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>>the cards — chapter seven: double down::

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James grunted, pulling himself under the heavy duty desk and backing out screws. How long, he mused, had it been since he'd had to set up his own console? Years, he'd never had to do so on the Great Fox, and on Corneria he'd only kept basic computer equipment. He hadn't needed all this, then. Now he did again, and he was somehow glad for it. He grinned, removing the panel and studying the default wiring installed there.

Wolf O#8217;Donnell, dutiful young man that he was, had cut him a check the day after they'd met with Felix at the diner. James had simply stuck it in his wallet and reminded him that it would not be run through a bank until they were working. Three days later, Wolf and Leon had fighter planes again and were waiting on customization to be completed, and James had them meeting with some old cargo-hauling friends.

The two younger men were not pleased when James explained that the steadiest work on the fringe was escort missions, at least at first. Once James had explained that it was the best way to establish your reputation and that the business quickly got ludicrous, they'd been more open to the idea. And now, they were off the station, working with James' old friends on the Axenstar. That had been practically a freebie, James knew, but his old poker-playing friends had needed a fighter escort anyways, so they were willing to let a few fringe newbies break their escort cherry on their watch.

Once that was done, James had wasted no time in securing himself a decent apartment on the station and in investing in some hefty electronic equipment. While he'd done that, he'd reached out to some old contacts, all of which were pleasantly surprised to find out he was still breathing.

All in all, James thought, disconnecting some of the default wiring and digging into a case next to him on the floor, things were going quite well. He caught himself humming as he finished the rewiring and screwed the panel back into place, then stilled, ears twitching. Someone was at his door, and was apparently not planning on knocking, because he heard the electronic lock chirping then the mechanical locks tumbling quietly. He dragged himself out from under the desk and crouched, one hand going behind him to rest on the gun tucked in the small of his back, waiting.

The door swung open, and Felix strolled in, one arm carrying what appeared to be a grocery bag. Seeing James crouched ready, he grinned and kicked the door closed behind him. "We need to upgrade your security system; just about any scumbag can walk in here."

James laughed and stood. "No kidding, look at the one that just did. You fucker, you could have just knocked."

"Where would the fun have been in that?" Felix wanted to know, going to the apartment's small kitchen and setting down the grocery bag. James followed him. "I figured you hadn't had time to buy anything but the basics, so I took the liberty of buying you some decent food."

"You bought groceries? Here? Are you trying to go broke?" James wanted to know, starting to unload the bag, the vulpine pulling out assorted butcher's packages, eggs, olive oil, spices. "Planning on cooking?"

"I seem to remember my cooking has gotten me into your pants in the past."

He laughed and grabbed Felix's belt, pulling him into a hug. "Like you need assistance. It's good to see you again. What brings you to the fringe?"

"You, obviously." The leopard snorted, returning the hug, one hand messing up James' dyed head stripe. "It'd only been what, nearly a decade with only transient contact with you? I plan on making that up."

"Wasn't my fault. If I had had my way, you'd have just moved in with me." James replied, voice muffled. Felix was taller then he was, enough so that he fit under the feline's chin, which meant that when hugging him his face was tucked to Felix's chest.

"I didn't feel like further messing up your life." He sighed, putting James back to arm's length, looking at his old friend for a long moment before putting groceries away, rearranging cabinets as he did so.

"You weren't." The old pilot murmured, returning to his console and sitting down in a new chair, looking at it then at the equipment he was installing into it. "Shit, I lost my place."

"You're getting old." Felix laughed.

"If I am, so are you, asshole." James stuck his head under the desk, saw the panel wasn't fully screwed in, and finished doing so.

"Don't remind me. There's some things I have to ask you."

"I'm sure you can ask them while I do this." He grunted, taking off the front panel of the console, studying the empty cabinet for a long moment before opening up an array of electronics boxes.

"First of all, O#8217;Donnell and Powalski. I did some research on them."

"Figured you would, so have I."

