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>>the cards — chapter five: solitaire — part two::

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Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. I do not own Star Fox 64, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

CoAuthor: Ignorant One


Even at the late hour, with the city as damaged as it was, the downtown streets were busy with people and construction crews. Traffic increased as he got farther away from the spaceport, mostly younger people yelling at other younger people mixed in with the occasional dump truck full of wreckage.

Fox meandered slowly along the sidewalks, hands shoved in his pockets. He'd lived in Corneria City all his life, even if he'd spent the last year or so on a spaceship, and most of the main byways of the city were familiar to him. Here, a coffee shop he'd hung out at with his girlfriend, here a building where someone he'd known had lived, a myriad familiar landmarks and fully half of them gone thanks to the razing of the war.

But that hadn't stopped the city. The casualty rate had been amazingly low, they'd had good warning after all that the attack was coming. So now it was a matter of tearing down what was unsalvageable and fixing what was. Insurance companies had been bailed out by the government, which cheerfully hemorrhaged money assisted with the repair efforts. And in the midst of it all, people being law breaking idiots. Life, the city clearly stated, went on.

The neighborhoods around the spaceport had always been questionable, a sprawl of warehouse districts melting into the urban scene of the downtown area. With the weight of the blaster comfortable against the small of his back, Fox wasn't too worried about it, only nodding at those on the street that he passed.

He was actually quite surprised to run into someone he knew.

About an hour into his walk, he heard a familiar laugh and turned a corner to find Katt Monroe, casually dressed and leaning on a lamp post. She was talking to a darkly dressed male figure, and both looked up when Fox stopped and blinked at them. "Foxie?! What are you doing out at this hour?" Katt grinned, looking surprised. Her male friend, an older looking leopard, just lifted an eyebrow silently.

"I couldn't sleep." Fox finally said, wandering over. "I'm surprised you're still in the city, Katt. Don't you still live on Zoness?"

Katt shook her head. "My place on Zoness was rezz'ed, and given how messed up Zoness is, I took the insurance money and moved here. Reserved a place during the war, honestly."

"I'm sorry to hear about your place." Fox turned his gaze to the leopard, who cocked the eyebrow at him again. "Who's your friend?"

"Oh! This is Felix Leopard, we're old… acquaintances."

"Oh, you wound me." Felix smiled a bit, reaching into an inner coat pocket and offering Fox a business card.

Fox took it and stared at it. It had Felix's name, and contact information, nothing else. "Uh…"

"I don't officially take any titles, Mr. McCloud. I do many things, the main thing being the movement of information. I also move material goods."

Fox looked at him. "You're an informer."

"Very good. Yes, yes I am. And I'm in debt to you, at this moment, so if you have need of my services, feel free to call. I've got a decent amount of credit open to your use."

"Uh-huh. And what exactly can I get on that credit? For that matter, how did I gain this credit?"

Felix smiled just slightly. "That depends what you ask for. As to what you did, your efforts during the war made it easier for me to do business." He turned back to Katt. "You be careful in this city, some men in this city don't have your best intentions in mind. I'm one of them, of course." He grinned.

"Hah. I've got it handled, I assure you." Katt grinned back, and the leopard laughed and walked away, swinging astride a motorcycle and taking off down the street.

"Is he any good at what he does?" Fox asked, looking at the card again then shoving it into one of his pockets.

"Very good. He's the best in the Lylat system." Katt regarded Fox, stepping over to him and tilting her head. "You look tired. Why couldn't you sleep?"

He shook his head. "Nightmares. I guess it's not so much that I couldn't sleep, it's that I don't want to."

"Aw. I bet being all alone on that ship doesn't help a bit either." She pondered him for a moment, then grinned and stepped into him, arms draping over his shoulders. "Tell you what, babe. I've got a spare bedroom at my place, why don't you crash there? I'll make you breakfast, even, but I might make you do dishes."

Fox smiled, unable to help it. "I thought the flirting during the war was directed at Falco…"

She laughed and removed her arms. "Ah, sort of, but it was just in good fun. He and I dated, like, twice before we figured out we were a lot better off just being friends. Besides, according to the news he's off gallivanting with some underwear models or something, so he obviously doesn't take me seriously at all." She snickered, scratching under his chin and looking at his tired eyes, frowning a bit when she saw how hollow his gaze was. "Come on, Foxie. You know how to ride on a motorcycle?"

Katt's apartment was in a neighborhood that was still in decent condition. She parked her bike in the sublevel of the parking lot and let him inside, dragging him cheerfully by the hand basically the entire time.

"I haven't had much time to decorate or anything… I'm living off the insurance money. I'm hoping once the Academy opens back up, I can get a job there." Katt held the door for him as she turned on the lights. Fox blinked and looked around the apartment; taking in the comfortable light grays of the carpet and creamy-white walls. Katt had introduced color in prints on the walls and eclectic furniture. "What do you think?"

"I think it's nice to be in a real home again." He smiled at her. "It's nice, Katt."

"Yeah, I was lucky. I like it a lot." She went into the kitchenette, opening the fridge. "Are you hungry?"

He leaned back on a counter, unable to keep from staring at her bent-over form. "No, honestly."

"Neither am I." She closed the fridge, stepping away and loading up a coffee maker, looking at him curiously. "Are you ok?"

"Weary, but ok otherwise." He lied, figuring there was no way in hell he was going to tell her what was bothering him. "Why do you ask?"

"You look… I don't know. You look like you're in shock, honestly." She gnawed her lower lip briefly, starting the coffee maker and getting two mugs out of a cabinet.

"I guess the war is catching up to me." Fox sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "I mean, my dad's been gone almost a year now. I saw my family home, yesterday. What's left…"

She looked at him. "Oh… bombing paths?"

