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We've come together here at QAL to  not only celebrate diversity through one of our favorite fandoms, but also to bask in its imperfections, its oddities, and very often, its stupidity.  We're here to bring together talented minds who have the intelligence and creativity to look past conventional pairings and plots, and those who have enough of a sense of humor and open mind to not take things too seriously, and enjoy all the forms of our beloved fandom, no matter how fucked up they be.


RingtailedFox, new webmaster
site maintainer, code-cleaner, layouts, author, site construction, courier

Wulf, retired webmistress
Layouts, author, artist, site construction, courier

Passion "Pashy" Wovstah, partner in crime
main page graphic, muse, artist, author, Falox Yahoo Group owner

Katty, third in command
cutie, bio writer, author, bitch pillow

Atroximus "Atrox", all purpose man-whore
bio writer, author, guy with the freaky imagination

Aruis Ex, second all purpose man whore
QAL fanfiction.net forum owner, author, sweetie


Ringshadow, published author and artist
amazing writing,  nice pretty lady

Megalophrenic, author
nice in his own weird way, mr. funny man

Cammiluna, artist
draws the cutest things

Blue Wolf, artist
draws with colors so vivid they are hurty

Alankria, author
another amazing writer, beautiful emotions, cheerleader

Haze Raccoon, author
psycho killer, quesca ce? fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa.

Damned Elize, author
likes to write tough bitches and girly boys

Nitch, author
able to not talk life seriously and make us laugh at sick shit

Shadowcaine, artist
makes teh uber cute computer goodies

Octavarious, ranter
Miyu-boning man of mystery