"O#8217;Donnell looks like a solid pilot, but he's got a massive record of risk taking. He lost function of an eye because he was too close to an explosion, interestingly enough he has the physical implants to use an optical lens but he doesn't bother." Since James was kneeling on the floor, Felix commandeered the chair, flipping it so he could lean on the back, sitting straddling it. "He's wanted in Lylat, specifically by Corneria, for war crimes. The bounty on his head is hefty, but the one on Leon's is more because Leon is wanted for about every war crime in the book." He tilted his head, watching James work. "Bringing me to the following question, why the hell are you working with them? People will come looking for them."

James shrugged, picking up a circuit board and studying it. "I don't give a shit about Leon, he's just kind of along for the ride. The one I'm giving a boost to is Wolf."

"Uh-huh. I admit I'm impressed; an ass like that usually has a price tag on it. He could drop from fighting and sell himself for double the cost he's getting being a mercenary."

He snorted, loading the board into place. "People have said the same about me."

"So, how'd you meet him?"

"I ran into him at the Midnight Velvet before the war, and then ran into him in the skies above Venom. He saved my life."

"Saved it, or spared it?"

"In this case, not a whole lot of difference between the two."

"So that's why my people couldn't find any wreckage of your arwing on Venom. You scared the shit out of me, you know. When I heard you were dead, every contact I had got used trying to confirm or deny it."

James looked at him for a long moment. "Sorry. Didn't exactly have a choice, you know? And Andross didn't exactly give me one phone call upon locking me up."

Felix nodded once. "Why are you out here, James? I can understand staying out here for a few days and waiting for things to calm down, but this doesn't seem transient. You're setting up to stay."

"That bothers you?"

"Yes. You're faking your own death, and abandoning your son in the process. What the hell is wrong with you?!"

He sighed and stood, combing his fingers through his headfur. "I spent the majority of a year in solitary confinement on Andross' cruiser. Imagine how I was, after that. Now think about it, Felix, really actually think about it. What would have happened if I had returned to Corneria?"

"… Shit. Medical quarantine because it was Andross that jailed you."

"Right. For an indeterminable amount of time. And if I went back NOW, they'd not only quarantine me, they'd want to know who I've had contact with, and they'd want to know why I delayed." He shook his head slowly. "That most of a year was painful, Felix, medical quarantine would have probably broken me. That's why I came out here, initially. And now, being out here again, without restraint… It's like being handed the keys to the universe. I'd fucking forgot how restricted I was in my actions when I had StarFox. As much as I loved it, man, I'm not sure I can walk away from this again, even if what I'm doing is entirely selfish."

Felix sat back and stared at him. "I still don't like it. Your son is currently fucked up from the war, and he still doesn't know if his father is alive…not even I would do something that cruel. Besides…what would you do if Fox found out? I can delay, but someone will slip up, and he'll find out eventually…"

James flipped him off. "And here I thought you'd be glad to see me again."

"Trust me, I am. I just wish the circumstances were better."

"We haven't had good circumstances in nearly two decades, between both our friends and our enemies."

"Good point." Felix stood, stepping over and giving the equipment a more critical eye. "Does Peppy still hate me?"

"With a passion, I learned not to mention you to him. I still can't figure out why he hates you so much." James sighed, picking up and unwrapping another circuit board.

"Because you were his source of income, so he didn't want your reputation stained by me. At least, that's the best I can figure it. So, what are we building? Operations console? AI or no?"

"Yes, and yes." James gestured at one of the heavier duty boxes that contained the blank AI. "What, are you helping me?"

"The faster you get this done, the faster I can get you naked and express just how glad I am to see you."

The vulpine laughed. "Wow, you haven't changed much."

"Neither have you. Now, what do you need me to do?"

James sighed, stretching out on his stomach then relaxing, resting his jaw on one of his arms. This was, he mused, a very familiar feeling, but a good feeling. It was good to have Felix back.

As if cued the bathroom door opened, and Felix sat on the edge of the bed, scratching down James' back and smiling when his old friend arched into the touch. "So. Are you going to tell me your plan?"

"What makes you think I have a plan?" James rolled onto his back, lacing his arms behind his head and staring at Felix.