"Yeah. And it rained during the war. A lot. It's been condemned. Anything and everything that was there is gone." He rubbed his eyes, swallowing hard, and was surprised when she stepped into him and hugged him, saying nothing. He wrapped his arms around her and tucked his face into her hair, biting back his tears. "So, what little I've got in storage and on the Great Fox is what I've got in total. Some lawyer my dad had on retainer met me there and told me that eventually I'd be compensated for the value of the property and probably about half the house's worth, but…"

"I understand."

They stood like that for a long time, leaning in each other's arms, listening to the coffee maker bubble and hiss. Katt started purring after a few minutes, and smiled when she was rewarded with a sigh, nuzzling his collarbone gently. Fox let his eyes shut for a few minutes, blanking his mind of everything but the smell of her shampoo and the brewing coffee. This is what he needed, he thought to himself, though he still felt the after-effects of whatever drug it was that Falco had poured down his throat. The hell with O'Donnel, and what that damn beast of a lupine had done to him. Wolf hadn't taken away his love of women.

Katt, who had long since shut her eyes, purring in time to Fox's sleepy breathing, startled when his hands shifted lazily, ending up resting at the small of her back. They didn't go further, though, just settled there. "Fox?"

"Hrmn?" Fox seemed to return to reality, muffling a yawn then moving his hands. "Sorry."

"Ok, why aren't you asleep again?" She quirked a smile, leaning back a bit to see his face and scratching behind one of his ears. He murmured under his breath, eyes lulling. "You're obviously tired."

"Doesn't mean I want to sleep." He replied, smiling a bit.

"True." She stepped away from him, busying herself with the coffee machine, going just barely on tiptoe to fish coffee mugs out of the cupboard. "Guess it's lucky you ran into me huh? Who knows where you would have wandered to in your half asleep stupor."

"I'm not that bad." Fox accepted a mug of coffee, hands curling around the ceramic. "But I am happy I ran into you. I always had fun when you hung out with us at the Academy." He smiled at her over the top of the mug, taking a drink.

She smiled back, leaning against the cabinets next to him, maybe a foot away. "Thanks. Actually, you were one of the reasons I hung out with Falco so much. You're kind of a hard guy to get to, you know."

"No shit, really?" Fox lifted his eyebrows, surprised. "I know I was busy, but…"

"That puts it mildly, Mr. Overachiever." Katt snorted and elbowed him.

He snickered, rubbing the spot with a mock pout then taking another greedy glug of coffee, feeling the caffeine chase off the remaining effects of the pain medicine. "Can I ask what's going on between you and Falco? I mean, your flirting over the radio during the war drove him nuts."

"Eh, we dated a few times at the Academy but figured out we were better off as friends. He likes his women busty and vapid." She smiled at the rich laugh that drew, noting that Fox put up no argument to that. "Mostly I flirted during the war to torment him."

"Mostly?" Fox lifted an eyebrow at her.

She lifted an eyebrow back. "Not all of it was directed at him. Now, your turn. What's going on between you and Fara?"

He shook his head, grimacing a bit. "We broke up just before the war."

"Aw… I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked…"

"No, it's ok. It was kind of inevitable, and I'm just glad she was honest with me." He wove vaguely with the mostly empty mug, pacing the kitchen. "You really want to know?"


"I wasn't enough of a bad boy for her." Seeing Katt's expression turn to one of murderous intentions, he held up both hands in a placating gesture. "No, relax, alright? She comes from a rich family and she kind of gets off on a little bit of a danger aspect, and I'm an utter freaking boy scout. I mean, she could have dealt with it if it was JUST that, but then she got put on some top secret thing for test flight, and that was the breaking point. She couldn't even tell me how her day had gone. That eats at you, you know, having no idea what your significant other is doing and not being able to ask." He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand. "Then she got put to some research facility that's gods-know-where, and she was kind enough to let me go before then, saying that a basically nonexistent distance relationship wasn't doable. I agreed."

Katt sighed, glaring at her coffee. "It's still shitty."

"Well, I'm flattered." When she looked at him, he shrugged. "You're angry enough about it to defend me. It's flattering."

"I hate seeing nice guys finish last."

They looked at each other for a moment, Fox struck with a brief mental image of her bare and sitting on one of the counters before he shamed himself. He shook off slightly, wandering out of the kitchen and over to the main window in the living room, staring out at the city and finishing his coffee. "You think I finished last?"

"I dunno, babe." She joined him at the window, brushing her hair back with her free hand.

He set the mug down on the windowsill, looking at her. "Babe?"

That earned him a pointed look. "Don't argue the fact. You're adorable."

Fox canted her head at her, and she crossed her arms under her breasts, jaw setting in a stubborn way as if daring him to argue it. He felt a smile sneak forth, eyes wandering a bit then freezing up when he realized her crossed arms had moved her breasts, causing considerable cleavage to show through the v-neck of her top. He felt his hands twitch, and…

He inhaled slightly as her arms uncrossed and she gripped the bottom of her shirt, slowly pulling it off of her body to reveal a lacy pink bra, arms sensually rubbing the tops of her breasts as she gave him a lusty glare before they reached behind and unfastened the garment; his pants tightening and body pivoting to watch the display…

"I saw that."

Fox startled back to reality and had a fit of guilt, turning away from her, feeling a blush flare up. "I, uh… Sorry." He cursed at himself, rubbing his eyes.

Katt looked at him for a long moment. "You have nothing to apologize for."

He looked back at her. "I don't?"

"Nope." She stepped into him, wrapping her arms around his waist. He looked down at her and tilted his head to one side, a smile sneaking to life. "Nothing at all." That said, she kissed him.

