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>>the cards — chapter five: solitaire — part one::

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CoAuthor: Ignorant One


"How is he?"

Falco sighed, looking up from the medical readouts he'd taken of his wing commander. Peppy was hovering in the doorway, looking uneasy. "You can come in, he staggered off to take a shower."

"Is that wise?"

"I sure as hell can't do anything about his eyebrow while he's filthy. He's practically coated in dust and grime." Falco rubbed his eyes. "The good news is, all the scanners didn't pick up on anything really worthy of concern. He's got some cracked ribs and some deep bruising, and he's going to need a few stitches to close the cut above his eye. All in all, it seems like he got lucky."

"I'm honestly stunned Wolf didn't kill him."

"That's bothering me too. From what little I got out of Fox, he was taken out by anti-air and O’Donnell confronted him on the ground. He's pissed enough to get Fox out of the air and beat him up, but not kill him." Falco dropped aside the readouts. "Why? You have your rival compromised, why let them live?"

Peppy stared off for a long moment. When Fox had docked with the cruiser not long ago, Peppy had had a very long lecture about responsibility prepared. Said lecture was scrapped, though, when Fox basically fell down the ladder trying to get out of his arwing. Bleeding, battered, and whining faintly in pain when he tried to walk, Fox was eventually carried by Falco to the Great Fox's med bay. The young wing commander had reeked of fear and blood, and something muskier that Peppy couldn't quite place. Another male's scent? He huffed, clearing that thought from his mind.

"Peppy?" Falco frowned, in his experience it was never a good thing when Peppy got a deeply contemplative look on his face.

"I don't know, Falco. Maybe O’Donnel just likes competition, who knows." He shook his head, trying to clear it. "I managed to get through to Pepper, he understands and accepts that we're delayed in our return, and didn't ask for details."

"Good, because I'm planning on stitching up Fox's eyebrow, doping him, and sending him to bed for as long a nap as can be managed."

"Probably for the best. I'm going to check and see if Slippy's made any progress on what's left of Fox's arwing."

"I'll be here."

Fox stared blankly at the tile wall, hands splayed against it, leaning his weight heavily into his arms as hot water pounded his back. The dust and acrid smell of Venom was slowly coming off, washed away along with blood and less vital fluids. The raw ache inside him was slowly dying out, replaced with bone-numbing exhaustion as the adrenaline left him.

He lifted a hand, rubbing at the stinging cut above his eye and snarling in frustration when the wound opened back up, causing blood and water to run into his eye. "Son of a bitch. Fuck you, O’Donnel, wherever the hell you are now…"

Even as he said that, he could almost hear the snicker in his ear and the low, growly voice informing him that he already had. He shuddered and looked over his shoulder wearily, seeing nothing but an empty locker room and glad for it. He let out a slow, measured breath, trying to put thoughts and memories behind him as he grabbed for shampoo, trying to drag himself forward in life and yelping when he ended up slipping on the tile floor, the fall busting his already abused bottom.

Fox growled and used his remaining strength to drag himself out of the spray of the shower head. The vulpine applied the shampoo, letting his fingers sift through his head fur. With his head soaped up, he reached for the body soap and poured a liberal amount on to his paw before lathering them up. Fox ran his hands over his fur and he froze; thoughts of Wolf's hands roaming over his body made him shudder. Even though the thoughts themselves scared him, it was the fact that they excited him that made it worse. Fox angrily shook his head and washed himself off, he didn't want Wolf's touch…he didn't enjoy the lupine's ministrations.

Fucking A do dah, who was he kidding? His enemy has pinned him to his plane and fucked his brains out, and he wasn't even able to say that he hadn't wanted it. And needless to say, that thought alone made him feel angsty and kind of scared. His self image was in pieces. He'd never even considered sleeping with another guy, and had been coerced into it by someone he hated.