The feline smiled, setting the hand on James' stomach. "You got money without coming to me, you got a place of residence, and you bought the equipment for a command console. Besides, you don't do anything without some sort of plan, even a half-assed one."

He sighed. "What I'm hoping is to spend some time out here, pay off the debt to O#8217;Donnell and save some money back. Maybe after six months or so, once Lylat has calmed down, get ahold of Fox and get him to come out here. Give him the skinny and hope he's not too mad at me, use the money I've saved to pay off whatever's left of the debt on the Great Fox."

"And then?"

"Stay out here, if I can. Work, maybe write that book I've been threatening to write for years."

"Sounds like a working retirement." Felix rubbed his chin, thinking. "Any particular reason?"

"Eh, I'm sick of dealing with the Cornerian government, and honestly I'd have had to retire from combat eventually. May as well retire from most combat now and just fly for fun." He almost looked sad.

"And that's it?"

"That's it."

Felix shifted to lay on his side next to James, propped up on one elbow, pondering him. "I still think you should just go back."

"I don't. I feel better out here." He rolled into Felix, wrapping an arm around his waist and rumbling softly.

The spotted feline sighed and returned the hold, smoothing a hand down James' back then biting one of his ears, smiling at the playful growl this action drew. Over two decades they'd been together like this on and off, and it never stopped pleasing him how easy it was to get a reaction from James. "It is good to see you again."

"Mm. Get used to it." James licked his collarbone and rolled, pulling Felix on top of him.

Wolf sighed, leaning on a wall and watching one of the docking bay mechanics look over his battered Wolfen. "Well, that didn't exactly go as planned."

"Hey, we won and we got paid. All's well that ends well, even if it's just an escort mission." Leon replied, shoving his hands in his pockets, then looking closer at the Wolfen. "Man those shots nearly got through the armor. Were you asleep at the stick?"

"Yeah, like your ship is much better off, asshole."

Valentino, the owner of the Axenstar, made his way over to them. "Not bad for a first time out, you two."

Wolf looked at his ship, which was being toted off to a maintenance bay, then at Valentino. "Seriously?"

The older man laughed. "Yes, seriously. You did well for not knowing what to expect, especially since we had to change routes and go through a more dangerous area. Any trip where my ship doesn't take any shots is a good one in my book. We go out again in two days, wouldn't mind having you two along again if your ships are good to go."

Leon looked at Wolf and nodded, Wolf considered briefly then offered his hand. "Sounds like a deal to me, Mr. Valentino. We'll be on the station until then, let us know a departure time."

"You got it, kid. Go get some sleep you two, see you in a few days."

Wolf shook his head, leaving the bay, Leon in step with him. "I'm getting really sick of every Tom Dick and Harry calling me ‘kid.'"

"I think you better get used to it, they don't seem inclined to call you anything else for now." Leon snorted. "At least this is going ok so far. No one is trying to haul us in for bounties and decent income."

"Yeah, once we get the hang of how they fight out here we should be able to rake in some pretty good cash. I'm thinking in a few months I might start looking into buying some land somewhere in Lylat, on one of the less patrolled planets. Give us a landing point there, you know?"

"Might be an idea, we'll have to see how militaristic the system is after they finish rebuilding." He leaned closer. "And I think we should keep an eye on our buddy Andrew, because I don't trust that little wanker one bit."

"Hah. You and me both." Wolf laughed, punching Leon's shoulder playfully. "I'm glad we're still working together, you know that? You're moderately useful."

"Yeah, and if you keep splitting our contracts evenly I may even consider never stabbing you in the back." Leon shoved him, grinning.

"Hah, hah, you asshole. Sleep well."

"Happy nightmares."

Wolf shook his head, unlocking the room he was renting and stepping in. An envelope had been shoved under the door at some point while he was gone, he picked it up and kicked the door closed behind him, opening it as he crossed to the bathroom. It was from James, a printout on suppliers that he could contact for aftermarket modifications that were Wolfen-compatible. Wolf chuckled and dropped the printout on the bed, shrugging out of his jacket, his mind wandering.