Fox startled a bit, then moaned and shut his eyes, returning the kiss hungrily and coiling his arms around her. He had never even considered the thought that Katt might like him; he'd always liked her really, even when he'd been with Fara. And right this moment, with the events on Venom and the dream still lingering in his mind, this seemed like an antidote to his troubles. Katt murmured into it, tongue flicking into his mouth and rasping across his, kissing in a way that made it seem like she was trying to crawl inside him. He growled in appreciation, hands running down her back and settling on her ass, pulling her tight against him. Just that contact was more than enough for his body to stir to life, pants abruptly a bit uncomfortable as he broke the kiss and nuzzled her, panting.

"That was unexpected." He finally said, nuzzling along her jawline, keeping his hands where they were.

Katt started purring again, hands curled into the back of his shirt. "I should have done that a long time ago, really."

"Well, I'm glad you did it now… I kind of needed it."

She snickered, shifting her weight to press into him, drawing a muted gasp out of him. "I can tell." She tilted her head back to look him in the eye. "You have been a very bad boy and should go to my room."

He laughed, unable to help it. "Is that a serious proposal?"

"Yes. Um…" She felt her confidence falter. "I mean, unless…"

Fox scooped her into his arms in a single motion. "I'm not one to turn down an offer, especially from such a hot girl that I'm fond of."

She laughed and kicked her feet, pointing at one of the doors across the living room. "That way, hot shot."

"Yes, ma'am." Fox grinned and carried her easily, bumping the door the rest of the way open with his shoulder. His eyes took in a slightly messy bedroom, all the furniture new, and an already unmade bed. Black sheets and red pillowcases drew the eye to the bed, stark against the paleness of the carpet and the walls. He filed the rest for examination later and strode to it, setting Katt on the bed, getting out of his shoes as she did then crawling up on the bed after her, growling. Katt just laughed and grabbed his shirt, pulling him up closer to kiss him again. He ended up on all fours over her, tail lashing the air, rumbling when her hands ran down his back then going still when her hand landed on the gun.

She broke the kiss and wiggled her eyebrows at him. "Mind putting that on the bedstand?"

"Right." He shifted to a kneeling position, undoing the holster that held the gun and putting both next to her alarm clock. She pulled herself out from under him, helping get his shirt off then pouncing him back to the bed, straddling him with a grin. "One request?"


"Easy on my ribs, I fractured a few during the war."

"Done." Katt knelt, pulling her shirt off and tossing it to the floor. He could only gape as a reply, the bra was lace and he could just barely see her nipples through the material. She laughed and dropped back to her hands and knees, nibbling at his muzzle. "Like what you see?"

"Hell, yes." His hands settled on her shoulders, stroking gently, following the muscle lines of her back. She purred and arched up into his hands gladly, then mewled in surprise when he grinned evilly and snapped his fingers, getting her bra undone in the process.

"That was talented." She admitted, pulling her bra off, then moaning when she was yanked the rest of the way down, basically laying sprawled on top of Fox with his head at her chest height, his tongue tracing the curve of her one of her breasts then sliding over her nipple, lingering when it pebbled under his touch. "Mmmn…" She shifted to prop her weight up on her lower arms, nibbling the tops of his ears, one leg rubbing into his groin and met with stiff resistance. The vulpine muffled his moan into her chest, investigating her other breast with equal fascination, hands stroking down her sides to rest on the waistband of her pants.

Katt squirmed from his grip slightly, backing off to kneel straddling his stomach and look at him, hands resting on his chest. He laced his arms behind his head, looking back at her, moaning when her tail flicked back and forth across the front of his pants. She quirked an eyebrow, reaching behind herself and cupping a hand over his pants, tracing the stiff shape underneath and watching Fox shudder and growl. "I guess I shouldn't tease, hm?"

"Actually…" He tugged her back down on top of him and rolled again, managing not to put them off the bed in the process. "I'd rather tease you." That said, he kissed a trail down her body, managing to get her pants undone. Katt hissed softly, hands burying into the fur on the back of his head, hips lifting off the bed into the attention. Fox growled softly at the feel of her claws just barely pricking into his skin, tongue and teeth tracing the curves of her stomach and hips, one arm sliding under the small of her back while the other managed to slide her pants down. She squirmed the rest of the way out of them and kicked them off, grinning when his hands moved to run down her legs appreciatively. "You have excellent legs." He murmured his, pressing a kiss to one of her inner thighs, nibbling his way back up.

"Mm. So glad you think so…" She partly sat up, leaning on her elbows and staring down at him, giggling softly as he nibbled a ticklish spot. "Not one to rush?"

"Not at all." He sprawled on the bed, arms draping over her legs as he nuzzled her panties slowly, burying his muzzle between her legs with a groan. She gasped, legs clenching around his muzzle, crying out when his tongue traced her outline through the thin cotton fabric. He inhaled deeply and rubbed his nose from side to side, tongue retracting back into his muzzle as his paws rubbed up and down her legs. "You smell great…" He rumbled, breathing in her sweet, musky scent.

Katt smiled a little, one of her hands ruffling through his head fur. After a moment she sat up partway, leaning on the other arm and admiring his sprawled form, stark against the dark sheets. "Mm. That's an interesting compliment to get…"

"What can I say?" He murmured, "Every book written by women for men says that…any compliment is a good compliment." His dark pants strained against his erection. "These pants are a little tight…there is this amazing position that allows both partners to orally pleasure each other…ever heard of it?" He asked sarcastically, leaning back up to lick her clothed sex.

She purred softly, leg muscles twitching at the feel of his tongue, even through the cloth. "Of course."

"Wonderful," He growled as he crawled up her body, pressing her back to the mattress and bending his arms a little so the bulge in his pants rubbed against the thin cotton fabric. "But we can hold off on the good stuff for just a moment…" He murmured, mouthing her neck, smiling when this startled a mewl from her. He let the expression morph fully into a grin, and lowered his hips closer to hers, the stiff outline of his erection sliding against her crotch. Fox rolled his hips, grinding against her; a low growl escaping his throat when her body cradled his erection, the friction sending pleasure up and down his spine.