Fox buried his muzzle in his hands and choked back a sob before pushing himself back into the shower spray, mechanically going about getting himself as clean as he could. The vulpine nearly fell over when he tried to shake water out of his fur afterwards. He was mostly dry and half dressed when Falco knocked and came in, carrying a pill bottle and a glass of water. "Hey."

"Feeling any better?" Falco asked lamely, passing the glass of water and knocking a pair of tablets into his hand.

"… No. Not really." Fox looked at the clear orange bottle, and frowned when he saw that it had no label. "What the hell are those?"

"This is what I take when my old knife wounds act up. Relax, they aren't illegal, just something a chemist friend of mine gave me." He dropped the pills into Fox's waiting hand. "Down the hatch, then back to the med bay so I can stitch that cut closed."

Fox obediently took the painkillers, swallowing down the glass of water thirstily. "You're sure I need stitches?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Come on." Falco started out of the room, saw Fox's gimped walk, and sighed, doubling back and scooping him up. "It still hurts to walk?"

"He worked me over pretty good." Fox finally said distantly, hanging limp in Falco's arms. "Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is?"

"Do you have any idea how much it enrages me to see you beat up so bad you can barely walk?" Falco replied, turning into the medical bay and setting him down on one of the examination tables. "Once the painkillers kick in you'll feel better."

"I hope so." He winced a bit as Falco's fingers smoothed fur away from his cut brow, watching the avian rummage for what he'd need to close the wound. "Can I ask you something?"


"Why didn't you guys come investigate when I dropped off the radar?"

Falco stilled, medical equipment in his hands, and sighed. "I didn't want to stay here, alright? I nearly freaked out when I saw the flashing X come up on your display. Peppy had to pin me to a wall to keep me from leaving the room, and Slippy managed to start talking before I started fighting dirty. Said that he was still able to reach your arwing's computer and that you'd overheated, which could account for the lack of com, quote unquote." He dropped the medical instruments on a sterile tray, picking up and studying a sealed needle. "I didn't want to wait. You scared me bad. Seems I had reason to be scared, eh?"

Fox shrugged weakly. "I'm sorry."

"Wasn't your fault, the asshole took you out with anti air, man." Falco put his hands on the sides of Fox's head, tilting the vulpine's head to look at the wound. "Ok, I imagine you'd kill me if I told you I'd have to shave around this to close it."

"You have no idea. I imagine a media circus is waiting on Corneria."

"Ugh, no kidding. And to make it better Pepper's the Ringleader of it all." Falco glowered at no one briefly then started cleaning the wound out, mostly ignoring Fox's winces. "Look, I'll at least have to shorten the fur, or this is going to be nearly impossible to do. I'm not a doctor."

"Alright, alright. Just don't give me a bald spot or something; I'll look ridiculous even if it is obviously a war wound."

"No offense, but you could have gotten this slipping and busting your head in the locker room."

Fox spoke without thinking. "Oh, fuck you ok?" And nearly slapped himself for the possible insinuation. The last thing he wanted to do was allude to what happened on Venom.

But Falco only laughed, snipping medical scissors in front of his nose. "Sit still, sunshine, I'll finish this up then off to bed you go."

"Since when are you in charge?" Fox mumbled in an attempt to salvage his dignity.

"Oh, like you're up to giving orders right now anyway."

The painkillers fully kicked in while Fox was staggering to his bedroom, and he remembered vaguely wondering what in all hells Falco had given him as he collapsed across the mattress. Sleep took him almost immediately, a deep dreamless sleep he welcomed.

Eventually Peppy came in and woke him up, not surprised that Fox was loopy and disoriented. Happily, he was also mellow and apparently without pain, staggering to his feet and changing into a clean uniform, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. Smelling of shampoo and soap, the incriminating scent Peppy had caught not long ago was gone.