He was, to his surprise, starting to feel settled out here on the fringe. At first he'd felt like he was in the back woods of space, cut off from basically everything he'd known, but he felt like he was adapting. He'd found work, and a place to live, and he was very slowly expanding a circle of friends and friendly contacts.

Well, a few friends at least. Leon was a jerk, but it mostly seemed like it was in jest, and he was reliable. James was probably a closer friend than Leon was. He sighed, getting out of the flightsuit and going to the bathroom, kicking on the shower and staring into the mirror briefly before taking off his eyepatch, fingers rubbing his implant scars thoughtfully. James really was a good friend, he decided. The fox seemed reliable, good sense of humor, practically oozed sex from every pore. There was nothing permanent there beyond a friend, but that was ok, he supposed.

So why the hell was this biting at him recently?

It's because you slept with two generations of one family, you stupid shit. He sighed and glared at himself in the mirror for a long moment before stepping into the shower, leaning into the water.

It could have been worse. There was nothing in the news about his encounter with Fox McCloud, beyond them noticing the stitches above one of his eyes. Nor was there anything on the bounty about it. So, he had to assume that Fox had decided to keep the encounter to himself. Not that that excused the situation at all.

Really, Wolf wasn't sure how to feel about the entire thing. He knew he should have felt bad, hell, he wanted to feel bad about it. He was many things, but a rapist wasn't one of them. Even if the younger McCloud had come and cried his name in the end, he'd spent most of it fighting and protesting.

Wolf sighed and leaned his forehead against the tile, letting his mind churn over the subject while hot water poured over him. At the very least, this set up what would probably be a long running vendetta on a personal level. Fox McCloud would be coming after him not because of a professional contract, but because of a personal vested interest.

Of course he's not the only one with a vested interest…

He banged his head into the tiled wall, growling. He didn't feel bad about it because it had felt too damn good and that wasn't a good trend. He'd lost control of himself, his animal side had always been fairly prevalent and it had totally run wild on Venom. Sex had never been the intent. He'd wanted to fight, because he'd known that was a battle he could win, and he'd been right. But Fox's outcries of pain and fear had shot right past the urge to fight and woke up something else, the urge to dominate entirely. Hearing the younger McCloud gasp and cry out in pleasure had seemed like the perfect ending to it all in a feral way.

I am SUCH an asshole.

What happened on Venom could not happen again, Wolf decided, picking up a bottle of soap and going about getting himself clean, eyes closed in thought. He'd put out an offer to fight again, right before Fox had left Venom, and he'd follow up on that. Nothing else would happen, though. Next time, he'd keep control of himself. He'd have to, there was too much at stake here. If nothing else, comparing the two generations of McClouds was just too damn strange.

He lingered in the shower, letting himself relax, eventually climbing out and drying off. He had a few days to relax before heading back out with the Axenstar, more than enough time to get his mind straightened out. Feeling content with his barely legal life, he crawled onto the hotel room bed and dozed off on top of the covers.

It was the rattle at the door that woke him up. He stayed still, just turning his ears toward the noise, muscles tensing. The door opened, briefly spilling a sliver of light across the bed, then was dark again.

"If I can pick the lock you need more security, asshole."

Wolf jerked at the voice and shoved up on his arms, looking over his shoulder in disbelief, his tail settling between his legs. "McCloud? What the fuck?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" The younger McCloud shoved his hands in his pockets, walking over to the bed, eying what little he could see of the larger man in the dark. "What you did to me was completely out of fucking line."

Wolf shook his head and stretched across the bed, turning on the lamp, then rolled over and sat up. Fox crossed his arms and didn't change his expression, which was angry. "So, what, you break into my room and proceed to lecture me?"

"I could shoot you and be done with it I suppose."

That made Wolf snort. "Oh, please. You don't have it in you to kill someone in cold blood." He leaned back on the heels of his hands and wondered, briefly, if he was dreaming. The thing was though, he could actually see Fox failing to think it fully through and pulling a stunt like this.