She gasped softly, her hips pressing to his, rumbling at the feel of his stiffness as a low flutter of anticipation rolled up her spine. One of her hands ran over his shoulders slowly, smiling softly as she felt his tense muscles move.

Fox growled a little louder and applied more pressure, letting his lower body rest against hers as he began to roll his hips; the clothing allowing them to slide against one another as well as providing both of them with a delicious friction. "Man…been a while since I've done this…" He rumbled, kissing her neck and sucking on it lightly as their bodies ground against one another.

She grinned and wrapped both arms around him, nuzzling him, growling softly as her hips moved against his eagerly. "That's fine… I look forward to giving you a lot of practice." She grinned again, this time crookedly.

Fox grinned back, sliding his arms under her back. "It sounds like fun…I certainly wouldn't mind being under your tutelage. You can teach me the ways to make you sing." He tensed his body and pulled back, wincing slightly as his ribs complained, but he suffered through it to sit up and pull her into his lap; crossing his legs indian style as he pulled her legs around his waist. The vulpine let out a low, pleasured growl when her entire body settled onto his erection, rocking back and forth using Katt's body as a weight to add more friction. She moaned and held the grin, legs squeezing his waist gently, hands moving to rest on his pecs, shifting her weight and leaning to kiss his neck, rough tongue tracing the lines of his throat.

He groaned in pleasure and shivered slightly at the pleasurable sensations; shifting his body a little to allow more contact between their bodies. He let her lick his neck, speeding up his movements, which just made her moan and cling to him tighter, biting and sucking on his collar bone, hands tracing his shoulder blades.

Fox growled and bit her shoulder lightly, sucking on it as he gripped her lower back; rocking even faster. He soon released her shoulder and leaned back, a grin spreading across his muzzle as he watched her generous breasts bounce and jiggle. "Oh yeah…I'm a breast kind of guy…"

She snickered, shifting to grind against him. "Absolutely nothing wrong with that."

Fox groaned and lowered his paws to cup her bottom, squeezing the firm yet spongy flesh. "I like your ass too…" She smiled and shook her head, murring softly at his confident ass grab, trailing slightly rough nibbles along his collar bone then ducking her head to swipe her tongue lower. "You've got a good tongue… ready to apply that to more…tender areas?" He rumbled, laying on his back; careful not to break their rough and consistent pace.

Katt carefully shifted with him, moving her legs so she straddled him instead. "Mm. I'd love to." She ground against him, moaning, ducking back down and dragging her tongue across his chest, lingering on one of his nipples.

"Hey…I'd want to go at you too… I may have some experience…but I don't hold any records for lasting forever…" Fox growled slightly, paws sifting through her hair and then rubbing her shoulders.

"No man does." She murmured this into his stomach, getting out of her panties and tossing them aside. This done, she gets his pants undone, tongue lapping down his stomach as she does so.

"Some do…there was this timber wolf back at the Academy… he went all…damn…night. The guy aspired to be the man to out-do those old stories about my dad. But he fell short of the mark…about the entire Academy female populous…and the Senior Primes wouldn't have anything to do with him…didn't like his attitude…" Fox groaned, his paw once again returning to her head; body arching up slightly. "Make sure that I get something to do…not one to sit back and relax…"

Katt snickered into his stomach. "Oh, I heard the stories.. doesn't mean I believe them…" She nibbled below his belly button, shifting to the side and grabbing his pants, pulling them down along with anything under them.

Fox gasped softly when he was abruptly exposed to the air, growling softly in relief and sitting up, getting his pants the rest of the way off and flopping back down, managing not to twitch when Katt seemed to examine him critically. He wasn't large, falling somewhere on the higher side of average, and he found himself having a momentary lapse of confidence. "You didn't?"

"Nah. Well, maybe about your dad, that was the sort of story told late at night in the girls' dorms. Has to be at least slightly exaggerated, though." She hummed to herself, fingers idly tracing the shape of him softly, grinning when he jittered. "You want 'something to do', eh?"

"Ah… yeah…" He whimpered, unable to help it.

"Mm. I can arrange that."

Fox shifted on the bed, his hips arching into her teasing touch. "If you're going to…please do…" He rumbled, claws doing their best to not rend her sheets.

Katt smiled, crawling up the bed languidly and kissing him lightly. He pressed into the kiss, whining when she abruptly ended it, then growling in excitement when she turned around and leaned over him, tongue flicking out to caress down his shaft as she shifted her lower body to straddle over him. He immediately grabbed a hold of her ass and squeezed, tongue sliding over her lady flesh with a single, large swath of his tongue before he buried his nose in between her lips and inhaled deeply; his body shivering with desire and arousal from her heated scent.

She yowled softly, hips pressing into the attention. After a few moments of shivering, she licked his erect member again, tongue investigating it thoroughly, then took the head into her mouth, tongue flicking once, moaning. Fox hissed into her sex, tongue taking the place of his nose, the pink muscle returning the feline's favor; thoroughly searching and memorizing every centimeter of the feline's wet expanse. He stiffens when his head is taken into her muzzle; letting his eyes close and the tip of his tongue slip into her sex. His motions spurred her on, her moan of pleasure muffled, her tongue caressing him as she took half of him into her mouth, one hand stroking over his sheath as she savored the feeling of his tongue.