Not that that lessened the worry of it any less. Peppy had known James during his running-wild academy years, and he'd come to recognize what different hitches in a person's giddy-up meant. There was no evidence of what he suspected now, though, and if his suspicions were true, Fox was keeping it to himself. Either way, whatever Falco had poured down his throat seemed to have made Fox's mind focus hazily on the present, and Peppy found himself explaining the award ceremony that awaited them as they walked to the bridge.

"From mercenaries to military men? I'm not fond of the idea." Fox rubbed his eyes again, half sitting half falling into his command seat on the bridge, the pain from landing on his bruised rear fogged over by the pain medication. Corneria hung in the view glass of the bridge, ROB was waiting for landing permission.

"Good, neither are we." Falco replied.

"Glad we all agree. Slippy, is the money enough to make repairs?"

"Yeah, and coast for a while afterwards, but eventually we'll have to find something else to do to keep this ship up."

"Eventually can wait, I say we take a break for a while after this fiasco." Fox looked around and saw nods of agreement. "And will one of you kindly make sure I don't say anything really stupid at this mess?"

"How are we supposed to stop you? Saying stupid things is practically your modus operandi." Falco grinned.

Fox was too out of it to argue that and knew that sometimes, it was true. Then again, his old man had lacked tact as well at times, so maybe it was genetic. "Fuck, I don't know, stomp on my toes or something."

"Well, that I can do."

"Falco." Peppy said in a warning tone of voice, bracing himself a bit as the Great Fox started descent, and promptly ending up in the middle of a lightning storm.

"What, you'd rather do so? Sure, it'd probably get the point across better if you did it anyways."

"Falco, I swear to the gods…"

Fox spent most of the awards ceremony in a cheerful haze, which at the very least lessened his general irritation with the main stream media. The press had changed their tune on him a dozen times during the war, sometimes heralding him as a shining knight, sometimes scorning him as a child trying to fill his father's shoes and unable to do so. They seemed to mostly be with the former now, accepting that this was their new hero, younger and less scarred, but no less worthy of the praise.

General Pepper was in a good mood as well, giving the young vulpine a bear hug once the award ceremony was over and they were away from the cameras. The Star Fox team had left the ceremony, but had been cut off by black cars in the parking lot, ferried to one of the few government buildings that had survived the wrath of the war. "Thank you for surviving the war, Fox. I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself if you'd even gotten hurt." He paused, pointing at Fox's eyebrow. "That said, how the hell did you get that?"

"Venom, long story. I'm alright. Wolf O’Donnel is an asshole." Fox said this dryly, fingers going up to touch the new stitches automatically and jerking his hand away when it stung.

Pepper managed a laugh. "Glad to see all four of you well, either way. What's the plan now?"

"Shore leave, so to speak." Peppy replied. Falco, seeing Fox's brow wrinkle in pain, pulled his commander back by the shirt collar and looked at his handiwork critically until Fox started swatting him away in annoyance. "We're all taking some time off, preferably out of the limelight while we do so. We'll probably leave the Great Fox on the ground, unless you have a protest."

"Hell, I'm fine with it. ROB's always polite to the air traffic controllers, and as far as military ships go, the Great Fox doesn't take up that much room on the tarmacs. I'll get your guys' security passes extended out."

"Thanks." Fox said lamely.

"Hey, it's the least I can do. I would have paid you above and beyond what I did, but I was screamed at for trying to break the budget by my superiors." Pepper shrugged, looking disgusted. "If they hadn't been rewarding themselves for the victory mind you, there'd have been more then enough room in the budget for it. Ugh, politics is going to kill me one of these days, long before a war does."

"That makes two of us. Do you need us for anything else?"

"Nah, take off. My guys will give you a lift back to your cars, get some sleep. Looks like you all need it."

Not only did Pepper's men give them a ride back to their cars, they moved their motorcade of black cars to a distance and blocked the press, getting out and standing with their arms folded, silent and in the way of the reporters, who more or less flailed trying to get the attention of the Star Fox team.

"Ok, I say we try to avoid the press for the most part. All it'd take is one stupid phrase from one of us for the mud tossing to start." Peppy finally said, looking toward them.

