised, but it was manageable. His knee felt odd, and when he looked down at it, he was surprised to see a cloth kneebrace buckled over it. After a confused moment he hefted himself to his hands and knees, crawling to the front of the tent and sticking his head out.

The sun had visibly moved, shadows lengthening, the temperature already starting to drop a bit. The firepit was going full blast, and Wolf was sitting by it. A camping grill had been set over part of the fire, which was the source of the delicious smells that was making Fox drool. Wolf looked up from the pan he was managing, and grinned in spite of himself. Fox looked half-awake, headfur mussed. "Good morning, sunshine."

Fox stood up out of the tent, rubbing his eyes, and staggered off into the tropical forest behind the tent to find a convenient tree. When he came back, he sat down on the beach blanket in front of the tent, watching Wolf flip fish filets. "How long was I out?"

"About four hours. Sleep well?"

He thought about that for a long moment. "Yeah, yeah I did… which, considering I haven't slept without sleeping drugs for months…"

Wolf wove a hand vaguely, digging two camping plates out of a pack. "Sleep drugs give you shit sleep. Glad you got some decent shuteye in. Are you hungry?"

"Starving." He drew his kneebraced knee to his chest, looking at it and adjusting one of the buckles. "This is yours, I take it."

"I keep a variety of braces and wraps in my medkit. Figured I could spare one for you." Wolf looked at him, tapping a set of tongs on the side of the pan thoughtfully. Fox seemed comfortable in his skin, relaxing by the fire, staring back at him. After a moment, he grinned. "You look like hell." That said, he turned back to the fire, serving the filets and the roasted corn on the cob. "Which is unfair, because when I look like hell, I look awful. You look like hell and still look gorgeously fuckable."

Fox snorted, accepting the plate and a fork. "Well, fuck you. It is all your fault after all."

"Yeah, sure it is." Wolf set the hot pan in the sand by the fire, moving to sit on the blanket about a foot away from Fox, and began digging into the fish.

Fox cleared half the filet before he spoke again, licking his lips. "So, I come here to pick a fight, you pull punches. We fuck, you move at my behest. I wake up, and find I've been cleaned up and tended to." He paused, looking at Wolf, frowning. "What the hell are your motives?"

Wolf looked at him, then carefully looked away, returning to his meal with a shrug. "Fucking you again at a later date?"



They were silent the rest of the meal, which Fox heartily enjoyed. Afterwards he stayed where he was, watching Wolf clean up after cooking, pitching the leftovers to a cloud of waiting gulls. "So, what happens now?"

"If you're planning on leaving tonight, you should do so soon, unless your plane has the ability to take off without tarmac lighting." Wolf replied after a moment, staring at the sky. The shadows were lengthening, sun dipping toward the horizon. "If I were to guess, we have about an hour of daylight left."

Fox blinked at him. "Are you asking me to leave?" He finally asked, unsure how to feel.

"No, I just don't know what your itinerary looks like. You've already got several hours of time to account for to your friends, and you've obviously been in a fight. If you're gone for a whole night, I'm sure their questions will get sharp." Wolf sat back down next to him, staring out at the water.

Fox winced, rubbing the back of his neck. "Oh, hell, you have a point."

"Yeah, and so you know…" Wolf shifted and leaned into him, burying his nose in the side of Fox's neck and inhaling, smiling when Fox startled. "You smell like me. Actually, you smell like sex, blood, the ocean, and me. Anyone who gets close to you is going to know you've been fucking and I don't exactly have a feminine scent. If I were you, I'd go jump in the ocean before taking off, so you'll just smell like salt water until you get a shower in." He backed off, watching Fox's expression.

"So you are asking me to leave?"

"No. By all means, stay so I can give you several more orgasms and fall asleep on top of you." Wolf said so deadpan Fox burst into laughter, only cracking a smile once he had. "Are you saying you want to stay?"

Fox blinked at him, then hefted to his feet. "I shouldn't, but… thanks."

Wolf wove a hand vaguely, and watched Fox limp down to the water, leaving the kneebrace in the sand so it wouldn't get wet. It was just as well, anyway, he decided, watching Fox swim out and dive under. It was going to take him months to get over this as it was, but somehow he didn't really mind. If nothing else, Wolf was sure he was going to have some spectacular dreams.