Fox groaned into her pussy, stomach and lower body stiffening as half of his member is surrounded with the wet warmth of her mouth; the rough felid tongue sending shivers of pleasure up and down his spine. "Gods…" he moaned, squeezing her bottom again before pulling her down closer to his muzzle, letting his tongue speak for him instead of words, wet muscle sliding up and down the feline's pink, moist lips; giving them individual attention before letting his tongue slide briefly over her core. She could only groan, tail lashing the air briefly before taking him gradually the rest of the way into her mouth in response, tongue flittering, low pleased murmurs vibrating around him.

Fox whimpered in pleasure, body arching into her muzzle. But something happened that Fox doesn't want to; a vivid and detailed image of Wolf on his knees in front of him, the lupine's muzzle wrapped around his cock, and the large, confidant grin spreading across the wolf's occupied muzzle. Fox whimpered a little more, realizing the image evoked from his mind sent his tail straining against the bed; the furry brush desperately trying to arch upwards but the mattress keeping it pinned. "I will win the war…" the voice echoed in his mind, sending a shiver up the McCloud's spine. When Katt's pungent scent snaps him out of his stupor, he licks at her core in a needy manner; tail still unconsciously arching against the mattress. 'I'm not gay…this proves it…' As if to reinforce the thought, one of Katt's hands stroked down one of his legs, claws just barely scratching his skin, sending a shiver up his body as his tongue traced her shape.

"Enjoy her while you can…cause once she's gone… it'll be just you and me…all night…every night." He heard Wolf's voice echo in his mind, and tried his best to shake off the strange feeling creeping up his spine, deciding to take the lupine's advice. He pulled back a moment to examine her thoroughly before moving his tongue over her entrance, letting his muscle press into her sex and penetrate; a small trickle of juices sliding down his tongue and into his muzzle, her taste fueling his senses.

Katt released him to yowl in pleasure, back arching and tail lashing again, trailing into a rumble that continued as she licked his sheath then his balls, investigating both before taking him back into her mouth with a growl. Her hips pressed into the attention, hands stroking down his legs, a bit puzzled to find the muscles there tense.

Fox yipped in pleasure, hips arching into her muzzle. "I could do the same for you…and then some." The wolf chuckled, "I can pleasure you in places that she can't…" Fox shook his head quickly from side to side as another vivid image of Wolf sliding into him flashed across his mind, his lips and tongue moving over her sex in time with his head. "Damnit…" He growled, "Leave me be Wolf…" He whispered to himself, pushing his muzzle back to her pussy, irritation disappearing when Katt bobbed her head lazily, gentle suction making pleasure rush up his spine. The voluptuous feline's moans sent sparks of desire throughout his body, tongue becoming more forceful and needy; readily lapping up any drop her body offered him. Nearly two minutes pass as the pair pleasured each other until Fox broke it. "Can we progress a little further…? I'm afraid I might lick you dry…" He chuckled, feeling better now that he hadn't had an arousing and vivid picture enter his mind involving Wolf.

Katt faked a pout, then snickered and released him, turning and planting a soft kiss on his muzzle, nibbling along his jawline, her eyes barely open. "Sorry. Just hadn't been licked like that in ages… Mm."

"Well maybe I should just drop by more often…just to christen each and every part of your new home…the kitchen, the bathroom…the guestroom…" He chuckled, planting another kiss on her lips as his paws immediately cupped her generous breasts, squeezing and kneading the firm yet soft flesh; thumbs rolling over her nipples as his cock pressed against her thigh.

"Mm. I'd like that." She returned the kiss hungrily, body shifting to fit against his, damp sex rubbing against his cock. The sensation of his hard flesh against her drew a whimper from her throat, claws scratching his shoulders as her fingers curled.

Fox's hackles stood on end in excitement, letting out a low growl; rolling his hips to let his erection glide over her slick lips; head rubbing against her clitoris. "Mhmm… I knew you would…" He rumbled, paws sliding down her back to cup her ass, moving her bottom to rub against his member.

Katt rumbled, nibbling softly at his lips then at his throat, hips rolling with his. "If you don't grow some initiative and fuck my brains out I'm going to throw a fit."

Fox grinned, "Fantasized about this haven't you…?" The vulpine chuckled and reached down to grip his shaft, running it up and down her lips, getting the head slick and teasing her clit with it.

She growled and bit his neck, voice muffled, breathing heavy. "Maybe a little."

He grinned and rubbed her clit some more; smooth, warm slick flesh sliding against flesh, sending shocks of pleasure throughout both party's bodies. "I haven't thought about you like this before…wait…yeah, I have…but that was before Fara and I started dating… I'll have plenty of time to do this now since the war is over… thinking up ways to make your body quake…" He murmured into her ear, his head sliding up to find her entrance. As he pressed against her, another vivid picture, this one of Wolf crouching over himself and pounding him from behind, flashed across his mind. Fox snarled and got rid of the image by burying himself into Katt up to his sheath with a single thrust; yipping at how hot and wet the feline was.

Katt yelped in surprise, body jerking at the sudden entry, claws digging into his shoulders. Her body adjusted, and she moaned, tucking her face into his neck and enjoying the pulse of him inside her. "Whoa… what was that… about?"

"You said you wanted me to fuck your brains out…" Fox quickly covered, in no mood to try to explain the real reason, even if it had worked. "And I'm a little eager to let the festivities begin…" His arms enveloped her in a tight hug, holding her close, and she snuggled in, hips grinding lightly against his, kissing him hungrily. He kissed back, forcing his mind to focus on the sweetness of her lips and the wonderful feeling of her body to prevent any other detailed images to ruin the moment. "Gods you feel amazing… so hot… so wet… so tight…" He panted, kissing her some more, smooth tongue sliding against her rough one.

Katt purred into the embrace, pleased, curling her arms around his shoulders to return the hug, tongue flicking into his mouth, tracing his teeth. 'I really should have tried to steal him from Fara… not that it would have worked…' She almost laughed, deciding she was content to have him now.