"Agreed." Fox said, leaning on his car and rubbing his eyes. "So, what are you guys off to do?"

"I'm going home, kiss the wife hug the kid; you know how it is."

"Gunna go see my mom and dad, who spent the war freaking out about me being on the front lines." Slippy chipped in. "Also going to see if dad still wants me working at Arspace."

"I'm going to go spend at least some of my hard-earned cash on fun. Actually, if I'm lucky, I'll barely have to spend anything at all." Falco grinned, ignoring Peppy's disapproving headshake.

"I'm going back to our ship, and I'm going to bed." Fox tried to stretch and winced as sore muscles announced themselves. His ribs were throbbing, among other things that he was trying not to think about. "Falco, can I hit you up for painkillers again?"

Falco tossed him the bottle. "No more then one every six hours. You going to be ok alone, man?"

"I'll survive."

Peppy looked at Fox for a long moment. "I can't say anything much without making it sound like I don't think you can take care of yourself, which isn't true… But I am going to stop by daily and make sure you've eaten something. Alright?"

"That's fine." Fox dug his keys out of his pocket. "Have fun tonight, Falco."

"Oh, I will. Trust me."

Fox was just starting to doze off when his room door opened, a figure entering the room and closing the door behind him. He blinked and lifted his head, trying to figure out who it was in the dark. The silhouette shed clothes and pounced heavily onto the bed, muzzle connecting to his hungrily, hands pinning his shoulders to the mattress. Fox startled in surprise, knowing who it was, not caring how he'd gotten to Corneria or even how he'd gotten on board, leaning up into the kiss almost desperately.

Wolf only snickered and broke it, crouched over him, eying him. Fox felt small and vulnerable, and didn't care about that either, head lulling back to open himself to attack. Not one to turn down an offer, the aggressive lupine wrapped his jaws around the smaller canine's throat, hands at work on Fox's clothing, then roaming down his subject's body, growling. Fox whined softly, hands tangled into the fur on Wolf's shoulders, body arched into the attention.

The lupine flopped to the bed next to him, pulling him in for a bruising kiss, not arguing when Fox rolled to face him fully. The pair ended up loosely intertwined, arms around each other, nose to nose. Fox was panting, whining as his already hard cock was lazily palmed over, eyes fluttering when teasing fingertips circled his slowly forming knot. Wolf nuzzled him once, tender, then grabbed his shoulders and roughly rolled him around, yanking him back so Fox's back was pressed against his chest, teeth grazing and nibbling along Fox's lifted shoulder. Fox wrapped his arms across Wolf's, holding the lupine in place, yelping and whining when he felt something warm and unyielding nudge under his tail and rub against his ass, more a taunt then anything else. The impression of size hadn't left him from before, the lupine wasn't huge, but certainly was larger then he was, with a knot that was more then a bit intimidating.

Why am I allowing this?

The thought passed through his mind, a thief in the night, and he ignored it, turning his head to nuzzle at Wolf, mewling and panting, eyes barely open. He felt the smile, a smug curve of the dominant male's lips hidden in his neck, Wolf's hands sliding to cup over his shoulders. Fox knew what was coming, sucking in air raggedly, bracing himself for what was surely to come. The faintest whisper of the word 'relax' reached his ears, and he whined helplessly as his shoulders were pulled downward as Wolf arched up slowly. Instead of a rapid painful burn, this was a gradual shift inside, letting Fox get used to invading flesh as it moved. If there was pain, he didn't feel it, pleasure rolling up his spine the moment the larger male started moving, strong jaws holding the back of his neck.