Fox snarled, lunging and ending up on the bed, knocking Wolf onto his back. He ended up kneeling straddling Wolf's stomach, one hand on his chest, the other up and holding a knife. "You want to take that back?"

Wolf stared up at him, eying the blade briefly then staring Fox in the eye. "Not particularly, bitch."

For a few seconds, it was a frozen tableau, then Fox snarled, bringing the knife down and planting it into the mattress next to Wolf's head, snarl only getting louder when his enemy didn't even flinch. "What do I have to do to shake you?!" When the lupine only shook his head, Fox dropped to all fours, hands on either side of Wolf's neck, scowling down at him. "Stop mocking me, you asshole!"

Wolf stared back and rumbled softly, letting himself acknowledge that his body was reacting to the weight on top of him. Fox's tail had come to rest across Wolf's groin, the soft warm fur was the barest of caresses. "You going to make me, whelp?"

The vulpine snarled and yanked the knife out of the mattress, holding it under Wolf's chin, just barely nicking the skin. "Be careful what you wish for or you just might get it."

"Oh please, don't lie to yourself. You don't have the guts." Wolf grinned at him, breathing a bit faster but otherwise ignoring the blade.

Fox snarled, moving the blade so the blunt edge rested below Wolf's good eye. "This wouldn't take any guts, just an accidental twitch. You may somehow fly with one good eye, but you can't with none."

The lupine narrowed his eyes, a twinge of nervousness flickering through his gut. "That'd be a fucking sadistic thing to do."

"After what you did to me, it'd be a fair trade." Fox pulled the knife back, the blade gleaming in the lamplight.

"Hah. I didn't leave you crippled, and you got off." He snorted, keeping his gaze locked with Fox.

He sighed and let the knife rest on Wolf's chest, shaking his head. "What's your point? That coercion isn't rape?" The knife shifted, the tip digging in just below Wolf's collarbone.

Wolf grimaced. "I didn't say that, whelp, I just don't feel like losing an eye." He shifted uneasily, wondering what the younger McCloud was going to do. The situation had shifted to amusing and slightly arousing to a bit dangerous, and he was quickly weighing up whether or not he should toss Fox off of him.

"I felt like killing you, once the shellshock faded away. Now I have a chance to do that, but I'm having second thoughts." The blade scratched along his collarbone, just light enough not to cut. "Maybe I should just make us even."

He lifted an eyebrow. "What, you're going to rape me? That's hilarious, you're about as dangerous as a wet kitten, and threaten all you like but this isn't in you."

Fox snarled, the blade moving in a silver streak, drawing a crimson line on Wolf's brow over his good eye. Wolf snarled in surprise, and Fox leaned over him, glaring. "You had that coming." The younger man rumbled, tongue flicking out to lick away the blood that had come.

Wolf half-closed his eyes, focusing on the feel of Fox's tongue. Ignoring the knife again, he turned his head slowly, nosing Fox's neck then running his tongue slowly upward, growling, one hand moving to rest on the back of Fox's head as he inhaled the vulpine's scent dreamily.

Fox rumbled deep in his chest at the feel of the lupine's tongue caressing his neck, body relaxing a bit, melting into the tender touch. "You shouldn't be doing that… I'm in charge." The vulpine growled, blade moving to Wolf's chest and drawing another shallow cut across one of the larger man's pectorals, making him hiss in pain. The second cut didn't stop Wolf from licking again, teeth nibbling along the side of his neck, other hand moving to rest on one of Fox's hips, his hard cock prodding Fox's tail. The smaller canine shifted and ran his tongue over the fresh cut he had just made, tongue tip inspecting the opening, a small grin coming to his lips when the larger man shuddered. He snickered, moving again and using his snout to bump Wolf's chin back, nipping, sharp canines tracing over the wolf's pulse.

The lupine growled, one hand wiping at the trail of blood on his brow. "You know, for someone who was threatening me a few minutes ago, you are a fucking tease."

Fox snorted, dropping the blade aside the pillow. "I can keep threatening you, if you like."