Fox moaned into her neck, "I really didn't know how much I needed this until now…being stuck on a ship with other guys…not sleeping much…life or death situations…gods i am really glad you're here…"

She smiled and nuzzled him. "Trust me, I am very happy you're here.. and if I can help you relax after that mess of a war, all the better, babe."

Fox rumbled into her neck and shifted slightly, pleased with how she felt around him; and more so when he moved, his erection moving easily inside her hot warmth. She moved to meet him, hips rolling with a soft murmur, shifting her legs so she could move a bit easier. Her teeth nibbled softly at his neck, one finger trailing idle circles around one of his nipples, growling when his paws grabbed her bottom and squeezed roughly. "Gods you feel amazing…" He murmured, nipping up and down her neck.

She pulled her knees forward and sat up to straddle him, hands dragging down his body languidly to rest on his stomach. This done, she tossed her hair out of her face and grinned down at him, hips lifting then reconnecting with his, moaning as he growled. He could feel every little shift Katt made inside her, hands sliding from her rear to caress her stomach and then her breasts, grinning when she arced into his touch, hips rolling again. He sat up to nuzzle into her cleavage, tongue flicking out to follow the lines of her body and her soft fur.

Katt groaned, biting her lower lip as her hands stroked through the fur on his scalp then down to his shoulders, nipping his ears as her hips found a rhythm, crying out softly when his hips moved to meet hers. His hands had settled to her breasts, caressing them in time to their movements, hissing slightly as her warm wet depths gently tugged and squeezed him, pleasure creeping up his body, sparks traveling across his vision. "Oh wow… this is amazing…"

She nuzzled the top of his head gently, panting just slightly, her eyes pressed closed as she took in the feeling of him sliding slowly in and out of her. She hadn't climbed into bed with someone since before the war, and never a canid, which she had decided were different from felines in some very good ways. She shifted a bit, and hissed softly when he brushed against her g-spot on the next thrust, fingers digging into his shoulders and just barely scratching him.

Fox leaned back a bit to look at her, grinning at her through half-lidded eyes. His paws hasn't moved, fingers circling her nipples, then moving his muzzle to lick each in turn, delighting in the shudder his motions prompted. "Was that your…?" He murmured, rolling his hips the same way, eager to get the same reaction.

He was rewarded with another hiss that trailed into a low groan, her claws scratching his shoulders and her hips moving a bit faster. "Y-yes."

He grinned, the slight pain of her claws mixing with the pleasure of their acts sent odd chills up and down his spine. "Good…" He murmured, nuzzling her so she tilted her head back, lips and teeth traveling up and down her neck, hands on her breasts getting a bit rougher as he increased the force of his hips.

Katt yowled, arching again in his arms, hips meeting his with equal force, gasping and moaning every time her g-spot was hit, feeling pleasure tickle through her. "Mm… that is good…"

The vulpine growled and shifted, crossing his legs and tucking them up underneath his thighs. He leaned forward a bit more, shifting until they were balancing each other, drawing a yowl of pleasure from Katt, his hips moving with more force on each thrust. "Ah… yeah…" Her hands slid down his body to rest on his hips, hips slamming his with a gasp, quivering as his hands moved to steady her hips, using her body weight to increase the force of their thrusts. "Gods…"

She groaned, clinging to him and grinding briefly, panting. "Maybe… we should lie down?" A touch of a smile crossed her face before she thrust again, yowling in pleasure.

"Mm. If you'd like…" He grinned, slowly leaning forward so that Katt's back rested on the mattress, moaning when she arched into him. He was about to start moving again when an idea occurred to him, and he pulled out, a low growl of loss escaping his throat at the loss of her wet heat. She cried out in protest, but he untangled her legs from around his waist and moved to sit back against the headboard of the bed; gripping his cock and stroking it gently. "Turn around and get on your hands and knees, if you would please…" He murmured, eyes trailing over her body hungrily.

Katt sat up, watching him with a heated gaze, eyes half-lidded. She was about to start crawling toward him when he spoke; she shrugs and turns away, stretching out lazily so her front end presses to the bed, claws pricking the sheets and tail flicking the air, grumbling softly.

He stared for a moment at her more than a bit inviting posture, and leaned forward to grasp her hips, grinning. "I want you to straddle me like this… Not only will I get an amazing view, but I can move you to all fours and take you from a more… natural position…" His paws caressed her rear again, squeezing, one hand shifting to trace over her damp exposed sex.

She mewled, shifting to her knees and looking back at him. "Mmn. Reverse cowgirl, hm?" She shifted backwards carefully to straddle him, getting comfortable again before guiding him back inside her, growling at the change of angle.

Fox growled back as he was once again enveloped by her body, eyes locked on the pleasing view of his cock sliding into her body. His hands cupped her bottom and held her in place, tail twitching and his toes curling. His grip elicited a playful squirm, and she cast a small smile over her shoulder at him, her hands coming to rest on his legs as she moaned. He returned the smile and sat up partly, brushing her tail to the side and running kisses up and down the reachable areas of her back.

"This will be a night to remember…" He rumbled, rolling his hips slightly as his paws slid up her sides to cup her breasts, his teeth teasing her spine. Katt groaned, hackles lifting under his attention, rolling her hips to meet his and drawing a yip from him in the process. "Gods, this is amazing…" Fox growled, hips moving in response to hers and eliciting a gasp, his hands tenderly rubbing her breasts, fingertips teasing her nipples. Her nipples peaked under his fingertips, arching so her breasts pressed into the contact, her hips starting to roll in a slightly urgent rhythm as a shiver went down her spine. He matched her, growling, the vulpine's bushy tail quivering as intense pleasure crawled up and down his spine. His ears swiveled forward to catch her every moan, her noises stroking his ego, the motions of his hands becoming more firm.