Wolf's hands stayed on his shoulders, steadying him, rumbling in a pleased way every time Fox cried out. No words escaped him, he was gone somewhere else, feral and hungry, thrusts landing harder and starting to snarl. Fox yelped as blood was drawn on his neck, and he didn't care, barking and growling. He needed this, needed just to have a few minutes where he wasn't the one in charge anymore, he didn't want to be in charge, and even as a feeling of déjà-vu and wrongness set in, he screamed as something excellent was hit inside of him and an explosion crossed his vision. So … damn… CLOSE…

Wolf gave into his urge from the last time and slammed into him, grinding, his howl mingling with a yip of pain from Fox as he somehow managed to slip his knot into the smaller man. The lupine let out a low growl as their bodies tied, shaking slightly and holding Fox tight to him possessively, whispering something that was lost to Fox's ears as he startled…

And woke up.

Fox shouted and startled awake, on his back with the sheets tangled around his legs, damn near off the bed. He was sweating and shaking, gasping for air, hands gripping the bed. Disoriented or not, he concluded that he was, indeed, alone.

"What. The. FUCK?!" He whined, grinding the palms of his hands into his eyes, trying to calm down and nearly panicked to find that his arousal was real. Dream or not, he'd gotten into it, his body was aching to be touched and his tail was trying to arch up, but the mattress kept it pinned to him. "I'm. Not. GAY." This was more to reassure himself, which did nothing as a throb started low in his body, in time to his racing heart.

After a moment, he pushed himself to a sitting position, propped on his arms and staring groggily at the clock. A few hours' of sleep, his first decent dream of the night probably, and he was being assaulted in his dreams by the man that had, for all intents, raped him not four days earlier. Even as he thought that, he lifted a hand to cradle his head, cupping his palm over the stitch line. It hadn't been rape. It'd been coercion, certainly. Rape he probably could have handled. He could have walked away knowing how to feel. This was different. That he'd enjoyed it, that Wolf had taken time out to be randomly tender and to try to deal the least amount of pain, was fucking with him more then anything else in his life.

What the hell had gone through O’Donnel's mind, anyway? He could see the older, larger man being pissed as hell. Fox had found time to research him during the war, finding a massive résumé that was befitting of a high-clout mercenary. O’Donnel had been fighting a good portion of his life, by the looks, and not just flight either.

And here I am. Greenhorn, widely considered a child, barely graduated the Academy, and I shot him out of the sky twice.

Despite the fact it had been quite a struggle for Fox and the rest of the team; Wolf had really been crippled by ineffective copilots. One on one, it might have turned out different. He shook his head vigorously, untangling his legs from the sheets and glaring down at himself. Exposing himself to the air brought on a chill, a jitter running through him. Waking up to a hard-on was generally not an unusual thing for a guy, doubly so for a teen guy, but waking up hard because of an erotic dream about the asshole who had just nearly raped you?

This is fucked up.

But why had it happened? Fox ran his paws through his head fur, taking a deep breath in an attempt to slow his breathing. He could see the lupine mercenary wanting to pick a fight, but sex? Let alone with someone you barely knew, in a wide open space, against a crashed (well, poorly landed) airplane? Thinking about it made him shudder again, and he was extremely disgusted with himself when a low melodious wail escaped his throat, his body railing for release and his mind completely horrified at it all.

Shit…what the hell was that!? A…a vixen's cry? I've never done one of those before. The vulpine clenched his fist around the sheets, Fuck you, O’Donnel. Seriously. I should send you the bill for the shrink that I will probably be seeing in the future.

He flopped down on his back again, staring up at the ceiling and wondering why he wasn't more pissed off. Oh, he was angry, but it was more of a dull irritation, like he was just too damn tired to bother with the burning rage that was really appropriate in this situation.

Maybe I can't be mad at someone who figured out what I wanted? He shook his head to the side, trying to desperately shake loose those unwanted thoughts. Ok, no. Stop that. I like girls. I LOVE girls.

Not that he'd been with one since he got out of the Academy, and thinking about his girlfriend there just made his stubborn erection ache even more, causing his hands to twitch against the sheets. Damn thing was refusing to go away, and desperation was starting to make him feel strung out. Great, just what he needed, the threat of a hospital trip for priapism. The media would have fun with THAT. He could practically see the headlines. "McCloud's Sex Drive: Just as Heroic as the Rest of Him?" Falco would have a field day with it.