"Mm, no. Pass. As stated on Venom, I think this is a much better way to resolve conflicts…" His hands landed on Fox's hips, rumbling low in his chest, trying to think clearly. He knew this was a bad idea, but he couldn't bring himself to shove Fox away. He wasn't even sure if this was real or not, and wasn't sure it mattered.

Fox grumbled softly, nibbling along the lines of Wolf's jaw, hands spread on Wolf's pectorals to hold himself up. His rival was panting, which meant that he could continually feel muscles rippling and shifting under his hands. "I came here to kill you."

"I figured that."

"It seems instead I'm going to end up boning you. I suppose I can always kill you in the air, since I know I can win that way."

Wolf shifted and wrapped an arm around Fox, rolling him underneath and looming above him on all fours, growling. "Who said you get to be on top, whelp?"

Fox smiled a bit. "You didn't even deny that I'd win."

"Fucker!" His growl became a snarl, catching Fox's throat in his jaws mindlessly though he didn't put pressure on, going still when Fox grabbed his knife off the mattress and put the point of the blade against his stomach. Fox brought a leg up, rolling them in the process, ending up kneeling over the larger man again.

"You've bottomed before, haven't you." His tone of voice was conversational, blade point tracing muscle lines. "Who to, I wonder?"

"Not any of your god damn business." Wolf glared at him, muscles tensing as the blade scuffed lightly over his body.

"So, why not to me?" He shifted to his hands and knees, moving so he was above Wolf, staring him in the eye.

Wolf stared at him, then in one motion darted upward, mouth catching the younger McCloud's with a growl. Fox mumbled in surprise, returning the hard kiss with increasing vigor, one hand combing down the lupine's body. He could only growl in protest when Wolf yanked at and tore his clothing, discarding it in a way that wouldn't interrupt the kiss.

"This can't be real." Wolf finally said quietly once the kiss had eased off.

"So what if it isn't?" Fox smiled a bit, moving a hand behind himself and curling it around Wolf's hard cock, smile becoming a grin when Wolf's hips came off the mattress in response to the stroke. "Seems you find it real enough." He leaned down again, biting the cut mark he'd left on Wolf's chest with a growl, other hand stroking again. "Besides, you're the one I found sleeping bareass naked, I'd think that would imply something about which one of us is a bitch." He lapped up the blood, murmuring.

Wolf bit his lower lip to cut off the cry of mingled pain and pleasure that almost escaped him, feeling his hackles come on end. "Yeah, well, you broke into my room and woke my ass up, so I qualify that isn't my fault. I got my own room so I can sleep however the hell I want, thank you. I wasn't planning on someone being a voyeur." He shoved himself up on his elbows, ducking his head and catching one of Fox's ears, biting.

"Well, then maybe tomorrow you'll get some better security put on this room. This isn't the nicest part of the rim, you know."

"In case you didn't notice, this is a hotel room, so I don't own this place. Although since your candy ass managed to break in, I will be asking for better security from now on." He grinned, tongue investigating the ear he'd just bit.

This got him growled at and bit again. "Candy ass? Excuse me?"

"You aren't the most masculine of men, pretty boy." He held the grin, wiping at the cut on his brow absently, panting.

"You're an asshole."

"You're just catching onto that?"

"Yeah, fuck you."

There was a moment of stillness, Fox still half-dressed and more or less laying so he was resting across Wolf's body, Wolf propped up on his elbows, Fox leaning on Wolf's chest. Wolf smiled a touch, shifting his weight and setting a hand on the back of Fox's head, massaging through the fur there. "Enjoying yourself, McCloud?"

"Yeah, like I'm going to give you satisfaction by answering that." He snorted, eyes half-closing, shifting so his tongue could trace his way down Wolf's torso. Wolf let himself flop back, hand still caught in Fox's headfur, arching into the attention hungrily. Fox snickered, nipping along his stomach and ribs, jerking a bit when one of Wolf's thighs shifted and lifted, rubbing along his groin in an extremely talented manner.

"I'd say you are." He snickered, feeling the clear imprint of Fox's arousal through the confining pants. "You sure you want to be on top, whelp?"