Katt yowled softly, movements becoming harder as she rides him. Her mouth hung just slightly open as she started to pant, whimpering and mewling softly with each mutual stroke of their bodies, her handclaws digging into his legs ever so slightly as he met her with an increasing fervor. He let her dig her claws in; hands sliding back down to her bottom, hissing softly as his gradually swelling knot slid inside her.

She yowled at the feeling of his knot, lingering to grind against him briefly. "Ah… gods, babe… take me…"

Her words spurred Fox into action. The vulpine crossed his legs and moved his paws to her shoulders, pushing her onto all four gently as he adjusted himself to crouch behind her. He slid out of her briefly to brush her tail out of the way and give her damp sex a languorous lick before returning to his knees, rubbing against her. He grinned when she yowled in protest, her hips thrusting backwards a bit; the fox leaned down over her with one arm holding himself up, the other steadying his cock as he teased her, nipping her shoulder. "Alright." He murmured, gently guiding himself back inside her, snarling. Katt growled back at him, claws digging into the bed, eyes fluttering closed as he slowly pushed in to his knot; grinding against her as he moved his arms and hands to lace with hers. Her fingers squeezed his gently, shuddering, then crying out when he suddenly pulled back and thrust, body trying to shove back to meet his as he buried himself to his sheath.

Fox pulled back and thrust again, this time adding a little more force by incorporating more of his body weight, still burying himself to his sheath. He hissed into her neck before he started to bite and suck, moving along her neck and shoulders. Katt bowed her head toward the bed, hair draping over her face and exposing more of her neck, groan trailing into an expressive singing yowl as she braced against the thrust of his body weight. His own snarl mingled with her cry, putting more body weight into his thrusts and taking advantage of her newly exposed neck; teeth nipping roughly before he started to suck in long, deep pulls. Katt hissed his name in surprise, claws puncturing the sheets as instinct fluttered down her spine, body rocking with his heavy thrusts, tensing up under him as she started nearing climax. He could only groan and growl, getting harder and faster as he edged closer to orgasm.

She panted softly, letting her upper body drop toward the bed, and screamed when that shift caused him to hit her g-spot full on, shaking, head tilting back. "Fox!"

Her cry spurred Fox to thrust faster, paws moving to rest on her shoulders, keeping her upper body pinned to the bed as he hit harder; bodies slamming together as he tried to hit the same spot that had made her scream so deliciously. She didn't argue the pin, arms stretching out lazily in front of her, jaws resting on one of her arms as she moaned and yowled. "Katt…" He growled, his lower body tightening as he neared his breaking point, thrusting deeper, his knot penetrating her. The feeling of his knot only made her cries get louder, body locking up around his as she started to come, yowling his name drunkenly. He trembled when he felt her pulse and tug at him, snarling her name and giving her his all, thrusting as fast and as deep as he could, stroking over her g-spot as he tried to draw out her pleasure, her yowls driving him on. His body tightened and pleasure seared up his spine as he buried his knot into her and came, gasping. "Katt!"

She moaned, shuddering when she felt his knot lock into her and the hot rush of his orgasm, sighing as her body started to slowly relax. "Damn, babe…"

"Damn… yourself. You were amazing." Fox panted, leaning on his arms above her.

This made her laugh a bit. "You did most of the work."

"You supplied the storage… it's fun for both." He rumbled, slowly lowering them down to their sides, wrapping his arms around her waist and curling their legs together, tails intertwining.

She smiled a bit, nestling back against him, purring. "Storage. Guess that's one way to put it…"

"I couldn't think of something witty, so sue me." He smiled, nuzzling her neck.

"Mm. I'm glad you decided to come back to my place with me."

"And I'm glad you dragged me off to examine your new place." Fox grinned, groaning softly when he shifted his hips, his knot rubbing inside of her.

Katt gasped, mewling softly as he shifted. "Easy there."

"You know, I saw this porno… it lasted two hours, because they just didn't stop. Even when he was tied to her, they still ground it out." He chuckled wearily into her neck, nibbling softly, feeling exhaustion seep into his body. "Not saying anything, I don't think I'd be ready for a round two after we experienced that…"

"I've seen some porn like that too… two hours seems like a bit much though. Well, to start out with, at least." She grinned and stretched out a bit, or as much as she was able.

He chuckled and snuggled up against her, bringing his arm back to grab two pillows and situate them underneath his and her heads. "Yeah, definitely a bit much to start out with… but if you keep inviting me over, I'm sure we could go that long."

"You're welcome here anytime." She nestled into the pillow, tail flicking.

Fox grinned and hugged her, his paws cupping her breasts and squeezing them briefly. "You are wonderful… every part of you. You sleep well babe." He sighed, letting his eyes close.

"You too. Sweet dreams." Katt closed her eyes, nestled back against him.

There was a loud, growly chuckle emanating from across the room, Wolf O'Donnel was leaning up against the doorway; he was wearing a black leather jacket with two white stripes along the forearms and dark green cargo pants, calf length black boots on his feet. He grinned, eyes watching the sleeping McCloud intently. "I hope you enjoyed yourself, McCloud."

Fox started awake and froze up, ears turning slowly about, tracking the intruder's voice. "Who invited you asshole?" He asked wearily, wondering drearily why this was happening again.

"Last I checked, I didn't need your permission to be anywhere. I do what I want, when I want." The lupine grinned and started to take slow, precise steps to the bed, soon standing above Fox, looming over the bed. He reached down and stroked the feline's cheek, his fingers curling to scratch underneath her chin. "My, she's a pretty little thing, isn't she?"

Fox's eyes widened, hand lunging out and catching Wolf's wrist, pulling it back. "Leave her be, Wolf." He whispered harshly, feeling Katt shift against him.