He rolled to his belly with a sigh, scrubbing his eye with one hand. "This sucks," he spat, burying his face in the pillows. The young vulpine's erection pressed against his stomach, trying his best to ignore the way the foam-like mattress conformed to cradle his arousal flawlessly; groaning slightly as he looked at the clock.

'1:34 AM' it read in bright blue letters, causing him to squint. Fox sighed and laid his head down on the pillows, closing his eyes; portions of the dream replaying in his mind.

— The pair ended up loosely intertwined, arms around each other, nose to nose. Fox was panting, whining as his already hard cock was lazily palmed over, eyes fluttering when teasing fingertips circled his knot. Wolf nuzzled him once, tender, then-

Fox shivered slightly at feeling the same pleasant pressure griping his arousal; the vulpine hissing as he felt the pressure slide up and down his cock. His hips rolled into the source of the pleasure, startling once he opened his eyes; realizing that he had rolled onto his side, his hand wrapped firmly around his own erection. "No damnit!"

The red vulpine rolled onto his back and tried to steady his heart rate, the only sounds filling the sterile air were the gentle humming of the air scrubbers and his own uneven panting. Fox stared at the ceiling of his small dark room, thinking about everything other than the startling dream.

Minutes passed and the thudding of his heart in his ears ceased to fade and his breathing refused to steady. And the thoughts that plagued his mind wouldn't cease! Fox hissed in frustration and closed his eyes.

This proved to be a mistake, as the dream of the grey lupine intertwined with him played across the back of his eyelids like a movie.

— Fox was panting, whining as his already hard cock was lazily palmed over-

The vulpine was on edge as his own whines echoed around in his skull and much to his own dismay, Fox was surprised to hear his own voice ringing in his own ears. He opened his eyes and found his paw back in place, lazily palming over his erection; palm gently gliding up and down the satiny flesh of his shaft.

This isn't happening. Fox groaned, laying on his back and closing his eyes; paw not leaving his vulpine erection. Why is something as insignificant as an erotic dream haunting me like this!?

Fox's mind started to wander as the dream replayed, slowly parts of it changed,

— The lupine chuckled as Fox arched into his teasing paw, his long fingers deftly working up and down the red vulpine's shaft; teasing his length and his sheath. Wolf rumbled pleasantly in Fox's ear at the vulpine's gasp when he squeezed his balls lightly, tongue-

He shivered, his fingers now ghosting up and down his sheath, claw tips teasing the tender and enflamed flesh beneath the snow white fur. Fox's heart began to speed up and his breathing quickened as the soft teasing changed to a rough grip on his balls, his hands and mind playing out exactly as the images in his mind did.

This is wrong. Fox breathed, moaning loudly as his hand gripped his shaft firmly; mimicking the slow, smooth stroking that the ghostly image of Wolf in his mind was doing. He hissed, arching his hips into the contact, -his tail lifting up as Wolf rubbed his cock against his tailhole; the lupine's erection prodding him insistently- Fox gasped as his fingers rubbed against his tailhole, slick with saliva the digits did a fine job in stimulating that many nerve endings of the tight ring of muscle.

The vulpine stiffened, this is very, very wrong…I can't believe I'm doing this… Fox's train of thought was interrupted when the grip on his shaft tightened, drawing out a loud growl from his throat, - it was a gradual shift inside, letting Fox get used to invading flesh as it moved. If there was pain, he didn't feel it, pleasure rolling up his spine- "Oh Gods." Fox gasped as his body accepted his digits, an intense pressure and pleasure radiated from his tailhole through his loins; his fingers bumping against his prostate, sending tiny sparks across his vision.