This got him glared at. "I have no intention of letting you on top of me ever again. So, shut up, bitch."

Wolf opened his mouth to protest being called a bitch, and ended up just moaning in surprise when Fox's tongue trailed lower, slowly and tentatively flicking over his flushed erection. He rumbled softly in pleasure, unable to help himself, tail thumping the bed.

"Mm. You always talk in your sleep, babe?"


Wolf jerked awake, blearily shaking his head, trying to clear the dream from it. He was immediately aware of a relaxed body leaning across him, and one he got his bearings he was able to focus on James' highly amused face. He was still in the hotel room as near as he could tell, a lamp on in the corner providing the only light. "How the hell did you get in?"

"Good morning to you too, sunshine. I actually stopped by to see if you wanted to get an early lunch with me, you didn't answer the door so I let myself in. Found you like this, muttering in your sleep." He lifted an eyebrow. "Must have been one hell of a dream."

"Uh, yeah… it was…" Wolf replied, voice weak, trying not to remember the details of said dream and promptly made unable to forget when James ducked his head, talented tongue flicking out to caress along his erection. His low groan didn't discourage the older man, who snickered softly and nuzzled his stomach. "Nnmmh. What was I saying?"

"I couldn't tell, honestly, but it sounded irritated. Guess someone was teasing you, hmm?" James grinned at him, licking again and relishing the whine Wolf made. James actually wasn't all that horny; for the first time in ages he was somewhat sated and relaxed. Felix had proven little had changed over the years and had run him to exhaustion, which was a feeling James had missed. Still, a chance to make someone squirm and cry out for him was not a chance he missed.

And Wolf was such a great sub, when his attitude wasn't getting in the way of it. James understood it; it was a lupine racial thing, which made it all the more entertaining to watch when he gave in. Wolf was astonishingly vocal, which was proven once again when he stopped teasing and swallowed him down to the sheath. Wolf's howl of relief and pleasure could nearly rattle glass. That, combined with his damn near perfect build and likeable-bastard attitude, had shoved the lupine onto James' personal top ten list.

Wolf bit his lower lip, growling, hands landing on the back of James' head automatically. At any other time, this would have been almost an ideal way to wake up, but the strange dream was hovering in his memory. Would the younger McCloud have inherited this mindblowing ability? He shook his head vigorously, arching into the attention when James rolled his tongue, panting. This got him laughed at, and he cussed when James wrapped his arms around Wolf's hips, mirroring what Wolf had done to him not long ago.

Even as his head lulled back, basking in the feeling, his mind turned on him. It was disturbingly easy to imagine Fox doing this, and he found himself unable to shake the mental imagery, Fox sprawled on the bed lithe and strangely beautiful, doing things that were quickly making him lose his mind. He howled, knowing it was James' obscenely talented tongue rubbing over his knot and wishing perversely that it was Fox.

Not good… oh who am I kidding, this is excellent… He growled, voice sliding up and down the scale as he did, eyes pressing closed as he felt himself near the edge. Do not yell the wrong name do not do not do not…No kidding, James would probably gut him at the sheer idea of him just fantasizing about his son, gods only knew what James would do if he found out what had actually happened.

James seemed unaware of Wolf's mental turmoil, rumbling softly in response to Wolf's cries, pulling all the stops and feeling very smug when the lupine caved. Wolf came hard, calling out his last name and arching off the bed, gasping. He kept Wolf pinned for a few minutes longer before releasing him and crawling up his body, licking along his muzzle with a rumble. "So. Are you interested in lunch?"

Wolf blinked at him once, then sighed, leaning his forehead against James'. "You're a fucking freak, you know that?"

"You wouldn't have me any other way."

He nodded wearily, giving the older man a hug then sitting up, moving to find some clean clothes. This mental mess would have to be worked through and soon, he decided, and part of him just wanted to try to forget the younger McCloud.

Even as he finished lacing up his boots and displayed himself for the approval of James (who, for once, didn't complain about his choice in shirts), he knew that'd be impossible. He'd caught himself in a double bind.

I am such an asshole.