The lupine just grinned and tugged his wrist free, waving a hand dismissively over Katt's sleeping form. As if by magic, she faded away, leaving nothing but an empty space where a beautiful feline had once laid. With her gone, Wolf sat down on the now vacant space. "Mm. Nice and warm." He grinned, patting Fox on the head like a dog.

Fox snarled and recoiled, shoving back across the bed. "You aren't welcome here, O'Donnel, so fuck off!"

Wolf growled and moved, crouching above the vulpine and pinning Fox to the bed by putting a single, powerful hand on his chest. He rumbled, lowering his head until his muzzle was next to the vulpine's. "Again, I do what I want, when I want. I don't care if I'm welcome or not… You belong to me, and as of a few hours ago, you were on loan to Ms. Monroe. Now it's my turn to have a little fun."

Fox shoved back at him, muzzle coming up to snap at Wolf with enough force his jaws clacked. "You aren't real. I know this is a dream." In spite of himself, uncertainty crept into his voice.

Wolf grinned and let his tongue trail along the vulpine's muzzle, moving his head back just in time to avoid the snapping angry jaws. "Oh really? If this is just a dream, then why don't you just wake up? Wake up wrapped around the lovely feline you just spent the night with…" He grinned and shrugged out of the jacket, tossing it across the bedroom. Under it he wore a tight black t-shirt, the fabric hiding none of his tone.

Fox thrashed and tried to shove him away again, snarling as he told himself to wake up. Wake up, dammit, wake up! Sadly, it didn't seem to help, and he sprawled under his opponent, helpless, glaring up at him.

Wolf just grinned as he calmly kicked his boots off and slid the shirt off his body, kneeling straddling the smaller man. He looked down at the vulpine, still grinning as he scratched his chest. "You can't, can you?" He chuckled, hands sliding down his torso, drawing Fox's eyes as he unbuttoned his pants and slowly pulled the zipper down; the metallic teeth parting to reveal thick grey fur that trailed down below his belly button and over his abdomen. His grin widened when Fox's eyes followed the trail of pale fur down the open zipper line, which was barely hiding anything at that point.

"Apparently not." Fox replied begrudgingly, shaking his head sharply then turning his face away so his eyes wouldn't betray him again. It had to be a dream, but that was almost worse, because that meant his own mind was tormenting him this way. He growled, wanting to get away from Wolf but doubting the dream would let him.

Wolf just grinned and shook his head slightly, his hand coming down to cup Fox's chin and pull the vulpine's gaze back toward the open fly of his pants. "Don't turn away…" He rumbled. "It's what you're aching for, anyways. Don't think I don't know." That said, he backed off and stood up, stripping the rest of the way before crawling back on the bed and pouncing on the retreating vulpine, his muzzle capturing Fox's in a bruising, hungry kiss.

Fox snarled into it, hands landing on Wolf's shoulders and digging in as hard as he could, shoving away and pressing back against the bed, trying to break the hard, hot kiss. Wolf growled, hackles coming up, but the pain of Fox's claws didn't stop him from diving his tongue into Fox's mouth. Fox stilled, whining despondently when he felt his body respond, tail pressing into the bed as a low thrill of arousal rushed down his spine. Wake up, wake up, wake up!

Wolf broke the embrace and looked down at him, lower body pressing against his, the wolf rumbling. Seeing Fox's expression, he huffed. "The hell is your problem, McCloud? Not too long ago you were damn near begging me."

Fox growled. "I'm not gay, ok asshole?"

"Never said you were… Never said you had to be…" The lupine slid a hand down Fox's body, smiling when Fox arched mindlessly into the touch. "You think too much." He growled softly, biting the vulpine's neck as his hand slid lower and found the vulpine's half-hard cock, his hand grabbing it gently, fingers wrapping around the sensitive flesh. "Stop thinking, and enjoy it." He murmured this into Fox's neck, hand stroking, snickering when Fox's body snapped up into the attention desperately.

Fox whined again, trailing into a faint moan when his mouth was plundered again, tongue pressing back against Wolf's on sheer instinct, hips rocking into the attention. He fought with himself, mind trying to rebel against his instincts and body, both of which were now demanding to be fucked. Wolf rumbled softly into the embrace, body shifting against his lazily, and Fox howled into the kiss when he felt hard, hot flesh nudge purposefully under his tail. Wolf grinned and drew back a bit, nipping at Fox's jaw. "Just a bit longer and I'll give you exactly what your body has been aching for…"


"Next time, McCloud, I'll be waiting for you…"

Consciousness hit him like a slap of cold water, and he startled, sitting up automatically, scrubbing his eyes and whining as he tried to get his bearings. Red sheets were tangled around his legs and waist, his gasping breathing the loudest sound in the room. Slender fingers gripped his shoulders, and he whimpered in relief when Katt's scent registered, feeling her body press into his back, the feline's hands stroking down his shuddering arms.

"Gods, what was that, babe? You were fighting and crying out." Katt's voice trembled, nuzzling one of his ears gently. His dreaming had woke her up, he'd kept growling restlessly in his sleep, and she'd watched his sleeping form with wide eyes until she'd finally made the decision to wake him.

Fox leaned back into her arms, head tilting back and eyes closing, trying to focus on her hold, her scent, anything but the dream. "I told you, earlier tonight… I couldn't sleep because I was having nightmares." His voice was faint, shuddering, swearing he could still taste his enemy.

"That's why I woke you up." Katt held him close, taking in his scent, a strange combination of fear, anger, and arousal.

Fox was quiet for a long time, lying still in her arms. She was wondering if he'd started to doze again when he spoke up, voice soft and somehow timid. "Katt?"

"Yeah, babe?"

"Can you keep a secret?"