"Fuck." Fox gasped, -the larger male started moving- his body tensed around his fingers as they began to withdraw, -the lupine's paw squeezed Fox's cock firmly- Fox's own paw mirrored the lupine's and he groaned, his body relaxing slightly at the small jolt of pleasure that his action provided. –and he started to slowly press back into the vulpine laying next to him, paw stroking the stiff fox cock as his own arousal slipped into the smaller canine's tailhole —

It wasn't an explosive sensation, but it definitely felt good. Fox moaned into the pillow that had mysteriously moved in front of his muzzle, whimpering as his paw stroked his cock and rumbling when his fingers pushed back into him. He adjusted his position so his fingers could penetrate as far as they could; pleasure creeping up his spine and over his balls as he was filled a little more by his digits.

There was something nagging at the back of his mind, something that was telling him how wrong this was, but his imagination quickly quashed it. –"Tell me McCloud, how does it feel?" The lupine growled, his paw squeezing Fox's slowly growing knot; eliciting a soft gasp from the smaller candid.- "It feels good…" Fox moaned into the pillow, paw moving from the shaft of his cock to the base, squeezing his tender knot to mirror the ghostly Wolf's actions.

— The wolf chuckled huskily and licked the vulpine's ear- Fox's ear twitched in response, a shiver scrawling down his neck at the tone of Wolf's laugh, -"That's good…very good Fox." He growled, slowly pulling out to the tip of his erection before thrusting back in quickly; the fox giving a feral yip of pleasure as the wolf cock slid over his prostate-

The red furred canine shivered and yipped as his fingers pulled out and thrust quickly back into his tailhole; pressing intently against his prostate. His cock twitched and spasmed briefly before it became stiffer and hotter as more blood rushed to his erection; slowly filling his knot a little more and making his shaft more sensitive as his palm gripped it firmly. His mind tried to protest the actions, but his imagination took full precedence over his actions.

— Wolf chuckled and gave a throaty growl, nipping along the juncture of his neck. "Mhmm…you taste good McCloud…but you feel even better." He said as he ground his hips against Fox's ass.

The vulpine tensed as the wolf's member ground around inside of his body, nudging against his prostate; Wolf's paw gripping him and stroking in time with each roll of his hips. "Damn…." Was all Fox could moan out at the sensations the grey canine was bestowing upon him.

With that Wolf growled again and began to pull out to the tip of his erection before plunging back into the vulpine's ass, paw gripping and stroking him in time with his own powerful thrusts. Each time Fox cried out, Wolf thrust harder, muzzle soon biting down on Fox's shoulder as his body carried out their carnal acts.-

Time seemed to slow to a stop as Fox pleasured himself; his stroking paw in time with the thrusting of his fingers was quickly driving him from the plateau to the peak of pleasure. His panting was ragged and his throat hoarse as his body tensed and twitched to the sensations that his own hands were giving him.

However, no one lasts forever, and this was sadly true for the teenage McCloud. The Wolf in his mind began to fuck him faster and harder, and his fingers and stroking hand adapted to accommodate this change; his body soon reeling for release. His cock throbbed angrily in his paw, his balls tensed, his tail muscles ached and gave way to the rough pace of his fingers; he was quickly approaching the edge.

— "Come on foxy," Wolf growled huskily, his breathing heavy and uneven as his thrusting increased in pace, "Cum for me. Scream my name, McCloud. And remember that it was Wolf O’Donnel that took you." Wolf growl became a snarl as his thrusting became fierce and feral, his muzzle locking around the back of Fox's neck in a vice grip as his paw stroked the vulpine's cock with an increasing fervor.-

That was the breaking point for Fox. Pleasure radiated throughout his body as the combined stimulation from his paw and slick erection to the digits pounding against his prostate sent him over the edge and into the valley of ecstasy. He let out a howl that was just barely muffled by the thick pillow in front of his muzzle. His tailhole immediately stiffened and clenched around his fingers as his cock spasmed and his balls tightened; releasing his hot, sticky seed all over the bed and his paw in quick, powerful jets.

