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>>the cards — chapter four: the odds — part two: author's note::

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To all the people curious if there's going to be more in past reviews (and I'm sure more people will wonder), yes, there will be more as long as I can write it and the plot sustains itself. Yes, there will eventually be some sort of plot. I'm not quite sure what "final" pairings would be, but hey I'm always open to hearing opinions.

Felix Leopard is an original character and is actually a creation of my editor. He's an informer, a wheeler-dealer, and for these stories he's an old and dear (very dear) friend of James.

This was originally a yaoi series, but yeah, I'll be including het too, and hell if there's an opening for yuri I'll toss that in as well. I'm all for equal opportunity.

I do have an editor, he's told me to refer to him as Ignorant One for this site. He's an excellent editor and muse and has helped me get these stories in line.

I am indeed the same Ringshadow that is on Fanfiction.net (and about everywhere else where the handle is seen), and yes, I have a series that is Falco/Leon. I've been kicking around writing out some stuff for them and posting it on this site, but considering it'd be disconnected from the rest of the stories (which are on FFnet), I haven't yet. I've also considered writing a yuri to follow up a shojo-ai I have on FFnet called Tomboy, but just haven't gotten around to it.

Feel free to ask me more questions in reviews, I'll answer them this way or in email if you indicate you'd rather get a reply that way.