"Wolf…." Fox whimpered slightly as his fingers started to withdraw from his body, and his paw squeezing his cock before it too let go of him. –"Beautiful…" Wolf rumbled as he slid his erection out of the smaller vulpine, patting Fox's ass as he pulled away slightly to watch his cum leak from out of the red canid's tailhole. "Very fucking beautiful."

The lupine growled slightly and kissed the McCloud's lower back before moving back up to press his form up against the teenage canine to spoon, his paw lazily palming over Fox's knot. "Its going to be like this," He growled huskily, "It's going to be like this every night McCloud. I'm going to haunt your dreams. Because I may have lost our battles, but I win the war." He laughed, removed himself from the vulpine's bed and left the room.

Fox's eyes opened up and he sat up straight in the bed. He looked down at his paws. One was covered in his own cum, and the other looked slick. He swallowed heavily, and anger quickly boiled up from where the post orgasmic haze had left him. "Damnit! Fuck damnit!" He howled, springing off of the bed and punching the wall opposite of his bed; his knees quaking and struggling not to give out. "Damnit… damn you Wolf…" He hissed, tears welling in his eyes before he blinked them back, punching the wall again, and this time the pain zinged up his arm and reached his mind, forcing the rage back a bit. He leaned on the wall and panted raggedly, shaking out the daze, willing strength back to his tired body. Only then did he grab for his bathrobe and a towel, staggering out of the room for the showers.

In a way, it was a blessing that he was the only one on the ship. ROB, being what he was, didn't ask awkward questions, and it also meant the hot water heater was full.

Fox cranked the hot water on as far as he could stand it, leaning on the tile again, the shower head oriented to dump water on him. He'd already scrubbed his hands to the point where his skin had protested; he'd made himself stop and now was leaning his forehead against the tile, trying to think the situation through.

The dream was bad enough, and the fact that he'd turned it into an amazingly kinky fantasy to get himself off to was even worse. He shuddered, claws scratching uselessly at the tile. 'I don't know who I am right now.' He turned, leaning his shoulders back against the wall and staring up at the water, wincing when it hit the stitched-closed wound. "Alright, McCloud." He said this aloud, just to hear a voice in the room. "You've been fucked and fucked over. Fix it."

Yeah, right. That was easier said than done considering his mind was full of mud. He was sore and tired, and had no wish to sleep. Fox snarled and grabbed a bottle of soap, scrubbing his scalp with more force than required. 'O’Donnel, you asshole. Did you have any idea you'd do this to me?!' His hands slowed, blinking out water. "Wait. What did you say, Wolf? … 'don't come looking until I can fight.'" Why the hell say something like that? The older pilot was expecting payback obviously, wanting it perhaps.

Martial arts training would be required. Peppy wasn't up to the task of training him, and Falco could probably train him to fight dirty with a crowbar but that wasn't the skill set Fox wanted right that moment. Unfortunately, the best person to train him was probably his self defense instructor from the Academy, a beautiful hardass woman named Inara Wesley. She had remembered his dad, and considering she'd used Fox as her training dummy it was apparently not a fond memory.

But, he begrudgingly admitted to himself as he rinsed soap out of his fur, she knew her shit. Wesley had won awards for martial arts and had trained Academy cadets in close quarters combat and survival training for years. She would be able to get him into shape in record time, even if said shape was nothing like the one he'd arrive in.

'This will have to wait until my ribs are fully healed.' Fox grimaced as he shut off the water, shaking out thoroughly then burying his face into his towel briefly. He was awake, though weary, and still had no wish to sleep considering the dream. Something like reading or television wouldn't do, he decided, and if any of his teammates were awake at this hour he didn't want to know what they were doing.

So, fifteen minutes later he informed ROB he was going for a walk, and left the Great Fox, dressed casually with his blaster tucked in a holster in the back of his pants.